Home Depotpaint department

C Aug 15, 2018

I arrived at my local Home Depot approximately at 9 am this morning, August 15th. I had with me a gallon of cement floor paint that I had purchased from this Home Depot about a month ago and had not used yet because I am in a boot from a fall. I was there to get another gallon of matching paint. I expected to wait, but the wait was considerable and I was standing on my broken foot and I felt I was being ignored. When it was finally my turn, the color number was taken off the lid of the gallon I had brought from home and a gallon was produced which was a yellowish color whereas my paint was in the brown family. The woman mixing the paint said that the original label was wrong and she showed me a color palate and asked what color it was suppose to be. I was not sure so she decided it was a shade of brown, mixed up a gallon of that paint and it was far from the correct color. I asked if she could at least make the colors the same at this point and mentioned that I was standing on a broken foot and I did not want to have to come back. She and another woman continued trying to match the color but to no avail...After a full hour had passed I was very ill from the foot pain and said please just make the colors of the 2 gallons match so I do not have to come back. I finally just accepted the 2 gallons which in my opinion do not match but I was too weary to wait any longer or come back to get another gallon. No one apologized to me or said much of anything. I think ad minimum I was owed an apology and a discount because of the mistake was totally the fault of the Home Depot's personnel. I am not normally a litigious person, but this was horrible customer service and the service people were more concerned with flirting with the male customers than getting my order correct. They basically did not do their job efficiently nor effectively. The paint was expensive and I expect better service from Home Depot. Yours, Cheryl Mintz Esq.

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