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J Jul 21, 2019 Review updated:

went to Anderson, sc. myself and 1 other couple. Was not greeted at the door on arrival. Our waitress was not wearing her own name tag, but she wrote Destiny on the napkin. Sat at our table uninvited while taking our order. Didn't bring our water we had to go to the bar and get our waters. Sat on stool while putting order in the computer, then forgot to order our pickles. Destiny was yelling across the dinning area at another waitress her name was Shannon she had no name tag nor did the bar tender. Destiny was very rude to us and other wait staff the time and laughed about it. The cook never has a hair net on dreadlocks hanging every where, VERY NASTY. Will not be back til it's cleaned up from management to Sorry wait staff .Totally sucks


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    comnor2 Nov 13, 2019

    we wear hair nuts and cover ourselves at the. dolorda stree

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