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I was trying to contact the manager at the store however apparently there isn't one working tonight. I need to speak with somebody in upper management regarding a very serious matter which occurred today at the oak Park Mall store number *** today March 3rd at 1:30 p.m. I have the receipt with the cashier number ***-**** transaction number was **** and it's stating that the store number is **** and the salesperson number is nine nine nine. To make a long story short I have two older daughters which one into the store today to purchase some items my daughters who weigh approximately 135 lbs and other daughter weighs approximately 240 lbs. A few years ago when the store was at oak Park Mall they had a plus size section and one my daughter today went into the store that reopened she had inquired where that section was and was informed by two younger girls who were the only ones working in the store at the time that heavier people only shop online and they don't have section in the store any longer and to make matters worse she was there purchasing a gift for her sister who was with her which she did end up doing by the way because her sister really wanted some clothes from there. and when purchasing the girls were snotty laughing and asking the heavier-set daughter if it was going to be two separate transactions and if they needed their own bags or if it was to go in one bag for my other daughter. their ages are 18 and 21 and long story short the one they were making fun of was the younger of the two. they went ahead with their purchase kept the receipt and left the store and my 18 year old who has been fighting obesity and pre-diabetic disorder since she was in elementary school did not need to be in a situation such as what occurred today. I realize it will take a little bit of time for you to review the information and respond to me regarding this and hopefully requesting for my daughter's phone number for direct apology. I'm hopeful to hear from someone very soon regarding this incident.

A very unhappy mother,

Ann Pease

poor service, and waiting on refund

I ordered 2 pair of jeans well about a month ago. When they arrived they did not fit like I thought they would so I returned them. It has now been over 2 weeks, and I have not...


I was hired to be the assistant manager at the Outlet location in Cypress TX. Initially Bee, the woman that hired me was kind but very fast paced. Few days into working with her, I began to hear extremely harsh racial slurs, noticed that she only spoke to another woman from head office, Rachel, and the other black employee we had. She and Rachel both made hate comments about Hispanics and white people right there in the store where we can hear them.
Not only that, but even being an assistant manager I was never notified of times to come in the next day, was called a "lazy white girl" even though I had come right back into work after getting into a car accident and notifying them I had to leave early the next day due to a personal health issues. I don't appreciate being treated this way at all I walked out after being told I was lazy, even though I showed up every single day. Bee is not a kind person and not good with communication. She never even took my direct deposit information so I have no idea how I'll even be paid. I informed everyone that I had brought in to interview to not even bother working with a company that is okay with their employees coming here to the south where we have a large Hispanic population and making fun of them.

humiliation by store manager

I went and purchased 2 dresses at the brass mill mall in waterbury ct 09/06/19. There were two cashiers, one had about five people lined up in front of her and the other had one...

customer service

Hi my name is Selena and I went to shop at your store at around 9pm on 6/29/19 and I had a very bad experience. I was at the Roosevelt Field Mall in the middle of a transaction with the lady named Michelle and I told her about my 10% coupon. She did not accept my coupon and proceeded to make me sign the receipt saying I agreed to pay for my clothes and claimed she would deal with the return right after. However, after signing this, she told me that it would not be possible to give me the discount. So, I asked her if I could return the items I had just bought and buy it again but with the discount, this time and she said no. And she even had the nerve to say "you could use that discount on your next purchase" as if I even wanted to come back to this store after this horrible experience. During this transaction, Michelle had to call over the store manager Jasmine for assistance on this process, which goes to show Michelle's lack of experience and training at the register. in the midst of this situation, Jasmine was unwilling to help void the transaction and redo it. To make matters worse, the coworkers there were trying to comfort Michelle by saying that it "wasn't her fault" in front of me, essentially implying that it was my fault. The store environment was not customer friendly. These cashiers are extremely unprofessional. I even asked Jasmine to call her associate store manager named Christen and she was unwilling to help as well. Christen even tried to place the blame on me as the customer, instead of trying to resolve the issue. I used to stop into this store to purchase items very frequently, but after being treated so disrespectfully, I will never shop at this brand again unless this issue is handled. I still can't believe that such a big company like yourself would create such an unwelcoming environment for customers. I am extremely disappointed in this kind of customer service and behavior. And I strongly request that you resolve this issue and respond to my concern as soon as possible.


initially the store in baybrook mall was closed but for whatever reason re-opened.
this is my 2nd job and by far the worse place I have worked so far. t
Totally and completely unorganized, late on payments and just disrespectful. I was let go and not even notified! The district manager is "Bee" is rude and under cover racist! The store is junky, boxes and clothes everywhere. I would not recommend this store to anyone for employment or shopping!

