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Stole my money

I placed an order with them, and subsequently returned a portion of that order to the amount of approximately...

Unauthorized Charges

I signed up for auto-ship on the condition my card not be charged until after the first of each month. The very first month they sent it through early, so I quit. The following month they DID IT AGAIN. I called them and they promised me a credit within 48 hours and an e-mail confirming that all future orders were cancelled. I'm still waiting.

Avoid this company like the plague!

I ordered 5 items on 05/10/11. By 06/01/20, only 4 of the 5 items had arrived. Additionally, 2 of the 4 items were something different than expected. Regarding the missing item, a customer service rep apologized and stated it would be shipped immediately. The item arrived 3 days later. My second problem related to an incorrect item I ordered. I ordered the incorrect item because an Allegro customer service rep provided me with the incorrect Allegro item number. I was told the correct items (which were cheaper) would be shipped and to discard the incorrect item. As of 06/21 they hadn't arrived. I spoke w/ Ashley in customer service who said no replacements would be shipped because I made the mistake & ordered the wrong item. Rude, arrogant & obnoxious. She is EVERYTHING that exemplifies horrible customer service, all over less than $6 worth of merchandise. Their prices are high & they do NOT value their customers.

[Resolved] They sent me the cheap things i ordered and never sent me the big item

Allegro medical ripped me off!!! they sent me the cheap things i ordered and never sent me the big item!!! they never respond to calls or emails. if you post negative comment on their wall they don't even care. they keep posting pictures of there staff parties instead. aggravating!!!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Bu
    bugmenot2 Jun 07, 2010

    Do business with these guys and your email immediately go onto their spam list and possibly resold

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  • Al
    AllegroMedical Apr 06, 2011

    Dear Ancherman~ I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences and frustrations you faced regarding any oversight on our part. In order for me to better assist you could you kindly email your account specifics so that I may research this further? my direct email address is [email protected]

    Kind Regards,
    Andrea Giese
    Sales & Call Center Manager

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  • Sa
    Sarah76223 Jul 28, 2011

    I can recommend a reputable pharmacy I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.
    P.S. 5% discount coupon code: 9sh73h

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  • Ri
    Rick001 Jun 21, 2016

    I ordered a product from Allegro, never got emailed shipping information, their website showed none available; then after calling 3 weeks later they said it was delivered 2 weeks prior and they then emailed UPS tracking showing that. However, I never saw it, didn't know to watch for it and it's strange because I and my neighbors get packages all they time without problems. They only offered to initiate UPS tracing telling me I could call UPS to find the status. Of course, I haven't heard anything more and their response is unacceptable. Disputing the charge. Don't buy from this web site.

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Fraudulent Charges on card

I received two phone messages in the same day from this company. One message said that they were calling in reference to the order I had placed online. The second message said that they were calling about my phone order. I called back because I knew there must be some mistake since I had placed no orders at all. When I spoke with the customer "care" rep they said that there must be a mistake and there were no orders under my name. Five days later I get online to pay my credit card balance and find a $1600.00 charge from this company. Thankfully my credit card company (Chase is awesome!) is handling this charge without any liability from me, but it is maddening that this company didn't stop with just ripping off those who actually did place orders, but have stooped to stealing card numbers now as well.

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This was the worst online shoping experience I have ever had and I wish I would have checked for complaints before I ordered from Allegro. They had the best price on what I was looking for so I placed the order. My credit card was charged immediately. Several days later I realized that I had not received an email that my order had shipped so I called the so called "customer service" Said there was a backup in the warehouse and was then told my order would go out right away. A week later still no product so I called CS again and got the same person(what are the odds). Then was told the item was on backorder. So I asked them to cancel my order and refund my money and I was told I would see the refund within a week. A week later still no refund. So I called credit card company and they told me that they legally have to wait 15 days from the day canceled. Got an email: sorry for the delay...order was shipped. Replied email: give me ship date and tracking info. Three days later email: Sorry but we don't have that information. After working with my credit card company for over a month I finally got my refund. Online shoppers are actually financing this companies cash flow! I will never order anywhere again without checking reviews!

