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27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein
South Africa - 2018

Customer Service

+27 860 459 459(Goods shipped in error /Incorrect goods delivered) 37 27
+27 860 495 495(Damaged Goods delivered) 24 10
+27 861 117 775(JD Lay-By Customer Care) 14 12
+27 127 613 000(National Consumer Commission) 11 17
+27 860 000 272(Consumer Goods and Services Ombud) 20 24
+27 117 186 197(Head Office) 43 56

Complaints & Reviews


I had a lay-by at HI CORP The Glen, which has since expired. I was dealing with Andile in the lay-by/accounts department, who contacted me to let me know my lay-by has expired. I told her I will opt for a refund because there is nothing on the website I would like to re-lay-by at this point. This lay-by application was made last year, and I dont have the application forms or the receipt for the cash I paid. Andile has since spoken to her manager, Susan Mostert, who now says that I need to go get an affidavit to explain what happened to my receipt. YET, the amount paid towards the lay-by is reflecting on their system, my ID is not enough proof of my identity, according to Andile.
This is pathetic service, I didnt need an affidavit to apply for the lay-by, or pay towards it, now I need an affidavit to get my money back.

Product not received and poor service

I'm really at a loss as to how I should proceed as I have been struggling to get anyone to help me.I need help and for my case to be escalated as I feel I've been taken...

Being shouted by manager and employees at the store


I would like to place a complaint against HIFI Corporation store in Promenade, Capetown.

I went to the store to finish my layby payment. I have lost my papers of the layby but had my ID. The manager who was in store on this day [protected]) have shouted at me saying I am being silly for loosing my papers and said they cannot print a slip for me. I kindly asked her what are other alternatives are there and she never answered but kept telling me that I should go find the layby papers and stop the "nonsense".

A lady on the till kindly explained to me that I must go get the affidavit stating that I lost my papers. I saw the guy who initially helped me with my layby and he said I must go to police station and I understood that and respected it.

The manager then came accross us and said I cannot talk to anybody in her store and I cannot do anything, she is in charge and a manager.

When I left, the lady by the door shouted at me saying I am full of nonsense while I asked for my bag. She kept talking as I left the store. I was so hurt and frightened and I decided to log a complaint. I can go to the police station for an affidavit but the way I was treated is uncalled for.

I am not looking to gain or benefit anything from HIFI Corp on this matter. I am complaining for customer service and I do not see my self buying anything again from HIFI Corp. I regret everything about laybying from them. Please assist me on this matter as soon as you can.

This was supposed to be my last payment to get my goods and the month is coming to an end.

I am truly hurt and have called [protected] but could not get help as the lady said the complaint will bounce to the store manager again for her to apologise.

Is there a way that I can take out my layby from a different store or cancel it with full amount refund. I am willing to take this matter further as it is uncalled for. I can no longer deal with the store anymore.

My ID number is [protected]

Kind regards,

diamond led tv 39' no power

I Michael Molefe I handed my diamond led tv 39' at hifi corp wonderpark on the 3rd of February 2020 cause it has no power on and it was on warranty so today on the 18th...

Hi Fi Corporation — kettle

I bought a Kettle at South Gate Hifi Corporation which I was told by a sales lady that the guarantee is 2 years and to my surprise I got there on the [protected] and Richard Ridwaan...

settlement of an account [protected]

I went to the store on the 02/02/2020 to settle my account and i was advised to go to customer service in order for them to check for how much i owe in order for me to settle. I...

product faulty and very bad customer service

Good day, I have purchased a Hi-Sense TV from HiFi corporation at the end of November. Great service was given as they were about to take our money.
We went on holiday and when we returned we installed the TV only to find out that the USB ports is not working. We took the TV Back to HIFI with our purchase receipt. The sales person assisting said they will test. He physically shaked the TV out the box and put it down on the floor with no coverage below. When he picked it up again he bump the door with the TV. I repeatedly told him if there is damage to this TV they will replace it as they are reckless. I was told 21 day for repairs. When I went to to inquire I was greeted by a very unhelpful sarcastic lady that said it will take as long as it takes. They send it away and the technician don't have spares. Hi asked her that if this TV was under warranty why can they not replace it. She called the manager that is even more rude and ill behave than her. Walking past me looking down on me and speak to the sales lady around the corner.
I need my TV fixed. How do I know that it was send to Hisense for repairs as they did not even want to give me a receipt. I

