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(complaint regarding redemption scheme)

This is complaint regarding redemption scheme of free motorola phones, this is my redemption code D7KEULBNQ4...

not providing second cylinder of gas

I am having a HP gas connection with one cylinder. I have taken this connection from Maa Durga Gas Service, Sai Road, Baddi. (code No. [protected]) and Phone No. [protected]. My Consumer No. is 503763.

Now the Problem is that I have applied for second cylinder on 11/03/2007 and I was assure that I shall get the cylinder within one month. But I have not got it till today. Whenever I ask them they say it will take one more month. I do not know what to do.

Having bright ideas what can i do?

With Regards,
Rajender Kumar

  • Ap
    Apurva kumar baidya Oct 20, 2011

    HP corporation Ltd,
    Sub.- For Transfer the HP Gas connection.
    Most Respectfully to beg that, i am Apurva kumar vaidya Vill.+Po- Dumari Kalan Distt- Sitamarhi (Bihar) I am regular consumer (No-608172, code no-404110) or siva hp gas agency sheohar bihar.i want to transfer own gas connection from sheohar to majorganj sitamarhi bihar due to there are long distance from dumari kalan to sheohar but this gas agency owner did not transfer my connection so now this time i am very frusted for this connection so please i am requested to you, just immidiately
    transfer my HP gas connection. with Regards Apurva kumar vaidya Bihar

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defective battery, terrible after sales service!

My name is John. My wife and I have a problem with a HP notebook we purchased. We were sent a laptop that has a defective battery. It won’t charge. The problem was diagnosed by an HP technician and a new battery is all it needs. We have been trying, unsuccessfully for about a week and a half to have HP send us a new battery. This being a brand new computer, we thought it would be a simple, “ship us a new battery” situation. Well after talking with HP India, HP Canada, HP Palo Alto, CA. IT’S NOT THAT EASY. HP representatives have hung up on us repeatedly and explained they can do nothing! They won’t ship us a battery without a personal charge card to cover the return of the defective battery. We have an account with HP, but they won’t use the account??? HP wants a personal credit card. We won’t give them our personal information because we have been charged incorrectly in the passed and it is very difficult to correct. HP says they won’t bill the account yet, but, they will put a hold on the available funds. How is that different? HP can not give me a physical location were I could possibly exchange the battery. We are stuck. We have already spent the money to add our business software and while it is plugged in it works. However, that’s not what we bought it for. I could use some help!

It seems as thought HP, as big as HP is, it is clear that making the sale is HP’s only concern. Customer service is not required or encouraged as we were hung up on many times, even by HP’s so called management. Thank goodness I have kept my IBM note book, I have technical support 24/7, AND, a real person to take it to when I have a serious problem. They don’t even need a credit card, because it’s under warranty. OH! By they way, the HP has a warranty also, but they want a personal card-- just in case??? Any suggestions?

  • Valerie Sep 07, 2007

    Complaint against Hewlett Packard Customer service

    I bought a HP Pavilion notebook pc in July 05 and began to have problems with lagging and graphics within 6 months of purchase. I called HP cust support and was told I needed more ram. I had the ram upgraded shortly thereafter and it seemed to help... for a couple of months. Lagging was no longer a major problem, but the graphics problems increased, and there was a distinct rattle when the pc was moved around. I contacted HP once again, and was told to send it in for repairs (still under warranty at this time) They sent packing materials, I sent the nb on June 16, 2006. It was gone almost 3 weeks. The rattle was still there (they said there was nothing loose, it was 'just the sound of the floppy drive when it was moved') and it did take about a month for the graphics to start messing up again. During this month, it started overheating and shutting down at random. By this point there is no way to send it back in while still being under warranty. (Although the problem wasn't fixed the first time, they considered it a different problem of course) Now they say it 'probably needed a new screen, about 400.00, so we deal with the graphics and feel very cheated. The overheating problem continues. I take it to an authorized pc repair shop to check the fans, they don't see a problem, and can't figure out why it overheats off and on or why the graphics randomly mess up(maybe a short/loose wire??). I call HP and they suggest buying an external cooling pad, which we do. It seems to help the overheating, maybe, but it is so bad my son barely tries to use it because it is more trouble than its worth. Imagine if you will, spending an hour writing out an essay, only to have the pc shutdown and having to start all over, not to mention any online activities. (graphics are worse than ever, rattling still present,overheating constantly) To explain the graphics situation... When they go haywire, and you move the notebook up/down or sideways, they will clear up. So..for about the last 9 months the pc has been useless.Fans sometimes work, sometimes not, overheating and shutting down more than running. During this time I call HP once again to see about ordering fans, or getting a part number, but they can't even find a parts list for this pc, to the best of my understanding, since I can barely understand the guy I'm talking to and he can barely understand me. By the way, you have to pay for phone support now. I give up. This past July my brother visits from across the country and is not afraid of laptops, so he takes the back off to get a part number for the fans and finally discovers the cause of all of the problems we've had with this nb. There is a factory tester cd floating around inside the body of it, blocking fans/airflow and scratching back and forth over everything,and has been doing so from day one!! I take the cd to the Geek Squad for identification, and they tell me that it is the disc used on the assembly line when testing the motherboard. I called HP support and was told sorry, out of warranty. Next talked to their manager, same thing and he says no one is higher up than he, unless I call HP headquarters. Of course he will not give me a number, so I go online and chat with HP. They asked me to let them help instead of calling HP hq so I wait for week for the return call and satisfaction that is promised. I go back online to try and get a contact # for HP hq and am told the same thing which I decline this time, and finally get the number. I call Hp hq and am sent to their manager who tells me that it isn't under warrenty, and even had I bought extended warranty, they would not even touch it for repair because we took the back off. I understand we aren't under warranty still, but this is not a case of normal wear and tear or dropping the thing, it is a factory defect (screw up) not mine, and had we not taken the back off, it never would've been found. If it were a car, it would've been called a lemon. I feel that HP should stand behind a product that came off of assembly with a screw up, even if we were the ones to find it when even they couldn't figure it out. I understand that people and companies make mistakes,who doesn't, but when it happens, they should be held accountable for it. HP support has been pitiful and no support at all. They seem to have no interest in the individual customer. I am posting this for not only my benefit, but for others who may be considering HP products. I am also sending a link to HP support, and if they choose to listen this time and remedy this problem, I will repost so everyone will know that they came through.


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  • He
    Heidie Apr 08, 2008

    Do Not Buy HP NOTEBOOKS!!! Mine quite working after 2 months. HP would not replace it. Service was terrible. Company was impossible to work with. Kristen kept repeating that HP's policy was repair not replacement... Again- Dell, Gatways, IBM ThinkPad all have worked great for me in the past... My HP lasted all of 2 months. Buyers beware!!!

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  • Se
    Seema Khemchandani Apr 22, 2008

    I would like to put HP to shame for terrible customer service. I ordered an HP laptop last year in June. I paid $1200 for it. This past March, my hard drive crashed. I lost everything on my laptop. I called HP and asked them to send me a new one since I was under warranty. The customer service agent – said he will send me new one but I would have to install it myself and send them back the old one. I said – the old hard drive is damaged – and I will need to see if I can retrieve my data from it. He said “you have 14 days, after you receive the new HD to retrieve your information. If you don’t return it after that time frame we will charge $400 to your account. Now it is bad enough I lost everything – but now I am under a time constraint to get this fixed. I got hold of a vendor who said he would charge $90 to retrieve my data. I took my hard drive to him and sadly enough he said the hard drive was damaged completely and needed to go to through intense recovery. He said the process costs anywhere between $500 to $2500. And also said before I send it to HP I should recover all my data for privacy purposes.

    So I called HP back requesting a resolution. I asked if I can keep the damaged hard drive so I can get the data retrieved some day in the future when I can afford to shell out such huge amounts, or if they can restore the data for me or pay me to do so – so I can return their hard drive. And if HP is only asking for it to destroy it – then I much rather destroy it myself. For one, I was hung up on 4 times when I called HP and then when I finally spoke to some called Rexcot he yelled at me saying he would not transfer me to a manager and I could complain to corporate as he didn’t care. I was appauled with this behavior – so I hung up and through HP’s website I wrote a letter to their CEO with the hope to get some help. Of course the letters never made it to the top of the chain. They were all forwarded to the HP case manager (Gilbert) who took over my case. When Gilbert called me – I told him I didn’t have the money to retrieve my data at the moment – so I would like is to keep the hard drive and when I am done with the process I would send it back to them. He said ‘No. it is against the policy. You have to return it.” What surprises me is that what would HP want with a bad hard drive. Second, if I knew I was going to go through so much trouble I would have just purchased a hard drive externally which by the way costs $80-$100 if you shop wisely. I have no idea how HP comes up with the $400. Also, we all know that you should not give your hard drive to anyone if you have personal information on it. HP wants me to send it back with my data on it – I am not sure what they would do with it – but that is a privacy infringement.

    When I exhausted all my options – I asked the manager to just reimburse me as I didn’t want their laptop anymore. Then he goes – you cannot because it is not broken. So I asked – “do you want me to break it?” He goes – “No then we need to send it for repair.” He goes we will only reimburse you the partial amount. Which is this case was approximately $500.

