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HobbyTron.com reviews & complaints

HobbyTron.com complaints 33

HobbyTron.com - Flying spider man and few other characters

I placed an order four flying spider man, three other characters for Chrismass gift on Decemember 12, 2021.

However the recipient never received the gift since it was not delivered to the address provided at all. I try to get a hold of Hobbtron customer services at [protected]. There is automated system that specifics business operation time Monday to Friday. Regarldess I called within the time frame the system suggest, I will end up business is closed and prompted me to leave voice message.

I have seen so many people complained about it and there should be action taken against thsi scamming company

Desired outcome: Refund


HobbyTron.com - ZX33206

I ordered item online on 19/12/20, received email from Ninja on 24/12/20 confirming the order No E0906EA was on its way. The tracking No OB049387400015531282D WAS NOT AVAILABLE FROM SHIPPING COMPANY. to date I still have not received my order, despite me emailing you requesting an update on my order status. Some people have said that this company is a scam, the longer this goes on it certainly looks like it.

Desired outcome: Urgent Delivery or Full refund

HobbyTron.com - 360 degrees magnetic charging cable.

Hobbytron.com — I Placed an order, 1.2.2021. My card was debited for the amount of order, $9.99 and $12.97. I was informed I would receive an email with a transaction number, I never received an email at all. I would like to know what the problem is, and when will I receive My order since My credit card was charged and the money taken out.

D. A. Aiken

Desired outcome: I want what I orderd.


HobbyTron.com - UFO drone 3 for 2

Order Confirmed money taken but no product or response to numerous emails

Order Confirmed

Hi Helen Bennett.

Thank you for joining HobbyTron products.

We are getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

Sincerely yours,
HobbyTron team

Your Order Details:
Order Number: #6CC9144A04

Order Placed: 12/15 4:23am

Shipping Address:

Ponders farm, Rougham
King's lyn, PE32 2SF

Items in Order:
Name Quantity Price
UFO Drone 1 ---
UFO Drone 2 £29.94
Sub Total: £29.94

Shipping: ---

Grand Total: £29.94

Need Help?
Email us: [protected]@hobbytron.com

Desired outcome: Either refund or product


HobbyTron.com - Placed order, card debited for amount of order, was informed I would receive email with transaction number, I never received email at all.

Placed order on April 3, 2019 aprox 9:30 pm, I was informed I would receive an email from Hobbytron with a transaction number in regards to my payed order, I have not as of yet received any information for anything. Extremely upset that Money for order was removed from my Debit Card, yet I can not find out anything about my order at all! I even was shown on website a payment receipt form indicating payment receipt, after placing order I called my debit card to verify transaction which I always do for my records, I was informed that the transaction had been completed, Though the amount was small 9.95+4.99 shipping, I find it absolutely disgusting that it seems your way of so called professional online sales and service even exsists, right now all I ask is that I am contacted by email at [protected]@outlook.com or by Telephone at [protected] in regards to this matter, Thank You.

Aug 29, 2017

HobbyTron.com - this is a scam

I'm really sure that an email confirmation is not a big deal for stores. After placing an order I was waiting for it to be confirmed, after this procedure, it had to be sent. None of that happened. I...

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Aug 17, 2017

HobbyTron.com - defrauding people

They advertise good prices and this is the only "good" thing about them. Customers receive orders with bad quality and don't expect their service to stand behind their products, don't expect them to refund. Because none of this will happen. To return an item you will have to wait for many business days and there's no guarantee everything will go well.
Stay away from this company and save your money for something better.

Aug 15, 2017

HobbyTron.com - Scam!

I'm pretty sure that this company is a scam. I know what I'm saying. Their advertising is fooling you every day. If you want to buy something from what they advertise you will be upset because they don't provide these items.
their customer service is not focused on youк issues and I doubt they would resolve something.
So if you want to spend your money on your kids and buy something really good, then don't use HobbyTron. They are not worth it.

Jan 30, 2017

HobbyTron.com - Hobbytron is not a good company

We bought a drone from this online store www.hobbytron.com as a present for our son on Christmas. Order arrived in a timely manner but it was defective and did not turn on. Our son was very disappointed and his entire Christmas was ruined.
We called Hobbytron and they asked us to send the drone back for inspection and promised to help us. We did as they said and sent it back but never heard anything from them.
We tried to reach them via email, phone and even through social media but they ignored all my messages and calls. These people scammed us and took our money and there is no way to reach someone from Hobbytron! We really hope this was a mistake of some kind. We want Hobbytron to contact us as soon as possible!

