Houzzcustomer service

D Sep 15, 2018

I had been looking at a vanity for some time and when "only 2 left" came up I decided to purchase for a bathroom remodel, knowing it was not going to start for another month after purchase. That was in June. We opened the box to see if there was damage and there was not so we closed it and waited until it was time to move the vanity inside. One vanity was fine, the other vanity top does not sit level on the cabinet. We checked the level of the cabinet and it is fine, so it appears that the top is somehow warped. With a shim under one corner it is stable. The problem with that (per our contractor) is you risk damage/cracking the top piece. I contacted Houzz to advise of the problem, noting that the item did not appear to be damaged in shipment or by customer abuse, and that it appears to be a faulty top. I sent pictures and a video of the problem and the response verbatim was "Unfortunately I am unable to offer a replacement vanity top at no cost due to the amount of time since the item was delivered, our hands our tied and due to the amount of time it has been I am limited with the resolution I can provide. That being said, I am happy to check with our vendor and see if they have a replacement top available and what the cost would be. As soon as I have any update on this I will be sure to let you know." What? I certainly understand the 30-day policy, but a faulty product? Houzz can replace the top if they wish to; they do not wish to, obviously. I am extremely disappointed in the attitude of Houzz. It is otherwise a lovely cabinet, but be sure to check everything about the product within a 30-day time period or risk this sort of customer service, or lack thereof! Houzz: You can do better than this.

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