Hotels.comfraudulent price change on hotel booking and very rude staff at

M Jul 08, 2019

I booked a one night stay at the Old Palace Lodge Hotel, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU5 4RT, through on the 11 June 2019 at one price, £108.01, pre-paid but fully refundable under the terms of the booking prior to the stay, and also subject to the company's own price guarantee. While I did use the booking, at check-out the hotel in question gave me an invoice for just £96.26, adding that was the price I should have been charged. When I raised the discrepancy with directly today (8 July @11:50am BST), I was dealt with by an extremely rude Agent and Manager (known as Nadia A), who refused to provide a refund to my credit card for the difference. The call was timed @11:50 (call made to telephone number [protected]) and Nadia was not only very unhelpful, but also very patronising and refused to provide any information on the complaints, disputes or escalation procedures that operates. She offered no credible explanation for the discrepancy, and while she did offer to provide a 'credit' to my profile, as it is very unlikely that I would ever use their service again, this was a hollow gesture, so request again a refund of the difference (£15.75) direct to my original credit card used for the booking and an apology for the extremely poor customer service provided by the Agent and Nadia A to resolve this matter.

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