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12:26 am EDT

HalloweenExpress do not use halloweenexpress!

I have ordered a costume from HalloweenExpress website and still have no idea where my order is and when will it arrive. I keep getting messages from HalloweenExpress stating that my order is still in process, even though it was made over a month ago. When I tried to cancel my order they said that was not possible since my order was shipped. This site is a true scam, do not order anything from them!

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RoundRock AZ
Round Rock, US
Dec 06, 2022 12:41 am EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I ordered a Michael Myers Costume for $65+, and I thought it came with the mask. After finding out, that it was only the mechanic suit. I called them the next day after ordering, and wanted to do an exchange before they shipped it. Instead, they told me it was already shipped, and couldn't do anything. This was a lie though. I received an email confirmation of the item being shipped a day later.

I had to wait to receive, then send it back to get a refund.

I received the costume in a few days, and immediately sent it back via UPS. I tracked it, and it was received. Then I waited for a couple days. So I called them, and they informed me I had to wait up to 8 weeks for a refund. I patiently waited, and almost 5 weeks later I finally received a partial refund. I emailed this company with a complaint, and my phone number. I haven't received a response yet from a supervisor. To this day, I have not received an explanation from this company. I think I will take up this complaint with my bank on submitting a claim.

11:23 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HalloweenExpress Grievence/ lack of customer service

I went onto this site to buy costumes for myself and my children. When i went to the homepage, i saw this quite offensive mask of the President of the US depicted as dracula, "blackula" or "Bacackula" truly hurt my feelings and spawned 101 questions from my startled children. i dismissed it because honestly i can take a joke and i know this is a world full of things of this nature no matter who the person is. I told them that people make masks all the time that are mean to all the presidents and proceeded to go to the sites political link to prove my point. Only when we got there, there was NOT one mask that depicted any past president no matter what side as a horriffic moster the way that this mask was that was selling. I was mortified. There were masks of course but nothing that was so awful. I then told my children that i would inquire with the company on why they chose to carry something like this when they have never done so before. below is my transcript from thelive chat i has with customer service. I was quite upset already, but their lack of empathy was so transparent that i vow to never ever shop them ever. I think the way that they were so passive was more offensive to me than the mask itself. Please read below and let me know if i over reacted:

9:18 AM Jonni: Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. What can I do for you today?
9:19 AM mimi: i am quite disturbed and am hoping that someone within your organization can assist.
9:20 AM mimi: y are you guys selling such a horrific and disrespectful depiction of our country's leader? I am looking at ALL of the political masks you all are carrying and they are all tasteful EXCEPT this obscence "BLACULA" depiction you are featuring of Barrack Obama.
9:23 AM mimi: hello Jonni?
9:23 AM Jonni: I'll take a look into that for you, one moment please.
9:27 AM Jonni: We are selling these masks because people are wanting them. I apologize that it offended you.
9:28 AM Jonni: It is called Barakula, not Blacula.
9:28 AM Jonni: They are very popular and we have sold out of them as of right now.
9:29 AM mimi: all that time and that's all you and a supervisor came up with- Popular demand? I am highly offended and in this retail climate, i'm sure that you know 1 unhappy patron influences 20...
9:29 AM Jonni: Again I apologize that it offened you.
9:30 AM mimi: Can you please point out a product you carried in the past that was also highly in demand and was a blatent disrespect of our nation's leader at the time?
9:31 AM Jonni: It is not blatant disrespect. It is meant to be funny.
9:31 AM mimi: if you and your company can prove that you made George Bush into a devil, or Bill clinton into a baffon, or Ronald Raegan into a monkey, and it was "sold out" then my argument and offense taken by this product being sold will be dismissed
9:32 AM mimi: but it's not funny- not at all.
9:33 AM Jonni: Again, I apologize that you find it offensive for whatever reason.
9:35 AM mimi: this is such a disappointment- here i am ready to order my children's costumes from you people, under the impress that you are a tasteful customer friendly company and i was shock and distressed to find that you are not
9:36 AM Jonni: I gues some people could find this offensive