  • Tr
    Trina Tinker Oct 05, 2019

    I was also hired by Bee and I agree! She made several hate comments and racial slurs at our store as well

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worker white marsh mall

Yesterday i went to White Marsh mall so happened to go into Charlotte russe went to look at shoes found some I liked I waited because I seen a young lady who had on a colorful...


I made an order online on 9/29/18. But my items were not shipped until 10/2/2018. The reciept stayed I had 30 days from the shipping date. I was told by 3 different workers that I...

sent the wrong item twice.

I ordered a dress from their site on sale in navy but was sent white instead. I contacted their customer service the next day to inform them of the mistake and they told me that I have to sent back the item i recieved, which I did... and they would send out the correct color.

I even contacted customer service a second time after they took a while to ship out the "correct" dress. They confirmed it would be sent out in the navy color.

I finally get the package more than 2 weeks after the original order date and again ITS [censored]ING WHITE. I dont have the time to go all the way to the post office and return it again. The cost of transportation to get to and from the post office TWICE is more than the cost of the dress so its useless at this point. I wont be ordering from here again. The people who work here are clearly incompetent and cant distinguish the words "navy" and "white". Now I'm stuck with a dress I wont wear.

not allowed to place orders online

For the past 6 months every attempt I make at placing an order online is immediately declined. When I hit "place order" it'll load a bit then it'll say, please purchase items at a store...". It's so frustrating!!! No matter how many credit cards I try or addresses I send it to, it always gets declined. I've checked with my credit card company and they're not blocking the transactions either. I've called customer service many times and no one has an idea what's going on. They always say, no worries I'll escalate this to my supervisor and we'll get back to you. It's been months now and nothing! Has anyone else experienced this issue? Thanks for letting me vent!


I went into their store last weekend to return some jeans. I did not have the card I recently purchased it with so the lady gave me a merchandise credit card and said I can use it...

customer service faux coupons

I order very often online basically every week. In return they always send me thank you coupons for $10 off $50 for my next purchase. I always used these great coupons in which you have 14 days to use so it's no problem for me since I purchase every week. However back in January I went to use one of those coupons online and it said the code is expired. It indeed was not expired as I just received the coupon two days prior. I reached out through email twice. After 4 days no response. I then called customer service. The woman I spoke to for a half hour told me over and over that Charlotte Russe has no so coupon. I then asked to
Speak to a supervisor and they told me I need to send a screen shot of the site saying it is indeed not working. So I email them what they ask for. 3 days go by. No response. I called customer service again. This woman says she recognizes the coupon but that it's expired. I said the coupon says it's good for 14 days and it's been a week. She says she doesn't know why it's not working but if it says it's expired then there's nothing she can do. I gave up didn't get to use the coupon and missed out on my discount. I ended up making a few more purchases the end of February so they sent me two more of those same coupons. Same exact thing happened. None of those codes worked it's a shame. Also every time I ever received the rewards bucks for purchase they never ever worked online saying the code was invalid. Why keep sending me faux coupons???

terrible experience!

Today is December 18th. I ordered my items at the beginning of November.
So there's only one question: where are they?
I contacted customer service, but unfortunately, they gave me no answer, because they simply don't know what's going on in their company. I wrote several complaints to their email, all of them were left unanswered, unfortunately.
I want my money back, I don't understand why I have to wait for much longer. It's clear that my items will never arrive.

returning shoes

I went to the store on 12/5/17 to purchase some burgundy booties because it was 40% off shoes. I checked the shoes on 12/07/17 because I was going to wear them but saw that they...

customer service at store

I was shopping in the Charlotte russe in west town mall in Knoxville tn and received the worst customer service . The associates were rude and when I asked to speak to a manager...

undelivered product

I placed an order on the 1st order #cr12319989 and since the 5th there has been no updates on tracking number. I have called several times advised that a call back will be done in...

