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C Oct 11, 2019

Rented a paint sprayer for 24 hrs. My 24 hrs started at 12 pm October 10th and ended at 12pm October 11th. It stopped working before I could finish my job and before my 24 hrs were up on October 11th. Drove 25 miles one way in traffic to take the machine back. The guy "fixed" the gun on the sprayer. He told me to keep it as long as I needed it for the rest of the day and when I brought it back he would give me a discount on the rental price. I go back to the job site and the sprayer worked for 20 mins before it quit working again. I did all the necessary checks, cleaning the filter, etc. and it still wouldn't work. I had to drive back to the store where the same guy gave me a different sprayer to finish my job. That machine worked fine and I finished, cleaned the machine and took it back. I spoke the the manager, Anthony about it. They pulled up my info on the computer and said I was being charged hourly after my 24 hours period had ended. The guy that was working in the afternoon said I wasn't being charged after my 24 hr period and I would get a discount. The manager Anthony said my total was $179 and change before taxes and that he was going to drop the charges that occurred after the 24 hr time frame. I explained to him that I had made 3 round trips, 50 miles each round trip. That's 150 miles I drove to get the machine fixed to work that didnt work and to then get another machine to finish the job and then to return the machine when I was done. He would not give me any discount saying he dropped the charges after the 24hr period ended but I was told by the tool rental associate I wasn't being charged after the 24 hrs ended because of faulty equipment. Anthony refused to give me a discount. A 3 hour job took me 8 hours because I made 3 seperate trips back to the store, totalling 150 miles in an 8 hour period on the 11th. I spend thousands of dollars at Home Depot every year because I am a real estate investor and do a lot of renovations on properties. I alsohave many many associates that do also. I will be informing them of the service I received today and I know quite a few of them will be taking their business to Lowes and local hardwares stores, just as I will be. I will never shop at Home Depot again! Ever! You just lost a loyal customer that spends thousands of dollars there each year, as well as Im2sure more than a few of my associates will stop shopping there also. Worst service I have ever received anywhere, especially for be a repeat customer for years and years. You just lost my business forever!
My name is Chris Kirby
My number is [protected]

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    This is Paulding County store #151

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