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phone tech support fee!

Hi, i have a HP complaint!

I have the following:

**hp pavilion a605x
**serial number: mxk4300vow
**windows xp home

issues date: 2/17/07
ref. Number: #gqd681-01
case number: #[protected]

I have always used bought and used h/p products in the past. After my experience today, i will reconsider this in the future! This is what happened!!!!

**my kid's did something to my computer that left me no choice but to phone h/p for help.

**yes......i was fully aware of the fact that my warranty has expired. But for the (little) tech support that i needed to get my system running again, i was still charged $49.99, which i feel was ("highway robbery") to say the least! All i had to do, from the advice from a hp tech support agent type in (one word)! That's it! Just one word! The word was... (administrator)! And i was still charged this $49.99.
**this seems lie a "rip-off" to me!

**i could understand if i had to be on the phone with a h/p tech support agent for a (long time). And were this agent had to go through (severl steps, etc., etc.) in order to resolve my issue/issues! But for him to only give my a (1) word to spell out, in order to resolve my issue! Cut me a break!

**it was a microsoft box were i had to type in a correct (username). I did not know what to type in. So after having $49.99 charged to my credit card, i was told that i "only had to type in the word....administrator"!

**again........this does not seem far for the little help that i received to get my system going again!
Please help me her and tell me if you agree that this seems a (little much) to be charged this $49.99 for (just one word)?
Thanks for your understanding!

Please get back to me on this. And please tell me if there is a way that i could have this $49.00 fee (waived) this one time. Or if i could at least have this amount (reduced) for the little help that i actually needed from this hp rep.

  • Al
    albert Sep 12, 2007
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    Verified customer

    you're a stupid ###. you should have researched for the answer of the problem first before you agreed to pay for the support. ur were just too lazy in finding the solution doesnt matter whether the solution was easy or hard.the fact that your warranty has expired reserves HP the right to have you pay for the phone support.###***e!

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  • Br
    brenda mayhew Nov 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I am having a problem getting my computer to accept my plug and play printer. When I first hooked it up it worked fine now it does not recognize my printer. I have a compaq presario and my printer is a hp 1315v all in one plug and play devise My computer is about 1 1/2 yrs old and the printer is about 2 yrs old. I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.

    Thank you

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  • Br
    brenda mayhew Nov 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    for any one who answers my question my address is as written above, I did not type it in correctly before


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os and other problems

One year warranty of computer has completed on 09/12/2006. During this period,we have format our computer six times but still same hanging problem happening with this computer. It takes more times to boot system like six to seven minutes. System takes more times to open any program or file. We have no other options to install any operating systems because of HP web site has only selected drivers.There is no sonic writer software driver (only updates), no shortcut key's driver of multimedia keyboard & also if we install any other operating system (win xp professional) then starts hanging & stop program again & again. We complaint to hp they tell we don't provide any software solutions. Then still we have only one option that we can install only that OS given by HP rather then any other.

2nd problem is that' I complain to HP for Monitor Then HP engineer has changed one of the component then after few weeks still same problem started again. We again complaints to HP on dated 15/12/06 they told us your warranty has completed.

ink rip off!

Bought HP F380 printer/scanner/copier from Tesco's only to find that the ink ran out quick. I assumed that it came with a very small amount of ink for reasons of enhancing the sale of the printer and decided next time round would purchase a bigger amount of ink to last longer. Apparently this is not possible. It seems that the two cartridges that were supplied with the printer are not purposely made smaller ( 5ml ) to enhance the sale of the printer, they are the only size available for it. It seems for all other HP printers that if you are happy to pay approx £4 extra you can buy 30ml of ink (approx £20). It seems to have become accepted that you just roll over and get ripped for ink without moaning, but this I find is just like being laughed at right in your face. These things must cost just pence to recycle back to the shops ready for resale. This is written in the hope that others will read and steer well clear of HP, or at least the F380 printer in the hope that it will help someone out.............While I am here I would like to praise the makers (Neumatic) of Henry vacuum cleaners and help out anyone thinking of buying a vacuum who wants to actually get something for their money. !!BUY A HENRY!! - you will never regret it - 7 years down the line mine is running just like the day it was bought.

selling in black!

I have booked the gas 40 days back, and they told me that i will receive in three days, now its almost 1.5...

simply unacceptable service!

