Hp Pavilion Slimlinemotherboard failures on new computers


I bought a new HP Pavilion Slimline s3127c desktop PC computer less than a year ago from Hewlett Packard. With the purchase of this computer, the customer is provided a one year warrantee for service and repairs. This particular model, as well as several other models produced by Hewlett Packard in this time frame, has an admitted problem with the computer’s motherboard. The flaw in the motherboard system results in complete computer failure. The user is unable to navigate through any programs on the computer and is also greeted by a blank computer screen. I immediately called the customer service department. After a minimum of an hour and an half phone call, the repair department agreed to fix this known motherboard problem if the computer was shipped to them. The computer was shipped immediately for repair, but much to my chagrin the “repaired computer” still has the same PC motherboard failure. I called the service department again, this time with the hope that they would replace the PC with a system that functions properly. I was informed my only option would be to send the computer back for repair. I told the customer complaint department that I was concerned about this being a reoccurring problem long after the one year warrantee expires. I was told that they would extend the warrantee because of this flaw, but the customer service agent refused to send me a copy of my “newly extended warrantee”, stating that it was an “internal document”. Hewlett Packard has refused to replace the item with a working PC, leaving me to ship the product back and forth for repair. I would like Hewlett Packard to replace my PC with one that does not have this motherboard flaw, or provide me with written documentation of my newly extended warrantee. I feel the company is taking advantage of hardworking individuals by selling a product that does not work, then pretending to attempt to fix the product until their warrantee expires.


  • Pr
    Professional Oct 18, 2006

    I purchased a brand new hp f1703 monitor along with a new hp pavilion a747c computer via the internet about a year ago and during that year I moved and by the time I got my office set up in the new house, the entire computer and monitor had seen less than 6 months of actual use.

    The monitor started going blank on me so I researched it on the internet and found that hp had a series of these monitors with this problem manufactured during a specific period that were eligible for FREE rplacement or repair.

    My monitor was manufactured during this period , but supposedly did not have the correct serial number. (Maybe the problem was more extensive than they thought?)

    Any way I was told that since I did not buy my computer from hp or a major retailer it actually had no warranty when I bought it because their warranty begins from the day of manufacture not the date of sale.

    Rest assured that will be the last hp product I buy or recommend!!!!!!

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  • Iv
    Ivan Nov 06, 2006

    On September 29,2006 I called HP Support because my notebook computer is not recognizing the hard drive. The hard drive test on the cmos failed. I was offered a replacement for the hard drive to be sent inmediately and that I will receive it by 10/04/2006. I did not receive it that date and I called
    back HP Support and they told me that I would receive it on 10/12/06, it did not came in that date either.
    I called HP Support for the third time and that was when they told me that they did not have the hard drive that I have to wait until 11/02/2006. I asked to talk to a supervisor and the supervisor told me that because they did not have the hard drive in stock I will have to wait till 11/02/06 to get it. I told him that I needed the hard drive before that date, even thought it was promised for delivery on 10/04 and 10/12 I was never told that the hard disk was not in stock. The supervisor told me that he would buy me a hard drive from one of theri suppliers and that I will get it as soon as next monday 10/16/06, the hard drive did not came in yesterdady as promised.
    Now I have an new $829 notebook sitting in my closet for the last 3 weeks doing nothing for me. The computer works really good, but I can not use it without a hard drive.

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  • Su
    subham agarwal Nov 30, 2006

    I have purchased the above said laptop few days back and i am getting shocks from the notebook and the touch pad is not even working when i went to hp service center i was told that i will be returned in 1 or 2 days but today its 10 days still i dint get my pc i am very disappointed about this i will be forced to adverse action to this.

    Don't buy HP products!

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  • Pa
    Pankit Gandhi Dec 21, 2006

    As per the company advertisement in some newspapers of gujarat, he mentioned about free gift on every purchase of laserjet printer in the scheme period. so i purchased two printers under that scheme of free motorola mobile for free talk time of Rs. 450. but till date i don't get any mobile phone and do not get any kind of response.

    Their service is really too poor because i have sent many mail but the company staff member had not contact me either by phone or by mail for this issue.

    Me and my friends have also bought some printers for individual use but same position as mine as my friend.

    We have to claim against these kind of issues.

