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I booked 3 nights at a hotel using They charged my credit card immediately. When I arrived at the hotel they only had me down for 2 nights. They offered to book a 3rd night and suggested I contact I booked the third night directly with the hotel. The next day I contacted and they wasted an hour of my time correcting their mistake. At the end of the conversation I noticed the direct rate with the hotel was significantly lower than the rate. I asked them to honor their price match guarantee and they refused. After staying at the hotel for 2 nights I got my invoice telling me it was checkout day. I went to the desk and they explained that had cancelled the third night I booked directly with the hotel, and so I had to checkout after 2 days and check back in for the third day. I did that. I then used the receipt from the direct hotel booking to open a "Price Match Guarantee" claim on the website. They refused. I went back and for through 10 emails, asking to have my case escalated. I've lost patience, and now I'm going to file a complaint with my state attorney general.

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    Thanks for reaching out, but I doubt you’ll get any satisfaction from them. I escalated my case to my state Attorney General, so hopefully they’ll put some pressure on to do the right thing and honor their “guarantee”.

    I’ve been communicating to: [email protected]

    Good luck!


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    Gabrielle East Aug 23, 2018

    Do you happen to have the email address that you have been sending to as I can't find one and I was given one by the webchat and the first one went through and the second one bounced. I've not heard anything from them though it has been over three weeks. I was given a case number and was told someone would contact me in 3 business days. Nothing!

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