I had a HP 517 digital camera that would not take more than 3 or 4 pictures before the "battery dead" message appeared and it shut down.

Sometimes turning it off then on again would "revive" it. Using regular alkaline AA batteries would't work - they caused the camera to shut down when I tried to take the very first picture. I called HP and after holding for quite a while each time, I had to talk to 9 different people in 3 sessions, most who's command of English was marginal. I had to fax in proof of purchase, because they automatically (the voice response system too) said it was out of warranty, without even getting any information from me! I had to explain the situation and listen to stupid ideas like "take the memory card out", then finally perform a firmware upgrade while on the phone with the tech. Each session took at least 3 people to get to the next step in the process. When the Firmware upgrade didn't do the trick, they finally relented and said they would send a new camera, if I was willing to give them a credit card number. The camera came a week later (by Fed-ex) The new one seems to work fine, with the same batteries that failed to power the old ones. However, I spent about 2-3 hours on the phone with those 9 people - attempting to convince them that my problem was real. That's simply not acceptable!

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the experience of customer service worsens with each interaction

I bought my laptop in August 2006 and after only 3-4 months the battery back up has decreased considerablly and there were electric shocks from the metallic parts of the laptop ( like the PCMCIA Lock, The Metallic grill of the speaks and the mic and the headphone jacks and regarding this problem i had called the call centre of HP and the experience was not at all encouriging One of the chat technicians asked me to update the bios on system which did not sound logical to me but as he was working with HP i reluctantly agreed to do that and that was the starting of all the problems the dll files were effected and i had to format the system to get the system back to normal as OS repair and parallel reinstall did not help at all and i had a word with the Customer Advocacy group at banglore and they also were not that supportive and out rightly rejected my justified demand of compensation for the loss that i had incurred from all this and finally deposited my laptop on 11 Jan 2007 at HP service centre
Hewlett-Packard India Pvt. Ltd
24-30, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase III
(Near Kashyap Motors)
New Delhi 110 020 India
Phone: +[protected]
Fax: +[protected]

Having complaint no [protected] , but i received this back by saying that battery is calibrated and now there will be no problem and they also installed some battery checking software which did not run once i got the system back.
Above all these people at the service centre did something that cleared all the information stored in the forms for the webpages and i lost all the passwords for different accounts and now it will take me about one week to get the passwords (PIN) from different banks and service providers and i will again be at loss for about 1 week again i fail to understand that for a hardware problem where was need to mess with the form settings and already saved passwords and how that can help a hardware problem Being a hardware engineer i can well make out the problem area but these people are not ready to listen to this and are not ready to think about those points at all.
Above all these people are not ready to compensate for the problems that a customer face due to them
This Laptop is under warranty period.
I had a word with a Supervisor at the HP callcentre, Shekhar at Customer advocacy group at banglore and Moitry, Shaheen, and a service engineer at HP Service centre at Okhla Phase 3. they were polite and suportive but were not ready to think about what i had to say and made sure that did all by their books regardless of anything.
I am not thinking of filling a case in the consumer court against HP.

hp pavillions stink and so does their customer service!

January 9, 2007. HP Pavillions stink and so does thier customer service. I have been having issues with HP's Pavillion "media Center" PC, since 11-26-06 (day after Thanksgiving). The issues are the OS (XP Media Center) keeps going corrupt. The thing basicly acted like the 1970's movie charector, "Sybil." Didn't matter what i tried to do, the PC went corrupt, in many ways. HP Customer Service was not help either.

Since 11-26-06 (day 1 of purchase) , via phone, I was constantly hearing "that will be 60 dollars to fix the problem", on a brand new PC. When I protested it and said it should be covered since it's not even a week old (HP Pavillion M7570N).

I have dealt with 13 customer service people (phone and internet chat, "Total care" on HP site), total. My "Media Center" PC is still going corrupt, even after a total "disk format" or "wipe and recovery" (from the 3 CD roms sent). These folks clearly don't stand behind their product or know what they are doing. I was also told that I would not get back the 1000 dollars for this door stop, being only 2 months old. They proclaim they will not refund the money because "there's nothing physically wrong with the unit". I won't even get into trying to contact "quality department", who has "case workers" to supposedly fix the issues, or OK a refund.

