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Ive always bought dyson unfortunately I have got a medical problem and find their vacume cleaners a bit heavey to carry around so by the instruction of my mum as she will only buy hoover I bought as I thought from the description the ideal one for me. I run a retail shop so very rarely complain but your hoover SE81 VX11 001. IS A COMPLEATE DISSAPOINTMENT. Its nothing on what its write up suggests. it unsanitary to empty, not the performance expected and in general a complete waist of money. the only thing I like is the weight. I just needed to tell you as im sure im not the only person that has been as disappointed as me

customer service

Early February 2014 I phoned Candy to request a repair on our dishwasher We have a service agreement with...

Hoover Rug Cleaners

Jan. '12, I had my Hoover rug cleaner in to service to have the turbine replaced, because the brushes would not rotate. I was told it was a poor design, because water gets into the turbine. A few days ago (Feb. 2, 2013, just barely a year later and after only using it about 4 times during the year), I just picked it up again from service, after the brushes would not rotate again, needing yet another turbine. One of the two bearings inside had "frozen". Why is it Hoover apparently has such a poor design that makes the good and faithful consumer have to spend hard earned money to replace the turbine. I was told there was nothing I can do to prevent it. I am upset and disgusted to have the same thing happen so soon.

  • Ka
    Kathleen Ann Nov 26, 2013

    This machine is sooooo noisy that my husband who has to wear hearing aids takes those out and has to used ear protection. The noise is loud no matter where we are in the house. I'm sorry I bought it.

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Smoked then died

More junk they put out for sale...I did my 2 bedroom house with it two times in one year...The next time I used it I heard this big bang...The cooling fan few apart and hit some wires which made a poof...Smoke came out of it I thought it was going to catch fire..Model number is FH50010...I bought it at walmart...And no it did not suck a penny up into the fan...Hoover used to be a good name not anymore...They put cheap crap out for sale...This model should have a recall...

Costumer services

I order a vacuum cleaner for mothers day for my mom that was leaving on may 7 afternoon, I call to order the...

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Horrible Company to deal with

I wanted a Hoover Spinscrub Floormate for Christmas. I went to Hoover.com and saw the make and model I wanted, the FH4030, the Spinscrub with tools. I waited for Black Friday to order to see if they were having any sales. They were, 15% off and free shipping. However, the item was out of stock (strike one) How does the manufacturer go out of stock? So, I sent them an email about my dissatisfaction. They replied and told me to call and place an order for the backordered item. I did. The next day, I realized I forgot to order some supplies. I sent an email and they replied that they added the items to my order and gave me the new total. I waited a few weeks, then went online to check the status of my order only to find out there was no order. I sent another email and their reply was my order was cancelled(strike two) I told them I never received any emails regarding my order being cancelled. Now, the item I wanted was no longer available! (strike three) However, the woman offered me a 25% discount and free shipping, so I placed a new order for a different model. A week later, I get the item in the mail. I open it and the owners manual only to find the handle with the on/off switch is missing! (strike four) I send another email as it was the weekend and they were closed. They reply that Marilyn Smith from their Corporate Office will be contacting me and gave me her contact information. On 1/4/12, I had not heard from them and called Ms. Smith. We spoke briefly and she told me she was going to research some information and call me back, she never did. On 1/5/12 I called her back and left a message. She never returned my call. I just sent another email informing them that if I do not hear from them tomorrow that I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute the charges. I told them to send me a return label for the useless product that was sent to me. This is not the only letter I will be writing regarding this fiasco. I will be contacting the BBB and Attorney Generals Office and other media resources. I will never use or purchase another Hoover product!


I purchased a hoover from Curry's newport gwent March 2010, make ALYX TC1202, after using it 3 times it started cutting out, smelling of burning and it just was not picking up, I returned it to the store, after a heated discussion it was replaced, I got it home and the same thing happened after a couple of times. so feb this year Itook back to the store as I still had the twelve months guarentee and the receipt of purchase, the store assistant then rang hoover, by this time i was getting angry as hoover did not want to exchange, but at the end of another heated discussion, they decided they would exchange but I would have no twelve months receipt or guarentee for the hoover i have exchanged for, and if they find nothing wrong with the one I took back I would then be charged for it, I exchanged it for a samsung which is brilliant!!!
but does hoover think I would be returning things that are working properly!!, I am really disscusted as the way I have been treated, and I would never buy a hoover product again...


