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R Apr 06, 2019 Review updated:

2 days ago, I called the toll free number for to speak with a customer service agent "Jessica" after leaving a hotel I reserved for 5 nights in the Los Angels, CA area. I checked out due to the on-site hotel having construction and due to the noise I couldn't sleep. I went on 2 nights with only 8 hours of sleep. Horrible experience and reserved another hotel for 2 more days. Once I arrived to that new hotel, I found out they too had onsite construction and called to cancel my reservation and requested a refund. The agent then refused to book me on another hotel then once I spoke to her manager they confirmed they will refund me the money with no additional charges. I said, "good bye" and hung up the phone, 2 days later I haven't received any email confirmation and call just now to find out why and confirm that the refund was still active, I ended up talking to the same horrible agent (now with a crummy attitude) and she said they we're un able to complete the refund due to me hanging up. I explained to her in the English language once a customer calls for a complaint and they confirm the problem is done and the customer says "goodbye", it means the call is done. She then continued to insist I hung up with no notice and explained again, "I said Goodbye" which meant we were done with the call. Its been two days now, with 6 confirmations saying they will refund my money which I just now received a email conformation that they are processing my refund. This call center has people that are hard to understand, Can't make out what they area saying due to a broken language and they come with horrible attitudes like teenage kids who chuckle at you, interrupt and say, "yeah, go ahead and make the complaint, do what you want". Horrible service, do not call these guys if youre upset because you will get nowhere with them, even after they confirm a refund on the phone over 5 times and you hang up saying goodbye. The staff there should not have a job in customer service


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    Kd Battu Jul 08, 2019

    horrible experience in Italy. we were travelling as a family of 4 and booked a b&b in Palermo for 20th june. when arrived to this place called YUDINA B&B in Palermo, the owner looked at the confirmation and refused to give us room as we only paid £24 as shown on website. He demanded extra £50 . contacted customer service numerous times and spoke to most unprofessional people. Its very hard to understand them as they are speaking in broken English and very rude on the phone. there was no help/advice from at that point. After wasting 2 hours, I ended up paying extra £50 to this B&B to save time and frustration with the family. I was using from last 2 years, but now after this experience decided to use instead.

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