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  • Sc
    Scott Simon Dec 23, 2006

    Potential Customers beware. I have had my computer for a total of about a week before I had to send it in for service. The problem was very simple. It was a broken battery latch. By the way, I think this mechanism was far too weak. However, the subject of my concern has got to be near illegal. THEY LOST THE COMPUTER! My investment, their mistake...too bad. The stories I got from the Indian help center were:

    -I asked, can you just send me the part? They said if I installed it myself it would void the warranty. So I sent it in.

    After asking after the expected return to date:

    -No parts - sorry about the delay.

    -Other problems found on the computer now fixing (What are they doing turning on my computer to fix a battery latch....this was none of their business!)

    -Computer has been shipped- No Tracking Number...what? I checked, again, it had not been shipped.

    -Last call, the response was that I should take my problem up with Fed/Ex because they lost my computer and HP has nothing to do with it. Of course without a tracking number Fed/Ex doesn't know what the heck I am talking about.

    Interestingly, the address they gave me for the service center is a computer refurbishment and resale center in Tennessee! Very Interesting! I wonder if double profits can be made for one sale!

    The only thing that I know I can do at the moment is warn other consumers. What a Merry Christmas present this was. I will always remember HP for this. I don't think I will see a penny of this back.

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  • Ta
    tarun kumar Dec 27, 2006

    I have brought a hp Photosmart C3188 printer on 25-Aug-2006, as per your advertisement I came to know that i am eligible to redeem a free gift( that is a Timex Watch worth Rs.1500) with this printer. I have registered for that on HP's website, and got the above mentioned redemption code.
    I also send the photocopy of the Invoice with the original bar coded product serial no. sticker pasted (Original sticker) with it on 11-sept-2006 to your Nehru Place Redemption center,
    But since then I have not received any acknowledgment from them.I tried to contact them several times but for
    1. their phone is constantly busy (I don't know whether they do it intentionally or not).
    2. If by chance, out of 100 calls tried simultaneously, i get connected once, the phone keeps on ringing...(no one respond to that phone , that is to be in Office Hours).
    To summarize, I have not yet received any kind of response from HP side regarding the free gift.
    This is really not good for a prestigious company like HP, it is really going to hit HP image in my view.

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  • Valerie Jan 30, 2007

    My two HP All-in-One machines, different models purchased at different times, now display the same message: "No Scan Options_You need to install or run HP software for this feature." Purchasing upgrade software from the HP site did nothing to restore operation. What I'm hot about is the company sold these machines as all-in-ones, but the scanners cease operation, without warning, in about one year. I want an explanation and my money back for the ineffectual upgrade which arrived today.

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  • Ra
    Razibuddin Ahmed Feb 01, 2007

    I had purchased a HP LASER Printer 1020 on 31st july and according to the offer I was supposed to register online and submit some documents at HP redemption cell Nehru Place New Delhi to claim for a free gift i.e a Motorola Mobile phone along with Air Tel Connection.

    I had registered online (Redemption Code:CGBHBSRTCG) and also sent the relevant documents and DD of Rs250 to:

    Ms. Gurnaaz Kaur
    HP Redemption Cell
    Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.,
    3rd Floor, Chandra Bhawan,
    67-68, Nehru Place.
    New Delhi - 19
    But I haven't received the gift yet as it has been more than 6 weeks now ( it was promised to be delivered within 6 weeks).

    Since Then I have made at least 10 Calls to their office no, 011 41306700.

    Every time the story is either going to be dispatched within next week or the phones are not available or sims are not available or sims are defective.

    I think the amount of money I have spent on phone calls I could have easily bought the phone.

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  • Pa
    Pam Clark Feb 28, 2007

    It's time to hold these companies feet to the fire for the indifference they give...

    I bought a custom PC notebook and an express service warranty from HP. The fan quit working right and it got too hot and my computer would shut down because of it.

    I sent it in and it had to go in for a second time because it totally shut down. It's been two weeks ago that I sent it in again and they cannot tell me ANYTHING about my $3000 computer except that (1) it's in for service (2) needs a part and (3) (for the 5th time) is in for "extensive testing." No one can tell me anything that I don't already know. They act like they are proud they can read the English form and tell me it's in for service - duh!!!

    The first few times I heard these excuses, I went for it, but after being told all last week that I would get it TODAY, (was told the week before before that), I called for the tracking number and they can ONLY tell me that it is in still for "extensive testing." It's a canned answer!!!