I clearly do not recommend HP products of any kind. This last 2 months has left a VERY bad taste in my mouth for Compaq and HP. If they do not know how to fix the problem, or stand behind their product, BYPASS them now!. Due to these issues, my broadcast show cannot air, since I cannot "produce it". Thanks HP! I don't know how JD powers thinks this a great place for awards for customer service!

  • Ya
    yasan Dec 03, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My laptop is not getting to start.

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Speights Dec 15, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased this new Media Center PC at BestBuy on 10/22/07, and it took 2 weeks to get all my software & hardware working with Vista.

    When we tried to set up the oncreen TV (internal) tuner through the Media Center software, it failed. Having used an external TV tuner on my older Dell, we didn't think it would be a problem getting it to work. Wrong! The Media Center was indeed able to recognize our Satellite set-top box so we could get picture and sound, but the last step in the set-up process gave an error: IR Cable Not Recognized. (Note that without being able to set up the TV feature in the Media Center, there is no way to get onscreen TV.) After countless calls to HP for assistance with this issue, NOT ONE service rep knew ANYTHING AT ALL about setting up the internal TV tuner. Moreover, there were apparently no instructions available to them to understand the problem or the solution and at least 2 of the reps didn’t know what “IR” meant!

    The HP Elite manual we received with the HP was not even up to date. It showed a diagram of an EXTERNAL TV tuner box with cables, but no reference was made to the now INTERNAL infrared sensor. We wasted HOURS on the phone, ran through dozens of exercises with positioning the cables, one rep even took over control of our PC to try to simulate the problem, and yet another had us take the PC casing off to check for broken wires, etc., all to no avail. We received nothing but promises that the problem would be fixed with the part they would eventually ship. The "part" was always the same--a new remote control! We now have 3 remote controls, all of which work, but that was NEVER the problem! We asked for new cables each time because everything worked but the cables. The cable “part” was apparently never in the order system, according to the last rep we talked to, meaning they couldn't order it (which is, I suppose, why they kept sending a new remote control!).

    After feverishly making other arrangements to borrow an old, slow Dell PC—then the time-consuming part of setting it up with all our accounting and work-related software knowing we’d be without the new PC for at least a week, we finally agreed to ship our new HP to the factory on 11/23 for diagnosis & repair. We were told several times it would be 4-7 days before we would get it back. I received an automated email on 11/29 stating the expected return would be 12/5.

    A few days after the PC was received by HP, a manager from the Tech Repair center called. He had our PC in front of him and we again walked through the entire TV tuner set-up problem with him. That's the last we've heard until I checked on 12/5 on the website for repair order status. We had NOT RECEIVED ANY emails or calls informing us of any additional problems, so we postponed commitments and made arrangements to be here all day for the delivery of our HP on December 5th. After checking the website, I found that the update revealed a new delivery date of December 17th! Since we were not informed of this, we AGAIN had to make additional arrangements or a loaner PC!

    We have spent countless wasted hours on the phone with tech support reps who know absolutely nothing! They refuse to let you speak to a supervisor and keep you waiting on the phone constantly. We were finally able to get transferred to the Repair Unit on Dec. 13th, where a Tech Repair Specialist (who refused to let me speak to his manager) told me the PC was all fixed - that it was a software problem - and that it would be shipped out that afternoon via FedEx. I felt somewhat at ease and asked him to email me a FedEx tracking number, which he agreed to do. The next morning when no email was received, I looked at the status order website and found our PC was now changed to a delivery on 12/24! No one EVER called to give us this information! They arbitrarily change the shipping dates and don't have the guts to call you!

    I have written lengthy letters of complaint to all the Executive team members, and not one of them has even acknowledged my letters. I've also faxed them--with no result. I was able to get in touch with a Customer Relations manager yesterday, and after waiting forever on the phone, he transferred me to a case manager who told me they were waiting on a "part" and there was nothing they could do. Bottom line is they can hold your equipment hostage for as long as they want without regard to your inconvenience or hardship.

    No one has offered to replace the faulty PC and they refuse to compensate their customers for all the downtime with no PC and aggravation of wasted calls due to their faulty equipment and unskilled personnel. It is the worst company to deal with--all you get is apologies for the inconvenience but no action. The executive staff consider customers the lower end of the food chain and shrug their shoulders at any complaints. BestBuy refuses to take the machine back because it's over their 14-day return policy. We have been without a workable PC for going on 2 months now, and it's just our bad luck we chose HP. We recommend that if you're looking for a good PC and good customer support, DON'T BUY HP!!!