I am still waiting for my fridge to be delivered

I've bought a fridge online on the 14th of January 2020, i haven't recrived it until today. on the 29thJan i called Hifi Corp customer service and the call was logged and i was given a reference number. no body contacted me regarding my query. on the 31st i called again and i was told some one will contact me, but no one did. it is real frastrating

online purchase - product misrepresented

On the 27 January 2020 I purchased a Canon Camera online. At the time of the purchase the picture showed a camera with an additional lens and the description indicated that it included interchangeable lenses. Before I made the purchase online I called the Woodmead branch and the sales consultant confirmed that it is a camera with an extra lens however they did not have stock. I called the call centre and they confirmed that it is a camera with an extra lens. however the stock is coming directly from the warehouse hence none of the branches have the stock. I placed the order and was awaiting delivery of my order. The next day when I viewed the product online it was no longer picture of a camera with an extra lens but a camera with a memory card and camera bag. The description, however still stated "interchangeable lens" I contacted the call centre and explained the issue and that I was expecting the camera with extra lens and not a camera with a memory card and bag. I have forwarded them screenshots of the decription of the product as well as telephone recordings where their staff confirmed that it includes the extra lens which was before I placed the order. Today I get told that the picture and the description does not state an extra lens. The description states "interchangeable lens", It was confirmed 3 times by 3 different employee's of Hificorp that the product comes with an extra lens. Now Hificorp e-commerce department is disputing the purchase, even though they have 6 different recordings with 3 different employees confirming that it includes an extra lens. After 5 days it is now been regarded as an escalated complaint.

online purchase - product misrepresented

bazooka speaker defect

I bought a bazooka speaker at hifi Corp. It was not supplied with a cable to charge it. So I used my own. Somehow the charging port got damaged. Upon taking it back to them I wa...

my gica atv495max

We bought the above mentioned product today from Hifi Corporation in Klerksdorp. When we got home and removed it from the box it was obvious that it was a used product. We...

extended warranty

Hi my name is Shawn Crow and i complained about this before on this platform
Extended warranty is a product that you sell to your clients where the client can than choose to except it or not but what your staff did at your brance in the Promenade in Mitchell's Plain is just add it to my account on my fridges and tv without discussing it with me
When i phoned them to take it off they were rude and said i must just send everything back and i had 7 days to read the invoice
As i am working in the entertainment industry December is our busy month with long hours and i didn't get to read the invoice till after Christmas
Now my argument is that your staff shouldn't be allowed just to add stuff to an account and then blame the client when he or she complains
I still would like to have all the extended warranties romoved from my account
Regards Shawn Crow
ID [protected]
5 Trolley Street Tafilsig Mitchell's Plain Cape Town

55 inch sansui led tv

My name is Bongi and I am a very annoyed, super angry and uncertisfied customer. I bought 55 inch Sansui LED in Arbour Crossing, Amanzimtoti Durban, in less than 10 months the TV...

defy stove

My 81 year old Granny bought a stove from HI Fi Corporation in Kenilworth Centre on July 30th. Where she was requested to give the receipt back when the stove was collected. The...

harman kardon speaker

287610 Hi There, I purchased a harman Kardon speaker from Hifi corp in Johannesburg and after a year of this being rarely used due to my travels to work it has shown that the battery...

mygica android tv box

287610 Good day. We purchased a my gigA android TV box form Hifi operation in Nelspruit Mpumalanga on the 18/09/2019 . In the box was the tv box, remote, and cables for...

online department


I bought an item online on the 13 December. I there after received an email confirming my purchase but it had my previous postal address which is in pietermaritzburg. I immediately contacted hifi corp costomer services with my order number and current portal address. Which they said that they can not help me. It is the ecommerce department that handles online purchases.
I have tried to email the ecommerce department with this problem but they don't not respond.
Please can I get some assistance to get my product delivery to my current address.

