Houzz.comunable to reach the seller and return broken item

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I ordered some accessories for my kitchen from the website I got the package on time and the box wasn’t damaged, but the item was completely broken and useless. It was impossible to reach them by phone, therefore I sent multiple emails. But the seller didn’t reply and I have no idea how to reach him. Not recommended seller. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

  • Updated by mira · Oct 19, 2017

    Scam scam company and nobody does nothing


  • L2
    l28 Aug 14, 2018

    This person has left the job. She was suppose to do counters and cabinets for me. She has been working on the project since February and has now abandoned the job.

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  • Mi
    mira Sep 10, 2018

    Your company is a big scam.You sending the wrong merchandise on purpose, so when the customer returns you charge them60% and keep the rest for your self and the merchandise.So you making money on the same item how many times?I am contacting all cheated customers and we will file a case to the court.

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  • Ni
    nickbuscolupus Sep 10, 2018


    It appears that Houzz has false advertised a product and is refusing to sell me an item clearly stated to be for sale on multiple web sites.

    I have no choice but to request communication with you public relations officer/team and your legal team.

    Houzz has clearly made an error and is not willing to aid a customer.



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  • Mi
    mira Sep 10, 2018

    Ordered brown sofa got black one After returning with the same delivery guy got charge $700.Paid for sofa &1200 got back $500.This company is a judge scam.I am contacting all customers and we will file a group suit.

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  • Pe
    Peggy mckibbins Sep 18, 2018

    I was supposed to get my numbers delivered on 9-12 17. I never received them. 2-4, 9, 6, 4. I don't know if its late, because of hurricane Irma or not. But I have no e-mail sent to me, about it being late. I have already had one package I never got. I have bought a lot from you. These numbers are so expensive, I want to get them.

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  • Mi
    mira Oct 21, 2018

    Wrong color was delivered.Retuened and I was charge 50%offthe total purchase.The company is ripping off customers .Before you order check the complaints.The company is a SCAM

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  • Pj
    [email protected] Oct 21, 2018

    I called Customer Service and they informed me they do not give free samples so okay we will pay for a sample, but then she told me you are not allowed to return any tiles.

    Bad customer service!!

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  • Ma
    [email protected] Oct 23, 2018

    Order 1569 9098 0159 1603 we can't get a response if it actually shipped the manufacturer called us said it was delayed 4-6 weeks. We need help! I can be reached at 440.554.7160. Your website now has tracking # what is the method of shipping? We have opened support tickets and we never received a response

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