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I was purchasing 3 appliances a refrigerator, stove-gas, and a dishwasher. The sales guy never introduced himself or I could give you his name. It occured 06/27/12 at approximately 7:30 pm at the Deptford NJ store. I asked to get the 5% off my three appliances I was purchasing and was denied. He stated one of the appliances must total over 499.00 and the total of the three did not count to get the 5% off. I do not understand this as I was in about a week ago and was told I could get the 5% off due to my total purchase price qualified. We filled out a credit app before even discussing prices. we were told this was the procedure. After I did not want to purchase these 3 appliances from this clerk because I felt he had made an error he jumps up and says to go buy those appliance from the person I spoke to last week. I asked to speak to a manager who was Rich Wells and asked him for my credit application back since it had not been put through yet and he denied me saying NO it belongs to them and the bank. I asked him for a copy and he also denied me a copy. I will be contacting the BBB with this situation and my attorney. I deserve an answer on why me and my friend were treated so poorly for asking clarification on this issue. The sales clerk should of gotton the manager to come over and explain this decision to us. Instead we were left sitting in the seats as he walked away. This is no way to treat good paying customers. I want a reply about this from corporate.
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    TheWayItIs Sep 10, 2012

    The retail stores are NOT privy to credit card application denial decision reasons. That is the LAW. It is a privacy issue and between you and the issuing bank. With most retailers, on the other hand, hold your own and you'll get a discount.

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