Holiday INNroom provided

B Aug 06, 2018

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on 2255 Buena Vista Rd Lexington Ky. They originally had me located in room 216. I called down to the desk around 8pm complaining that it sounded like someone hitting on the walls. The person said he would look into it. I fell asleep and later woke up to the same noise and a headache due to this constant noise. I called back down to the front desk and the lady that answered the phone immediately knew what was causing the noise. She said it was due to people entering and exiting the front door in the lobby. she offered to move me to a different room. This was at 10:30 pm. I asked her if this is a known issue. She said yes, but I would have to speak with the manager in the morning. The next morning I spoke with Rose Marie. I asked her if she knew about this issue. She said yes. "The hotel should have never have a room above the door." I asked her why she booked me in this room and didn't even mention this too me. She didn't have any response, except was the new room acceptable. I can not believe someone would place someone in a room that they knew was a known issue. She never offered me any compensation for doing this and really didn't even seem to care. Is this the customer service that is now provided by the Holiday Inn?? It is very irritating to know that I was placed in a room that I would not be able to sleep. This was not a vacation trip, but a trip to further my education.

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