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  • Bo
    Bob Erickson Feb 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    02-28-2008 I too have purchased a HP M7570N I AGREE WITH.. Mikel Grenier It has been a nightmare. After to many calls to count for customer service and on line support failed, I also was sent 3 disks to do a total Recovery, And as sure as Mikel says my computer still is not operating properly. I had one customer Service Tech , that took control of my PC remotely abandon the session in the middle of "fixing my problem" I think he ran out of the building leaving me hang on for 50 minutes . After I hung up and called a CASE MANAGER , She tried to contact this tech and she said he blocked her call. I then mentioned I should sue HP for a year and a half of repeated problems, she ended the call saying If I mention any legal action she can not talk to me any more. I purchased the extended top of the line warranty. I am unsure what my next step is going to be, but I would not recommend buying an HP to my worst enemy.

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  • Ph
    phillip Hackett May 16, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i bought a media center pc from HP its the most expensive piece of junk i have ever bought. i have vowed to never buy HP ever again.

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extremely disappointed with hp customer service!

This review is not so much of the product, but more of Hewlett Packard's Customer Service department...

incomplete delivery of hp xb3000 notebook base!

Re: complaint about incomplete delivery of hp xb3000 notebook base

I have purchased hp pavilion dv9010tx notebook pc the details of which is as under:
Serial no. : (S) cnf6360ywb
Product : (1p) re164pa
Option : (30p) acj
Model no. : dv9010tx
Seller : m/s enfotech
C-1 gf, aruna park, main vikas marg
Laxmi nagar, delhi-110092.
Ph. : 011-[protected], [protected]
Bill no. : et/1161/2006-07 dated 30-nov-2006

My notebook and carry case was delivered to me against cash payment on the same day. However I could get my hp xb3000 notebook base only on 13-dec-2006 that too after lot of telephones, persuasions, requests and follow-up. The details of this base are as under:

Serial no. : (S) 2ce6311g79
Product no. : (1p) es236aa

But to my dismay I have been delivered the incomplete unit. On checking on your web-site and having discussions with your executives on your help-line telephone numbers and other dealers in delhi, I understood that atleast the following four items which are integral part of this notebook base/docking system are missing::

1. Wireless key board
2. Wireless mouse
3. Wireless reception unit of above two
4. Power adapter

I had drawn the attention of the dealer to this short delivery. After lot of persuasions and explanations (And perhaps just for face saving) , the dealer has agreed to deliver the rest of items if he receive an e-mail from your good office confirming that above four items are the part and parcel of the main unit.

Thanks and regards
Ravi gupta

notebook broke down after 32 days of purchase

Purhased a Pavilion DV5218NR Notebook on 8/26/06 from Best Buy. On 9/27/06 the notebook display went dim/dark. I called tech support on 9/27 and from this point the nightmare started.

Tech support took me through several techniques to try to fix the problem, but nothing worked. 9/28/06 -HP sent a Fedex box and shipping label for me to send back to them for repairs. I was told it would take 3-5 business days for service and return back to me. Today is 12/7/06 and I still have not received a fixed notebook. HP repair received by notebook on 10/3 according to the Fedex tracking number. Called 10/5 to followup on status. Tech support had to place a product call and said to call back later. 10/10/06 - I gave it a few days and followed up. I was told the repairs were done the notebook was going through the final testing phase and that I would receive an email with the status of shipping which would probably be that day (10/10) or the next. 10/11/06 - checked email and nothing was there about my notebook. Called and tech support said the order was canceled and it would take other 3-5 days to repair. I received no explanation for the cancellation. I was told to call back between 9-6 (MT) for a quality case manager to express my concern. I called back that day and was placed on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up because no one returned to the phone. 10/12/06 - I finally spoke with a QCM and received a case number. Followed up 10/17 - 11/6 - no notebook. On 11/7 - notebook was sent back to me unrepaired and a replacement was suppose to be sent. It was suppose to take 14 days to build and send. My QCM said I would have it the week of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving can and went - nothing. 11/28/07 - Called and spoke with another QCM and was told the order was shipped to Burlington, VT and it was received on 11/20/06.