charlotte russe in enfield

I was walking around your store today and I heard a blonde employee and a male employee openly discussing and insulting customers when they thought no one could hear them. They...

jeans did not hold their shape

183648 On September 3, 2017 at 3:04Pm store 834 transaction number 11607 in Coralville Iowa Mall I purchased over $100 worth of jeans. I was super excited because every single pair...

customer service

I never received a package and then wasnt given a refund or a redelivery. I filler out a form for stolen items and was essentially told "too bad" Customer service's suggestion wa...

charlotte russe parent company

You store overworks employees with little pay. The employee discount is a joke. I spent more money purchasing clothes I found on the SALE rack with my employee discount than...


My sister and I, Asian people of dark complexion received very poor service from an Caucasian female employee with long hair that works at the Charlotte Russe that is located at...

items on sale

Hello, I am from clarksville tn and I had a huge deal today with charlotterusse located in governors square mall on Wilma rudolf. The sale in the store stated dresses an de shoe...

i'm still waiting for my order

When I contacted Charlotte Russe and told them that I didn't receive my order they replied rudely and refused to help. Their rep said that I need to be patient, but when I asked him about the delivery date he simply ignored my question. Another two weeks passed and there was no sign of my order so I contacted them again and received nothing but rudeness.
Delivery was taking too long and that was obvious that I was nervous! I didn't had a tracking number and they did not give me any updates regarding my order status.
Please don't deal with this terrible company, they are horrible and customer unfriendly. I'm still waiting for my order.

charlotte russe service

I received small size shoes and sent them back for a replacement. Charlotte Russe representative was kind, he immediately offered me help.
When my replacement finally arrived shoes were incorrect!
They promised to fix their mistake but made another one.
Last time when I contacted them, they said they'll fix everything but they need more time and after that they simply stopped replying.
This was my first experience with Charlotte Russe and to be honest that was the worst online shopping experience I ever had!

says 4-digit pin code is wrong on gift card, and id.

As much as we all have problems with charlotte russe, this is pretty ridiculous. So I wanted to buy my girlfriend a nice Romper for her birthday, and I drove to a local charlotte russe store to buy a gift card in store and put it towards an online order, easy right? I guess not. Last week I bought the card and now wanted to redeem it for an order. So after multiple times of trying to get it to redeem it says the pin number is invalid, a 4 digit number, and of course I went over and looked for mistakes that I made and did it correctly for a solid half hour. I also checked the ID number multiple times as well. And the pin number is invalid somehow. Great, and of course it's going to come to the worst case scenario and buying another gift card and spending 40 dollars instead of 20 just cause I wanted to be nice. I'm 16, money doesn't grow on trees. And how do you print a 4 number pin wrong? You're either blind or charlotte russe, the number is on the card for God's sake and it's wrong, how I ask, how?

very disappointed

I have purchased two pairs of shoes from Charlotte Russe and received only one pair. They said that they did not have my size in stock so they didn't ship the second pair. They said that I'll get a refund for the second pair and I'm still waiting. First of all I'm absolutely appalled with the fact that there was nowhere said on their website that my size was not available. And of course I'm worried about my money, because quite a lot of time passed and still no money!
I will never buy anything from them again!

the manager at york galleria for charolette russe

I went to the mall today to look for an outfit and was overwhelmed. As soon as my friend & i walked in, i felt like we were being stalked. The manager Nickie, made it very...

charlotte russe cashier staff

Every single time I go it gets worse and worse! The area of the mall doesn't get reception so when I try to pull up my coupon on my phone the cashier gets annoyed and tells me to...

attitude towards returns!

So this is the reason why I shop online, to not deal with rudeness and attitude from asscocitaes that cannot provide good customer service. We as the consumer make their sale...

CharlotteRusseunprofessional company

I have ordered from CharlotteRusse in the past and was really satisfied with my purchase, so recently I've decided to order something again. I've purchased a lovely dress from them and received it in a timely manner. The one I received was incorrect, it was a completely different dress. I immediately contacted customer service and they sent out a replacement. When I received it I was very frustrated because it was an incorrect dress again! Wanted to get another exchange but they refused and said that they can't do that anymore. Well, it was not mistake!! I'm very disappointed with CharlotteRusse, very unprofessional!