Purchased a Hoover Windtunnel cyclonic vacuum in Dec of 2010. Thru Hoover.com, it was a refurb (I have purchased refurbs in the past from other companys and other products without problems.) The vacuum came with a 6 month full warranty (Alot of good its done me.) The vacuum arrived early Jan. It worked correctly for about a week. Then it started overheating and shutting itself off. Then to add to that it quit sucking up anything and started overheating down to the cord. Well I called Hoover.com and spoke with a lady who was very nice. She asked me what I would like a refund or the vacuum fixed. I said I would like the vacuum fixed. (big mistake.) She told me where my local dealer was and that they would take care of everything for me. They lied. My wife took the vacuum to be fixed after two hours of fighting with the repair people and playing phone tag with Hoover they the repair people refused to touch it and the Hoover people said the had no record of my purchase. Long story short I have a record of the purchase. Cant get Hoover.com to fix it or take it back. Cant even get them on the phone now.

Cheap components/No customer Service

Had spent over $700 within a three month period purchasing a WindTunnel vac and a carpet cleaner. Both units begin to virtually fall apart due to cheap plastic parts and construction. When I called to protest(no 800 number) I got jerked around and accused (in so many words) of being a possible commerical enity using my units to do commercial buildings! The knuckelhead who passed himself off as a manager offered to replace my rug cleaner at their cost of $185 plus shipping!
This is what I said: I am a fourth generation customer of Hoover and I am not going to buy another dollars worth of their junk. And further more, whenever I'm in Sears, Costco etc. I go out of my way to discourage customers who are looking at a Hoover and tell them what a piece of crap they would be buying. Been doing this now for over six years!
Consumers must rise up and stop this rip off by these companies(Direct TV is another) and fight back and let them know that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take this any more! And we do it by not spending our money with them, informing everyone we can not to buy their products and write to those useless politicians about our concerns! Unite and fight back!

  • Ir
    Irene Dorsey Dec 21, 2008

    Company has-for reasons unknown to me-changed the vacuum so that

    a collar of sorts needs to be purchased to make the bags fit.

    This vacuum is old, yet works fine with the exception of this new adaptation

    which will serve only to cost me money which I can ill afford.


    Irene Dorsey-
    [email protected]
    Taunton, Ma. 12/21/08

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  • Co
    colofrsgj Jan 19, 2012

    My hoovwer broke and loged peices of plastic in my dogs skull, my dog then began frothing from the mouth, keeled ovwer and died :( please help me sue hoover co and co ltd.

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  • Kh
    kharrison145 Jun 28, 2012

    I recently displayed this sign at my yard sale where at least 300 people saw the sign. I will continue to display this sign to vent my frustrations with Hoover.

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  • Ma
    MauiAL51 Jun 28, 2012

    If it didn't work when you first bought it, why didn't you just take it back to the store for an exchange?

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items not available in store or online

I have tried on several occasions to purchase a Hoover SteamVac Supreme Deep Cleaner locally at the store and...

poor quality

windtunnel cannister vac model s-3639. the motor in the power nozzel that turns the beater bar broke 2 armature wires after just 3 years of residential service. They wouldn't help me. Thats like paying $60 per year to RENT a vacuum for your home. NEVER EVER BUY A HOOVER PRODUCT!!!

Worst product ever

It's the worst product I own. It seems after you "scrub" your wood floors, you have to get down with a bucket and rag and wipe up all of the filthy water it leaves behind. I had a Floormate when they first came out, and I loved it. The plastic hose finally split on it. So I know how to use it. Evidently there was a redesign. Total piece of crap. I will demand my money back.

  • Do
    dorothy0039 Sep 05, 2009

    I have had a floormate since they were first sold. Bought one for my mom also, because it worked so well. When mine finally broke I went and purchased a new one which happened to be redesigned. It works as well as the first. Did have to adjust to the changes but works very well. I have found that if the suction tank is not sitting properly it does not vacuum up the water. All it takes is moving it slightly.