    These people can't even track my computer! They won't transfer you to a manager or service tech and can't give you any kind of intelligent answer! You have to wait on hold a very long time while they transfer you around to other idiots who don't know anything either, and you still come away with wondering if they even have your computer!

    I wonder if they need a way to get to work. I need a way to do my business!!! If I knew the problem, I might be more understanding but it's the twilight zone when you call and they tell to call to check on the status but CAN'T TELL YOU ANYTHING except to call back or sometimes they just hang up on you. I'm online again now and have been for an hour almost checking again on this.

    I know I am not the only one being insulted this way. If we do not complain, it will not get any better.

    I still have NO IDEA what is going on with my computer that I made plans again to be at home all day to receive it...

    Is that customer respect???

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  • Vi
    Vipin Sharma Mar 21, 2007

    I also had registered online (Redemption Code: CS2X0LMS4H) and also sent the relevant documents and DD of Rs-250 (DD no.703141) to:

    Ms. Gurnaaz Kaur
    HP Redemption Cell
    Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.,
    3rd Floor, Chandra Bhawan,
    67-68, Nehru Place.
    New Delhi - 19

    But I haven't received the gift yet as it has been more than 10 weeks now ( it was promised to be delivered within 6 weeks).

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  • Ab
    Abhijit Sil Apr 15, 2007

    A copy of email to HP:

    Dear Ms. Gurnaaz Kaur

    I have purchased a HP Pavilion DV2046TU from Fringe Technologies, Sector - 14, Gurgaon... I submitted all documents for claiming gift of Hauppage TV Tuner worth Rs.6500.

    But till date i have not received any gift from your side. I am waiting for the same since 3 months and every time i call at your office, attended replied by saying , the TV Tuner is out of stock.

    After submission of my complaint online, with complaint no: CCHSAP89110, i received a call from Hp Redemption cell, saying that i will be receiving my gift in 2 weeks time, then again the same thing happens, i didn't receive the gift yet.

    Do inform me, when should i receive my gift, as i have submitted all the necessary details and the same has been verified at your end, also the draft has been cashed long back.

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  • Ta
    Tariq Mohammed Mehkri Apr 25, 2007

    Hi Guys,

    I too have been facing the same problem with the HP Guys. The documents were submitted in first week on Feb 07 and every fortnight i call to find the status , they say me there is a new stock arriving in a week and then i would be getting it.

    More over the customer care rep says there is no supervisor who we can complain and the gift will be delivered when possible (Note: No time frame mentioned)

    I believe we should drag HP to the consumer court for giving false promotional offers and putting us in grief.

    This will be my last HP product to be purchased... after all this is a US based co. which does not have any sense compared to Indian co.'s.

    Best Regards,

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  • Ca
    Capt LB Stone Apr 30, 2007

    I have purchased a HP Deskjet F380 printer on 19 Jan 2007 from Supreme Computers India (P) Ltd. A free gift of an additional Ink Cartridge is still not received even after two E mail reminders. The wait period is 6 to 8 weeks. Its over 8 weeks now and still no gift!

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  • Sa
    Sanuel C. Reiter May 03, 2007

    A rebate associated with a purchase on 9/19/06 is still being stalled, apparently waiting for me to get tired of repeatedly sending them documents they request. I firmly believe rebates are designed so a certain percentage of claims are abandoned after delaying tactics. I will not purchase items with rebates in the future.

    The company, HP Invent, Box 2111, Young America, MN 55553-2111

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  • Jm
    J Marino May 10, 2007

    I called this company regarding my desktop computer.To make a long story short I paid for technical support and was transferred to India - they had no clue what they were talking about.And they did nothing to solve my problem.I have spent the last three days calling this company and being transferred all around the country of India! And speaking to numerous hindus... anyway, to make a long story short, I called the presidential office of HP and actual got help... in English!

    For all HP problems I would suggest you contact their headquarters at: 1-650-857-1501 and tell them you want to speak to someone about a complaint.

    If enough people complain maybe it will make a difference!!!

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  • An
    ANKUSH GUPTA May 29, 2007

    I had buy a hp pressario (compaq) laptop with the scheme that a reliance data card is given free. But from last months i did not get it.

