Honda Financial Servicescustomer service for atv payments

C Jul 03, 2019

Multiple calls for error in applying payment to wrong account reflecting in a negative impact with credit bureaus after multiple calls & request to speak with supervisor the payments were corrected & advised credit bureau would be corrected as well. Supervisor was suppose to return a call within 24-48 hrs that was 6/5 Today is 7/3 a follow up call was placed after receiving updated credit report no changes a supervisor will return my call. CSR will not transfer to supervisor or voice mails they will not provide any other information than a 1st name no I'd number or ext to reach them back . I have a growing list of 1st names Richards Micheal, etc . In my office of 40 people we have 5 Michaels . I haven't had a late payment on any account in over 10yrs however I had 3 payments applied to 1 account within 2 wks . Never again will I finance with Honda.

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