HMSHostunlawful termination


I had been working for this HMShost as a cook for 8 years. I was treated unfairly in this company. On 07/26/2015, I was sick in bed and vomited. I was scheduled to work on that day, so I told my husband to call HMShost at Norfolk International Airport. He spoke with Joane who was on duty on that day. She said it is OK. They are intending to terminate me many months ago. That is the reason I called Catherine Ortiz to clarify I am still OK to work there. She told me that you still can come on Tuesday to work, so I went there they didn't tell me what is their plan. Around 09:00 pm on that night, Louis Ayo who doesn't like me called me to his office to sign the termination notice letter. What is the reason I was not told to go home when I got there. They are supposed to tell me immediately. This is unfair and I was discriminated based on my national origin. According to the company policy which was written on the warning notice, I should get a warning but terminated without explanation could violate their policy. Please review this unfair practice and reverse this action. Thanks in advance.
Lang K. Cing

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