Houzzscam email from prospective client

S Sep 14, 2018

I received a text from this person (don't know how she got my cell number) Asking if I would be interested in a staging job. I sent a reply back of yes, but would need more detail and I received this reply...

Lisa Bryan
2:43 PM (20 minutes ago)
to me

Hello Sharon

I really appreciate your response and I'm glad to read from you. I'm Lisa Bryan, I'm married and I have a 6 months old son, Mike. I am a Graphic Artist, I work independently. I get hired by advertisement agencies, printers, etc It's a good job. My husband, Nathan is a Software Developer and System Engineer, we are moving back to the States from Hammersmith, West London W6 8JF, because he just secured a contract and he's to resume Last week in October, Oct 22nd 2018.

We have ordered furniture and some home appliances, so all we need you to do is to make use of our supplies for the project to stage (furniture and electronics layout, artwork placement, kitchen wares placements etc) once the orders are delivered. I can send you images of the ordered items and house description along with the floor plan.

The paintings have been done so you don't need to worry about that. Where is your location or city? I would like to know how much you are willing to charge for your services and if you accept Certified Check for payment. I would appreciate it if you can get back to us soonest because we really want things sorted before our arrival, our arrival date is Saturday, October 20th, 2018.

I look forward to your response soonest.

Best Regard
Lisa Bryan

I googled this type of request and discovered that it is a scam. I thought it was when she did not know my location and wanted me to take a certified check.

Thought you should know that scammers are targeting your designers.
thanks Sharon Goodwin

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