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Clogged toilet

I'm filing a major complaint against a Antonio Simpson of All Around Maintenance.. First off, he contacted me after I was seeking help with a plumbing issue saying he could fix it which was great. He comes over and says its a $50 fee to check things. All he did was open the bathroom door and said its a city drainage issue. He then requested the $50 from my mother and during times like these money can't be wasted. We contacted the city and they came and did a flush of the sewer which did not resolve our issue and in fact one of the city workers stated that it was a issue on our side. I called him back over and he didnt even have the proper tools to fix the issue.

1. He asked for gloves be cause he "forgot his."
2. Used my toilet snake because he didnt have one, and then said he needed to go to home depot and buy one for $37 which he expected me
to pay for.
3. Watched as my toilet overflowed and flooded my bathroom floor and left it that way saying he would come back the next day.

We had to contatc Roto Rooter to come out and fix the issue for us.
We are not satisfied nor will we be satisfied until.
A. I have my funds reimbursed to me
B. He's no longer allowed to scam other people out of their money.

Until this is resolved we will do everything possible to publicly highlight his lack of professionaism and lack of accountability and honesty and to also highlight Homeadvisors apparent disregard for customers being provided proper service and negligence to verify the validity of these peoples certifications.

It only took him one hour to fix the troubling, yet I was charged the full &113.00 that you said was for 2 hours

Your web site said they would need two hours to fix my plumbing problem. It only took him one hour to fix the troubling, yet I was charged the full &113.00 that you said was for 2 hours. If I had gone to any plumber in town that hour would have only coast me $85.00. Could you please explain to me why I was charged for the full 2 hours he was here at 7:30, not the 9:00 that it was scheduled for and out for hereby 8:30. Just not understanding? K

saying when he will start, the poor wood material so many not hole's

my ph number is [protected] feel free to call me.I believed he took 'advantage of me, cause I am an old man could n't understand him' He try to share me 1000 dollar's for a building inspector.City doe's for free. You may not believe me but i am an old man and veteran' Milwaukee wis. 53214

  • Updated by jose e ayala · Mar 18, 2020

    I am an old man didn't understand he was going to charge me 1000 dol to have a building inspector come and insp. The city no charge! It was Home Advisor that send him please call me 4148376684. jose

Lawn Service

I requested a load of fill dirt be delivered to my home. They charged me $300.00. After three weeks a contractor called me find out if I needed someone to do landscaping. I cancelled the request Feb 20, 2020 and Homeadvisor said they would credit me for the next service I request. I don't need any other services, So they should put the money back on my credit card as no service was performed.

Yard clean-up

I contacted Homeadvisor for a yard cleanup project. I had to cancel because of a power line dispute. Homeadisor charged my credit card, I want that charge cancelled and my credit card rein versed.

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leads and charges

As a new business I was contacted by Home Advisor to send me leads for a fee. Sounds great huh? Not knowing they send the same lead to a dozen people.I agreed that could charge $300 to my credit card which would be used for leads that started at $15. Once that was gone that was it. I in the mean time got new cards from my bank. The $399 was used up on worthkess leads. They tried to unauthorized bill my credit card. Thankfully it was no longer active. They now say I owe $700 for leads they sent me. What a scam!

my plumbing business

This company is a complete scam. They get you hooked with there fast talikng sales reps. We were verbaly told we would not be charged unless we got the lead. All we ever got was hundreds of dollars charged to our bank account for bogus leads, never once did we speak to a customer. Once we tried to reach out to our sales rep he actually blocked our number. We called the 1 800# and spent well over 1 hour just on hold i guess they where hoping we would get frustrated and hang up. The worst customer service i have ever experienced.

