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HomeAdvisor Customer Service

52 Reviews

HomeAdvisor, Inc.

14023 Denver West Pkwy, Suite 200
United States - 80401

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1877 800 3177(Customer Service)
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+1 303 963 7200(Head Office)
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+1 303 980 3003(Head Office)
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Mon6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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HomeAdvisor Complaints & Reviews

Service Magic / Waste of time

Dnfoss85 on Jun 26, 2011

I just got a customer who sent an email to her WARRANTY SERVICE AT NICOR!!! Guess who got the call? NO, GUESS!!! ... ME!!! I have to pay $15 for a lead that was generated by a customer emailing Nicor for warranty work!!! How in the world does ServiceMagic get that info?!! Because of thi...

Service Magic / Misleading leads

Joe Russano on Jun 4, 2011

Service Magic offers a lead service that contractors pay for. This month I paid service magic $300 for leads for work that I preform. Out of the $300.00 $182.00 were junk leads leads. Some of these lead you could not get a hold of the customers, 2 were real estate agents the just wanted...

Service Magic / Bad Service

TheFinalWord on Mar 17, 2011

Called a phone number for a contractor and was linked to Service Magic. After working with them to send people out so i can get quotes on a siding job, windows, deck, and many others. That same night my wife got a call from a person that couldn't speak English and was claiming he wa...

ServiceMagic / I hate ServiceMagic

supplier01 on Feb 22, 2011

I used ServiceMagic for a couple of years! My disappoint comes from the fact that consumers cannot contact me directly and being apart of ServiceMagic does not promote my website! I paid a lot of money and only received 2 jobs in a couple of years. They ate away at my profits monthly! I...

Service Magic / Contractors are a rip off

Stocks22 on Feb 21, 2011

They sent out my number which I did not give them. Along came some contractors and supposedly did some work on a leak on my roof, but would show me NO proof. They wanted to charge me again to come out and take pictures for Directv to reimburse me. They would not take my calls. They are a...

Service Magic / Lied to me

Joker on Feb 21, 2011

Was a Service magic professional for 2 yrs. I had great reviews, and I even got them another contractor buddy of mine to sign up w them. Recently owed them some money, and I made sure i paid it back only to be told that they needed to do a background check. When they did the background...

Service Magic / Rip Off

Janice Warren on Jan 11, 2011

Service Magic is a joke. They do not screen their contractors. I used a drywall installer tehy recommended as a licensed contractor. This clown hung the drywall backwards and then proceeded to mud and tape it. They just caused me to have to get someone else from Only Licensed and...

ServiceMagic.Com / Watch out this is theft!


I signed up to get leads... I am a small local contractor and have 28 years experience in my local community. I gave servicemagic all of my information... they stole my online traffic by taking over all of my google page, yahoo, aol, and other search engine info. They changed all of my SEO...

Service Magic / Business ethics/ moral


I am glad I am not the only one that has complaints about Service Magic. I spent $11, 000 in adversting with them and they dropped me like a wet noodle. They do not support contractors at all and are a rip off with leads. We need to stop this company and make contractors and consumer...

Service Magic / Meaningless service guarantee

Service Magic referred to me a roofer who did an awful job. The roof leaked, he did other work wrong, the roofer didn't finish the job properly, and he had a nasty attitude as well. So I went to Service Magic and they did absolutely nothing. They could not help me because I had to...

Service Magic / Beware


I needed a plumber for a new hot water heater and some other repairs. I was referred to one through Service Magic. This guy was a joke. He left us with so many problems that we now have to get another plumber. The price he gave me over the phone was not what he charged and the way he...

ServiceMagic.Inc / &The worst way to earn business&


1. Non-refundable membership cost 2. False leads sent to you, charges applicable and non-refundable 3.Consumes lead charges from 3-4 different contractors or companies, non will be refundable 4.they call "credit back to your account" not your bank account, the account with Service Magic...

Service Magic / Deceptive sales practice


Do not fall for their deceptive sales practices. Do not work for them. Stay as far away as possible from this company. Lastly, do not give them your SS# or your credit card number! You have been fairly warned! I have heard so many other complaints against this company from so many people...

Service Magic / Unprofessional painter


Painter did not have all the supplies to do the job and walked on my hardwood floors with paint on shoes. He misrepresented his credentials. A nice kid but not professional. Very messy and I won't use Service Magic again. He did not do what he said to me he would. A small job-to clean...

Service Magic / Lousy leads


In the past two years I have gotten 20+ "leads" from Service Magic for architectural services. Exactly 1 resulted in an actual job. I was only able to actually speak with 5 of the leads and those were only tire kickers. If Service Magic would contact the lead to verify they are real and...

Service / Horrible house cleaning


Horrible RUSHED job. Finished our 2500sf house in 2 hours. Dust and dirt everywhere. Sink was a mess. Did not touch the toaster oven, didnt put the microwave back together and I have no idea how they took it apart. They left their dirty rag on my kitchen counter. Used the same 2 rags for...

Service Magic .com / Scams

ServiceMagic.Com is a scam. Bad leads, no refounds or credits. No prescreening of contractors like they claim. I think the Fed`s should investigate Service Magic and close their doors. Complete Ripe-Off for contractors and home owners alike! I should know as I was a Plumbing Contractor that tried their service. Closed my Account, Never looking back!

ServiceMagic.Com / Not posting negative comments


I used to locate a masonry contractor to do some work on my property in NJ. I used a recommendation from their website considering the plethora of positive reviews on their site. The contractor turned out to be far different than the glowing reviews on the site. Frankly it...

Service Magic / Taken for a ride


After a good start with Servicemagic things went south FAST. Wasting our time as contractors with fabricated, cohersed, or incorrect leads is unforgivabe. Yes they tell the customer that they will not have to pay, yet they do not inform them the us, the contractor pays(yes everyone that...

Service Magic / Do not rely on them


We relied upon Service Magic's recommendation of a Contractor based on their "10 point Prescreening Service Guarantee" and hired one of the four recommended to repair our deck. When our contractor first showed signs of reneging on his commitment, I contacted Service Magic which stated...