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Recently we experienced a very poor and disappointing service from in multiple circumstances for the same booking. The hotel that we booked on your website had no notification/warnings of the danger that this was in the fire zone or of the wide spread devastation. The umbrella onsite were charred. To either side of the hotel the homes were burnt to the ground. We drove in a taxi from Athens city which cost us $90.25 Euros through the most terrifying and horrific sights of the regions wiped out to the hotel. There were scenes of devastation, homes, apartments and shops completely destroyed and wiped out by the fire.

As we were in disbelief and frightened we were not comfortable staying at this hotel especially considering that we became aware that three patrons of the hotel were killed by the fire, and staff member badly burnt by the fire. As there were then no hotels available to change locations due to high demand we ended up paying nearly double what was originally paid.

Upon our conversation with to rectify this and book us a new hotel, the Ramada Attica Rivera was cancelled. A new booking was made for the Dolce Attica River. Upon arriving, another 15 minutes by taxi when we arrived at the recommended new hotel called Dolce Attica Rivera there was no booking made. Your service team had booked us again into the Ramada Attica not the Dolce Attica only at a much higher rate.
We again called your service line which included numerous disconnections all of which took 7 hours and when we were suppose to have a relaxing afternoon we ended up seeing horrifying scenes, spending hours on the phone which your service team only to not have a booking at the new location and waste more time explaining to you team over and over what had happened, we did not eat dinner until 9 pm following our eventual checkin, leaving Athens at midday.

We would like to be reimbursed for the additional taxi fares we incurred by having to travel to your hotel which cost in total $90.25 euros
Plus in addition to making sure the previous hotel has been cancelled and refunded revision of us having to pay for the additional hotel which cost in total $341.70 (usd 272.)

Relevant Booking reference numbers
[protected] - should be cancelled and allocated to new booking
[protected] - the new booking.

Please review and advise as soon as possible


  • Jo
    Jodie1111111 Aug 20, 2018

    Quality of service is poor

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  • Ni
    Nikbhat Dec 13, 2018

    Can you please call or contact me to fix my long pending work orders. I am trying to reach you since 3 days.

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