9:37 AM mimi: i intend on emptying my shopping cart and doing business elsewhere, but not before i post this encounter on Facebook, Twitter, huffington Post, Ireport, Myspace and anywhere and everywhere else i can find that will hear my voice and that will influence customer confidence.
9:38 AM mimi: while i know you are trying to do your best to rectify the situation, a mask of the gov of California smoking a cigar is normal practice in politics and is not at all offensive to me or anyone else with half a brain...he has done more offensive things in his movies Jonni.
9:39 AM Jonni: I am failing to see why it is so offensive but luckily we live in a free country, so you may do that if you like. I am looking at it as a "play on words" and you may want to check all halloween stores to make sure they don't sell it too. We do not produce it or manufacture it, we just pass on items in demand to consumers.
9:39 AM Jonni: I do apologize that something we sell it offending you.
9:42 AM mimi: Jonni, clearly while you are apologizing, you too find this funny and have no clue of how disrespectful it is. Your lack of service skills is infuriating me even more- the repeated "i'm sorry" is not at all empathetic nor is it convenceing that you as a representative of this company are genuine in your apology.
9:43 AM mimi: for you to represent your company by sayin "we just sell it" is horrific- you should take responsibility
9:43 AM mimi: is this a publicly owned company?
9:44 AM mimi: please provide me with the name or names of the owner, board members, shareholders, or someone who actually cares about the reputation of this brand and company as a whole. Thank you.
9:44 AM Jonni: I really do not want to upset anyone or have something we sell upset you. Again, I do not know why you find something intended to be funny offensive, but that is your opinion, and I respect that.
9:46 AM Jonni: You can make a formal complaint at this link. I really do apologize that you are upset.
9:48 AM mimi: thank you, i appreciate the link- however this is not what i requested. is this a privately owned company? in furthering my research, i see that you franchise etc. who is your e-commerce president? i'm sure they have a name.
9:48 AM mimi: i do not want my complaint to go into the general email queue- this is not a general grievence.
9:48 AM Jonni: No it is not.
9:49 AM Notice: Therese joined session.
9:50 AM mimi: thanks Jonni- but which question is this answering?
9:50 AM Therese: This is a list of our business office contacts. You may send an email to whomever you deem appropriate on this list:

9:52 AM mimi: as a representative of the company, who would YOU deem appropriate? Should i contact a merchandiser who makes the buys, or the e-commerce department, what is your professional oppinion on who this matter can be better addresses and a more appropriate response can be provided to me?
9:54 AM Therese: Please send your email to any or all of the contacts listed there that you feel need to hear your objections.
9:55 AM mimi: and Therese what is your position? have i been escalted to a supervisor? I find it quite rude that no one has informed me that you are now going to assist as opposed to Jonni
9:56 AM Therese: I am a manager, and I stepped in because this is obviously something that a customer service representative does not have the authority to do anything about, nor is her time best spent trying to handle it.
9:57 AM mimi: thank you for the introduction- very much appreciated.
9:57 AM Therese: We have now done everything for you that we are able. Let us know if you have any other questions.
9:58 AM Notice: Jonni exited session.
10:01 AM mimi: so therese in conclusion, you have really done nothing but fwd me to someone else- as manager of the service department, is it not your role to not further escalate a situation and use tactics to best appease the customer- no while i know that you have no control over the merchandising aspect of your products, i truly feel like my grievence is going unheard and no one cares because bottom line people are buying this product so my feelings or the feelings of every sane person who finds this ofensive will contiune to go un heard
10:01 AM Therese: No it is not. Send your emails. We have customers to help.
10:03 AM mimi: Therese- i thank you kindly for your lack of customer service abilites- i see why Jonni had such a hard time- lack of skilled leadership. " you have customers to help-" priceless. I thank you for your time and i look forward to writing your company. Happy Halloween.

