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J Aug 01, 2018

CONTRACT #: 336838 from the Midtown home depot in Atlanta GA

I rented a pressure washer for 24 hours.

1) after paying, I was told that I would not be getting the detergent hoses because that was the policy. Instead the associate recommended that I purchase an industrial sprayer and just spray the detergent on. So that makes the project a lot harder and more time intensive.
2) the hose was missing half the bearings and the parts that plugged in would not stay in place. The continued to pop out and only one was even functional at that level. So I spent way too much time trying to find the plug that got blown out into the yard.
3) I did manage to finish up half the project before putting the pressure washer away for the night. Intending to get up early and finish before getting it back to THD by my 11am cut off. Unfortunately, I could not get the pressure washer to start again after reassembling all the hoses. I tried everything - more gasoline, patting everything dry with towels, even looking up the instructions for the choke etc. (since the instructions on the pressure washer were illegible). I pulled and pulled and the thing WOULD NOT START. I finally gave up, hefted back into my car, and returned to the store. I asked for some sort of break since it didn't work today.

When I got back to the store the associate got the thing to work after a few pulls. I don't know why it didn't work for me. But since it started for her I was told that I needed to pay the full price for 24 hours since it was working fine. I said it was not working fine for me and I was unable to use it at all today. I asked to speak to the manager and he basically said that it was working fine and I kept it for the 24 hours (actually not since I returned it 2 hours early since it wasn't working today) so there is nothing he would do. He then condescendingly told me that I should have called when it wasn't working and they might have been able to help. I asked what they would have done and he said they might have offered a replacement. So I would have had to load up the one not working, drive 40 minutes, unload, reload, drive 40 minutes, hook up new machine, and then get it back to THD in the 4 hours I had allocated today to do the project? This is really a stupid suggestion.

So now my project is half finished and I can't afford another $100 to start it again. I felt like the team thought I was either lying about it not working or I was a complete idiot for not getting it started. I was so frustrated and angry I started crying. I shop at that store ALL THE TIME and was planning on picking up paint and supplies for the second part of my project. I can't believe how I was treated. It was totally humiliating. I don't know what I will do at this point. I can't lift that thing up again into my car (I am a 100 pound woman) but my project isn't done. It is probably easier to just get a scrub brush and do it by hand I suppose. And I won't have to deal with THD.

Thanks for having a place to vent. If you want to reach me, my number is [protected].

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