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  • Im
    Imran Khan Jun 15, 2007

    I purchased an Compaq presario V3239TU notebook from one of the authorized retail distributors in Andhra pradesh (India). The Operating System is windows vista. I wanna install windows 2000/2003 advance server i don't have drivers of vga/audio, wireless, bluetooth, provide me all the drivers which is supported to windows2000 AD/Server. I visited yopdan HP. Services Hyderabad. They charged me 1000/inr Rupees to install the operating system windows professional where as i asked for win2000 ad/ser.

    K.s. imran khan,
    email: [email protected]
    Mob: 09440 678351

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  • An
    Angharad Knights Jun 27, 2007

    I own a very nice and very good HP Deskjet 6250. in 2005 I bought a stock of HP ink Cartridges that were on sale. At the beginning of this year my existing color cartridge finally ran out. I opened up the packet of my new full cartridge, inserted into the printer and the printer refused it. I tried everything to get it to work, but finally spoke to the online help message service. Now in all fairness to HP the guy on the service desk -Calvin, was fantastic. He really helped and knew exactly what the problem was. ALL HP cartridges have an expiry date programmed into them, and all HP printers have a battery and a "clock" which stores the date. When the cartridge is past its expiry (despite being full) it will not be accepted and you cannot use it. This is a shocking practice - and the only point of it as far as I can see is that it brings in more money for HP. It really should be stopped. I now have two new full cartridges which can never be used, unless I disable the battery in my printer - which I am very tempted to do.

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  • Vi
    Vijay Kumar Jul 08, 2007

    Hi there! I strongly agree with you all. I submitted all my documents on 1st june 07 and Hp redemption cell seems to be reckless in handling everyone's case. I try to call the CSR they are hopeless.


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  • St
    Steve Behman Jul 20, 2007

    And even more insidious behavior:

    On all-in-one machines such as the OfficeJet 9110 the behavior when any one of the four cartridges is "out of date" the whole machine is crippled. That is you cannot fax, scan, or print with the unexpired cartridges.

    This is punitive and aggressively anti-consumer.

    If I ever think of buying another HP product I will consult a psychiatrist first!

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  • Sh
    Shaun Aug 29, 2007

    I purchased a dv6000 six months ago and it has completely crashed. Calling into Customer Service is a joke as you only get in touch with a foreign call center. To give you an example of the frustration when talking to these people, I will quote the last call I was on.

    HP - "So you are calling about your laptop"
    Me - "Yes, it has been sent in for repair, but two and a half weeks have gone by, and I have yet to receive any word on the status."
    HP - "I apologize for the..., your laptop will arrive on August 22nd."
    Me - "Today is the 28th of August!! Can you please give me an accurate date."
    HP - "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
    Me - "Yes I want to know what is going on with my laptop. Can you please tell me what date it will arrive and what the details state the problem is."
    HP - "Your laptop will arrive on August 22nd."


    What a joke! What a joke! I have been told that I need to contact a case manager, which I have requested 3 times. I am told every time that I will have a call back within 24 hours. I have not received a call yet.

    Hp has told me that my laptop is delayed due to not having the parts they need. Do they not make these computers? Then, I get a message telling me to call Tennessee to a service center two days ago, and the guy, who spoke English and was actually intelligent, told me that he has no idea why they would have told me that. This is the first time that anyone has looked at or troubleshooted my computer and it looks like a blown motherboard. A blown motherboard!! With the combination of lies, language barriers, un-professional customer service, corporate disorganization, and un-satisfactory service, I am left livid.

    The Indian call centers tell you there aren't any supervisors or managers that can take calls, no matter what time of day you call. When you are instructed to get in touch with case managers, it is virtually impossible. They cannot understand the english language, the products are breaking very quickly, and as a customer you are left to deal with the corporate run around, which if you haven't realized already, you can't win. I really want to yell and scream at them, but it has no effect. Don't waste your time repeating your problems over and over either, cause it's never noted and the next person has no idea what your deal is. I wish that I knew a way to escalate this, at least find someone willing to help customers.

    HP gets two thumbs down from me, and a big middle finger.

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  • Kr
    Kristina Falman Aug 29, 2007

    Almost the same exact experience. I almost hope that HP keeps this level of service up. Not because I want people to deal with problems, but because it will either stimulate a global corporation structuring change, or it will end them. Make way for companies that care!