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, US
Jun 07, 2012 3:37 am EDT

I ordered a costume for a bachelorette party, but a few minutes later, I found the same costume online for much cheaper. Since they have a guaranteed refund policy, I figured I'd just email them to cancel my order so I can get a full refund. I wanted to save them the trouble of having to ship the item to me. The customer service rep I chatted with, DEB, was so incredibly rude and basically said that the item I ordered was about to be shipped so they would not issue me the refund. I asked if there was any way she can intervene since technically it has not been shipped yet, but she didn't want to lift a finger. In fact, she became more irate and rude as I kept trying to ask her to help me. She said I literally have to receive the item, then send it right back for the refund, which means I now have to spend more money sending the item back to them! Not only is it extremely wasteful on an environmental standpoint, but it makes absolutely no business sense! Ridiculous! DEB, I'm surprised your pea sized brain allows you to hold down a job, let alone one that requires decent customer service. BEWARE OF THIS WEBSITE! DO NOT ORDER HERE!

, US
Oct 11, 2011 5:20 pm EDT

I bought 5 items from this company and when they arrived, 2 out of the 5 were damaged (and not from the shipping) The shoes were all scuffed up and one of the costumes and a big rip down the front. I called on Mon and they said they would ship me out a new pair of shoes by Thurs. which is when I needed them. It is now the following Monday, and they still haven't arrived. As for the ripped costume, I asked if I will be reimbursed for the return shipping charges since the item they sent was obviously damaged. The customer rep I spoke with kind of chuckled saying "no, " and got VERY passive-agresive with me explaining how her company already lost a lot of money on me by resending out the shoes. Uh, Hello... It's your company's fault that I recieved damaged shoes in the first place, and there fault that they didn't follow through on their promise to get the new pair to me by Thurs. I wish I took her name because the way she acted was totally uncalled for.

Dallas, US
Oct 18, 2009 9:47 pm EDT

I'm sure all they're able to do is fwd you those names ... you should be happy they stayed in online chat long enough to give you that.

Flemington, US
Oct 12, 2009 11:31 am EDT

Wow. A little thin skinned?

3:28 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

HalloweenExpress Return Policy

I bought a package of "witch leg warmers", in a sealed bag, with a description of "one size fits all". They were $17.99 plus tax. When I got home I took them out to find out they were actually fingerless gloves. I took them back to the store with the now opened packaging, the store manager told me he could not give me a refund or even store credit on anything for the legs which had been opened. These were gloves, very obviously way too skinny for legs and did not stretch, but since the packaging said leg warmers, he refused to take them back. The receipt said "all sales final" and despite the fact that this is a labeling error on their part, they firmly stick to that.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Dec 10, 2008 1:28 pm EST

The Halloween Express In North Little Rock is a complete rip off. They have a 'No refund, No Exchange' policy. This is all good because you would think that the reason why they have this policy is so that people can not wear costumes and bring them back. However, I believe that the reason why they have this policy is because they know that when customers realize that they can find several of the exact same costumes at Walmart for cheaper they will want to return their costume they bought from them. I bought my daughter a cinderella costume and it cost 40.00 for just the dress. I then had to purchase the crown which was 6.99 and the gloves which were 6.99. I was outraged when I went to Walmart and found the dress and crown being sold together for 19.99. And the exact same gloves were 1.00. What happened? Did Halloween Express remove the crown from the dress and sell them separately to make a bigger profit? Many other costumes that I seen at that store are also in Walmart for about 20 or 30 dollars cheaper. I feel they did me a dis service by selling me something that they knew was not worth that price. I will never shop there again.

Salem, US
Apr 19, 2010 10:52 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Halloween Express and other Halloween specialty stores commonly charge more than the retail price you will find at drug stores, super stores, and retailers such as Walmart. Expect to pay at least 20% more at these Halloween stores. They also specialize in small props such as accessories, so they may not be included with the costume. Shop around first before going to a Halloween store.

Salem, US
Apr 19, 2010 10:43 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

When there is a sign at the register indicating that "All Sales Are Final", ask the clerk if you can open and inspect the product right then and there.

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