prepaid service appointments

i made appointment for a locksmith for a Monday since i am off that day i prepaid the full amount of service so i could make sure someone would be there that day. instead i get a text say ing due to a pro call off that they were going to set it for the next day one sending me a text was rude someone should have called me they did not !!! Folks to me this was unacceptable i paid ahead of time for the service ahead of time for that Monday thats what i should get. i did this i am not off the rest of the week so it would be ext Monday before o could have them come again.i did text this back and let them know got no response. i email them with all the same info i put here i got email back saying the same thing the text said again it show they really did not listen . so i called them and at first the Agent said said the same after i explain the whole again over the phone i ask for a supervisor had to wait 20 mins to him he said he was going to call around to try get a another person to come still waiting on call said they would call in a few hrs i stress that i expect service that day if not then i expect service asap for for free or at least half cost since there guarantee would mean a whole lot . i am most upset about sending a text rather than calling me when and if i get service will update or if have to get a refund and go somewhere else i will update on that to for now i would not use there new guarantee service it is a totally does not work and is a lie 11/11/2019 date time 10 amm

paid for services I did not receive

Called Home Advisors for stamped concrete patio power washing and sealing job. Home Advisors charged my credit card $343.00 dollars and sent Pro's to my house to do the job. When they arrived they had no equipment or sealer. Both parties thought the other would supply needed tools and sealer. They left and job was not done. Now I need to have have charges returned to my card.
Steven Viera - charged to American Express Card
Booked by Laura from home advisor for Wed. 23 Oct. 2019 @ 1:00pm/ outdoor cleaning.

service not provided

From Latrobe, PA on Oct 10, 2019.

I booked and paid for house cleaning service plan (once a week) with HomeAdvisor. My so called "pro" was a no-show this morning at 08:30 am. I called the Customer support line at 9 am and was transferred to a call center. Promised that my pro was on the way and was having trouble finding the address. A contact number in NJ was given ( I am in southwestern PA). I had no choice but to cancel my much needed cleaning and ask for a refund.
My first experience with Home Advisor was extremely disappointing. I sincerely hope that I can get my money back.

house cleaning

The person on the phone was very RUDE!! And she only gave me TWO references with no other information. I asked for persons name and phone number and never got it. And I had to prepay with no information. Disgraceful. Instead of spending money on all those ads, the should focus on customer satisfaction!!. Horrible service. I would never recommend it!!

released my phone number to their leads

On 09/23/2019 I used the HomeAdvisor website. The website requires my personal data to just ASK A QUESTION. I asked about Air Duct Cleaning companies in my area. Right after that, I started receiving a lot of phone calls from companies that have nothing to do with my request. As well as spam emails. Do not provide them your information. Besides that, all the companies they recommend have to pay to HomeAdvisor. So, who do think should swallow that price?

risher & son handyman service box 1561, huntsville, ar 72740

Contracted thru Home Advisor. Have spent $7796.00 on remodeling my rent house at 545 E. Prospect St., Fayetteville, AR 72701. I have no cost of materiel receipts for these expenditures. I have several sheets of paper labelled "Invoice" which lists the work supposedly done and a line total. Contractor quit, did not notify me of a problem and did not return my phone call. Work is not finished. Work that is done is not satisfactory and it will cost me money to complete the job.

I want a refund. If I don't get satisfaction, I am prepared to go to court.

Stephen M Chapman III
20955 S Hwy 71
Winslow, AR 72959

cabinet painting in kitchen

Ok, first complaint..I called to complain and asked for callback. Call back came as message was that something went wrong with the call back. Then I called again and the company was closed for the day.

Ok, now the reason for my complaint. Was looking to have our kitchen cabinets repainted. Put in all information per the website. Was given a price range for costs in my general area. Was about 800.00 low and 2000.00 high. Based on over 8, 000 projects!

Invited the contractor for a home visit. Great guy, very knowledgable. His web site had great reviews. When his proposal came in a few days later, it was double the price of the mid range amount per Home Advisor. And, for us, not realistic at this time. My complaint is, why lowball on your website and then create an uncomfortable situation for both contractor and client. We would have never had a contractor out, wasted everyones time had we known the actual "real cost". His cost, 3200.00 for external painting of cabinets alone. I felt mislead. Or, your method of estimating on the front end is very flawed.

If you want to contact me, I would be happy to communicate with you again. In the mean time, I have unsubscribed from your services.

