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San Diego
United States - 92121

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Charlotte Russe Complaints & Reviews

Charlotte Russe / jeans did not hold their shape

Justine Shafranski on Sep 16, 2017
On September 3, 2017 at 3:04Pm store 834 transaction number 11607 in Coralville Iowa Mall I purchased over $100 worth of jeans. I was super excited because every single pair seemed to fit me perfectly. I got home and I washed them right away because I like to wash new clothes to get the...

Charlotte Russe / customer service

MirandaDudenhoefer on Sep 7, 2017
I never received a package and then wasnt given a refund or a redelivery. I filler out a form for stolen items and was essentially told "too bad" Customer service's suggestion was to reorder the items for a higher amount than i orginally paid. Not even going to give me the same sale deal...

Charlotte Russe / charlotte russe parent company

NotHavinIt2day on Aug 28, 2017
You store overworks employees with little pay. The employee discount is a joke. I spent more money purchasing clothes I found on the SALE rack with my employee discount than purchasing them without my employee discount (which isn't an option). Managers are biased and choose favorite...

Charlotte Russe / employee

Phil Tha on Jul 19, 2017
My sister and I, Asian people of dark complexion received very poor service from an Caucasian female employee with long hair that works at the Charlotte Russe that is located at 7260 NW 86th Pl, Ste C21, Kansas City, MO 64153. (zona rosa shopping center) Thier customer service wa...

Charlotte Russe / items on sale

Marinejjd on May 23, 2017
Hello, I am from clarksville tn and I had a huge deal today with charlotterusse located in governors square mall on Wilma rudolf. The sale in the store stated dresses an de shoes buy one get one 12.50 MIX AND MATCH I spent an hour in the store deciding on what I wanted to buy. Eventually I...

Charlotte Russe / I'm still waiting for my order

Juells29 on Apr 18, 2017
When I contacted Charlotte Russe and told them that I didn't receive my order they replied rudely and refused to help. Their rep said that I need to be patient, but when I asked him about the delivery date he simply ignored my question. Another two weeks passed and there was no sign of my...

Charlotte Russe / Charlotte Russe service

Sima on Apr 5, 2017
I received small size shoes and sent them back for a replacement. Charlotte Russe representative was kind, he immediately offered me help. When my replacement finally arrived shoes were incorrect! They promised to fix their mistake but made another one. Last time when I contacted them, they said...

Charlotte Russe / Says 4-digit pin code is wrong on gift card, and id.

Robbie Winkler on Mar 19, 2017
As much as we all have problems with charlotte russe, this is pretty ridiculous. So I wanted to buy my girlfriend a nice Romper for her birthday, and I drove to a local charlotte russe store to buy a gift card in store and put it towards an online order, easy right? I guess not. Last week...

Charlotte Russe / Very disappointed

Vinc on Feb 24, 2017
I have purchased two pairs of shoes from Charlotte Russe and received only one pair. They said that they did not have my size in stock so they didn't ship the second pair. They said that I'll get a refund for the second pair and I'm still waiting. First of all I'm absolutely appalled with...

Charlotte Russe / The manager at york galleria for charolette russe

Janay S. on Feb 10, 2017
I went to the mall today to look for an outfit and was overwhelmed. As soon as my friend & i walked in, i felt like we were being stalked. The manager Nickie, made it very uncomfortable for us. She followed us by acting like she was "tiding up". I made a complaint to two employees and also...

Charlotte Russe / Charlotte russe cashier staff

Kim Will on Feb 9, 2017
Every single time I go it gets worse and worse! The area of the mall doesn't get reception so when I try to pull up my coupon on my phone the cashier gets annoyed and tells me to get out of line and go outside til I pull up coupon. So I ask is there a coupon handy for me to use like other...

Charlotte Russe / Attitude towards returns!

Gaby Ocegueda on Dec 19, 2016
So this is the reason why I shop online, to not deal with rudeness and attitude from asscocitaes that cannot provide good customer service. We as the consumer make their sales goals for them to get payed working there. On December the 14th I went with my husband to do a online return...

CharlotteRusse / Unprofessional company

Vie1 on May 27, 2016
I have ordered from CharlotteRusse in the past and was really satisfied with my purchase, so recently I've decided to order something again. I've purchased a lovely dress from them and received it in a timely manner. The one I received was incorrect, it was a completely different dress. I...

Charlotterusse.com / Absolutely unacceptable rudeness!!!

BilliLee on Apr 29, 2016
I ordered some items from Charlotterusse website and received only partial order. Stuff was great, I loved everything I received and was super happy about my purchase. Since it was a big order I thought that maybe it was sent like two different orders or something, so I decided to contact...

Charlotterusse.com / Wrong size

Olgertine on Apr 11, 2016
I made an order and bought a pair of shoes and gorgeous skinny pants from CharlotteRusse. When I received my items I really loved the shoes, they fit perfectly and looked super cute! But my new pants were a huge disappointment. They were supposed to be size S, but then ones I got were...

Charlotterusse.com / Disappointed

Martha on Mar 3, 2016
When I signed up they gave a discount for my birthday. I was so excited and bought several thing from Charlotterusse. But when they charged my card I realized they charged me the full price and there was no discount as they promised. I contacted customer support and asked what was going...

Charlotterusse.com / Return policy is terrible!!

Ann on Mar 3, 2016
I ordered two pairs of shoes from CharlotteRusse and just got them few weeks ago. I tried on all two pairs and none of them fit, they're all too small and narrow. They were way too small from me at least 2 sizes smaller that the size I ordered. I contacted customer service and they said that...

Charlotte Russe / Customer Service

Brandy M Dexter on Jan 25, 2016
My shopping experience itself in the Charlotte Russe store in Folsom CA was not an issue. Problems began when I attempted to check out. The representative did not even greet me, make direct eye contact with me and when Spoke to her directly she just acted like I wasn't even talking. She...

Charlotte Russe / Order cancelled multiple times

Reviewer15730 on Dec 5, 2015
I made a purchase during their black friday sale and was so excited but then I received an email that weekend saying that my order was cancelled. I finally got a hold of someone the following Monday and they told me that my order was cancelled because my address had changed. However, my...

Charlotte Russe / Poor customer service

Reviewer30760 on Dec 2, 2015
On November 19th I placed an online order to be delivered to Burlington, Ontario. Received an email the very next day 20th November with a tracking number. Clicked on tracking number -history said package left IL in transit. Been checking the tracking history to this date it has not been...

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