Resolved H&R Blockunprofessional and bad experience

I went to get my taxes done at H&R Block for first time on my birthday January 23, 2009 I will never do it again. They would not let me claim my rent, Union dues, And some other things. So therefore they were only getting me about 1700 dollars for my return. I told them to cancel my return and I will get my taxes done elsewhere, They said that I can't cancel my return it has already been filed. I called the IRS and they told me I had 72 hours to cancel, I called Back and told Mel Oswald what the IRS had told me and he stated he didn't give a ### about the IRS, Then Mel Oswald stated that before he would cancel my return I had to pay them 40 dollars for there time. I had to go back and forth to this office 6 times, What about my time going back and forth and making phone calls to them and the IRS. I filed a complaint with the corporate office, They stated that a district manager will contact me within a few days. While waiting for DM to contact me, The H&R Block Office I filed complaint about called my cell phone numerous times screaming at me asking me what my problem was and what am I trying to do get a free return. I followed up on my complaint several times to see why District manager hasn't called me yet. I got my taxes done elsewhere and I got 3200 Dollars back. Almost 2 months later the District Manager finally contacted me.
Arik Anderson


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