    I asked to speak to someone higher up and I am told “the case manager is it.” I want to bring my experience with HP to every consumer’s attention. Unfortunately I am stuck with this bad company and their horrendous customer service. But I hope this can help other consumers who are in the market for computers. I would recommend DELL and Gateway any day over HP. Not to mention they are cheaper than HP as well.

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  • Mo
    mojgan Oct 06, 2008

    I purchased an HP notebook for $1166.92. I was told that I can return the computer or cancel the order within 21 days. I cancelled my order within the first 24 hours and placed an order for another computer which was cheaper in price. I never recieved a credit for the first computer. After one month of going back and forth, I recieved only 1127.00 When I compained, HP staff told me that I have just to accept the partial refund and be thankful. I was told that TAXes are not refunable. I do not know which country HP operates from or how trains its people, but I do not think that HP teachs honesty. People who are working for the HP are dishonest and would do anything to get a buck. I have heard of everything, but TAXES are not refundable. If you are desparate to loose your money and time, call HP. Their staff would steal your money on the day light in front of you...

    Innocent consumer

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  • An
    Anjeanette Jun 03, 2009

    I fully agree that HP notebooks are JUNK!!! I paid $1, 000 for mine, 10 months later the screen went black. I was told to send it in for repair since I was still under warranty. Three months later, and many calls to HP, I was told they were unable to fix it, and offered me a replacement/upgrade to one with Vista and a bigger screen. I agreed since I really needed my laptop, after being without it for 3 months.

    Well, all was fine with the new laptop until one month after the warranty had expired on the new one. The screen went black again, just like the last one. When I called to inquire about my options, I was basically told that since it was no longer under warranty I was S.O.L.

    I have since had it looked at by a computer repair shop, who told me that the hard drive was fried, the media card was fried, and several other things.

    If HP is going to sell their products knowing that they are pieces of ###, they need to be put out of business or back their product up. They did absolutely nothing to rectify the situation, nor did they even apologize for the problem, which obviously is a result of the poor quality of their notebooks! Now I am stuck with a notebook that will cost me just under what it would now cost me to buy a new one. I don't have that kind of money. I think that having 2 of their notebooks die in just under 2 years speaks for itself.

    Thanks alot HP for absolutely NOTHING!!!

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  • Ti
    Tired of being cheated Dec 08, 2009

    My daughter purchased an HP laptop computer in the fall of 2007, in the winter of 2007 we had problems with the computer and had to send it back to HP, it was the mother board, in February 2008, the motherboard died again. It was replaced again. Then in agian in the summer of 2008 the same problem. It was sent back and repaired. In September of 2009 the motherboard died again. We contacted HP and they told us that the warranty was up on the computer and they wanted $495.00 to repair it. We chose to purchase another computer...not an HP obviously. This past weekend a friend of ours who is extremely familiar with computers decided to take a look at the HP that we had so many problems with, and contacted HP about the situation. We were told that if we had called 5 days earlier that the motherboard would have been covered under warranty, because they had extended the warranty. Well we had called in September, but no one told us that the warranty had been extended ! They are telling us that they can not even find record of our phone call. The Customer Service Department of HP stinks! I think they even lie! The president of the company has been contacted, but I doubt that will do us any didn't the last time...So anyone considering buying an HP...spend your money elsewhere, unless, you only want to use it for a few months and you have lots of money to throw away...It's a shame that they put students through this ...especially students with learning disabilities that rely heavily on these machines. NEVER EVER EVER BUY AN HP PRODUCT IS MY ADVICE TO ALL!

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  • Em
    Emblems123 Dec 08, 2009

    From your receipt, is it really the amount of tax they are withholding?

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  • Ge
    George Nader Dec 20, 2009

    join the club had the same problem when I contacted HP the guy who answered tried to sell me warranty work never telling me that they extended the warranty when I called again they assigned my case to a case agent who in turn told me that they didnt have to tell me that the warranty was extended and then told me my extended warranty ended a month ago I told him that i Called 2 months ago and of course like they told you he lied and told me that they have no record and that they will not fix my laptop for free, Save your breath I e mailed the president they refereed my case to the same jerk who called me again to tell me that he have no plan of fixing my laptop . The CEO doesnt give a damn. I am looking into a class action suit. They know that they are selling defective material and to get away with it they tell the government that they are extending the warranty but they dont notify the customers,

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  • De
    deedee12399 Aug 16, 2010

    Have a HP Pavillion Entertainment PC - worked flawlessly for 11 months.
    After a Microsoft update three days ago, kept getting an error, windows in not loading, windows is restarting in a loop none stop.
    Called Comet helpline as it was in warranty - charged for tech support.
    I had to wait 24 hrs to talk to anyone - as they are apparently snowed under by people with the same issue.
    HP+Vista+Microsoft Update - same problem as me. I have AVG Pro, anti malware prog etc - scanned no viruses, My pc is looked after, afways updated and defragged and cleaned weekly.
    Computer would not function eventually at all.
    They tried with me to do various things, the PC would not even open properly in the end in safe mode. Comet helpline suggested I call HP next day. Called HP, took an hour to get through - same crap tests. Was told in the end to back up data on removable device and set back to factory settings - whole thing was corrupted.
    Tried to back up data on removable device and on hardrive - reset as advised and bought (as advise get back data to try to recover my files) The HP tech also admitted that this keeps happening to people with:
    HP Laptops plus Vista, yet they have not warned anyone or given advise - or even upgraded people free to windows 7.
    Tech support at Comet told me they have been reporting this to HP for months...

    Spent two solid days installing updates etc and service packs - laptop is now working.
    The only update I did not agree to install (as advised by a tech guy) was the Microsoft malicious software remover.
    All files on external drive and that getbackdata could find were either empty or corrupted- Lost everything!

    Called in to HP today to complain.
    They argued with me, were most unhelpful - said blame Microsoft, lied and said they had not been made aware of the issue
    (I was listening in on the phone when the tech guy called them to report this yet they are lying)

    Basically said 'tough' they were not going to do anything.

    So I'm now stuck with a laptop with just 1 months warranty left and this will likely happen again if I allow any further windows updates.

    HP have been made aware of this problem (already knew about it for some time) and chose to do nothing about it.

    I will never buy any HP products again.
    The least they could have done was to warn customers and offered everyone on Vista a free upgrade to windows 7!

    They have my money - so don't give a stuff what happens to you, your PC or data.

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no recovery discs!

The a6000n is the second hp computer I've owned. Both of which came with no recovery discs. As advised in the hp computer manual, I created the discs myself (using 2 dvd discs). When my system crashed I was glad to have them, or so I thought. The first disc booted up fine. But the second one could not be read. Both discs were brand new with no scratches. So I'm sending this out as a warning to anyone thinking about purchasing an HP computer. If your brand new system crashes you might be screwed, despite your best efforts. And to HP, if any of you are listening, spend the extra dollar or two and include recovery discs with your computers. Hell, add the cost to the final selling price. I would've spent another two bucks to prevent me from tearing my hair out trying to restore my system!

  • Di
    disappointed Dec 23, 2008

    HP sent me an email to upgrade my bios 6hrs. later my computer is froze and after shutting down is dead but oh they didn't cause it to crash even though it was working fine before this UPGRADE was tried now they want 332 dollars to fix it NO MORE HP PRODUCTS for me or COMPAQ I will buy IBM or clones even recovery disks wouldn't save this one

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problem with hewlett packard rebates

I have also had a problem in getting Hewlett Packard to honor their "Holidays Just Got Happier" rebate program, which was running in the late fall of 2006.

I submitted all of the forms for the rebate in early January, after purchasing my computer in December, 2006. In February, HP's Internet "rebate status" form said that the check had already been mailed to me, but I'd never received it. I contacted them about this in March, and they told me to re-submit all of the forms that I'd already sent in. When I objected (they already force you to jump through plenty of hoops the first time around) they agreed to re-send the check.

I was told that the check was re-sent on the first of May, 2007 but as of May 27th I STILL don't have it. I e-mailed them in mid-May, and was told to wait a full 30 days before asking for an explanation. At that point, I submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

My sense is that they just wait for people to give up on these rebates, so they don't have to pay them.

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deceptive customer service practices

I am writing to address an instance of deceit and ethics violations by HP Technical Support. My fiasco with HP technical support and customer service began on 1/18/07 when I purchased an HP Pavilion Notebook dv6000 from a Circuit City in Bayshore, NY. After approximately 3 months the laptop broke. Circuit City support team deemed the problem to be the motherboard and recommended I contact the dealer to have it repaired or replaced. Upon calling technical support on 5/15/07, I spoke to a man named Mohamed who told me that since the computer would need to be replaced, I could go ahead and purchase the same, yet upgraded version, the Pavilion tx1000z, then return my original notebook and be fully refunded for the purchase price. He also told me he would extend my one year warranty, though never asserting that there would be a fee. For the record - I am still under warranty. Coincidentally, the called was “disconnected” after the sale was finalized. Calling HP back 5 more times, I was assured by every representative whom I spoke to that I would be fully refunded for the latest purchase. As a college student, my finances could never allow me to purchase two brand new laptops within a four month period.

