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HiFi Corp

27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein
South Africa - 2018

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 860 459 459(Goods shipped in error /Incorrect goods delivered) 17 19
+27 860 495 495(Damaged Goods delivered) 18 7
+27 861 117 775(JD Lay-By Customer Care) 13 10
+27 127 613 000(National Consumer Commission) 7 13
+27 860 000 272(Consumer Goods and Services Ombud) 10 17
+27 117 186 197(Head Office) 34 46

HiFi Corp Complaints & Reviews

HiFi Corp / product and service

Mar 27, 2019

I am very unhappy with rustenburg service... I have credit due to me... Decided to buy my dad a gift in amanzimtoti branch. After battling for 2 weeks for paper work I flew down to amanzimtoti. The managers told me I can get a product from amanzimtoti ... Turned out I can't get the product...

HiFi Corp / branch service ref0000744087

Mar 26, 2019

My REF :0000744087 Good day Yesterday i called and complained about not being assisted promply in Mthatha branch. I am happy to say my quiry was attended to and got the desired attention from the branch Manager Fezile. He went out of his way, came to my office and offered his assistance...

HiFi Corp / jvc 39" led tv remote not working

Mar 15, 2019

A jvc 39" tv was purchased from hifi corp in november. The remote did not work, which was returned to the store, only to be told it is an accessory, which is not under the warranty of the tv. I have made numerous calls and on speaking to head office I wa told to ask nu world about the guarantee...

HiFi Corp / service and product

Mar 4, 2019

I bought a sinotec tv at HI fi corp Springfield then it gave me problem took it back Hi fi corp in cornubia on 5th of Feb told me they will send it for repairs it will take 7 to 14 days to come back or what ever the case might be..I am still waiting till now they promised to replace the tv...

HiFi Corp / tv sansui 49in (124cm)

Mar 4, 2019

I purchased a Sansui TV 49IN Curve, cash (N$ 4 999.00) last Saturday dated 02 March 2019 at Marea Mall in Windhoek. The TV was tested and it was working properly. The TV was damaged on the Screen after the guy put it back in the box, I left the Shop without knowing that my TV was damaged...

HiFi Corp / bad management service

Feb 19, 2019

Good Day, This would be the 3rd time my television goes back to HIFI CORP Promenade for the same problem. All three times dealing with the Manager of store - Neville and all three times has he been extremely unprofessional, poor telephone etiquette, bad customer service, dis regardless and...

HiFi Corp / tevo shox battle drones fly and shoot edn 120

Feb 4, 2019

On 03 January 2019 I bought the abovementioned product before going on leave. On 20 January 2019 the drones were opened, but the blue drone did not charge. On 23 January 2019 I returned the drones to the Hifi Corp branch to return the faulty drone. (Day 14, excluding weekends/public holiday...

HiFi Corp / 32"sansui tv

Jan 21, 2019

Hi I bought a new 32"sansui TV at klerksdorp branch. While I was watching TV I saw a black ink line on the screen. I took the TV to hi fi Corp where I bought it and they told me I throw my TV with goods I told them that is impossible because we are 3 growing up in the house. Why Wil we...

HiFi Corp / unethical behaviour

Dec 30, 2018

Order Number: 13473762, Customer Number: 103906613 I went to Kenilworth Centre to Lay-buy a chest freezer and the sales consultant were very unfriendly and almost ignored me. I was still busy asking him questions about the product and he just walked away. Another lady came to help me and...

HiFi Corp / soundbar

Dec 30, 2018

To whom it may concern I made a lay-by a few months back on a fridge freezer and a sound bar and payment was made monthly. As i got closer to finishing off my payment when i got to the store, the sales person told me that unfortunately they don't have stock of any of my items that i have...

HiFi Corp / toshiba 43 inch hd led tv

Dec 29, 2018

So I bought n Toshiba 43inch HD LED tv by hi fi corp wonder park and its been 2 weeks and it doesn't switch on anymore(2nd time) I've sent it back to just find out it works by the store, I brought it back home and it worked for a few days and now it doesn't want to switch off anymore, the...

HiFi Corp / poor customer service

Dec 14, 2018

Good evening, my name is Waledi Mashile on this day 14th December 2018 I went to hi fi Corp in festival to collect the TV and the fridge, when I got there, there was nobody who was assisting me. I kept asking that who's going help me but they kept on sending me from one person to another...