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  • Bi
    BIVASH CH. DUTTA Sep 03, 2007

    I have purchased a Laptop of Model- Compaq-V3239TU, Sr.No.2CE70800B6- from HP/Compaq authorized dealer from.M/s Institute of Electronics and Computer Technology(IECT),(Atul Chandra Market, Room No.24, Sec-III, Southern End, PO & Dist-.Malda West Bengal-732101, Ph no.-03512-265583 & 9434095159, on 15/05/07 and installed on the same date. But unfortunately within two days of use the laptop developed problem as it was not operating and was sent to servicing center at kolkata by your dealer. After few days(approx 21 days) the laptop was handed over to me in running condition. Again a few days latter(within 15 to 20 days) the laptop developed the same problem. The same was sent on 10.07.2007 by the dealer and still it is nither returned nor the problem is intimated to me.
    I had telephonic discussion with you and your dealer wherein both of you have promised to replace with a new laptop which is also as per warranty condition.
    Since yours is a world class manufacturer of computers, I had purchased the laptop based on your brand name. It is hoped that you shall take due care in replacing me by a new set so that I could get trouble free performance in future and shall live up to your reputation.

    I hope new replacement will be made soon so as to use the laptop for my purpose.

    Your early action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully

    (B C DUTTA)
    DIST.-MALDA, PIN-732215
    Ph:- 03512-224031
    Mobile: 09474142908. Emai Id [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 03, 2007

    I bought a new Pavilion 6110 notebook and after 4 months, the display starting going out... And when you used the battery, it was so dark you couldn't see the screen. I sent it back for repair. Got it back... They supposedly replaced some kind of line... OK... It seemed to work for all of 3 WEEKS! Then the screen went completely dark all the time, even plugged in, so dark you couldn't use it. I called and returned it once again... It has been almost 3 weeks and no computer. I have called and called and been transferred around the world time after time. I have been told that they can't find it to it was sent from one service center to another, that it was sitting with no order on it, to "we will have a supervisor call you within 24-48 hrs"... (which never happened)... Although I don't care to talk to a supervisor, I want to know where the laptop is, why isn't it fixed and when it is going to be shipped back!!! I am screaming mad. I have gone through the story 100 times with 100 different people who mostly can't speak English and I am so aggravated!! I just called again and was transferred 3 times to be told our systems are down!

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  • Bi
    BIVASH CH. DUTTA Sep 03, 2007

    I have purchased a Laptop of Model- Compaq-V3239TU, Sr.No.2CE70800B6- from HP/Compaq authorized dealer from.M/s Institute of Electronics and Computer Technology(IECT),(Atul Chandra Market, Room No.24, Sec-III, Southern End, PO & Dist-.Malda West Bengal-732101, Ph no.-03512-265583 & 9434095159, on 15/05/07 and installed on the same date. But unfortunately within two days of use the laptop developed problem as it was not operating and was sent to servicing center at kolkata by your dealer. After few days(approx 21 days) the laptop was handed over to me in running condition. Again a few days latter(within 15 to 20 days) the laptop developed the same problem. The same was sent on 10.07.2007 by the dealer and still it is neither returned nor the problem is intimated to me.
    I had telephonic discussion with you and your dealer wherein both of you have promised to replace with a new laptop which is also as per warranty condition.
    Since yours is a world class manufacturer of computers, I had purchased the laptop based on your brand name. It is hoped that you shall take due care in replacing me by a new set so that I could get trouble free performance in future and shall live up to your reputation.

    Thanks You.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Sep 05, 2007

    I have pretty much the same story with my Notbook Pavillion. The screen went dead. It took them over a week to ship me a box to return the product. It has now been about a month without my PC and there is no end in sight. I have called so many times and noone speaks english nor can they vary from their "Script". I have been held hostage with my PC!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 06, 2007

    Omg me too... it is sooo aggravating... because I work from home and they promised me 7 days at the most... and it has been 3 weeks, I have had to go BUY another laptop. That is just ridiculous... and you can bet it was NOT another HP. I am still waiting for mine to appear and spent 1 hour and 17 minutes on the phone this morning and got NOTHING out of them... NOTHING.

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  • Ru
    Rupesh Shah Sep 07, 2007

    I had Purchased Laser printer from HP dealer with a scheme of free TONER worth Rs. 3500/-... As per their procedure i completed all the formalities and even sent a D.D. in name Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd addressed to Ms. Aishwarya J.
    HP Redemption Cell,
    C/O Solutions Integrated Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.,
    1st Floor, A-2 Okhla Indl Area.
    New Delhi – 110020

    I also received a confirmation email that will receive the TONER within 6-8 weeks. Now 3 months have already past past and not received anything from them. So i think its all fake procedures foe increasing business...