Then, between 5/18 and 5/19 I received a "care pack" for an extended warranty (which I didn’t ask to purchase) with an invoice to a woman in Missouri (I live in NY). Calling HP back, I again attempted to describe the circumstance at hand (finding it difficult as the outsourcing to India makes representatives hard, if not impossible to understand or effectively communicate with) and had a return set up for the care pack. Though the initial return was completed, I was sent yet another care pack on 5/24 which again, I did not want. The following day I received a call from HP sales while I was not at home, asking me how te laptop, that i had not yet received, was running. I was also finally given a case manager, Susan, who stated during a conference call with supervisor Jeannine at HP Sales, that I had been “lied to by technical support so the representative could receive commission” (5/21/07 @ [protected] ext.94) She continued to inform me that the only thing she could do was fix the old notebook and give me a 3 year extended warranty on the product. Another 3 years of this disaster hardly seems a compensation. Thus, I attempted during the conference call to cancel the new purchase but was sent the product anyway. I have now spoken to three different supervisors, 5-6 different representatives, and have had to deal with receiving and returning items to Fed-Ex more times than I can count. I have been on the phone with HP everyday for 2 weeks often sitting on hold for 40 minutes at a time to only be told that he/she I am speaking to is not accountable and I have, in fact, been intentionally mislead. I have sent in my old laptop, have received the new one, yet have not been refunded and have now been told to Fed-Ex everything I have received back to HP. This experience with HP has completely shattered the company’s notion of credibility and has also violated my trust as a consumer as well as business ethics codes. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed. This situation must be fixed. In the words of manager Chris at HP Sales, "If someone promised ya something, you should get what you were promised."

*An exact copy of this letter has been sent to both the HP corporate office and Mark Hurd, CEO of Hewlett Packard. I am yet to receive word from either OR the promised credit to my account.

As a college student I simply Can Not afford this additional $1,300 and demand that someone from HP takes responsibility for the actions of multiple promises confirmed by their technical support center and provides the Pavilion tx1000z and the refund as I was originally informed they would supply.

random shutdown

I brought an HP DV1000 in july 16 2005. 2 months later I started having a problem, that is it would randomly shutdown. I didn't know what was going on. the first time I thought my battery died but no. around that time I had to go on a trip and with the computer giving problems I waited until I came back from my trip. I called HP and I got excellent customer service they sent the mail man to come and pick it up. about two weeks later I got it back. they had replaced the powerplug in the laptop and it work for about 4 days and then It started to randomly shutdown again. I made a couple trips when I came back I called them and told them the problem once again mail man pick it up and two weeks later I get it back. this time they replaced some chip inside my laptop. works good for one day and it starts all over. So I said maybe windows has a problem of some sort. So I formated my hard drive and installed a current version of linux. while using this OS I get a message that my laptop is over heating and it needs to shut down. Now, I know what causes the shut down. so I try to re install windows xp from the recovery cd. as soon as it says press enter to install it reboots. I tried countless times. nothing. I put the linux OS since it since it seems to work fine until it shutdown. Once again I called HP I told the technician the my laptop gives me a message of over heating and shuts down. the first thing he said was "who told you" and I said my laptop, on a nice little window. I told HP that I tried to reload the windows OS but it wont let me by this point I was extremely upset with them and I wrote a note just replace it with the same model, I don't need a top of the line HP just this one. the mail man comes two weeks later I get it back. they had done nothing with it. When I called HP they said that I had spill water and that there was nothing they could do for me. All I wanted was a replacement of the same model nothing else. Still within my 1 year of warranty they blew me off. When I go on trips I mean I went out to train, I'm in the military and I don't have time to be fooling around with HP. Now of course I have a new laptop while the other one is collecting dust. I payed about $1400 for it and got nothing in return, thank you HP.

  • Jo
    Joe Lee Jun 27, 2007

    I had the similar problem. kinda... HP dv1007ap. I dropped my laptop so many times that the cooling fan inside stopped working for good. And my laptop got shut down regularly due to the overheating problem.

    So I got a usb laptop cooling fan and it works fine now.

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  • Ha
    hackman Jul 04, 2007

    Cool laptop, BUT!, I am working on it for a friend, I noticed the CPU fan was seized up (Wouldn't turn) so I took the laptop apart (outta warranty) took the fan off the heatsink, worked it back to running again (it is really a crap design, and $175.00 retail for fan and heatsink, what are they thinking, I would say the price of this combo is about $25.00 new (thats with a profit!!!)).

    Well anyways, I bought a fan/heatsink combo from a place in canada ($50.00 with shipping) , no biggie, the new one runs great, but the system still shuts down, you are right , it is an overheating problem (verified with laptop on its side and using an injection fan to blow air into the cooling fins, its has been on for over 48 hours with no shutdowns).

    I conclude that the CPU could be bad (I added a really thin coat of 100% Silcon heat sink grease (the good stuff!), but it still wants to shut down, I tried using Rightmark CPU clock utility to check CPU speeds all ok, I scanned the machine for virus/spy/crimeware nothing to report...


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  • Ed
    edvardas Aug 06, 2008

    Not only DV1000 as I see now. The same problem is with at least 3 more models, DV5000, DV600, ZD7000. Readon google. With ZD7000 you can even get free after warantee repair due to bad laptop design. I have fixed for free my ZD7000 in 2008 June, and I even didn't owned it from new, I purchased it faulty on eBay and in one months time I fixed it free of charge as HP ZD7000 customers suit HP and won lowsuit, so now HP must fix all ZD7000 laptops free of charge. The same is with DV6000 series I think.

    Good luck with new laptops for price of peanuts. Just call HP support and complain, they may fix free of charge ;)

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  • Za
    Zabby Aug 01, 2009

    My brother was having this same problem with his laptop. It would randomly shutdown whenever he would be doing something. I really never got to replicate the problem but i took the laptop apart at work and noticed a good amount of dust around the fan/heatsink. I blew all the dust out of the heat tunnel and fan with canned air and applied artic 5 paste to the chipset core and cpu. (just about a half of a pea size of paste per chip) and reassembled her. I booted her up, ran prime95 and speedfan to monitor my temps. My CPU was at 100% usage and it was steady at 63C. The fan seems to spin more freely and the exhaust duct seems to blow a little cooler. The laptop has been running prime95 for about 5 hours now and no shutdown. Seems like a lot of people are having this problem and i would recommend doing what i stated. Boy do I love fixing HP's mistakes...

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customer service negligence

I, dr. Vijaykumar s. Kamat medical director and online consultant for biogetica usa based online health portal, website; Would like to bring to your notice that.

I purchased hp pavilion dv2046tu, model no. Re161pa#acj, serial no. 2ce6440xqs on 6th december 2006.

The notebook was not powering & lsquo;on’ so on 18th april I took it the hp service centre located in belgaum and I was told that it would be rectified in 2 days. I called them two days later and was told that there was problem in the motherboard and it would be replaced, I agreed to that and after 2 more days i. E. On 24th april, I was told that they received a defective mother board from the company and they have replaced a 2nd motherboard, surprisingly even this motherboard was defective and when I asked the service representative whether they were replacing a new motherboard, he was silent and did not answer to my question and lateron I was told that they don’t replace with a new motherboard. It was almost 10 days by now. Yesterday i. E. 2nd may 2007 I was been told that the harddisk is gone and they would replace it. Now my question is, even after changing the motherboard for three times and changing the harddisk the issue is not resolved yet.

In this due course of time I have lost immense amount of work, time, and money as I did not have the notebook to work with. Which is an integral part of my profession as an online consultant. I also requested the service executives to provide me with a standby pc so that my work doesn’t stop; I was always assured that my notebook will be ready the next day. Can you tell me who will be responsible for this mental, physical, and monetary damage and loss that I have suffered? Due your inefficient service all my work is stopped and my reputation in the company is spoilt. I could not work efficiently for my company and deliver my work in time.In my profession, time is most important but due to your lack of service and negligence both mine and your name is spoilt. I had never dreamt of this happening to me, when I was purchasing your product.

I have used your hp desktops and printer in the past, I always thought that hp is known for its quality and service and you have proven it to be wrong, I was suggested by many friends to go for other brands which cost much less, but I preferred to go for hp and now I am disappointed with your products, I have realized that I have committed a big mistake to have purchased your product paying extra for no reason I would be better that I have bought a different brand notebook who would for the customer an act fast in their duties and also dont lie or cheat.

I am highly-highly dissatisfied with your work and service and I would also suggest my friends and colleagues to avoid hp products and services.

Now my notebook is with your service centre in belgaum not yet rectified. The engineers seem to me that they are not qualified and doing r&d on my notebook, my notebook has been opened for more than 10 times now and I am not ready to accept it even if it gets ready in some day (I am sure the quality is substandard and the service hopeless).

privacy violation and poor product!

My HP's dv6000 Laptop had to be serviced continuously for 3 months and is still broken. First service...

very poor tech support

My new dv6253cl notebook was not communicating with my wireless network, I have three computers that do, I went on live chat, spoke to Huntley, seemed to want to help but had no real depth in troubleshooting the problem. I was told that my printer would not work wireless, I was put on hold and lead in a circle with no real interaction in troubleshooting the problem, I verified what I had tried and basically was told to read a manual that would be sent e-mail in 5-min, never received it and I was also disconnected right after this. I Eventually figured it out trial and error, verified that I could print a web page, but not through my word processor, went into properties and setup a new port and made several changes to my configuration not sure which made the big difference. Works fine now I can print out my documents in word or downloads from the internet.

