Hobby Lobbycustomer services in crystal lake, illinois

D Nov 20, 2017

Hi to whoever read this letter,

I recently went to Hobby Lobby with my fiancée shopping for our first Christmas tree together in our first home that we closed a few months prior. We made a big purchase mainly on Christmas ornaments and was excited to dress our tree together. After shopping for the ornaments, we went to check out. The cashier was super friendly, and she asked us about who is the police officer and a nurse? I pointed out that I'm an occupational therapist and my fiancée is a cop in this city that we live in and his mom is an RN. She was so happy and thanked my fiancée for serving our community and shake his hands. We went home extremely happy with an amazing customer service we just had. After we dressed our tree up, we realized we purchased too many ornaments in a certain color and not enough of other color ornaments for our tree. I returned to hobby with a receipt and ready to purchase more ornaments in another color, and one of the items wasn't on it. So, the cashier called for the manager and hoped to fix it. I have worked in retail for many years where I handled a lot of transactions especially with returns, so I'm familiar with the return policy. The manager came and gave me a look up and down and then said she will be back as she quoted, "after looking at the camera." I was confused, but I continued to be polite and pleasant and said, "Okay, sure. Usually, if it's not on the receipt, it'd be store credit." She looked at me and didn't say a word. She went in the back and spent approximately 15 minutes before she came back. She came back to me and handed me the receipt and said, "oh the cashier shake hands with some gentlemen you were with and didn't ring you up for it" In a mean tone. I looked at her and said, "oh, so there was a mistake on the cashier's part." She looked at me rudely without owning up apologizing for the mishap from the cashier. Instead, she took the item without further statement and walked away. The cashier gave me the receipt and mouthed awkward in front of everyone that were standing in the line for 15 minutes because the manager had to look at the camera for a box of ornaments ($9 dollars). I held my composure and walked out of Hobby Lobby emptied handed and felt like I was a horrible person. I drove home and sat down in front of our new Christmas tree, and I broke down in tears. I felt that she went to the back to try to see if a store theft was the case and didn't even apologize for the cashier's mistake or offer a gratitude for returning it. I have never felt this way before or stare at in a certain way. I never had my retail manager in 5 years of working as a cashier in customer services have them say, "Let me look at the camera." Or make any customer feel like they're racially profiled. To any customer ever. I am extremely discouraged to continue my shopping experiences at Hobby Lobby.


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