Impossible service

It is hard to keep intelligent tone since I am completely outraged with lack of competence of Allegro Medical staff!!I ordered the Trikke bike back on June 1st . It still isn't here!! In fact it hasn't being shipped yet!I am getting tons of controversial information from every phone conversation I am having on dayly basis. From: 'Your bike has being fully shipped and I'll call you within 20 minuts to give you the wright tracking number..." to:" The system tells me, that you cancelled your order and want your money back!" Yes!I did cancell my order on June 7th!I was already dissatisfayed with lack of information about the status of my order! And I WAS going to get my money back! But the very next day (on June 8th)speaking with another Allegro Medical assocate in order to find out how long does it take to get the money back, I was to learn that my Trikke has being fully shipped and it is not too late to turn the things around and keep my order!
The day after, though nothing has changed!The tracking number they provided me with was not to be recognized by UPS!! And starting thad day, until today (June 18th) I have being calling the Allegro Medical just to learn that "due to some misscommunication the warehouse did not in fact send the item to me, despite the status "fully shipped"!!" And if I still want the bike it can be shipped the very next day!!! And this is what I was told during at least 15 conversations with AM representatives!! Here is a good example:3 days ago (June 16th)the "updated" information was: "Your order is about to leave the warehouse and you going to get brand new tracking number within couple of hours!! The very next day I am calling them to learn that I DID CANCELL MY ORDER ON 16TH!! BUT IF I'D LIKE THEY CAN REINSTATE THAT ORDER AND THEY'LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO GIVE THE WAREHOUSE "GREEN TO GO"!!! Trikke meant to be a birthday gift. But it does not matter now.And 5% discount that one of their associates offered me is not a match for the level of my discouragement!! They promise to call back and they never do!! They pledge to send you an E-mail, you will not get one! I sent 6 (six!!) E-mail to the "feedback box" they having on the web-site!! Zero responce! Oh, I'm sorry!! One E-mail thanking me for the inquiry!! Bottom line:THE ONLY REASON I DECIDED TO KEEP THE BIKE AND NOT TO GET THE FULL REFUND IS THAT EVEY DAY SINCE JUNE 7TH I WAS GETTING CONVINCED BY ALLEGRO MEDICAL STAFF THAT TRIKKE IS ON IT'S WAY!!That was trully confusing and very disappointing experience dealing with Allegro Medical!

They sent wrong item - It's been nearly two months without resolution!


I ordered two items from Allegro for my mother for xmas. They were shipped in a timely manner, but one was not the right product. Was supposed to be a flag and got a cup holder...go figure. Anyway, today is Feb. 13th! Remember, these were for xmas. I called early Jan and got NICK, I explained my situation and he said he would take care of it and call me back in an hour. No call. That was on a Friday. On the next Tuesday, I called again and got Terri. She said she would EMAIL me an RMA# and I could send it back, then they would mail out the right product. She said the email would be here that day. Guess what, no email. I waited two days and called again. This time I got Bethany. She said they don't email those RMA#'s, they only snail mail them. She said the order had been put thru by Terri and that I should get it within the next 5 days. These people are in Arizona, I am in Florida. How does it take that long to send a simple letter when my mother, who lives in AZ can mail me something and it gets here in 3 days, not priority? Ok, so I waited the 5 days and then gave it a couple more. Again, nothing. I called again this last Wed. This time I got Sarah. SHE said she talked to her supervisor and I dont have to mail the $5 cup holder back, so forget about the RMA#. They would just go ahead and mail out the flag right away. She also said that since I have had such a hard time with this whole thing, she PERSONALLY was going to track my package and, if I emailed her the next day, she would reply with my tracking number so I could trac it also. She said it should be there by Friday, or at the latest Monday. Shipping from Riverside, CA to Tempe, AZ. I emailed her on Thrusday, and again on Friday. Once more, nada. No response. Abysmal, horrid company!!!

If this item is not on my mother's doorstep tomorrow, I am contacting my credit card company to dispute this whole thing. Then I am contacting the Better Business Bereau. I will be scouring the web for any other review sites to let everyone know. DO NOT ORDER FROM ALLEGRO MEDICAL! In my case, they did not even send the right item from the get go! Even keeping track of who I spoke to did not help.

And, BTW, whenever I asked to talk to a supervisor, I was told they are not in the office right now.

  • Wc
    WCMS Jun 10, 2010

    I also ordered a couple of items and was sent the wrong product. I was prepared to send the incorrect product back to Allegro as soon as I received the prepaid UPS label via e-mail. That never showed up in my inbox but an email did arrive that said I should keep the items I received and they would send the correct items at no additional charge. It has been two months and several phone calls and still no resolution. Many promises and "calls to the warehouse" along with promises to follow-up with an e-mail regarding the status of my order but, so far no follow-up and no product.
    Ron S.

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Sleazy Company STAY AWAY

I placed an order for an exerciser on Dec 07, 2009 and Allegro Medical immediately charged my visa account. Their web site showed that the item was in stock and that it would ship in 1 to 3 business days. After 2 weeks the order was still showing "awaiting Shipment" then they emailed me and offered to "refund" my money if I was "tired of waiting". I had already noticed after reading complaints on this web site that people who requested a refund rarely get it, so I refused their refund offer and demanded that they ship the item. I finally received it on January 06, 2010 after a month of waiting and notice that it had been shipped from a place called Fabrication Enterprises out of New York on Dec 31. I looked at the invoice and noticed that Allegro had never even ordered the exerciser from "Fabrication Enterprises" until Dec 21, 2009, which was a day AFTER they tried to get me to take a refund. I google earthed their Arizona address and it looks like just a hole in the wall office. They probably don't actually "stock" anything. Their obviously a bunch of con artists!! STAY AWAY!!