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  • Am
    amrit Sep 10, 2007

    It was surprised to know that company like you ,making fun of customer. When i bought this notebook vendor told that it is 1gb ram even in your manual (box) nowhere it is mentioned that ram of 1 gb is 512 mb + 512 mb , if i want to upgrade to 2 gb what i will do with these rams. All the ram port are occupied

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  • Valerie Sep 12, 2007

    I am having a nightmare of a time getting HP to inform me of the location and status of my computer.

    The wireless network card on my daughter's Pavilion notebook suddenly stopped working. After hours on the support line and re-imaging the disk (which wiped out several applications that we will have to re-install) they concluded that its a hardware problem.

    I turned the computer in at my local Best Buy and that's when the real hell started. They sent it off to HP and tell me that HP confirmed receipt of the computer on 8/9/07. Since then its been a month, and I have not been able to get Best Buy or HP to tell me the status of the computer. HP says that its between Best Buy and me, since it was Best Buy who shipped it to them. Since this was under manufacturer's warranty and not Best Buy's extended warranty, Best Buy is only too happy to wash their hands off this whole problem. They tell me that its between HP and me.

    I hate HP and will never buy any of their products again. Best Buy is not far behind. Other than having to get this nightmare cleared up, and getting custody of my computer, it will be a long time before I ever consider enterpring their store.

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  • Go
    gordon l. rogers Sep 15, 2007

    I bought the subject notebook from Staples and the hard drive is going out. Staples is not able to help, I have to deal with HP. Great customer service Staples. If a consumer has to deal with someone that contact understand plain English we have a real problem here int he US. I would rather pay extra for a english speaking person. When I called HP they told me my warrant expired several days ago which is a flat outright lie. The computer is not even a year old. When I took my computer into Staples they indicated I was covered for 11 year, as verified in reading my warrant. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and they told me the warranty expired. I asked when and they could not answer. I asked them how long the warranty was good for and they sai 1 year. I told them the computer is less than one year old. I purchased it on 12/12/06 and gave it to my wife for a Christmas present. I would be half as upset if it wasn't for being LIED TO. They said they was noone else I could talk to and would have to call back in 24 hours. I ask for the phone number and they didn't even know that. Needless to say my purchasing and warranty experience with Staples and HP is in the barrel!!!

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  • Pr
    Prakash Sep 15, 2007

    HP management is loosing their sense of direction.

    At one point of time, it was reliability of product and good support that had helped them beat the market.

    Now their laxity is going to create havoc to their competitive strategy. Just watch, lenovo and sony are just beginning to amaze people by their sensitivity.

    I had given my laptop for servicing (monitor went blank) and they said its a system problem they need to replace entire mother board. They estimate 2 days, which then because 5 days.. then seven days and finally two weeks. The great support lady there who is supposed to coordinate activities was so brash in her behaviour that I had a second mind making an escalation to senior management and putting some sense into her head that she is here to support not to do a catwalk!

    HP management are you listening or still sleeping on past successful performance.

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  • Sa
    Sam Sep 16, 2007

    My HP notebook (brand new!!) keeps going dark all the time too - for no apparant reason! I guess this is a hardware issue then? I thought it might be something to do with vista?

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  • Mo
    mohit sharma Oct 31, 2007




    MY RED. CODE IS - IW5F730V1A.
    MY CONTACT NO. IS - 09810336725.

    168 SHIV NAGAR
    PH:- 0121 25774448

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  • Dr
    Dr.R.Vijay Anand Nov 16, 2007

    I bought HP Pavillon DV6516TX Notebook. I Assured a gift of Dolby 5.1 Digital Wireless Headphone. I still yet not received any intimation about gift status. My redemption code is G51WENY6QB. I already sent the required documents along with rs800 DD in proffesional courier.

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  • Dr
    Dr Ajit Mathew Dec 04, 2007

    I had purchased a HP Pavilion Notebook HP Pavilion dv6415us Notebook PC) from Brand smart In Miami on the 28th of September 2007. The notebook had some hardware problem and just would not 'boot'. To cut a long strory short, I spent close to 5 Hrs on the phone (being transferred from one call centre to the other) before these guys realised that the problem was with the hardware and I was advised to return it to Brand smart (Complaint # 800 329 6395). In exchange I was given another notebook (HP Pavilion dv6000) which appeared to be working alrigh initially.