  • Cc
    C C May 29, 2007

    My friend I feel for you. I have about 90% of all the HP emails that were promised to me and the context of those emails is just a tech that keeps telling me to do the same thing even after I have done it! I know that the workers are overseas because I asked one where they were. He was VERY slow in responding. VERY SLOW. They ask you the problem and you repeat it around 6 times before they really understand you. Call or chat during earlier hours and you actually get an American. That one time I was able to do that, I had help and was done inside of 30 mins. I have sent emails to Mark Hurd and to another location within HP.

    [email protected] is one.

    [email protected] is another.

    Sure you get the canned response, but at least you feel better. There was an instance where I had called in and got burned so bad that I demanded a super and I got several calls and letters from a CSR Super. He actually got the job done and promised to make sure that the people responsible for my outrage were punished (I told him 'fired', not just punished).

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  • Br
    Brett Barrows Sep 11, 2007

    I purchased a HP Pavilion Media center edition M7567C from Sam's club on 9/00/2006. The Computer worked fine at first. It was actually a fast computer. 3.4 ghz, 600 gb hard drive, 2 gb ram, and a 515 mb graphics card. It seemed like the best computer I had ever purchased. Then comes the problems. Below is a history of all the repairs HP customer service provided. This is the worst service I have ever received. I would like every one to know just how poor their service is. They show no care for the customer. Their only worry is about selling computers and not fixing their warranty problems.

    Customer: Brett A. Barrows
    Model: HP Pavilion Media Center Edition M7567C
    System Number: EX329AA-ABA
    Software Build Number: 63NAEMMPA3
    Operating System: Windows XP
    Purchase Date: 9/01/2006
    Purchase Location: Sam’s Club, Dover, DE

    Warranty Service History
    11 Oct 06: Received error: The instruction at “0x745f2780” reference memory at “ox00000000” the memory could not be read. Called could not duplicate error

    21 Feb 2007: Case number 7337582531 Computer messed up and would not work stuck on blue screen and would not boot. HP had us reset the computer to factory settings.

    18 Jun 2007: Case number 7340678102. Sonic update manager can not update C:/hp/tmp/scr/updatemanager_MSI. Technician Sakara “Support Tech” tried remote access but could not access.
    Tried the following:
    1. Had me delete all four sonic items
    2. Tried remote access
    3. Application recovery “PC Help & Tools: HP application Recovery
    This appeared to resolve the problems and the sonic error went away.

    14 July 2007: Case number 7341358024 – Tusher “Support Tech”. Computer keeps rebooting when every a game is played for more than 3-5 minutes. Tech had me press F8 fast at start up and tried to adjust settings. We then checked the system temperature which was running at 53 degrees C. Person said to high of a temperate for safe operation. He stated some one would contact me with information on a box being sent to me.

    19 July 07. Case number 7341358024 – Shuric “Support Tech” Notified tech that I still have not received the box from HP nor received a phone call. Was told I would received it within 24 hours of 14 July 07.

    24 July 07. Case number 7341358024 – John “Service Tech” Notified him that I still have not received box. Hung up on at first after being placed on hold for over 45 minutes. John then gave me a return confirmation number: JZM707-01

    31 Jul 07. Received box from HP shipped out.

    9 Aug 07. Case Number: 7341358024. HP replaced the mother board and DVD/RW. Computer worked fine for about 40 minutes then the screen went all these weird colors then the computer shut off again. Tested computer for another few days to see if problem continued.

    14 Aug 07. Case number 7341358024. Michael “Service Tech” Computer continues to shut down and start up with lines across the screen. My mouse and key board stopped working. I tried plugging them into one of my other HP media centers and they still would not work. Called HP and they told me they though it was my power supply this time. Michael told me to ship computer, mouse, keyboard, and midi gain port antenna due to it being broken at the end of the wire when I unplugged it from the computer the wire stayed in the back of the computer. They gave me another shipping confirmation number: KGY471-01.

    16 Aug 07: Case number 7341358024. Received box and shipped computer back to HP including the mouse, keyboard, midi gain port antenna, and computer.

    22 Aug 07: Case number 7341358024. Check on status of repairs. Stated BIOS, RAM and RE-Tatoo had been done on the computer. Per repair center updated BIOS, replaced ram, and tested mother board. Technician also stated computer had been set back to factory settings at this time.

    24 Aug 07. Sanaa “HP Technician” Computer received back from HP. The reverse side of the computer was crushed in. Included the fan, video card and entire reverse of the computer. The same keyboard, mouse, and antenna were returned not repaired. The midi gain port antenna was now snapped in two when it was returned. Could not test computer to see if it worked due to the damage to the reverse of the computer. Sanna transferred me to Kylzen who gave me a shipping confirmation number of KMZ095-01. Also stated they promised the repairs would be completed this time and would be returned in working condition. I complained at this was the third time I had to sent the computer back to HP for repairs. Technician stated that he would place the order for the new mouse, key board and midi gain port antenna but could not do it at this time due to the computer being shipped back again for repair. I would have to wait until the computer was picked up for repair.

    28 Aug 07: FEDEX Box still not received web site shows no tracking number identifying item has been shipped.

    29 Aug 07 Received FEDEX box pick up # 6 tracer number 913741511895 scheduled for pick up on 30 Aug 07.

    4 Sept 07. Checked on status of mouse and key board and antenna. None of the orders were showing up in the system. Technician placed orders. Stated he could not order the antenna because they are limited to two orders at a time. Asked me to call back once I received the mouse and keyboard.
    Mouse – KRU530-01
    Keyboard – KRU558-01

    9 Sep 07. Received the mouse and key board.

    10 Sept 07. Received the computer back from the repair facility. The computer was returned with out a repair order sheet telling me what had been replaced. I could tell the reverse of the computer had been replaced as the fan was no longer crushed in. I could also see that the back had been replaced a there is a hole with no item in it where the video adapter would be. It is located in a different place on the old computer at the bottom of the computer and the new back has a blank place where it would be on the new computer.

    10 Sep 07. Samuel “HP Technician. Computer receive but would not go past the Utility 2.0 “System preparation tool 2.0”. The Utility screen gave you three options.1. Factory 2. Audit 3. Reseal. Technician had me try all three and all of them just shut off the computer and caused. I had to manually start the computer after each attempt. Technician could not fix the problem. Next had me try to return the computer back to factory setting again but the computer only gave a black screen with a flashing cursor. The technician could not get the computer back to factory settings. The computer came back to me already set back to factory setting but would not work. The technician told me that they would send be a reboot disk to correct this problem but could not promise this would fix it. They transferred me back to the hardware support who told me that they would have to charge me for the boot disk. I complained to them as this now the 4th time the computer was ### back for warranty work and has not worked properly with any of the repairs. The warranty has expired but HP and not fulfilled they commitment to repair my computer to working condition since 18 Jun 07 when all the problems started with the computer.

    I am formally requesting that HP replace my computer as this should fall under the LEMON law. HP has now made 5 attempt to repair my computer with no success. I have not been able to use this computer since 18 June when the second round of problem started. It is not fair that a customer spends $1800.00 on what was one of HP’s top computers and received a piece of junk for a computer. If you search your records you will find that I am not a new purchaser of HP Computers. I have many of them and this is the first one I have. I am very disappointed with the quality of HP’s computer system, support from Service and the quality of repairs. HP should be responsible for ensuring that the computers work properly before sending them home. I have children who can not do their work due to the down time with this computer. HP has always been know for their computers and now has damaged their reputation with me.

    Brett A. Barrows

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  • Ke
    Kevan Gilbert Oct 15, 2007

    I will probably never touch HP products again either as their customer service is abysmal. Calls and e-mails are answered promptly, so they are not exactly under staffed, but these people can't supply answers to even simple problems. I ordered recovery disks after technical support couldn't solve a fault I had with my PC. They haven't turned up and nobody at HP can tell me if they've even been sent. I usually end up being directed to the HP Indian call center where I ordered them from but even they don't know! I've had over 3 weeks of being sent in circles and will now no doubt have the same problem trying to return my PC.

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  • Un
    unhappy HP customer Apr 19, 2008

    HP doesn't value integrity. They make a lot of false promises.

    MY HP Pavillion dv2000 cto failed to boot up in "4" months ago. As it was still under warranty I thought "no problem", HP will fix it or give me a replacement. WRONG. HP sent parts, PC has been to HP repair twice, and HP has promised to send me a replacement - but I've never received it. I call HP Case Managers and they never return calls. This has been going on for four months where I have a totally unusable PC - that is still, today, under warranty.

    I'll never buy HP again!

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  • Ra
    Rahul Tomar Sep 29, 2009

    Dear Concern,

    This for the fourth time I have register complain regarding the monitor Problem, Please find the problem below: -
    1. We have purchased this PC recently.
    2. It got replaced for the fourth time.
    3. This time we have received the TFT in packed condition but the dust was there. The same has been reported to Mr. Vishal Bansal (Supervisor HP-Tech Support) on 0124-2346992.
    4. Your support Engineers come to check the same, and the problem was rectified.
    5. But suddenly the TFT started fluctuating and getting turned off and on.
    6. One black screen appears and then Whole TFT screen gets full white.
    Please help me to rectify the same permanently.

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  • Re
    Reviewer22505 Sep 21, 2015

    From all the complaints regarding HP, I have decided never to do business with them again .. Maybe they should only do business in India since they feel sending their customer service to off shore like a few other cheap ### companies do!