  • La
    Larry from NY Aug 12, 2010

    I had trouble getting a refund from them after I sent the product back. Had to complai to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of Arizona. They refunded the money after I compalined to the two organizations. Will never do business with them again

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No product, no refund

I ordered a product via the web (Reporter Wireless Intercom by Chamberlain) back on
Dec 3rd as their web site claimed "in stock". My credit card was charged immediately.
When I checked on the status at their web site, I saw "awaiting shipment" for about 3
weeks. Right before Christmas, I checked again and found the product to be
discontinued according to the item page but still "awaiting shipment" on my order
status. I called and requested a refund on the 22nd. I waited a few days and nothing
was happening so I called again on Dec 31st. I was sent email which said I should see
the credit two days ago. Still nothing happened. I called them again today (Jan 7)
and spoke to another representative that basically said the same thing as the others.
For some mysterious reason, their "procedure" says that no one can actually contact their accounting dept to find out what they are doing (not much, apparently). I
finally gave up and called my credit card company so they are resolving the
complaint for me. After some checking, several other customers have had similar
problems with this company.
To say the least, I will never attempt to do business with Allegro Medical again and
recommend against anyone else doing so as well.

misrepresentation of services/products

Allegro Medical is to be avoided. As with many others who have complained, I ordered a product, my credit card was immediately charged, ten days later the order was still awaiting shipment. Order was cancelled, 20 days and two phone calls later, the charge still remains on my card. Thank goodness it was a credit card and not a check or debit charge. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT. Report them to the BBB.

  • Ne
    nerktwins Dec 06, 2009

    I have a problem with Allegro too!!! I cancelled an order, a week prior to them shipping it to me anyway. I returned it. Allegro then returned the item to me because it was considered non refundable. I never even opened the package!
    Better Business Bureau will go to work for me now.
    I will NEVER do business with a Allegro Medical Supplies! Allegro I can only hope you go out of business because of extemely poor service!

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  • Ub
    uberraschung Mar 25, 2010

    10 days. Still awaiting shipment.
    Can't get through to customer service to even cancel the order.
    I should have checked reviews of the shop. Feels like a poorly run drop shipper.

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Can't get a refund

I have been waiting nearly 6 weeks to receive a refund on an order I cancelled on 7/20/09. Please note that this was an order cancellation, not a refund for returned merchandise. I never saw or touched the items ordered. The order never shipped. My credit card was billed 7/9/09, the same day the order was placed.
When I called to cancel the order, I was told I could expect a refund in 4-5 business days (the website says refunds are processed within 3-5 business days). When I did not receive the refund, I called the company (8/7/09). The Customer Service agent told me the refund had not yet been processed but she would put a “rush” on it & I should see my refund posted in 5-7 business days.
When I did not receive the refund, I called again (8/21/09) & spoke to Justine, who told me the refund had not yet been processed, but she would send my information to the Accounting Dept. & the credit would be posted the following week.
When I did not receive the refund, I called a third time (8/28/09), speaking again to Justine. She verified that my refund was still not processed but the information was with the Accounting Dept. She acknowledged they are running behind on refunds but the refund would be posted by the end of next week.
I asked to speak to someone in a position of higher authority to discuss my refund status, but Justine did not comply. I asked her how I might reach such a person, but she would not provide any information.
I went to Allegro’s website &, via the “Contact Us” page, sent electronic inquiries about my refund status to all departments that appeared potentially relevant to my issue (8/28/09).
I have filed consumer complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission & the Arizona Attorney General.
I am tired of waiting for a refund for merchandise I never even received, & extremely frustrated at the lack of honesty, responsiveness & cooperation I have experienced with this company.

Charged CC Never Sent Product

I purchased this bike online almost a month ago. I was IMMEDIATELY charged and added to the mailing list for coupons, promos, etc. Even received a welcome email from the "president".

Since then I have not received anything but coupons, promos. I've contact the company 3 response. I have requested my money back, no response. I called, no response.

They took my money and ran with it. I am truly afraid if they work with seniors or others on limited/fixed incomes that may purchase from and rely on them. I pray this does not happen to one of them.

I am now working with my cc company to get my money back via fraud protection. Let’s all pray that works. I’ve kept all communication to them but unfortunately I used their online customer service request the first time and low and behold, they sent no confirmation that they received my request. No surprise there.


I ordered a baby product back in May and was tracking it for the shipping date. All this time they already...

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