Charlotterusse.comabsolutely unacceptable rudeness!!!

I ordered some items from Charlotterusse website and received only partial order. Stuff was great, I loved everything I received and was super happy about my purchase. Since it was a big order I thought that maybe it was sent like two different orders or something, so I decided to contact their customer service and ask them what was going on. I spoke to one of their reps which was super rude and impolite. I tried to calm down the person, but nothing helped and I was told many rude things! This is absolutely unacceptable!!!

Charlotterusse.comwrong size

I made an order and bought a pair of shoes and gorgeous skinny pants from CharlotteRusse. When I received my items I really loved the shoes, they fit perfectly and looked super cute! But my new pants were a huge disappointment. They were supposed to be size S, but then ones I got were extremely huge! I did not contact them, because there was no point in doing that so I used the sewing machine and fixed the problem myself. I do not recommend this site.


When I signed up they gave a discount for my birthday. I was so excited and bought several thing from Charlotterusse. But when they charged my card I realized they charged me the full price and there was no discount as they promised. I contacted customer support and asked what was going on. They apologized and promised to return my money. But it was too good to be true and they never gave my money back. I don't know when it will be resolved because suddenly they shopped responding to my emails. I'm very disappointed and I guess I wont be shopping here again.

Charlotterusse.comreturn policy is terrible!!

I ordered two pairs of shoes from CharlotteRusse and just got them few weeks ago.
I tried on all two pairs and none of them fit, they're all too small and narrow. They were way too small from me at least 2 sizes smaller that the size I ordered. I contacted customer service and they said that I have to send them back and then they will send me the correct ones.
So basically I had to pay to ship them back to return them and that cost me over $50! Too bad I did not look at the return policy before I made an order! I did receive the correct size shoes but wasted extra $50. Very disappointed.

customer service

My shopping experience itself in the Charlotte Russe store in Folsom CA was not an issue. Problems began when I attempted to check out. The representative did not even greet me...

order cancelled multiple times

I made a purchase during their black friday sale and was so excited but then I received an email that weekend saying that my order was cancelled. I finally got a hold of someone the following Monday and they told me that my order was cancelled because my address had changed. However, my contact information was exactly the same so they could have called to confirm that the address was correct and that the purchase was in fact done by me but they took the lazy route and just cancelled my order. Then I asked to have my purchase reordered and they said they would but that 6 of the 10 items I picked out were no longer available. Later I went online and saw 2 of the 6 that were "sold out" on the website marked as in stock. And now I just received an email saying that two of the four items that were "available" are actually unavailable and my second attempt to order them has been cancelled. I contacted customer service AGAIN and they said that they would price match similar items of equal or lesser value for me. Excuse me? I picked out items that I liked, 1 why would I want items that are only similar to the ones that I like, and 2 why would you price match items that are already of equal value or even worse of lesser value. If I wanted a similar item I would order it in the first place and I certainly would not want to pay a higher price for it. I have shopped with this company for years, I've moved a few times during these years but never has my order been cancelled because of my change of address. I've also never had my order cancelled because the items I ordered weren't actually in stock. I'm not sure what has happened to make this company so incompetent lately but I will not be shopping with them anymore because of it. If an item is sold out, don't make it so that customers can order it just to later get disappointed and if someone has a different address contact them before you just cancel their order. I am so angry at all of the wasted time spent trying to purchase the products that I wanted when I could have been shopping with a company that actually has their stuff together and would get me the products that I paid for.

poor customer service

On November 19th I placed an online order to be delivered to Burlington, Ontario. Received an email the very next day 20th November with a tracking number. Clicked on tracking...

sales associates

Visited the Charlotte Russe location at the Crabtree Valley Mall today with a friend... We both purchased multiple articles of clothing. We were cashed out and my friend commented...

rude cashier

I was shopping in Charlotte Ruse around 8:15 tonight, I am aware that the mall closes at 9, but I worked in the mall until 8 so that was the only time I could go in there to shop...

rude handling of exchange without receipt.

183648 I recently went to a Charlotte Russe store in Arlington Texas to exchange two dresses that I had purchased about a week prior. Unfortunately I had misplaced my receipt and could...