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I bought a GE washing machine in July from the new HH Gregg store in Hickory NC. The first day of September the tub broke and literally knocked the front panel off the machine throwing clothes and water all over my laundry room. I called HH Gregg, some young lady took the call, although I asked for a manager, she insisted she could take care of it. She told me, since I did not buy the extended warranty I would have to take it up with GE. I again asked for a manager, she gave me GE’s 1-800 number. I again told her I wanted to speak to a manager. She put me on hold and then the phone started to ring… She transferred me to GE’s 1-800 number. I hung up and called the store back. I guess HH Gregg has caller ID because the phone clicked and then a short pause and then it rang again, yeah, she transferred me back to GE’s 1-800 number. Furious, I went through the automated phone system with GE just to find out they were closed. The next day I called the store and finally got a hold of a manager named “Jeff”. Of course after explaining the crap I went through the night before. Jeff apologized and told me he would take care everything and call me right back. Well the next day, I called the store back and asked for Jeff the manager, some guy named Jeffery got on the phone, I asked him if he had got any were with my complaint. He quickly let me know he did not know anything about my complaint. I explained to him that I spoke to him the day before about it. Of course he was not working the day before. So I explained my problem again. Yeah... right... he’ll take care of it and call me right back. The next morning, I called back to the store and asked for Jeffery the manager... Jeffery not working today, I got to speak to Phyllis, of course she did not know anything about my complaint, I explained it to her... yeah... right... she’ll take care of it and call me right back. She did call me back around 9:00 that night to tell me she did not get anywhere with my problem and suggested I call GE’s 1-800 number which I did do the next day. Guess what, they were closed. Monday I did get a hold of GE and it turns out Jeffery called them and a service guy was scheduled to come out to my house on Thursday a week and two days after I first called HH Greg, I would have been real nice for someone to let me know. So now, due to GE’s 8 hour window, I have to take the whole day off from work to wait on the repairman. The repair man gets here scratches his head, tells me he’s never see this before, no problem though he’ll fix it, he’ll be back next week with the parts, and oh yeah, with the 8 hour window, I had to take the whole day off from work again. So anyway one week later he comes back out and fixes the machine, oh joy it only cost me more than I paid for the machine in the first place to take two days off from work and feed the machine at the laundry mat for two weeks but its fixed. We’ll almost one month to the day, the motor when out. Again I called HH Gregg, again since I did not buy there extended warranty….yeah I knew the drill. I told Jeffery I would bring it back to the store and buy a new, better, more expensive machine, with the extended warranty if her would give me the cost of this GE junk towards it... nope... deal with GE. I called GE and pleaded with then to let me take the machine to a repair center so I would not have to take to two days off again. Ms. Lovewine (case # 769653) at GE said nope, GE does not have any authorized repair centers, just home repairs. I asked if I could put the machine outside in my garage with water and power hook up for the repair man to fix with out me needing to be there. Nope, Ms. Lovewine said the repairman needed to see the machine in the atmosphere it was being used in, I reminded her he was just there a month ago, nothing had changed. After a while Ms. Lovewine said, while highly unlikely, she would ask if the repairman could work on the machine in my garage and someone would call me on Monday to let me know if he would do that. Needless to say. I’m not waiting on Monday. Today I’m going to buy a new non HH Gregg, non GE washing machine. I would suggest anyone thinking about buying anything from HH Gregg, do what I should have done in the fist place, search the internet, there are hundreds of complaints just like mine. I guess you figured out buy now I’ll never buy anything from HH Gregg again and I will remember my experience for a long time and retell it to anyone I hear is planning on any type of purchase from any store in the future.


  • Rc
    R Cooper Apr 08, 2008

    Too bad you purchased from HHgregg, Should have gone to Sunrise Appliance--a locally owned business with it's own service dept. I have purchased everything from them for 20 years and am very pleased. Stay out of the Big Box;s and buy local--or STOP compaining.