Jim Sauter . [protected]@gmail.com

drywalling and painting

You sent me to Tidalwave Painters.
Devon Price owner came into my home and gave me a quote for a total job of drywalling, painting, and removing our hardwood floor and replace with tile and baseboards and quarter round. The job started out horrible, he sent two guys who started the job then a couple days later brought in two women who were just learning and this made my wife very mad. Then the painters came in two weeks later and complained to their boss the drywalling was horrible and they had to redo almost the whole drywalling before they could even paint. The following week Devon Price called me and said he could no longer do anymore work after I paid him 8400.00 to do the whole job. He did send me a check for 1560.00 for not doing the flooring which I pulled up the flooring myself and didn't get paid for that plus the painters accidentally broke two lamps which were 199 each. Now we are stressed to tears and are having trouble finding someone else to finish their disaster. We are now at six weeks after this all began and they probably did maybe about 3000.00 dollars of work and that's being kind. This company should not be allowed to do this to anyone else
Thank You. Bruce Bryant

  • Updated by brucebryant · Aug 28, 2019

    Please don't let this company hurt and take peoples money by ripping them off.

business phone repair

08/07/19 Jerry Bell w/Belcom Communications came out to look at our phone system. Looked at the system pulled fuse said it was good and the system is bad. We agreed for new system $3500 but he asked for $1500 deposit without an estimate which we didn't agree to. It just didn't feel right. We told him to send us an estimate and we will provide a deposit. After he left we went out to the panel and went to pull the fuse but it was now missing. We put a new one in and our system works fine. Definitely question his business ethics and character..

tree trimming services with fence of steele

Contracted with Fence of Steele, Jeremy Steele, [protected], for $900 on March 5, 2019. Main purpose was to trim trees to get more sunlight so my grass could grow. He did a very incomplete job so I called him to return which he did on March 7th. I asked him specifically to trim a branch overlooking the pool and a tree in the very back that was blocking the sun. Once I paid him what I owed him he probably left shortly after I left not completing what I asked him to complete. He told told me he had to leave town to address a personal situation and I was able to contact him around 2 weeks later to address my complaints. He told me he would come by the following week to finish the job but after he never came by. I followed up the next week and he said he was still working on his personal situation but would get back in touch with me once he resolved his personal situation. After several follow up calls with call with him not call back I am filing a complaint on Jeremy. I would recommend to not pay him until the job had been completed to your satisfaction.

I have informed homeadvisor of phoney contractors address

I have informed HomeAdvisor of Contractor Shamrock Chimney, listing a phony business address on their site, multiple times, but they do not care.
The Phony listing is still up on the HomeAdvisor website.
Consumers are being duped but HomeAdvisor does nothing about it !
The company is listed in Middletown, CT, but they are not located anywhere in the State of Connecticut.
This is what they are listing;
Shamrock Chimney
11 Silver Street
Middletown, CT 06457

HomeAdvisor's credibility is shot.

lies/fake information to contractors

I got a lot of calls from Sears Home Improvement, Sears Home Service and some local contractors by last Thursday. Some of local contract companies left messages that they want make an appointment to install central air system in my house. I don't need to install that system now and never asked to someone to do.

I called to local contractor who left messages, and tell them it is not my request. They told me this request is from HomeAdvisor and they gave to them my private information (including some fakes). Even my request is fake, they need pay to HomeAdvisor and they already got some complains from other victim people like me.

Important thing is I have not contact to HomeAdvisor. They got peoples information somehow(maybe bought the list from others) then use it for fake jobs for contractors and harassing people.

criminal on your site! michael fennell - the handyman

We got the name of a handyman from the Home Advisor site. His name is Michael Fennell of Port Orange Florida. He was supposed to show up and didn't but finally showed up late in the dark on 11-23-18. He was supposed to install a bathroom fan (replace broken one). We bought the fan and he had no idea what he was doing. My husband had to tell him what to do. He spent 10 minutes doing almost nothing. Charged $150! Supposedly he has a flat rate of $150 for 2 1/2 hours work and was supposed to come back in the daytime to do a couple more small projects included in the price. He never showed up or called. I usually check criminal records but didn't in this case since he's supposed to be background checked! When I did look him up after the fact, he has a lengthy record and it's not for minor offenses! We are outraged that you recommend this criminal and we allowed him into our home! We also threw away $150! Your pre-checks obviously aren't very thorough.

Pat & Charlie Moore
Edgewater Florida

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