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I purchased this vacuum less than a year ago. ( It has a one year warranty on it) The roller brush that spins became warped. I contacted Hoover for a replacement brush, their website said the brush was unavailable, but since it was under warranty to take it to the nearest Hoover authorized repair shop for warranty work. I did that, then I got a bill from the repair shop for 49 dollars, ( about half the new cost of the vacuum). I contacted Hoover, and got the run around, finally they bumped my call up to someone in the corporation office. They gave me the run around also.

So the bottom line is, whatever they say in the warranty, which is in their owners manual, is a false statement. I read the warranty back to the corporate executive and he just said, I cant control what a repair shop will charge.. I said well this is warranty work and your company referred me to this shop for repair, so your company should be liable for any cost, ( as it states in the warranty information, Parts and labor) Needless to say, Im never going to buy a hoover product again, and neither should anyone else, unless they like repaying and paying again for an inferior product.

  • Ka
    Kathy Apr 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hoover products aren't as good as it used to be. The rubber belts keep breaking after a few usage.

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Bad product

From my local Best Buy in July of 2008. The first time I used it, I was amazed at how well it cleaned! The carpets in my rented home never looked so good, not even when we first moved in. The machine also left the carpets much dryer than previous cleaners. The second time I tried to use the machine, the handle of the clean water tank just came off. The tank dropped to the floor and cracked. I exchanged it for a new one. Used it once and the clean water tank leaked. Returned for another exchange and contacted Hoover when that one leaked as well. Hoover told me they knew there were problems with the manufacture of the plastic tank and they were working with their supplier. They sent me a replacement tank, obviously a different plastic. The new tank also leaked. I went through a total of 5 machines (plus the extra tank) in a 14 month period...all of them leaked. Last week, while cleaning my living room furniture, the latest machine developed The Leak. I didn't realize this until the clean water tank was suddenly empty. Water ran down through the motor, leaving large black spots
on my carpet. It also left a huge, dirty brown "splotch" in the middle of my light beige carpet from where it was over-soaked. I finally gave up and returned the Hoover for a refund, selecting another brand (Bissel Proheat). I also needed to purchase another 4 year extended warranty ($19.99 through Best Buy), as the brand switch negated my
original. I am totally unhappy with the new machine's cleaning ability, the tank-in-tank clean water and recovery system and also the fact that my carpets are left less dry than with the Hoover. The Bissel did not totally get out the black spots left by the leaking Hoover, nor the brown "splotch." My frustration over this is such that I am near tears. I wrote to Hoover,
letting them know I want them to make a SteamVac Dual V that DOESN'T LEAK!!! I also need a resolution to the carpet which was ruined by their faulty
machine. I cannot find an email address for Hoover. Their "contact us" form is a pop up located at www.hoover.com and does not show an address.

Bad service

Hoover has been through 4 to 6 part numbers for the fresh water tank for these carpet cleaners (SteamVac). All had latent defects. The plastic was too thin, brittle, poor design, and poor molding. The early tanks broke or cracked. They even put out a service bulletin on it.

BUT, they will not replace any tank if the 1 year warranty period is over. Even though the tanks had latent defects.

My Mother always swore by her hoover sweeper--now, if she was alive, I think she would swear at them.

I am a retired Registered Professional Engineer. And, when I say these tanks had latent defects, you can take my word for it.

Also, it is almost impossible to talk to a Customer Service person at Hoover. Their so-called customer service number just connects with a dealer in ones area.


Okay, I bought this from Comet back in July and it broke down in September and was replaced. The new one broke in November and was fixed [something to do with a circuit board]. It then broke AGAIN in January for the 3rd time and had some kind of new motor [?] fitted. A week later it broke AGAIN and this time it was something else. Anyway, it's now the beginning of May and it's broke again. The Comet engineer is coming in two days to play with it again. So far we've had to throw out 5 freezer loads of food which won't be refunded, and had to take enough days off work to be around for engineers that we could [or maybe should?] have thrown it in the bin and bought a different model.