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  • Ha
    HAZZ May 21, 2008

    first of all you should have asked what the return policy was. 10 days at HHGREGG, if you dont buy the extended warranty, its up to you to contact GE and deal with them. If you would have bought the extended warranty HHGREEG would have replaced it with no problem. Things are not made like they were 20 years ago and they do break down. We have NAFTA to thank for that .

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  • Ca
    Carol May 31, 2008

    I'm not sure why you felt the need to deal with HH Gregg for this issue. The warranty for the machine is owned by GE, not HH Gregg. It's the consumer's responsibility to understand the store's return policy, and the product's warranty terms and conditions.

    Sorry that you had a bad experience, but I feel that HH Gregg went above and beyond to even contact GE in the first place.

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  • Ke
    Kenneth Harris Jun 11, 2008

    Dear HH Gregg/Whirlpool

    I purchase a Whirlpool Washer and Dryer when the HH Gregg Store first open here in Huntsville and have had noting by trouble with both appliances, especially the Washer. The Dryer have went out twice and the Washer four times, it’s almost unbelievable. I visited the HH Gregg store and the representative explained that they were not responsible for repairs for the appliance and that I should contact Whirlpool directly. I must say that I am extremely dissatisfied with the outcome of the above situation. Unless, things change, I plan to never buy from you again; I made note of some of your other customers who filed complaints on the internet. I must say that it is deservedly warrant. I remember seeing the two gentle at the Huntsville Airport that brought out the appliances when they were traveling back to New Jersey. I hope the HH Gregg there is better than the one here.

    The Washer has been repair for a cost of $65.00 the first time, then $60.00 plus parts of $49.52 (this is the second this part was replaced), $22.40 and 17.50 (I replaced this part myself after paying a family friend $20.00 for coming over to help with the repair). The Dryer was repair at a cost of $45.00 dollars, and it’s not drying properly even as I type. I would appreciate if the cost of parts and repairs be refunded to me at the above name and address. The total cost of the repairs is $241.92 plus 37.50. Thank you in advance for your valuable time and cooperation.


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  • Jo
    Joe Jul 10, 2008

    I repair appliances. As far as washers and dryers go, NEVER buy a GE/HotPoint/RCA model. Sure, I make money fixing them. But they are garbage.

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  • Sa
    sammen89 Jul 28, 2009

    H.H. Gregg's return policy is only 10 days, Best Buy is 30 days, Sears is 90 days... but its up to the Manufacturer to make a quality product, when you chose not to take advantage of the Extended Warranty or Service Contracts (Where Sears is best known for, Best Buy's program has gotten better) you are taking a major risk and outside of the return policy you deal with the manufacturer.

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  • Pa
    PaulMS Oct 28, 2009

    HHGregg is just the middleman. They sell the same models that you see at Sears, Best Buy, Lowe's, Home Depot, or any of the local wannabes. GE is responsible for the warranty, not the retailers. Your insistence on making the vendor responsible for enforcing the manufacturers warranty is not only ludicrous, it is downright hilarious. People like you are the 20% that cause 80% of the problem. Please, however, do not take this as an insistance for you not to express your opinion, as I need all the laughs I can muster!

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  • St
    stangbanger Nov 02, 2009

    And this is why they suggest the extended warranty and you should always but it!!! But let me guess you are probably one of those people that's all bent out of shape and say's things like " well if this is such a good product why do I need a warranty?? " Well guess ya got your answer didn't ya?? Next time when the nice salesman suggests that you get the nice warranty?? Do it be smart for once and buy it because no nothing is made like it was 20 freakin years ago lady!!! Oh and get over it because you where the one that refused the extended warranty now weren't you.