    I welcome them to go out of business .. They are not what they used to be!

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hp service sucks!

Hi, I bought a HP Pavillion dv9222 very recently. It came with windows Vista. With in a week of Purchase, the screen went off when I was making a presentation to my client. Landing me in a very embarrassing situation. The Service center guys of Hyderabad, couldn't tell me what went wrong. They came with a solution for the display with replacing it with a new screen. But didn't connect the built-in Web Cam. I sent it again to the service center and it has been 3 days since its with still couldn't return it to me. My clients meetings are getting affected by this. HP service SUCKS.

  • Vi
    Vijay Kumar May 14, 2007


    I have the same experience with hp services in Karnataka. It has been more than 23 days now my Hp dv2046tu notebook purchased 3 months ago is with the service center, they have already replaced 2 motherboard and changed my HDD. They keep on giving lay reasons. I asked for a replacement and they don't have the policy of giving a replacement or good service to their customers and unfortunately i cannot help myself.

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  • Ty
    tycoon Apr 13, 2009

    Ty : after installing printer 2 days ago, having trouble with ALL media readers. System media readers report cannot start code 10 and printer media readers are not recognized.
    [An agent will be with you shortly.]
    [You are now chatting with Allen .]
    Allen : Hello Ty.
    Allen : Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is Allen.
    Ty : hey, do you have a patch for this yet?
    Allen : Please go ahead with the query?
    Ty : istalled officejet 6500, can't access any media readers, i unplugged and re installed my reader from MB and it reconizes only card that is currently in it, none of the printer readers are noted, device manager shows problem with "generic storage volume" code 10, cannot start...after playing with this i figured out if i unplug the printer, no problems
    Ty : so, are you aware and do you have a patch yet?
    Allen : Thank you for the information.
    Allen : I am here to assist you.
    Allen : May I know, What version of Windows are you using (Windows 98, Me, NT or XP or VISTA)?
    Ty : vista 32
    Ty : i authorized my sytem info to you
    Allen : Thank you for the information.
    Allen : Please unplug the printer from the computer.
    Allen : Please try to print a test page form the All-In-One.
    Allen : Let me know the result.
    Ty : tell me where your going with this, i have played this game before, i am not a dumb computer illiterate, are you aware of a problem and do you have a patch
    Ty : it's late, i'm up trying to work, and i'm not going through the checklist
    Allen : First we need to check the hardware whether we are able to print a test page or not.
    Ty : well, i can and have been printing for the last two days, bith direct usb and over the network
    Ty : the problem is with the drivers for the media readers
    Allen : I see.
    Allen : Please perform the below steps on the computer.
    Allen : Click on start >> control panel >> printers.
    Allen : Do you see the printer icon?
    Ty : its locking up all of the readers on the system, of course the easy fix is to just unplug the printer, ...yes i see the printer...the solution is to return it and buy another brand
    Allen : Right click on the printer icon.
    Allen : Select properties.
    Allen : Click on print test page and let me know the result.
    Ty : you [email protected]!#$ng [email protected]#$le
    Ty : give me someone else
    Ty : your wasting my time
    Allen : It would be greatly appreciated if you would be professional in the language you use when sending us a message. We reserve the right not to respond to people misusing our services.
    Ty : give me another tech who actually knows something about comuters
    Allen : I would like to inform you that, I am not here to waste your time.
    Allen : I am sorry, it is not possible.
    Ty : i reserve the right to just never buy HP
    Ty : give me another tech
    Allen : Thank you.
    Allen : Ty, are we connected online?
    Ty : i am waiting for someone who knows something
    Ty : send me to a supervisor
    Allen :
    You can call our support technicians at 1-800-474-6836.
    Ty : so your refusing to transfer me to another tech or supervisor?
    Allen : It is not possible to transfer the call to another technician.

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poor after sales service

I also have been a victim of HP's poor after sales service support.

the laptop i purchased just 2 months back has started to show signs of being a defective piece.... but nobody at HP is willing to take ownership of the poor response they have given. My laptop shuts down while working without any rhyme or reasons and all the possible causes have been checked... yet the engg are unable to diagnose the problem...or to solve it. To add to that the dealer who sold us the HP laptop, his license with the company has expired and he did not inform us about it while trying to fix up the laptop... its only when he felt that he has messed up the laptop beyond repair and will not be able to provide any comfortable solution, he disclosed that his license has expired and that we need to contact the other HP service center in the city... the other so called authorized service center too was extremely disappointing and we are feeling cheated now... we have invested our hard earned money into this laptop and its really frustrating to see nothing coming out of it...

  • Ki
    Kila Aukai Jul 01, 2007

    I just got a Hp notebook c500 and upon checking the condition of it's health it's status viewed as "POOR" and when tried to repair the problem I received a response stating that there was an error and that the topic could not be found. I tried to recover the issue by going to CONTROL PANEL>PERFORMANCES and TOOLs>... I don't know what else to do, someone please help...

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  • Ga
    gaurav2589 Jan 14, 2008

    I do have a hp pavillion dv2124 notebook . i want it to become a multi boot system. bt i am not able to load fedora core 6 on it . I partitioned my d drive in which recovery was kept. Firtly formaateed it then split into ext3 and swap partitions of 10 gb and 1 gb each. Cdrive is th active one.please help me. Iam not able to boot it from cd. Also my ext3 partition still has some used space of 350 mb even after i have formatted it. I don't know why and i think thats the cause. Please any one help me out.

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  • Ed
    Eddie Aguayo Feb 25, 2008

    I have three comments on the same issue for the multiboot.

    1st -
    My younger sister bought an0 HP Pavilion dv2000 with Vista. She is not computer literate so I wanted to multiboot and there was no problem. I repartitioned the HDD and loaded XP fine.

    After being able to have my sisters laptop , a friend of mine had an HP Pavilion with AMD so I started looking for an Intel Core 2 Duo with 240GB HDD. It took me about 4 months to have the money together from my student grants to get it. So, finally, I found this laptop on ebay and spent $1,400 for this refurbished laptop with 3 year warranty too. It was all sweetness, untill I wanted to multiboot with Ubuntu.

    This is an HP Pavilion dv9060us XP MCE (Vista ready) and I was not able to multiboot. I repartitioned the HDD and when I loaded XP SP2, the OS does not find any HDD's. I have given up on this and all I want is to resale the stupid thing. I called HP numerous times and spent not less than 50 hours on the phone on different occations and no solution given. I sent the laptop twice to their repair center and nothing.

    The computer is working fine, no other problems what so ever with the OS, HDD, TV Tuner Card, HD DVD movies, nothing what so ever, except I can't multiboot.

    I have a HP Pavilion m7570n with XP MCE. After trying with the laptop I had to Factory Reset the PC to make sure nothing was going wrong. After all the process for the restoreation, I reformated the HDD of 360GB for a Multiboot, guess what? CAN'T MULTIBOOT.....

    This is also crap PC.

    I am working on my own PC Repair in town so you know what I'm doing.

    This is the last time I buy a PC from a manufacture as HP, Sony, Toshiba, etc. After all this, from now on I am building my own systems.

    Hope this leads to somethin else than just a long comment.


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  • Mo
    Moham Al Mar 10, 2008

    HP Pavillion and HP company are lemon/joke.
    I don't recommend buying any PC made by HP. No customer service; their case managers do not even go to work. I know one case manager whose name is Glenn Jensen who lies and does nothing as far as customer service does. His extension number is 94.

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  • Ds
    d Simmons May 03, 2008

    I too had a bad HP experience with HP Case Mgr Glenn Jensen! I have also seen his name come up several times in customer complaints about HP on the web.

    My HP Pavilion dv2000 cto is still under warranty, but hasn't worked in the last four months. After a replacement hard drive, cd-dvd drive and recovery cd was sent to me by HP and I still had problems, Glenn Jensen told me he was sending me a replacement PC and I'd have it in 2.5 weeks. I patiently waited and when the PC never arrived I began calling Glenn Jensen daily for 10 business days. He never returned my call. Eventually another case manager, who answered my call, said my case did not reflect Glenn Jensen had ordered a replacement PC for me.

    I could go on and on about what a bad taste HP has left in my mouth and how much time I've spent on this problem. But the funny thing is I know HP has wasted their money on this matter too (eg. PC has now been to HP repair twice and problems never fixed, sent parts, my 50+ calls to HP, escalations, etc.).

    Glenn could have easily turned around a sad situation and made a customer happy, by getting them a replacement PC as promised. But he and others have made it worse and certainly turned me into a very unhappy HP customer who will never ever buy HP again.

    On the other hand, when ever anyone asks me about my HP PC saga I certainly give them an update (no replacement/no repair for my in-warranty HP PC) and advise them to never ever buy HP.

    Shame, shame, shame on HP. And double shame on Glenn Jensen and so many other HP Case managers who seem to get satisfaction out of making unhappy HP customers!

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it's almost impossible to get a rebate!

In October of 2006 HP had a rebate on HP LaserJet 4 in one Machines The rebate was for $350.00 US. We purchased 4 of these machines giving us a total rebate amount of $1400.00

I checked the status of my rebate in the internet site which they provide for you on their web site. The status shows the cheque had been mailed. It does not say what date. I called on Feb 15, 2007. Since the cheque had not arrived.