    However, when I brought it to the Cayman Islands, where I currently work, I noticed that the keyboard was defective (none of the upper case symbols on the numbers corresponded to what was appearing on the keyboard. In addition, there was an additional P in place of L on the keyboard!!). The customer care complaint number was 800 462 5115) Again I had to spend ages trying to get in touch with the HP suport staff before they realised that the second Notebook too had a hardware problem.(Service ticket # 800 436 2421). I was asked to send this back to HP by FedEx. After about 2 weeks I decided to give them another call to see what was happening.

    As i was not geting any sensible answers, I asked to be put through to the supervisor and was transferred to Mr Stephen Shaan. Mr Shaan , finally (I would have spent another 8 to 10 Hrs on the phone with various support staff before I spoke to Mr Shaan) agreed to refund the entire amount ($ 801.32). He wanted me to fax a copy of the receipts (which I promptly did)

    As I have already explained I have not been able to use the notebook FOR EVEN A SINGLE DAY ever since I paid for it 2 1/2 months ago. The notebook has not been returned yet.

    Despite repeated reminders, I have not had any response from the HP. I would appreciate your help in resolving this issue.

    I live and work in the Cayman Isalnds and that makes it all the more diffiuclt. I have given an address of a friend of mine in Georgia as nobody responds when I give them a Cayman Tel Number.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely
    Dr Ajit Mathew

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  • Ni
    Nipun Rastogi Dec 11, 2007


    1 of my frnds gifted me a hp ipaq frm us
    it was locked to t mobile connection ...... now i hav cm to india and this fone though entitled for an unlock is not being done by the hp people n
    now the phones battery is giving problems and i am not able to switch it on even
    the company says only US branch can do nething
    whras in US i asked people they said indian shud do it!!!

    people dont buy expensive things frm hp
    they send their bad quality rewrked stuff to india

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  • Ni
    nikhil Dec 14, 2007

    my Hp laptop-510 is not working.
    there is no display coming. i am afraid that its operating system has crashed.
    therefore, i need to assistance but do not have address of any Hp center nearby. i searched it on your website even there was no mention.
    please inform me on my email-id about the address of your service center nearest to Roorkee(Uttrakhand).

    thank you!

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  • Ci
    cindra dixon Dec 17, 2007

    Where does one begin after numorus calls to store and to home office only to be told that there is nothing they can do because my computer was sent back to hp for repair and they lost it but my question is ???? I didn't give my computer to hp Circuit city did so why is it that I am the one out a computer why has Circuit city not given me a new computer then faught with hp to re-emberse them If I ran my business this way I wouldn't have a business but what it more I am a photographer and this is my busy season but without a computer i have not been able to make much money this last 5 MONTHS now even to you this must seem incredible I have been treated rudly and have not had calls returned and lie after lie and at teh end of my rope .. I am a cancer patient and stress is the worst thing that I can have I guess this isn't suppose to be stressful and another question to CIrcuit city or HP is I can't give my kidsand grandkids the christmas I usually do so does someone from either of these companies want to call them and tell them they are not at fault and explain that they don't care that this might be my last christmas with them and too bad I couldn't have a nice christmas for them ..I have written before and said weeks ago the right thing would have been that a new computer should have been sent overnight to my home but unfortunately a hugh company such as circuit city and or Hp can't be bothered with such things so I am sure I am waisting my time once again and time to me is somthing too precious to waste but here I am once again
    Cindra Dixon

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  • Ki
    kinra11 Dec 29, 2007


    I have purchased a laser 3 in 1 -3050 printer from Bahadurgarh for which your retailer has promised that I will be given 50% discount and an extra tonner by the company and the same was also registered with you. I was not given the bill by your retailer/distributor for the reason best known to them.The fax system is not working from the date of its purchase and it is also giving black print. Several complaints have been made to the retailer but he has not given the discount nor the tonner and not even the our problem has been solved. Why you are making fool to the public by saying that there is a warranty of one year and 50% discount and a gift i.e. tonner etc.
    Prem kinra
    [email protected]
    p.No. 9896330081-9315591255

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