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  • Kn
    Knowswhatimtalkingabout Nov 13, 2009

    I am currently working as an employee for hhgregg. The return policy is 14 days at our store. Almost every appliance or electronic hhgregg sells has its own manufacturer warranty, which will usually consists of 12 months. If you do not purchase a PSP (service plan/extended warranty) with hhgregg when purchasing a product, the responsibility of servicing your product after 14 days lies solely with the manufacturer of the product, not hhgregg.
    The employees at hhgregg are very sorry about your trouble with your appliance or electronic, and would very much like to assist you in finding the correct person for you to speak with about your situation. If no service plan/extended warranty was purchased, hhgregg will provide you with the phone number of the manufacture of the product and any purchasing information you might need (ex. date of purchase, amount paid, method of payment, model number). If you did purchase a service plan/extended warranty with hhgregg, we would be more than happy to assist you. However, corporate only allows its service people to do the servicing, who are not located at the stores. That requires the customer to call the service number (1-800-28-GREGG), explain to them your situation and schedule a service call. The employees or managers at the store cannot schedule a service call for you. If it is determined that your product cannot be repaired after being serviced, the service plan/extended warranty allows for an exchange of either the exact same product or a new product with the customer paying or being reimburse for the difference in price.
    It's all very simple really. But there is no reason to blame the store for problems you are having with your product. The problems are caused by manufacturer errors, and there is no way for stores to know which product is going to mess up. That is why sales associates at hhgregg go through such extensive training programs (unlike other store employees that only work for their company for a few weeks). Hhgregg employees will most likely recommend the better brands, the ones they know to be the best. But it is up to the consumer to do some research too. Just like with buying a car or home, making a major purchase requires consumers to research all manufactures and see for themselves what they're deciding on.

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  • Un
    Unsatisifedcustomers Mar 09, 2010

    To Knowswhatimtalkingabout I used to work for H.h. Gregg and my wife and I purchased a Frigidare stackable washer and dryer. After having it repaired and replaced three different times for issues with the washer. Then having the pump go out and flood our utility room. The screws in the dryer tub came out allwing it to drop down and break the element. After that happened for the second time we went to a competitor and bought a Whirpool duet stackable and I am happy to say have not had one problem from it yet. Wwe tried to deal with H.H. gregg's service department and eventually Frigidares. We discourage anyone we know form buying any applaince from H.H> gregg and especialyy any Frigidare appliances. We were very frustrated with the help from the store. which was almost non existenet. And yes we did buy the extended warranty thank god or we would have been out a ton of money. H.H. gregg doesn't seem to know the meaning of porper customer service when it comes to issues wiht an itm they sell.

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  • Sa
    Sandbeach May 14, 2010

    HH GREGG did not install diswasher correctly, damaged hose leaked, ruined new floors in two rooms. HHG says it is the installer problem. Have now retained attorney, have mold issue as it was slow leak where the hose was damaged when installed. Dishwasher is in garage, damaged front when they took it out. After getting home where we wanted, now washing dishes by hand for over a month. HHG has bad service, does not stand behind what they sell, and the timeframe of getting any answers is months. Family sick from mold. Wilmington NC store. Think long and hard before buying from HHG, they do not stand behind what they sell and have lousy response to service to their customers. You will find complaints about HH Gregg on many websites. BEWARE!!!

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  • Aq
    aquafreeta Oct 19, 2011

    I am sorry for your experience. For those of you saying that they should have bought the extended warranty, it does not help either. HH Gregg WILL NOT replace something just because you have the extended warranty. They will tell you to bring the item to them and they will send off for 6-8 weeks to repair. Can you go without a washer for 6-8 weeks? I can't. AND, unless you have a truck, you have to find a way to get it back to HH Gregg. Had this happen to me with a 60" DLP after having it only one yr, then happened again after 3 yrs. We had the 5 yr warranty that we paid alot of money for but ended up fixing it ourselves because of the hassles. Unfortunately we bought more stuff after the fact and got burned again. Lesson learned, buy somewhere else!

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  • Hh
    hhgreggsucks May 24, 2012

    I hate HHGreggs Insurance company they work with. I will never buy another product with them due to the fact they have horrible customer service. I purchased a t.v and purchased insurance just in case something happens to my 55 inch television. Two months later out of nowhere my television blew out. I speak to the insurance company and they send a repair man... He says they should not have sent him out there b.c he needs to order a part. They call me a few days later telling me the part is on backorder and I have to wait 2 months for the part???!! REALLY?? What if I told them It would take them 2 months to receive my payment..

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