Bad product

In the 2 years we've had our Hoover Wind Tunnel Vacuum, it broke 4 times. 3 times it has been the belt and one time, the self propulsion function stopped working.

If you're thinking of buying this thing, don't. It is absolute junk. Hoover offered to send me a $67.00 vaccum as a replacement if I sent them my Wind Tunnel since it was off warranty. It would cost almost that much to ship the thing to them. What a joke. No more Hoover vacuums for me. The last Hoover I had lasted 9 years. This thing can't make it more than a couple of months without shredding a belt.

  • Re
    Reviewer76587 Jan 22, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I had never bought this machine only had it two months biggest pile of crap I've ever had and the customer service is shocking a week to come and fix it. How I wish I'd never bought this Hoover washer dryer dynamicnext

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Constant clogs!

I have read several complaints on the internet and agree with this: Pros - when working properly this vacuum is amazing! As others have said, it picks up an amazing amount of dirt and hair. The tools are versatile and mostly effective, and the theories behind the self-cleaning filter & bottom-emptying dirt cup are ingenious. However...

Cons - it doesn't long for the "self-cleaning" HEPA filter to become clogged with pet hair. The hair, along with the dirt, dust, and assorted allergens come falling out just from taking the dirt cup out. Reach up inside the mechanism to remove the hair clog and get a face full of nasty.

I bought this vac because my old cleaner's dirt cup dumped from the top & had a filter inside the cup that required tapping every time you dumped it. As an allergy sufferer I could not deal with that long-term. I spent good money on a solution, but found myself with a different problem instead. Too bad... hopefully they'll do something about this when I talk to them tomorrow. If not, I'd love to hear from others interested in a lawsuit. Seems that, at minimum, they've falsely advertised the effectiveness of the self-cleaning system & help for allergy suffers.

U8371-900 is a POS!

This thing does not work. The HEPA gets clogged almost immediately and the whole vacuum stops working. DO NOT BUY THIS. The customer service is terrible. I just want my money back and they refuse to do that. I have only owned this thing for a month.

I really want to file a lawsuit against them.

  • Su
    Sue Nov 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Save your money, this was an expensive piece of junk we spent alot of money on. I can't believe this is still on the market.

    The attatchments will fall out every time, the Hepa filter will not stay operational. A big headache.

    We won't be buying a Hoover until the quality goes up by at least 80 percent.

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  • Co
    concerned consumer Mar 23, 2009

    My parents purchased this vacuum one or two years ago and have also experienced problems with it from the beginning concerning the Hepa filter. They have taken it to the authorized repair center numerous times to no avail. The repairmen tell them that it cannot be fixed due to a design flaw. However, Hoover will not refund their money. The repair center said that they have received thousands of requests for repair of this model and they don't want to have to deal with it anymore. Someone should organize a class action law suit.

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Don't buy one of these is all I can say!

In July I purchased a new Hoover Windtunnel 2 vacuum. From all that I had read the original Windtunnel was great and so was this new model supposed to be.

Well it isn't!! After one week the tool hose quit sucking. I took it in and they supposedly fixed in under warranty. Well it lasted about a week. Again no suction. I told my wife I was taking it back to the repair shop. When I went to clean it out I noticed that the bottom plate under the brushes was just hanging on by one screw. The others were broken. The screws just go into plastic. I took it back and they have since called and said they are waiting for parts. Since I have had to by another vacuum to use. I purchased a cheap $49.00 one and it seems to work as well as the $300.00 Windtunnel 2. When it was working I would have to clean the filters out with my shop vacuum since they were clogged up with dirt and dog hair. Don't buy one of these is all I can say. The self cleaning HEPA filter is always clogged and when you dump the dirt cup all kinds of dust falls out of it. The whole machine is over designed and mostly plastic.

  • No
    Not a dog owner Jan 02, 2007

    I never had suction problems but I do feel it has decreased since I got it (8 days go). It was far better than the first Hoover vacuum which was 10 years old or so. However, the self cleaning filter stopped self cleaning. I'm going to take it back and go off of the consumer reports for a different vacuum.