service of nelspruit riverside mall

I bought a jvc 1.2 sound bar, when i got home 30km away from hi fi corp it was not working. I phoned them and i asked for the manager. They put me to a lady that said she is the manager.
I explained to her and she said i must bring it back, before we could finnish my phone went off. So 15 min later I phoned again amd ask for the manager, i guy answered and I said I dont understand, 15 min ago there was a lady that was manager, so did he get a promotion in 10 min time becuase he is noe manager, he started saying I am undermining him, and started to talk rood and hard to me, I tild him he will not speak to me like that, I am a customer amd he just ignored that and kept on going, I eventually put down the phone. I want feedback abiut this. I need feedback becuase I will take further steps agains hi fi corp and there management.
B. Venter

online purchase not received - paid but no movement on my order

PLACED ORDER ON: DECEMBER 6, 2019 11:42:06 AM SAST (Paid in full)
ORDER NUMBER : #[protected]
Shipping Method - Appliance and Large 2 - 5 Working days Delivery (this is what I was promised)

To date i have still not received my order and all i ever hear is my complaint will be escalated. There has been no action/movement on my order since the time of purchase. Apparently i am not even allowed to go into a store and exchange for something else as the ONLINE TEAM has to approve this (the very same team that has not actioned my order request). If i want a refund, i am told that it would take 7 - 10 working days FROM THE TIME MY REQUEST IS ACKNOWLEDGED only...WTF? People, R2000 is no joke. This was hard earned money used to purchase an appliance that we in need of urgently. They did not have the items in their store and I was advised to purchase online.

HiFi Corp's lack of urgency in resolving their Client disputes really says alot about how they run a business...They clearly do not care about Treating their Customers fairly.
What scares me even more is that when searching on Hello Peter, the amount of Complaints that have still not been resolved is even more scary.

Surely i have the right to open a case of Fraud against HiFi Corp right??

pathetic service from managers

Its the second time ive been turned away from Hifi Corp Oakdene.. over 2hrs in store and Lawrence dont care attitude Overall customer service sucks and no assistance in helping...

delivery of tv and sd card bought online

My order no [protected] and sale order no [protected] My son bought Hisense 58 inch UHD SM TV 58A610 online at HiFi corporation on the 29 November 2019 and they deliver on the 12...

online purchase

I made an online purchase 29/11/19.
Delivery was promised for 10/12/19.
On the 10th nobody came to deliver the item.
On the 12th I phoned the entire morning - nobody answering.
The afternoon they phoned to arrange delivery for 14/12 between 8 & 10.
On the 14th, no delivery was made. I phoned at 11, promised delivery before 5 - cannot help me with cancellation or change of delivery address on phone.
Today 17/12/19 - still no delivery - phoning customer service - no answer.

  • Mi
    Mishka Mustapha Dec 19, 2019

    i have been having the same horrible service. Cannot get refund nor can i even exchange item for something in one of the branches at same value...I literally feel robbed!

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false advertising on a fridge l bought which is not in stock?

My name is kenneth and l bought a fridge on the 27th of november and up until now, l have nothing . I logged in a compliant till today no one from you online sales department has apologized for the delay nor said anything about my order. I logged another complaint for a refund but still no one is communicating with me about that . If you don't want to refund me my money, give me the fridge l ordered.

Should l involve my lawyer in this matter because it seems as if l was scammed. Communication is key but you seem not to get it at all .If you had emailed me telling me there was going to be a delay in delivery my order, l wouldn't have had a problem with that .

My Order number is [protected].

Am sure am not the only person in this situation but gives us what we paid for !!! Who ever runs that online store department is really taking people for a ride because you clearly false advertising.

online purchase

I purchased a fridge on black Friday from hi-fi corp i was told I'd have it in 6-7 working days that was on the 27th I have been waiting for it to be delivered up until today can I just have my money back please because this is really a big inconvenience they are not answering my calls just sending me generic messages without much information ...bad service

my order [protected]

I bought the fridge online on 27 November 2019. Even now they didn't delivered. I tried to contact them several times but no respond. Don't know what to do. Here is order no [protected]. I tried to get the managers contact but they refused to give me. I was hoping my fridge will delivered within 2-5 days as their advertising. I trusted them as a big company in South Africa. I chose Hifi Corp and hoping will fulfill their promise. It is very disgusting when a bid company let down their customer. I don't trust Hifi Corp anymore.

my order [protected]

  • Mi
    Mishka Mustapha Dec 19, 2019

    Hi Jabulani, have you ever received your order yet?
    I made an online purchase on the 6th Dec and to date there has still been no movement on my purchase.