I was told that the cheque had been mailed out on Dec 5, 2006. They were to put a stop payment on the cheque and reissue a new one. Mar 7, 2007 I still had not received the cheque. So again I called And again I was told the cheque had been mailed. I told them I will call back each week until I received the cheque.

March 19, 2007 I received the cheque…

  • De
    Dennis W. Bell Mar 28, 2007

    I absolutely agree. In my case, I have been trying in vain to get two rebates, one on a laptop and one on a printer that was purchased back in November of 2006. I have both mailed the rebate information and faxed it but nothing is happening. The worst thing so far is that the last representative I spoke to claimed to have received the fax and that I should see the checks in two weeks (that was back on March 9, 2007 and it is now March 21, 2007). Since I saw no checks, I called again and this time they claim they have no record of my submittal (the fax confirmation page shows -success-) and that I was advised to resubmit it which is not true at all. One of the more interesting things to note is that I purchased the equipment -directly- from the HP Online Store. Of course, they don't talk to each other and they refuse to be of any help other than "resubmit your rebate materials". I am so dissatisfied with HP right now that I won't ever buy their equipment again. I suspect warranty service is pretty much the same.

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  • Dr
    DreamStiller Apr 09, 2007

    No comment on rebates. But they are sure not of any help on Recovery Disc. Pavillion t210d with WinXP Home. Was told it was obsolete and there was no support at all. Great, i thought i paid for their service.From where i come it is so easy to get a DIY pc. And i totally regret that i didnt get one.So much for a "branded" pc.

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  • Ja
    jazzz lvr Aug 06, 2007

    HP is notorious for rebate fraud! I've been trying for five months to get them to honor an $80 rebate on their All-In-One printer / Laptop combo purchase. Would never have bought the printer without the rebate... salesman said it was "free." After spending hours with emails to HP and its President (what a joke!), I finally got a phone number for their Rebate Center in Minnesota ... 888-385-5410. Then the fun really began. First they said they had no record of my submission. Told them I was filing a complaint with the Attorney General. A few weeks thereafter, my submission was apparently found, however they didn't process it because it was allegedly postmarked more than 45 days after the purchase date. I personally mailed all the properly-completed paperwork and UPC box codes two days after the Laptop arrived, and well within the 45-day period from purchase date! I asked them to save my postmarked envelope for future proof to the AG of my timely submission. Was then told that they would process my rebate within six to eight weeks. I asked for a number to call to file a complaint about rebate fraud. Was given a phone number which answers in India. Totally useless! Have yet to receive my rebate. Never again will I do business with HP!!!

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  • It
    It's Truth Jan 21, 2016

    Never ever buy a product from hp that has a mail in rebate!

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  • Wi
    Wilma Wonka00 Mar 03, 2016

    As a purchasing agent, I recommended stocking up on ink for two companies. This way, each company would get 2 $50 gift cards with their qualifying purchases, that they could use as gifts for their clients.

    Long story kinda short, after MANY unanswered inquiries about the delay in rebate and a letter to the HP president, I finally received a response and the gift cards were on their way. Unfortunately, one of the gift cards sent was the wrong one as advised on their rebate submittal update page. HP admits they sent the wrong one but refuse to send the correct one until I send the wrong one back. Also unfortunately, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE WRONG CARD!!! Still, they insist I return the wrong gift card. I CAN NOT RETURN WHAT I DO NOT HAVE! So, they delayed the initial issuance of the earned rewards, they sent the wrong reward and now refuse to correct the situation.

    I will be out of pocket the cost of the gift card because I can not return to HP what I do not have in order to get them to send me the correct thing and because that is what is required for good customer service. You know, you tell a customer you're going to do something or they're going to get something and you make it happen. I told my client if they buy ink, they will get a rebate. They still expect their rebate and to keep them happy, I will make sure they get it.

    Perhaps HP Rebate Customer Service should take a page out of my customer service handbook.

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defective products and deceptive customer service

Letter of complaint that I faxed to HP on 3/7/07 follows. Supposedly, HP referred my complaint for response after I followed up by phone on 3/14. When I phoned again on 3/15, the rep told me that he did not know when/if HP would respond, and he also told me that he could not give me contact information to check further.

RE: Hewlett Packard

This is a complaint about Hewlett-Packard Company’s (HP) products and customer service/technical support (customer service). Details follow.

Products. Since around mid-1998, I have/my brother has purchased for ourselves and for our mother three HP Pavilion desktop computers, two Compaq Presario desktop computers, one HP Media Center laptop computer, one HP Scanjet, three HP all-in-ones, and three printers. The three HP/Compaq computers that we have purchased since December, 2004, are of a much lesser quality than the previous HP/Compaq computers that we purchased:

• One of the DVD/CD drives in the HP Pavilion that my brother purchased about a year and a half ago had a melt down within weeks of the purchase. HP replaced the drive, but the computer has a cosmetic flaw because of the melt down.

• In December, 2004, which is approximately two and one quarter years ago, we purchased a replacement Compaq Presario for our mother, who is a senior citizen on a very limited income. She depends on her computer to keep in touch with family and friends who reside all over the United States, as well as in Europe. Since about two weeks ago, there appears to be a major problem with the operating system. No image appears on the monitor, and I know that the connections, cable, and monitor are not cause of the problem. Replacing the graphics card did not resolve the problem.

• In July, 2006, not quite eight months ago, I purchased the HP Media Center laptop for myself. I have used it very little. In preparation to take it to my mother last week, for her to use until we can arrange/afford to have her Compaq Presario repaired, I discovered that the laptop does not operate, either with A/C or with battery power, and I cannot operate the latch to open the battery compartment.

Based on the three above-cited problems, especially because the last two happened within such close proximity to one another, I was considering not purchasing another HP/Compaq product. After my communications with HP’s telephone technical support on March 2, 2007, and this afternoon, I definitely will not purchase another HP/Compaq product.

Customer service. On March 2, 2007, upon discovering the problem with my recently purchased HP Media Center laptop computer, I telephoned HP’s technical support, at 800.474.6836:

• I was on the telephone for almost one hour, beginning at 8:49 p.m. I estimate that at least half of this time my call was placed on hold.

• After I provided the requested information to the automated system, a message told me that the laptop is “out of warranty.” Is this a tactic by HP to avoid honoring warranties?

• I spoke with four people, who identified themselves as Eric, Joseph, Nancy, and Sharon. Communicating with the two females was extremely difficult because they speak poor English.

• The two females refused to accurately make a record of the problem that I was reporting. Both of them insisted that HP replacing the A/C adapter would resolve the problem. Several times, I had to state that replacing the A/C adapter would not resolve the problem, since the laptop will not operate with battery power, either. I informed them that I could not open the battery compartment.

• On March 5, 2007, a FEDEX representative informed me that HP provided an incorrect street address. I had to give FEDEX the correct street address, which delayed my receipt of the mailer that HP sent to me to use, supposedly to return the laptop computer.

• The two females lied to me, by telling me that HP was going to replace my laptop computer. I became aware of the lie this afternoon, when I opened the mailer and found a repair information sheet and no information about a replacement laptop computer. The lie was confirmed when I telephoned HP’s technical support today.

At around 4 p.m. today, I telephoned HP’s technical support a second time, to request that HP replace the laptop, as had been discussed with the two aforementioned females:

• This call, too, took approximately an hour, with about half of the time on hold. The only positive aspect was that Sean is an American who speaks English that is understandable. Since I purchased the product from an American company, I expect to communicate with people who speak English that is understandable.

• The first person with whom I spoke, Sandra, was very difficult to understand, the same as Nancy and Sharon. Per my request, she said that she corrected my street address. As she requested, I identified myself, and I provided the case number, order number, product number, and serial number. I had to repeat some of this information to the next person, Sean.

• Sean was pleasant, and he appeared to be customer-service oriented. However, speaking with him was a waste of time because he has no authority to address the situation, and, he said, he could not reach an available person to whom to transfer my call “to escalation,” despite several attempts.

• After wasting another hour this afternoon, the problem still remains/I continue not to be able to use my laptop computer. I cannot waste any more of my time on the telephone with HP. I will not FEDEX my laptop computer to HP to have it repaired.

Resolution sought. To resolve my complaint, I want HP to take the following action. The resolution that I am seeking takes into account the approximately two hours of my time that HP has wasted since March 2, 2007, as well as the facts that I have not been able to use my laptop computer and that my mother has not been able to use her desktop computer.

1. Immediately to send to me written verification that HP will replace my laptop computer with a new (i.e., not refurbished) laptop computer with the same or better specifications.

2. Immediately to send to me the paperwork, including FEDEX labels, to return my laptop computer.

3. Immediately upon its receipt of my laptop computer, FEDEX to me the new laptop computer.

4. Include on the new laptop computer Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 and Microsoft Office Publisher 2007.

5. Immediately repair, including backing up files before the repair, my mother’s desktop computer at no cost, including no shipping cost in either direction.

I will appreciate a response by March 16, 2007, either by regular mail or by e-mail.

  • Jo
    John Senger May 16, 2007

    I have a very similar complaint. I purchased a notebook for my son who lives with his mother. After about 10 month the computer would not turn on. My son could not find the receipt of purchase. I contacted technical support and also talked with a man who spoke very poor English. I was also told that the warranty had expired. He told me for $99.00 I could extend the warranty for another year. I agreed and he transferred me to someone else in tech support. I was told that the $99.00 was not an extension of the warranty, but was for technical phone support only. I tried to cancel the $99.00 but was told only a case manager could do that. I was misled from the beginning and lied to.