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  • Valerie Feb 06, 2007

    This is a copy of a letter I wrote to Hoover summing up my experience with the Wind tunnel and the Hoover company. I am writing to inform you of my experience with your product and company that led me to decide never to purchase and/or recommend Hoover to anyone ever again.

    Having had a dependable Hoover Elite for 11 years, on 9/21/05, I purchased with confidence a Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Ultra (Model U6439-900) to replace the Elite when it needed repair for the 2nd time in the eleven years.

    Having used the Wind Tunnel approximately once every 3 weeks for about an hour, it suddenly started smoking and stopped working in December of 2006.

    Because I was sick, it was a few weeks before I could bring it to a repair place. In looking online for Hoover Service, there were none inside an hour from where I live, so I brought it into a local person just to get an idea of what was wrong. In fact, I brought the Elite in too.

    When I went to pick them up, the Elite, just needed a new belt and was returned to me working fine. The Wind Tunnel, I was told, needed a whole new motor and it would cost approximately $179 for the motor alone, not taking into account labor charges to replace it.

    Now, the 1-year warranty did indeed expire in September of 2006, however, with just three months over the warranty, it seemed wrong to have a machine that cost $240 break to the point where an entire new motor was needed. Did I expect belts to break? Sure. Maybe even to have some clog problem? Sure again. But for a motor to die completely after such a short time? No way- that screams out bad product.

    In an attempt to figure out if the price for the new motor was accurate, I called two Hoover certified vacuum repair shops in the Binghamton area for comparison. When on the phone with the first shop I was told that they no longer service Hoover because of all the problems they have had with the company honoring warranty.

    They also stated that the Wind Tunnel has been the most frequent broken vacuum that they have seen in a long time.

    The second shop essentially stated the same. They still service the machines but would never recommend anyone to buy them. I found these opinions fascinating because I made the purchase based on a Consumer Report recommendation of the product. So, having a hard time believing this, I finally contacted your company on 2/5/07.

    The first person I spoke to, was of course sympathetic to my plight but told me since the warranty was up there was nothing she could do. I then asked to speak with a supervisor on the issue.

    I asked the supervisor (Alison #8454) if she could extend the warranty and pay for the repair, if I absorbed the cost of shipping the vacuum to an authorized service person (it is a very heavy vacuum and is likely to cost upwards of $30 to ship). She said she couldn’t make that offer without knowing what was wrong with it. She apparently didn’t trust the report from the other vacuum repair shop that the motor was dead. Ironically though, she was willing to offer me an extended warranty plan that would take effect after this repair had been taken care of. When I told her that didn’t make sense, she simply stated that is all she could offer.

    I then carefully spelled out the financial loss on my part of her plan. If I understand correct, I would have had to pay S&H to get the vacuum to an authorized service person. If they told me it needed a new motor (and in all likelihood they will), then it would still cost approximately $200 to fix. At that time, I am to call the company and see if they might cover it. If not, and it didn’t sound likely by the supervisors tone, then I would also have to pay S&H and a service charge to have the vacuum looked at and mailed back to me - that is if I chose not to fix it. If I choose to have it repaired then I would be putting in approximately $230 into a machine that one year and 4 months ago cost $240.00.

    Now I have to ask myself, what kind of company allows this to be the process after one year’s worth of light use on their machine. The answer seems that it is a company that doesn’t care about its consumer or it’s name or reputation.

    I find it horrifying that that state of being a consumer is to be at the mercy of warranty plans because companies no longer want to make good products. If the product is worthy, a warranty plan shouldn’t be necessary within the first several years of use.

    So with this said, a copy of this will go to Consumer Reports. I think they should be aware that their Quick Pick Recommendation might be costing consumers a lot more money in the long run. I am also submitting the contents of this letter to My3cents.com and review sites such as Amazon.com and Nexttag.com to warn others on this product and the company service.

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  • Ch
    Charles Spong Aug 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This sounds identical to my experience with a Hoover Steam Vac ($300), but mine was well within the warranty period. Hoover still won't do anything. Too bad, they used to have the best support/service around and worth the extra bucks. No more. I will never, ever buy or recommend a Hoover product to anyone. In fact, quite the opposite.....

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