I live in Virginia (VA). I left a voicemail for my QCM that day. 11/29/06 - my QCM left me a voicemail stating my unit was shipped to the wrong place and they were sending shipping labels to that person and having them ship the unit to me. 12/4/06 - Spoke with my QCM and she said the according to the tracking number the unit had not been shipped yet. She would call me by 12/6 -- I didn't hear from her, so I called on 12/7. She wouldn't take my call so I had to leave a voicemail. This has been the worst experience of my life! This has been the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. I am going on 3 months without a notebook that I only had for 32 days. They were only suppose to fix the display and through it all they couldn't repair it because they calm it was the motherboard which was on backorder for long period of time and the parts was coming from overseas (which could be held up) -- I am living in the "HP Twilight Zone" and it is not fun at all.

  • Jo
    Joey Nov 16, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought the same - HP Pavilion DV5218nr laptop - from Best Buy in Sept. 2006. In October 2007, just over 1 year, my display was not working - horizontal lines. if this is the type of quality that HP now has, I will never buy an HP laptop again.

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  • Ch
    Chris Brown Dec 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had my DV5218nr laptop for over a year and use it everyday. Other than the w key sticking for a brief period a few weeks ago I have had no issues with my laptop.

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non attend the telephone calls or no response.

We purchased one Printer HP F380 and completed all formalities for getting the free gift (256 MB Pendrive) and send the required papers by courier to your Nehruplace office Attn. Ms. Gurnazz Kaur.

After sending we have tried several times to contact Ms. Gurnazz Kaur in the given telephone number. But 3 days continuous efforts were found waste.

Then we got one Phone number of your Gurgaon office of Ms. Gauri Sethi. That guy is also absent from seat.

Please explain why this happenings ?
When we are buying one thing you have to handover whatever accessories free with this product because we are paying full amount at once. You are claiming that the 256 MB pendrive worth Rs. 1000/. This is a himalayan blunder. At the same time 1GB Kingston pendrive is available only for 850 in the market.

for example anybody buying one Saree and getting one Blouse piecefree with that product why should we go to register online with several channels and await for ?

We feel very bad after paying the full amount and
not attending our calls it is a foolish thing.

All buyers of your products not having internet connections to register online and getting free gifts.
This is an extra burden that buying a HP product for common people.

plastic cover cracked!

The back plastic cover of the LCD around the hinges started cracking a couple of months after I purchased the machine. It is getting worse by the day. I called HP customer service but I was told that I had to pay over $600 to replace the LCD, even though this is clearly a design flow. The customer service representative was among the worst I had encountered. It was easier to talk to a machine. He kept telling me that he inputted the word crack in some support database and it came back with "must pay over $600". How is it possible that HP support can tell what happened to my machine without even looking at it?
This seems to me that HP knows about this design flow but does not want to take responsibility.

  • Ad
    adapterlist Aug 28, 2009

    The laptop is cool. I purchase a new from dell. However, The battery of running time is too low. I bought new one from . Does anyone have this problem?

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I feel like I have been ripped off!

I had a complete hard drive failure on a three year old HP model Pavilion 7905 and needed to replace it. Unfortunately, I cannot find my set of Recovery disks, so I called HP to get a copy. HP informed me that they no longer support my PC (I never received an end of support notice), copies are not available and that I needed to purchase (excuse me, purchase again!) the Windows XP Home edition (retail) version.

When I called Microsoft they informed me that they couldn't help either since this was an OEM copy of their software and even if they sent me a cd they would have to supply a new key. They asked if I
have contacted HP to purchased the replacement drive from them since the OEM key applies to the installed drive only. WOW! I must be really naive, stupid or both. How many consumers know this? HP never informed me that I was purchasing an OEM version and that the license applies to the hard drive. So much for customer satisfaction.

I feel like I have been ripped off. I paid for the Windows XP Home Edition software, I have the official sticker on my computer with my activation key but I am being told it isn't worth a dime. I will never buy, ever, another HP product. As a matter of fact, I recently ran out of ink in my HP Printer and I went out and purchased a new printer (non HP) rather then buying another cartridge from that company. BTW, I took great pleasure in smashing the HP printer to pieces :). I can't help but think there is something illegal here.

Fortunately, there are folks out there that saw a money making opportunity and supply these cds for a price. I am, however, researching them to verify they are not connected to Microsoft or
HP. If they are, I will get a lawyer!!!!