HiFi Corp / tablet phone

Dec 13, 2018

I saw an advert in store that has 10inch tablet that includes a 7inch wifi tablet for R1099 but when I was suppose to pay I was told its not available but I stil have the advert, I tried speaking to the manager but was dismissed. I ended up buying the set of tablet 7 inch, its 7inch tablet and...

HiFi Corp / broken promises

Dec 12, 2018

Good Day I purchased a 13kg defy washing machine on the 27th of November. After a week and a half i was told that there is no stock and they are unsure when stock will be received. I then requested a refund on the 6th and still my money has not been returned to me. The product is still...

HiFi Corp Arbour Crossing / sansui 48" tv

Dec 11, 2018

I bought a Sansui 48" on the 25th of November 2018 and I didn't open it for two weeks as I wanted a TV stand that could fit. On the 9th of December 2018 when I open a TV half of the screen is black. I reported online on the day of incident and called them the following day they told...

HiFi Corp / diamond 55 inch tv - repairs

Dec 10, 2018

HIFI CORPORATION PROMENADE MALL - MITCHELLS PLAIN - CAPE TOWN Purchased 52 inch Diamond TV 2016, received a 2 year warranty and we took the extended warranty which we paid extra for. On the 2 year anniversary the TV decided to die, screen blank however the sound was still working. We took it...

HiFi Corp / complaints

Dec 3, 2018

I bought a fridge at your store at Highveld Mall at 16:02 invoice number 1028837460912 cash.Sfiso was the sales person, The teller told me that the elevator is not working and I should go to the delivery for pick up.I waited and even called the store while I was waiting for my fridge till...

HiFi Corp / no delivered or feedback of online order 500061459

Dec 3, 2018

We ordered a TV online through HIFI corp on the 20th of November. Delivery was expected by the 26th of November latest. To this day - we have had no feedback on why our TV has not been delivered. we have sent various emails and phoned and only get told that Head office will contact us but...

HiFi Corp / order not delivered and no feedback from anyone at this company

Nov 29, 2018

I placed an order online for a TV and a kettle on the 21/11/2018, payment went through successfully and till to date the goods have not been delivered. When I call the Callcentre both Khaya and Jacques refused to let me speak to their manager and they also refused to allow me to collect...

HiFi Corp / delivery of goods - [hi fi ecomm #927519] re: electronic invoice

Nov 25, 2018

Good Day, the only way to get any type of response from anybody at HiFi corp is to lodge a complaint. Logged complaint last week with regards to my delivery that is due on the 27th and the attempt to deliver prior to the 27th without any notification. So on Friday I received a notification that the...

HiFi Corp / sinotec fridge

Nov 8, 2018

I'm so disappointed at the products of Hi-fi Corp. 😟 I bought a fridge there 6 months ago and it just stopped working. I don't understand how it was of good quality if it stops working after 6 months. Now I'm being sent from pillar to post for help with the repairs even though I am still...

HiFi Corp / laptop repair after only 2 months after purschase

Nov 8, 2018

Please note I still haven't received feedback on this matter. I take it theres alot of unhappy customers. Please be advised that I will not be paying for this laptop until I receive it in good condition. And if my credit record is affected negatively, I reserve the right to dispute it...

HiFi Corp / sansui cell phone

Oct 31, 2018

I bought a Sansui cellphone on the 02102018, and after two weeks it stopped working. I only managed to get time to take it back to the shop last week Saturday (27/10/2018). What disappointed me most is that one of your consultants at your customer service desk at Mabopane central city...

HiFi Corp / soundbar

Oct 16, 2018

I am reporting HiFi Corp [email protected] for worst customer relations ever. Reporting in local news paper and HeloPeter. I went to HiFi Corp to purchase a Soundbar. There was nobody on the floor to assist. I left. After two hours I went back and again nobody came to assist me. I asked the...

HiFi Corp / lg dvd player

Oct 14, 2018

Visited the HiFi Corp store at the Glen to purchase DVD player.Displayed price was R699.00. When we reached the till, we were advised by the cashier that the correct price was R849. We showed her the displayed price and she called the manager whose name was Simon / Solomon. He was very...

HiFi Corp / skyworth android tv bluetooth controller

Sep 26, 2018

Kindly explain to me why you guys sell skyworth android tv and do not stock bluetooth game console remotes? I have spoken to skyworth employee who directed me to Hirsch"s where i was told ill be able to purchase another remote what a waste of time meadowdale hirschs do not stock it cause...