    The above phone call was made on 10 Apr07. The poorly speaking agent told me that the warranty had expired Jan07. About two weeks after the phone call, my son called me and said he found the receipt for the notebook, that I had purchased it in April 06. This means that the warranty could not have expired in Jan07.

    I have left numerous messages with case management giving them the new information. They have yet to call me back. They have also not credit back my account for the $99.00.

    I have faxed a three page complaint to the corporate office in Palo Alto, Ca. Giving them all the information on my case. I have heard nothing back from them either. My next step might be to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. I cannot believe that a large co. as this such poor customer support and that some of its employees provide false information.

    Maybe a class action would be in order.

    John Senger

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  • Ki
    Kirsten Olson Jan 18, 2008

    Time to sue people. PLEASE. I bought a computer over a year ago and the day I bought it the system shut down. Since that time I have sent the computer away for service every 2 months. Twice they returned the computer back to me without even being fixed. 2 days before the warrenty was to expire the computer was again sent back to me in the same condition. I took out an extended service plan and on 1/8/2008 I was promised a rebuilt computer. It has now been two weeks and after calling almost every single day HP has still refused to approve the new computer and my old one is still here broken. As of now I'm on a 5 year old borrowed Dell that runs better than my HP ran even new. I have page after page of documentation including the service repair orders that were returned when the computer came back to me. The case manager has been reported to the Better Business Bureau but I still have no resolution to this issue after over a year of poor service.

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  • Kr
    kristin bauer Jun 02, 2008

    I hear ya'! I am in a world of hurt due to HP, I am at $800 to recover lost data - aroudn 40 hours on help lines --- HELL! A new laptpo that crashed day 25. Does anyone have a RETURN ADRRESS? I am suing, workign with my credit card company...I wil never ever buy HP again and will tell anyoen I know of this hell.
    Good luck to you and can you give me any advise on anythign that has gotten them to notice you. Esp. a return address.

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  • Ch
    Christine Jun 17, 2008

    I Purchased a HP touch screen in 2007. In June 2008, the screen went blank. I contacted HP and they stated my warranty was expired and I could purchase a extended warranty for 99 dollars and this would cover and fix the problem. Once I purchase the warranty, I am then transferred to tech support and they state that the hardware is not covered, only the trouble shooting problems and software issues are covered. After arguing with them, they state they will refund my credit card for the 99 fee. At that point, I asked for the confirmation, and they give me my phone number. When I asked why that was my conformation number, then they state it is the case number. Then I asked for a supervisor, and they gave another man who states he has not given me a refund yet, but it will be refunded soon. When I asked why was I lied to, Then he says he cannot do anything. Then I ask for his boss, and I am told his boss does not talk to anyone. Then I continue to argue and ask for a supervisor above him and he refuses to give me a higher up person. Finally he agrees to open up a dispute case and says someone will contact me. I believe HP is full of issues and false sales. They also need to improve thier crap products and learn to hire and train employees.

    they stink and I will never buy HP again

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  • Ma
    Marc Jun 19, 2008

    I agree with the woman. The customer service sure didn't back up what they said to my friend.

    He called up a Customer Service Representative to ask if his computer would be covered. The Representative told him, "Don't worry, it will be covered. He paid for a 3 year warranty. Not only was the computer Non-functioning, but the fax, the printer, and the telephone have been "Out of Order", not working whatsoever. He couldn't even start up the computer tonight. It seemed like the more he was useing the "Vista Operating System", the more problems have occurred. He can't practically call out from his home. When he did call the saleman, the salesperson also wanted to sell him something else. That's not right. Imagine being told your computer would be covered by a warranty. Meanwhile. The printer doesn't work, the fax doesn't work, the computer breaks down further, the keys on the keyboard break off, then your phone doesn't work. Then the computer totally shuts down, and can't be started up.

    If someone from the complaints board could help him, I'd be forever grateful. He's finally got one phone in his home to work. His name is Rusty, and his phone number is 415-255-8182, and my cell phone is 415-505-8453.

    Thanks Again,

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  • Da
    Dave Jun 30, 2008

    We took on a similar case on behalf of a client, and ended up getting him a brand-new, fully-functional computer - for free. If you're not satisfied with the products and/or customer service you've received from Hewlett Packard, take a look at - we might be able to help!


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  • Ti
    tim cline Mar 15, 2009

    why don, t these compsnys to get a pearson to answer there phones? and it would be nice to speak to someone in english. my pc had a virus in it, it was frose up, i was in the middle of doing a business transaction when this happend. after three hours on the phone waiting to talk to someone i finaly got tech support, and thats when the real problem started. the lady said it would cost me53.49 to have them restore my pc, no problem, then a nother gentelman got on the phone and told me it would cost additional 59.00 to fix the problem, they told me my original amount would be placed in my account within 24 hrs, four days later the money is still not in my acount. so i called back on the fourth day and was told by a gentelman by the name of ron that he would gladly put the money back in my acount, he said i am gonna put you on hold for one minute and that he would get right back to me, WRONG i was on hold for another hour, no one ever picked up the phone, i spent altogather about 10 hrs holding my phone to my ear. is that any way to run a busines.i just can, t belive that a company of profits of2.7 billion dollars would conduct a compant that way. needless to say my next pc will not be from hp, i will also tell all my friends from california to florida about my bad experincs with hp. i will never buy anything from that company& i hope all that read this will do the same. a vert dissattisfied customer

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poor service and incorrect information

In July 2006, I bought a HP Pavilion laptop through Circuit City. A couple of weeks ago, the screen goe...

unfulfilled promises by hp

My latest complaint is that when I bought my refurbished hp pavillion a1477c at costco I was promised a free upgrade to microsoft vista when it came available (I bought my unit 11/07/2006). When I tried to upgrade the upgrade site advised me that I needed a poa which was on a microsoft label attached to my pc.

When I inspected the pc there was no microsoft label on my pc anywhere. Since I did not have the 14 did get poa the software would not authorize my upgrade.

When I complained to hp I was eventually connected to hp corporate resolution in denver, co. They told me that they would resolve the situation and get back to me soon and gave me a case #. When they did not get back to me, I called them again, gave them the case #, and got the same runaround, that microsoft had to resolve problem and not hp... I do not believe them... They are trying to pass the buck to microsoft... (What I think happened is their refurbisher forgot to reapply the microsoft label)... They did admit that they were having this problem with others also... But after several attempts I have not had good customer service from hp and I will never but another product from them and will tell everyone I can not to buy from hp or compact... Bob bostic... I am curious to hear if anyone else has this problem with hp.

true story about terrible hp service and products!

Dear HP and Interested Others:

This is a true story about an HP Pavilion desktop computer and HP Total Care, a J.D. Power and Associates Technology Service and Support Center.

My HP Pavilion desktop was purchased new on January 6, 2007. Approximately ten days after purchase, the hard drive failed and the operating system (Windows XP Entertainment Center 2005) would not load.

I contacted the HP customer service team several times before it was decided that my hard drive had failed and needed to be replaced. Approximately five days after this decision, I received a new hard drive via federal express and a second federal express package containing operating system recovery disks (no recovery disks came with the original PC.) The pictorial instruction sheet for replacing the hard drive was for a different computer, but I nevertheless was able to successfully replace the hard drive after an hour or so of effort. The operating system recovery disks are proving more difficult.

Three disks are necessary to rebuild the operating system. Two disks are for the XP operating system and these loaded slowly, but without problem. The third disk is clearly labeled Compaq Presario Supplemental Recovery disk and contains the following warning printed on the CD, "This CD can be used ONLY with a Compaq PC." I became suspicious when I read this warning, but thought that maybe HP was simply cutting corners to save money and using a sister company's product. After approximately 12 hours of attempting to finalize the rebuild of the operating system, an HP customer service representative determined that I was using the wrong recovery disk and promised to send new ones.

Four days have passed and I still have not received the correct operating system recovery disks. I have called the HP help center three times this morning and I estimate ten to fifteen times during the course of this problem.

During this morning's first call, I waited for approximately fifteen minutes in the automated answering system without talking to a human being. Then, I was silently disconnected.

During this morning's second call, I spent about fifteen minutes on hold before speaking with a nice person and asking him about the status of the replacement recovery disks. He gave me a federal express tracking number and, after the phone call, I went to the federal express website and found that the tracking number was for the first shipment of incorrect recovery disks.

As I type this message, I am on hold in the HP automated attendant answering system for a third time this morning waiting for a live human being to talk to me. Altogether, I have wasted about 45 minutes on hold this morning. Great news! A human being just answered. After taking my name, case number, model number, e-mail address, and all the other requisite information for the umpteenth time, I am now on hold once again as he seeks to find out the status and location of the replacement recovery disks. Meanwhile, I sit here typing on my old Dell Computer with a phone to my left ear waiting for the nice guy at HP Total Care to return to the telephone.