  • Ri
    Rito G Baylon Apr 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same problem with the hp 7905. It must be endemic on that series. No wonder they don't support it anymore.

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  • Mi
    milind paradkar Jun 28, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an absolute carbon copy of this problem. On my presario 6400 model. HP complaint reference IDs 2212601823, 2212972274 are here for reference.

    I have developed a feeling that these big banner companies are just fleecing the consumers. Their site in India does not even have a link to order these recovery cds.

    I also got the same response from Microsoft when I asked them about procuring these cds from them - following is the last mail I received from them...

    Hello Milind,

    Thank you for choosing Microsoft Online Technical Support.
    My name is Muneer and I will be assisting you with this service request.
    For your reference, the Case ID of this service request is SRZ070502000720.

    First of all let me apologize for the delay in responding to your request.

    Milind, from your issue description I understand that Help Center (Help Software of XP) seems to be incomplete. You cannot see the topic which helps you to manage the startup items.

    Can you please give me more details about the issue so that I would get a better picture about the issue?

    Regarding providing the CD for Windows XP, I am sorry to say that as you have got Windows XP software from HP we would not be able to provide you the same.

    The reason being that the version of Windows XP that you are using is an OEM which is not a complete version as compared to the one that you get from Microsoft.

    Also please provide me with a convenient time frame so that I can arrange a call back and look into the issue that you are facing.

    I will try my best to help you out to make headway towards a resolution.

    Please update me at your earliest convenience.
    I am happy to be of assistance and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you for using Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS).


    [email protected]
    Support Engineer
    Microsoft Product Support Services
    Support hours
    Monday through Friday
    9:00am - 6:00pm IST
    Microsoft Support Telephone Number: 1-800-111-100.

    In the event that you are unable to contact me, please contact my bin buddy Navneet Kumar at [email protected] or my Tech Lead Somnath Deb at [email protected] OR call the Next Available Support Engineer at the above number.

    If you have any feedback regarding Microsoft support, I would be glad to hear from you.
    If you would feel more comfortable contacting with someone else regarding my service, Ranjith, my manager, would be very happy to hear your comments and suggestions.
    You may reach my manager by sending an email to [email protected]

    Should you require additional support with other Microsoft Retail Products, please go to: <> for current support options.

    I have also vouched not to buy any HP Product henceforth. I swear.

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don't buy hewlett-packard!

Please read below about our experiences with hewlett packard and do not purchase their products. This is the letter we sent the company:

You will recall the below letter that I sent you and your ceo several days ago. Be aware that I am now in the process of reporting you to every bad business or scam website that I can so anyone with a computer that works can see how you do business.

You need to be aware of an extremely unsatisfactory experience we have had with your company. I have already personally been relating my experience to other people and encouraging them not to purchase anything from hp, including so far this morning my bank (Which I was contacting to try and stop payment on an extension of my "warranty" on my expensive lemon of a computer) as well as one of our utility providers.

I purchased just over one year ago an hp pavillion zd8000 laptop computer. This is not a cheap computer and I was purchasing it in order to do my job as a medical transcriptionist remotely. Within one week I was sending it back to you because it would arbitrarily go into hybernation and not come out-would just lock up. None of the measures taken over the phone under the "guidance" of your "support" team worked and eventually we had to send this new computer in to be fixed. It took several days longer to get back than I was promised as it turned out because your staff could not find anything wrong, so they just ran some kind of "update" on it (An update on a new computer???). Due to issues related to falty information provided from the sales staff where we purchased the thing at circuit city (Not your fault) it took us months and several hundred dollars to get this computer adapted to the point where it was compatible with my employers systems. Now, it is doing the same thing. The very first thing we are told is that our warranty ran out 34 days prior and if we want any help we need to purchase an extended warranty to have it worked on again. My husband and I looked at other options but finally again our better judgement and with great reluctance last evening decided to do that. Only after purchasing the "warranty" were we told that it only covered virus protection and phone support-nothing else!! Your phone support tried to tell us that our ac adapter was bad and we needed to replace it (On a computer with very little use) which also bothers both my husband and I to have to purchase an ac adapter for an essentially new computer! This was not the problem as it turns out, anyway. Your support would not provide any other help. When my husband demanded through three different support people to speak to a supervisor no one would patch him through. He asked for a number to speak to someone in the united states (Since you obviously outsource american jobs and understanding many of these folks, while they are well intentioned, is very difficult) and after three phones calls and spending a couple of hours on the phone with your company, was finally provided with a number that was supposedly in the united states [protected]) which ran him around and ultimately sent him back to tech support.

