Homechoice / foam mattresses

This is the [censored] that I have to look at every day I make my child's bed. I complained about these mattresses before, the small one was replaced with a bed base and not a mattress. My 8 year old child can't even sleep on this rubbish. I had to buy another bed for him. The double bed mattress is sinking and doesn't have a shape anymore. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I'M PAYING FOR THIS NONSENSE. I PROMISE YOU IF THIS PROBLEM IS NOT RESOLVED I WILL DO WHATEWHATEVER IT TAKES TO EXPOSE HOMECHOICE. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS AND I'M PAYING A LOT OF MONEY FOR THIS NONSENSE. MY I'D NUMBER FOR MY ACCOUNT IS [protected]. I WANT THIS RESOLVED ASAP


Aug 09, 2019

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