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defy 94lt bar fridge metallic b4802m

Hi, my name is Thandi Elinah Mazibuko. My email and phone numbers [protected] and [protected].

I bought a bar fridge online on the 1st of December. It was supposed to be delivered to me within 2-5 working days. Since then I have recieved no communication whatsoever. I have sent numerous emails and no reply. I have called multiple times no answer. The live help consultants on your website keep saying my complaint has been lodged and I should wait 24 hours. 24 hours has went by. Still nothing.

My order number is #[protected]

I am not the only one experiencing this. People on Twitter say that we have been scammed. I would like for someone from your shop to call me and tell me what is going on with my order.

transport and logistics

I made an online purchase on the 28th of November 2019, and till to date it has not been delivered. My order number is ([protected]). I am therefore requesting for a full refund, I must mention that I am very disappointed in your services. I am being sent from pillor to post, and I'm sick of it i have written emails, called none stop but no one is assisting or getting back to I'm honesty frustrated.

lack of delivery and service

I ordered a tv, licence as a tilting tv stand. order number [protected].

2 - 5 day delivery (working days)
until yesterday no one had bothered to contact me other than the calls I made. most of the numbers to phone remain engaged or unanswered.
your service is disgusting and unacceptable.
apparently the order has been packed now but i cannot seem to trace the order with yourselves or with Fedex.
please contact me [protected]

defy fridge special

Good day,

I purchased a fridge online on the 27 November was promised delivery between 2-5 day until today, their customer helpline rings unanswered [protected], non of the telephones on their website are attended too or even go through.

No communication, the order tracking does not give updates .This is bad as there is no one to assist you.

My email address is [protected] — dishwasher ordered online; lack of service, delivery and feedback

658307 Dishwasher ordered 30th November, online order, and was paid in full. No delivery received. Order number [protected] Despite several follow ups with the Customer Support live chat...


Good day,

I purchased a fridge online the 29th of November 2019. I keep on calling the contact centre but get no reply. It's been more than 5 days I've lost money and it's hot. The [censored] part is no one is communicating with me I'm having visitors for the weekend . Does that mean no fridge whilst having my visitors. How much airtime should one buy and not even getting answers. #superfrustrating


Good day

I ordered a TV online for black Friday which still hasn't been delivered.
I went to the carnival branch because my tracking order mail said "pending SABC". Which they made me purchase in the store.
It was updated the following day and I went to collect my TV as per the manager of the store, but I went home hours later with no word and without my TV. Now the mail with my tracking number says "pending refund" but I want the TV I ordered.

Please can someone call me ASAP regarding this matter!

purchased item not delivered

Good day,

My order number is 500137, i have lodged a complaint and have not received any response. i sit for hours on the customer care line with no response. i have been told many a times that my issue will be escalated by there has been no movement.

I have lodged my issue online, tried to contact the JDG care line, and have even posted on Hello Peter about this disgusting service i am getting.

This is absolutely unacceptable. I placed an order on the 29th November 2019 and lodged a complaint on 6 December 2019 and still no contact or feedback from anyone.

I have also contacted the call centre and once again been told that they will escalate and someone will contact me.

this matter needs to be resolved immediately.

Please can someone get back to me before end of business on Tuesday 10 December 2019 with a resolution or i will revert to extreme measurements of ensuring that i get my item.

have not yet received communication regarding delivery of my order

I ordered a dishwasher on black friday online for the convenience of not having to go to a mall. However, if anything this has been the biggest inconvenience. The poorest service has been provided by Hifi-corp, there isnt anyone answering their phones or responding to emails. The delivery time said 2-5 working days, there was no communication regarding delays or anything. It is unfair as a customer as Hifi corp now has my money and I have no way of finding out when I can expect delivery (if I can even expect delivery at all this year) or cancelling the order out right. In the future I would rather deal with a store like game where the phone is actually answered and customers are actually appreciated and prioritised.

online delivery

Orders placed online on the 29th November, 9th December online tracker shows no movement, call centre and email department don't respond, HiFi Corp has zero responses on websites like hello Peter or complaints board.
Zero accountability zero care given for customer support.
We have your money so stuff you you can wait in perpetuity...
That is disguising, that a group like JD would fall so far.