I have had problems with your desktops in the past and now own a sony. I allowed myself to be talked into trying the laptop. It has been nothing but trouble. Your tech support is incompetent as well as dishonest. I will never again purchase a product from your company under any circumstances and I will work to get my money back on my so-called "warranty" extension. What a joke! I have a computer that was basically an expensive piece of crap right out of the box and it will not work. We are not going to pay you one penny more to send it to you since your staff apparently could not fix it the first time. My husband has also been relating his experience to a s many fellow employees as he can to loose you as much business as possible.

I can not express how unhappy we are. I wish I had just returned it or exchanged it right after I bought it, but now, believe me-i will never have to make that decision again because no one in this family will ever purchase another one of your products.

Please see that I am also forwarding a copy of this letter to my friends and family to make them aware of the issues we have had, and have already sent letters to my co-workers, all medical transcriptionists who make their living on their computers at home.

Don't buy hewlett packard!!

not giving promotion free gift!

I have purchased the hp 1020 laser jet printer from the hp dealer with the assurance that after filling some...

extended warranty problem!

On Sept 25,2006 I called customer service and told them my laptop need a repair and ask about my extended warranty. They told me that my warranty has expired. I told them i have 2 laptop and to check if neither one has a warranty in force and i d like to purchase more extended warranty.On Oct 29, 2006, i found the agreement of my extended warranty and it expire on oct 25, 2006 for one of my laptop, meaning the warranty is still in force when i call HP about my laptop and the extended warranty.I called HP customer service and tried to explain to them that the warranty has expired and they cant do anything about it. I've been having trouble in the past communicating with the HP base in INDIA.

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    arlene ger Aug 29, 2007
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    They have my sons laptop for almost a month and can not give further info unless he agrees to purchase an extension on his warranty, he has 80 days left on current warranty. If he does buy an extension they will return laptop in 3 days otherwise we can continue to spend over an hour each day on the phone talking to people we don't understand only to be told they have no info. Isn't this illegal?

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i'll never buy another hp product!

I bought an HP Scanner/Printer/Copier at my local Apple Computer store in Tucson when I bought a new computer. They gave me some kind of deal. I have had problems with the printer since I bought it. Recently I went to the HP consumer website to try to figure out a solution to the problem and discovered that certain models with particular serial numbers, including the machine I bought, were having such serious problems that a special "cleaning kit" was required to fix them. When I e-mailed inquiring about the cleaning kit, I was told by HP that I could only get help if I was under warranty. I looked on my receipt and sure enough, I had no warranty. I hadn't been offered one by Apple, I'm sure, because I always buy the warranty if I can.

So now I have an almost new printer that doesn't work and I'm up the creek. I've owned at least fifteen printers in the past twenty two years, and this was my first HP. I believe that Apple gave me a deal because they had a deal with HP to get rid of these faulty printers. I'll never buy another HP product and I'm seriously reconsidering my twenty five year relationship with Apple products as well.

The Apple Store is at La Encantada Shopping Mall in Tucson California.

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    PPigs Mar 28, 2009

    I agree with you! HP Products are CRAP!!! I bought a C6380 printer this past December 08. I just recently ran out of ink in all of the cartridges. I replaced each cartridge (5 total) and my printer will no longer print. An error message displays telling me to replace the ink cartridges. I've contacted HP Support and have tried all of the suggestions given, but nothing is working because the printer is frozen. It won't do anything because that error message is displaying. I don't understand how a printer can work great and then once you replace the ink cartridges one time, the printer no longer works. HP tried to tell me to purchase another set of ink cartridges, that maybe the ink cartridges I bought were faulty. Well I bought the ink cartridges from 2 different stores, so I really don't think that the ink cartridges are faulty! HP PRODUCTS ARE CRAP!!! PERIOD!!!

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    priyadarsan Feb 05, 2011

    Sir I am from DRDA, Kendrapara, Orissa. I have purchased a HP scanner of G2410. But some days it sound after one page scanning. But the authorized dealer refuse to service.

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the worst customer service!

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