HiFi Corp / bad service

Sep 25, 2018

I bought a Sansui portable PA system, in August this year, i unpacked the speaker system to use at an event the speaker hasn't even played music for 10 minutes when it started making popping sounds. Three weeks ago the 9th of September i tried to take the unit back to the N1 shop and they...

HiFi Corp / hisense fridge

Sep 5, 2018

I made a laybye for the Hisense Fridge and I was told 6 months to pay, I only made this process 3 months. Finally when I went for collection on Friday the 31st August 2018 I was told the fridge is out of stock on all branches. A lady by the name Pretty gave me attitude yelling at me that I...

HiFi Corp / tablet not functioning properly

Aug 27, 2018

I bought a tablet online, it was delivered and I signed it without opening it. When I opened it once the delivery person had left I discovered that the was no USB cable for the charger. I immediately called their customer service numbers and I spoke to a lady by the name of Jody. She said...

HiFi Corp / hisense fridge

Jul 30, 2018

I would like to lay a complaint against the delivery guys which were sent from Hifi Corp Atterbury. The guys arrived at my place around 20h00, 1 of your guys told me that the Fridge will not fit in to the door I asked for a solution and his response was "We will try", they asked for a...

HiFi Corp / alva heater

Jul 8, 2018

My Alva heater's (gas and electric dual) electric bar burst into flames leaving only two out of the three bars non functional. I brought it to the Highveld Mall stall only to be told that if I had bought a salton dual heater, I would have been able to exchange it on the spot. I asked the...

HiFi Corp / hisense 65' tv

Jun 23, 2018

bought a 65'' hisense tv from hi fi corp carnivall mall on the 23 june 2018. paid R15000 cash for, after salesperson help loading da tv on my van box flat an not standing straight. got home connected the tv but tv had cracks an blue lines when switch on. returned it to da store but da...

HiFi Corp / goods not delivered

Jun 19, 2018

On the 08th of June 2018, I purchased goods online. The first email received after making payment is that they are out of stock. I did a follow up with customer service and they re-assured me they will be receiving stock. After numerous of follow ups I received a email advising me my good...

HiFi Corp / washing machine repairs

Jun 5, 2018

On the 31.05.18 I reported a faulty washing machine to the Manager t Hi-fi corp in William Moffat in Port Elizabeth. I have send him the slip as well. I am still waiting to hear when will a technician come and see to the faulty washing machine. I bought the machine 17.01.18. The manager...

HiFi corporation / itc listing

May 23, 2018

I bought a camera from hifi Corp in 2013 paid the account in full by October witch Hifi Corp confirmed. I have found in May 2018 that I was handed over to ITC without any notification from them. When I called them the answer was sorry it's a simple mistake. " a simple mistake to mess up my...

HiFi Corp / hair machine

May 19, 2018

I bought a hair machine on the 9 May 2018 when I got home I tired to use it, it was faulty never cut my hair properly and started making noises. I returned it on the 19 May 2018 where I was told by the consultant at the store sorry we can't change this due to hygiene reasons, why is it...

HiFi Corp / sansui portable pa system ppa150 sku: 000000000010065835

May 15, 2018

I have come across this item on your website and took interest in it . After calling the Kenilworth branch, they confirmed they have stock . Upon my arrival I was informed that there is no stock available and the branch in N1 City has one available . The sales person in the Kenilworth...

HiFi Corp / bad services, humiliated, angry

May 2, 2018

Good day Angry Customer -I went to hi fi Cooperation to have my television replaced as it is still under warranty. Yesterday when I arrived at home after working a late shift I tried to switch it on and it started showing lines. This morning I took my television to Hifi Cooperation in N1 City...

Hi Fi Corporation / tv cracked screen

Apr 11, 2018

Gooday I have bought at Tv at Hi-fi corporation on 28 December 2018 in Polokwane store, on April 02, I returned the Tv because it had a cracked screen which shows it an internal thing, not a physical damage, They booked in the TV and said I will be contacted within 7 working days to update...

[Resolved] HiFi Corp / sansui 48 intch carve

Mar 16, 2018

Having a problem with the service I have received from Hi-fi Corp in Jabulane Maill. I bought a tv cash on 24 Feb 2018 at the store they only switch on without checking a damage on it. Only to find out the tv had two opening on top from the factory. I tried to closed those two opening the...