Hi-Fi Corp Shelly Beach — i'm complaining about the terrible service that I have received

On the 28th November 2019, I went to the beach store to buy a fan that I saw advertised, As I entered the store it was absolutely busy. So I waited for some time, for someone to...

soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising

I purchased a soundbar that was only available ONLINE on 29 November 2019 at 6.23AM this is the sms Mercia Fourie, you have made the right choice! Your Hifi Corp order [protected] has been received and is being processed. You will receive an e-mail when your order is ready for delivery or you can track your order by following this link, Call [protected] or email [protected] should you need any help. Regards the Hifi Corp team!

Emails are bouncing back from customer care. Phones are not answered and consultant are supporting the theft of customers money as the delivery time is 2-5 days and today is day 7 and they cannot be contacted so there is no other way but to lay a fraud charge against Hi Fi corporation.

They are a fraudulent company that fraudulently advertise products that they do not have. Only to increase their bank account.

Two months ago I placed an order to have the same thing happen. I waited 20 days to be refunded my money.

As they do not answer calls and you cannot e-mail them the only option is to lay a theft / fraud charge to try recover my money .

soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising
soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising
soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising
soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising
soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising
soundbar 2.0 hifi corporation fraudulent advertising


I purchased a fridge online and the amount was deducted and I never got an order number or tracking number and when I called after numerous times I was told my refund would be credited back to my account and still no response and when I call and email no response the phones are not being answered. I believe this is unfair because you guys were so quick to deduct the money from my account but when it comes to getting it back im being sent left and right .Something needs to be done about this ASAP because I'm running out of patience

diamond speaker

Greetings Sir /Madam i did buy speaker at hificorpration in rustenburg platinum square and when i got home and i try to charge the speaker i was given wrong charger and the mic...

deducted funds for online payment then declined my order

I'm in disbelief right now. I ordered for my cousin a TV, sound bar and a Dstv Explora online on the 30th on Nov. The payment went through immediately. Today at 9 am, 1st Dec I get a call from (JD Group Office Sekele [protected]) a kind consultant whom I believe did everything in her power to help me. She told me that I cannot get the TV cause my license is in arrears, which I understand fully. She offered to call back which she did and told me that they can refund me but it would take 14 days.
So I ask for a refund so I can ask my partner to purchase for me as their price deal ends today. She then referred me to her manager who told me that there isn't anything they can do.
Refunds take 14 days. She says to me there isn't anything she can do my license is not paid and I should have a lovely day..just like that.
So I call the complaints number [protected]. The lady I spoke to was very rude and sarcastic. As I'm speaking to her, she sounds bored, no customer centricity at all. As someone who has been in the customer service industry for years, it really got me sad. So I explain myself anyway and ask her for help. The response I got is the refund is 10 days.
I explain to her I need my funds reversed immediately so I can get my partner to do the transactions. She cuts me off by saying 'no no no no I should call Monday. So am asking her what's the purpose of the complaints department if I cannot complain. She shouts at me "hey hey hey don't shout" then hangs up. Since morning calling their complaints with my money to get my money back from you then a super complaints consultant shouts at me and hangs up. The nerve of being so incompetent and rude at the same time. That got me pissed off for someone who's s sleepy on the job, bored by their position and decide to get us bored as well. Am highly irritated right now by the poor process and the poor service I received from the so called manager and the complaints agent.
Shouldn't they reject my order before taking the funds? There's no where in my order where they state that they'll take the funds and if my license is not valid then they'll decline later after taking my money..and refund 14 days later.
Is it because they've too many customers to treat 1 well and with respect???
Companies really need to make sure they hire stuff that is competent and customer centric. What you promise is not what you deliver.. Improve your online service don't take peoples money if you can't deliver.
Those incompetent exhausted agents you keep hiring will be the end of your existence someday.. Poor poor service. Keep on dragging your name to the ground. This is just not the way to treat the customers you're supposed to service well and fully.. No customer centricity, no respect not fit to be a complaints consultant

deducted funds for online payment then declined my order
deducted funds for online payment then declined my order
deducted funds for online payment then declined my order
deducted funds for online payment then declined my order
deducted funds for online payment then declined my order