Sep 30, 2016

HobbyTron.com - Garbage quality items!

I've ordered a remote control plane from www.hobbytron.com as a present for my little brother. When the plane finally arrived it was damaged and did not work properly. I contacted HobbyTron and they said that they can send me a new one but first I have to return the damaged one.
I paid for the return shipping and two weeks later finally received another plane. It stopped working after three weeks of using.
I contacted them again and asked for a refund, but they claimed they don't do refunds. Then I asked them to replace the broken one and they said that they already did that once and will not do that again! Terrible! Well, it's not my fault they're selling garbage!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HobbyTron.com - Worst Customer Service

I emailed less than 60 minutes to cancel my order i picked the wrong item.After multiple emails i called They read a script saying once a order has gone down to processing there is nothing that can...

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Feb 06, 2013

HobbyTron.com - Please note, we do not issue refunds to ANY opened or used items

I researched the product, ordered it (online), once it was removed from the box it started to fall apart. The website offers a 30 day warranty. I contacted them by email with attached receit.This is what they sent me:

Please note, we do not issue refunds to ANY opened or used items. Open items that are defective can be returned for a replacement, a repair, or an in-store credit. If you are requesting an exchange for a different item, please provide the item# on a note and include it with the return. Also, the customer is responsible for the returned shipping to get the item(s) back to us.

Oct 13, 2011

I have made multiple attempts to contact Hobbytron without success. the phone number is no longer in use and the costumer service website doesn't work. I have purchased a defective RC car.

I did not get the airsoft gun that my son bought for his 12th birthday with his birthday money. They do not anwer there phones. Show they have live chat that says"leave a message". How live is that? They don't have an email address. This company should not be in business. I want my sons money back.


i'm going through the same situation right now, Hobbytron does not reply to my calls. Still waiting to hear from anyone there and I don't think I'll get my money back.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HobbyTron.com - Damaged Goods Sold as New

I purchased three remote control tanks that were advertised in a special "buy three" deal from Hobbytron. The tanks were sold as new, RTR (ready to run). During inspection I found that key pieces of the tanks were missing ($30 main battery for two tanks!), wall rechargers, antennae for remote control, etc. Only one of the three works, and the treads on the right don't function. I have waited on hold for Hobbytron service, placed two callbacks and no joy. My experiences parallel those of others - misrepresentation and no service.

Feb 16, 2011

HobbyTron.com - Their policy is totally hostile to the consumer and the company should be shut down

Do not purchase anything from the hobbytron.com website. I purchased radio-controlled electric truck and had it sent to my grandson. When he received it, the trucks wheels were broken inside the box (not due to delivery). My daughter mailed the truck back to Hobbytron the next day and they now have the defective truck. That was two months ago. They have been called numerous times to no avail. Most of the time they do not answer or say to call back during business hours (this is the middle of a weekday) . Their chat line is always "offline".

I should have checked this website out. They have hundreds of complaints and the Better Business Bureau gave them an F rating. My only alternative now is to go through my credit card company to see what they can do get my money back. Also, read their policy. They state if you go through your credit card company, they will charge you $50. Their policy is totally hostile to the consumer and the company should be shut down.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HobbyTron.com - Horrible Company

DO NOT do business with HobbyTron!


Here is my experience with this company...

1) I purchased a remote control truck from HobbyTron on 11/27/2010. This was my son's Christmas present so I ordered it well in advance in case any issues came up.
2) I received the truck on 12/6/2010 and followed the directions and charged the battery overnight. I plugged it in and no response what so ever.
3) I called HobbyTron on 12/7/2010 (waited 20 minutes for a human to answer). I asked if they could charge my credit card for another one, let me send this back, and then they could credit my credit card when they received the non-working truck. They said they could not do that. They DO NOT provide refunds. They told me I would have to fill out a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) on their website and I would have to send it back to them to have it fixed and returned. They said there was no way I would get it before Christmas.
4) I filled out a RMA on their website and a few days later I received an e-mail saying they were shipping out a new battery and charger. So, their RMA means nothing to them. They just assumed it was the battery or charger (Even though I told them the battery was warm when charging). I figured we can at least try it...
5) One week passed and no battery or charger in the mail. I called and they said it was "in the process of being shipped". Another week passes and I called. They said "Well, it is coming from oversees so it may take a while". I told them that I would be disputing the charge on my credit card and they HUNG UP ON ME!
6) I disputed the charge on my credit card and will have to wait up to two months before it is resolved.
Here is my advice:
1) DO NOT do business with HobbyTron.
2) Go to your local Hobby store and fork out the extra money and get a good remote control car. I did this and paid $185 for an extremely durable car (Traxxas Stampede) and the Hobby store will fix the car if it ever breaks for $30 per hour. That assurance alone was worth it to me. The hobby store people know what sucks and what does not. HobbyTron almost destroyed my son's Christmas, but the local hobby store made him happy...

