Hooters Macon GAservice

R Sep 09, 2018

My wife and I and another couple went into the Hooters restaurant in Macon GA last night. First, let me say the store was not busy. We had to wait for our waitress to come to our table almost 20 minutes before she took our drink orders. It took the staff another 10 minutes to get 4 beers. She finally returned with our drinks and said she'll be right back and left again. She finally returned after again another 8 minutes. We have now been sitting without ordering our food for approximately 38 minutes. My wife and I both ordered 10 wings each and fries as did our friends. Everyone got their food after another 20 minutes but me. For some reason, our waitress forgot my order. She apologized and said my order will be out in 5 minutes which I knew was a lie based on how long it took for everyone else to get their food. At this point, I'm furious and damn stubborn that I will wait all night if I have too to get my food. It took another 9 minutes to get my wings which were Jerk, I ordered Rajun Cajun wings. The restaurant was filthy as were the bathrooms. We drove all the way from Perry GA to get Hooter wings and had to experience this horrible service. If management doesn't do something about this store and its staff, your going to lose a lot of business. We definitely will not be back to this store. Buffalo Wings is building a new restaurant on HW 96 in Warner Robins GA. We'll be going there for our next wing and beer fix.

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