HobbyTron is a rip-off company!

Feb 04, 2011

HobbyTron.com - Horrible customer service

I order 3 helicopters and only two work. Almost impossible to get through to Customer Service. When I did finally get thru after 45 minutes of holding, the service rep was extremely rude. This is the only online retailer that I have ever come across who ships defective items and then requires the customer to pay to return them. I will NEVER buy from them again! If you are looking for a great place to shop for RC items, then go to Omni Models. My experience with an exchange was night and day! Don't get ripped off by shopping from HobbyTron.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HobbyTron.com - They don't ship what you order

I ordered three airsoft items for my son as Christmas gifts. When I received the shipment two of the items were wrong. I ordered a bag of Black Pellets and was shipped a bag of White Pellets. (For those that do not know Black Pellets are harder to see in flight making it harder for you opponent to see where they came from. That is why I specifically ordered Black.) The second item that was wrong was a face-mask. I ordered a Scott since I knew that it fit properly and that Scott makes quality products. They sent me some off brand (World Tech Arms) made with lower quality plastic. When I called they said that the items they sent were "hand picked by our experts to get you a fun gift in a timely manner". This despite the fact that the items I requested were still being shown as in-stock on their website. I received no contact from them regarding the replacement before the items were shipped. When I called they said that since the items they sent were comparable to what I ordered I would have to pay a 20% restocking fee if I wanted to return them.

As many others have said, do not buy from this company

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HobbyTron.com - Dishonest

I am writing this complaint to warn people about Hobbytron. I hope you read this before ordering from them so that you don't waste your money on toys(not real air soft equipment) like I did. When you...

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Oct 14, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HobbyTron.com - Received broken toy

My sons ordered an airsoft tank with the money they made pet sitting all summer. The tank arrived and when we pulled it out of the box the back wheel was broken off. I called them and filled out an RMA request and it didn't come. Called back and they sent the RMA, but I realized I was actually going to have to pay to ship the broken tank back. I called them and said I wanted a refund, which was refused. I asked them to issue a call tag to pick up their broken piece of junk and of course they said no. I should have read their ridiculous return policies before purchasing the product! From reading online complaints it seems this company is in the business of selling broken used toys and then refusing to refund your money. Buy from anyone but Hobbytron!

Sep 14, 2010

HobbyTron.com - Avoid ordering from them

Placed an online order for an airsoft gun on Sept. 1st. We were charged on Sept. 2nd, and as of today our order is still in processing. We have been emialing and calling for status for 3 days now and finally got a person on the phone. She was absolutly no help, 3 days or sometimes longer to process was her comment over and over. Sounded like a script. Do not order from this internet retailer, processing speed and customer service is a joke in this day and age. AVOID ORDERING FROM THIS RELTAILER! Please read other similiar complaints.

Jun 04, 2010

I was looking for for electric boats with different frequencies, which Hobbytron claimed to have. I called to ask if they were in stock and they said "yes", just put a note on the order you want 4 different frequencies.

Well 4 boats arrived in 2 different frequencies, so the kids couldn't race them. Birthday ruined. Called and spoke to Nicole and she was rude and not at all apologetic. She tried to make it be my fault somehow. Normally I assume the person who answers the phone is not at fault, but this was different - it was obvious she didn't care and I think she probably knowingly sent the wrong frequencies herself. I filled out forms and finally got the return, minus shipping.

Mar 27, 2009

It's like pulling teeth with this company...I purchased a RC Boat for $169.00..ran it for 1 day...Servo stripped gears...Now Hobbytron wants me to ship the entire boat back from Fl to Ca. at a cost of $35.00 to me...Pathetic company, , , POOR customer service, , , , , , , takes FOREVER to speak to a HUMAN there... DO NOT DEAL with this company...

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