It seems like an hour has gone by, but its probably only five minutes or so. He's back, but he needs to transfer this call to a hardware specialist, and I am on hold once more. I take a quick trip to the bathroom with the wireless phone still at my ear, and when I pass the medicine cabinet, I recall that I had a physical examination yesterday and my doctor prescribed Benicar for high blood pressure. I wonder, is there a connection between my needing Benicar and my experiences with HP Total Care, a J.D. Power and Associates Technology Service and Support Center? I think my blood pressure is probably higher now than it was an hour and fifteen minutes ago, when I started trying to get help from HP.

A nice hardware specialist just answered the telephone. Apparently, HP never sent the replacement CDs. He promises they will be here by January 30 and gives me an order number for tracking purposes. I will wait and continue taking my medicine. Meanwhile, I have spent over one thousand dollars and fifty to sixty hours setting up and trying to repair my new HP Pavilion a1640n desktop computer. I lost all my work product generated during the ten short days that my computer worked before the hard drive crashed. And I am unconvinced that HP totally cares.

  • Jb
    JBMcGehee Mar 13, 2007

    Hopefully, you bought your new computer at Costco. They will take it back.

    I bought a new HP Computer with Vista Premium on 30 Jan 2007, the Vista release date. To cut a long story short, I have spent more than 20 hours trying to get help from the warranty line. It is answered by call centers in India. They have not yet heard of Vista, they pass me from one tech to the next who still knows nothing, they complain that the connection is poor and they can't hear me, I am repeatedly cut off. They give me terrible advice ie "take off the side panel and unplug your hard have a loose connection.."

    Some of them are hard to understand because their English is so poor. I wait on hold for 2 hours at a time then am cut off. Yesterday I was on the line for over 11 hours trying to get help and got cut off after hours and hours of waiting. I have never had any problems resolved through these call centers. So I try to use the chat instant messenger help. I easily connect with their tech support but never, after more than 20 attempts, have I ever gotten a problem resolved. All they have done is say please wait while I research your issue. Some of them come back and parrot or give a link to a page of HP help I have already discovered and tried. This goat-roping has gone on for almost 6 weeks. I have had enough.

    Where can I go to get real American tech support? Dell computers maybe?

    See you soon Costco. I am taking it back.

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  • Em
    Emma Dee-Doubleu Mar 25, 2007

    HP soooo doesn't totally care.

    I owned my Compaq PreSORRYio for 9 months when the hard drive burned for no reason and left a foul stench in the computer room.

    I had a friend who builds computers come to check it out, and we saw that there was a big puff of black smoke on the hard drive bracket inside the computer and a black chip on the hard drive was melted in two places.

    I called Total Care and was on hold for 15 minutes without having spoken to a human being when I accidentally hung up. I immediately called back and spoke to a human being after waiting for about 35 minutes.

    I then spent the next 15 minutes trying to get through the support technician's skull that I physically saw with my own set of eyeballs that it was in fact the hard drive that had burned and not the cable. He would not believe me until I finally told him that I had a friend who builds computers come over to look at the hard drive.

    So I sent the PreSORRYio in. Got it back pretty quickly. So quickly that the computer was not fully reassembled and the computer was returned damaged!

    After unwrapping my computer, I saw that there was a gaping hole where the power supply should be attached. The power supply was not screwed on AT ALL and was sitting at an angle, deep inside the computer. Because part of the power supply was protruding out of the side of the computer, the idiot technician could not fully close the computer case and decided to just BEND THE CASE and forcefully screw it back on since it couldn't close all the way with the power supply hanging out.

    There are deep scratches inside the computer where the power supply has evidently bounced around during shipping--I would not be surprised if IT is now nonfunctional.

    Aside from the power supply being thrown inside the computer, the deep scratches inside the computer, and the case being bent and forcefully attached, the top CD-ROM drive door cover was dangling by one corner and, as I touched it to try to reattach the other side of the door, the whole thing fell off onto the floor and a little spring fell inside the computer, which I had to dig out. The bottom door cover is attached, but no longer remains closed. I assume this has something to do with the little spring.

    Although my friend could easily fix these problems, aside from the broken door covers, I called HP Totally Don't Care and was assured by the support technicians, in broken English, that they will ensure that the computer is returned properly to me once I send the computer back to them AGAIN.

    Never, ever, ever again will I buy a HP computer. Besides losing 9 mos of school work and financial information on a POS hard drive, my PreSORRYio was returned to me broken, scratched, and unassembled.

    HP so totally doesn't care.

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  • Jo
    John Ford Mar 29, 2007

    My daughter has a 6 month old HP Pavillion dv2025nr notebook which just experienced a defective hard drive. After talking to the folks in India at "Total Care", it was decided that they would send a replacement hard drive. I had to pay for the recovery discs. The discs arrived in the 2 days that I paid for from Fedex. They did not come along with the hard drive. I went on line to try to track the shipment using the case number given to me. I could not find any tracking for the hard drive. I called India again and waited on hold for the usual 30-40 minutes. I was told that the hard drive is out of stock and will be available around May 5. That is a 5 week wait for a defective computer. The first guy i spoke to in India mentioned the May 5 date, to which i told him that was unacceptable. he told me not to worry, that they are shipping very quickly. This is the first problem I have had with HP. I actually just bought a new HP desktop 2 weeks ago and love it. The service experience is souring my opinion. Now the Case Manager does not return my calls. This computer should be replaced. Acer is actually very good with service. My son has a notebook that had a screen go bad. ( he probably dropped it) They had it repaired under warranty and shipped back within 1 week. HP should be ashamed to even suggest that customers wait more than a month without their computer due to their poor planning of parts inventory. JD Power is obviously a meaningless organization. I will ignore it completely from now on.

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  • Ro
    Ronald J. Robichaux Feb 03, 2008

    I use to think highly of HP until they transfered their Tech Support to INDIA, also the merger with Compac ruined 2 good companies.

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  • Su
    Susan Rigby Mar 17, 2008

    My son has had similar experiences and support( or lack of) from HP total care. He purchased an HP Pavillion notebook with his high school graduation money. The computer DVD drive crashed before his mid-terms of the first semester of college. It was sent back and returned in a timely manner. Two weeks into the second semester, the same problem. This routine has been repeated 5 times, and they still won't replace the computer with a new one. You don't have to be a computer genius to realize that it is a lemon!!! He has owned the computer 18 months, and it has been repaired 5 times, all the same problem, and they STILL won't replace it. I, and my family , and anyone else I can convince, are DONE with HP and ALL of their products. No more printers, cameras, and especially computers will be purchased from HP.

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  • Un
    unhappy HP customer May 03, 2008

    for more stories from other unhappy HP customers, check out:

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  • Lo
    loudie74 Nov 13, 2008

    I bought an HP pavillion at circuit city all most 2 years ago now and it is still useless.T hey held it the last time until my warrenty was out on it.of course it did the same thing again.I called them and they said the warrenty went out on it tw0
    days by the time i called. So i have a useless $1200.00 peice of junk sitting here and am on my old gateway.I will never buy another HP product of any kind and tell all my friends not to.

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  • Ji
    Jimmyo Jan 03, 2009

    I recently purchased this piece of shite HP(dv5-1000us). I does not load the 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th try. I must keep trying. I have done the reload, reboot and every other option offered at stard up. I will be heading back to Circut City tomorrow, box in hand, and I will very loudly explain my dissatifaction with this piece of shite. They may as well call the police now, because I will let every one in earshout know what junk this is.
    As for their "Award winning support, " well, it's a good thing it's not a bra or cup. I have tried fro 3 days, and all I get is busy/busy/busy/busy/busy/busy. And when I get to work on Monday, I will let everyone in the college know what junk HP sells and does not support. I think it is time for a Mac . . . .

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  • Me
    Meari Apr 28, 2013

    I bought a custom built Pavillion DV6 last year. Last month (one month before the one year warranty expired), I couldn't get the laptop to turn on so I called HP Customer Care. The tech got it up and running and at that point asked if I wanted to purchase a 2-year extended warranty for $199. Since my warranty was due to expire on the 6th of April, I decided to purchase it. Little did I know what was to come. On April 20th, I couldn't get the laptop to boot up so again I called Customer Care again. They diagnosed the problem as hard drive failure. A ticket was put in to have the hard drive and recovery discs sent to me as well as set up a FOUR hour window on April 27th so a technician would come and install it. I had to reschedule and cancel appointments, including a doctor's appointment so I could sit and wait for four hours! Two days prior to the scheduled date, I received emails and calls from HP asking if the hardware and software arrived, as well as an email telling me a technician was scheduled to come. On April 26th at 8PM (the night before), I get a call from HP telling me ALL the service technicians were "busy" and wouldn't be coming. I was LIVID! The CSR kept telling me she understood my frustration and guaranteed they were doing the best job possible. She must've said it at least three times. Finally, I said "Look, your guarantee doesn't mean squat to me so quit repeating it over and over" How was I to know my frustration level was going to increase?! The next morning, I called HP's Customer Care again and demanded to talk to a supervisor, however the CSR wouldn't transfer me until *after* I repeated the entire tale again. Once the supervisor got on the line, I had to repeat the story again! He supposedly escalated my ticket and told me a technician would be calling me within an hour. Guess what? Over an hour later, no technican had called. I called HP Customer Care once again. By this time, I was out running errands and didn't have my ticket number and told the CSR that. What is the first thing he asked me after my name? "Ma'am, do you have your ticket number?" They truly do NOT listen. He looked up my name and told me I had two laptops... one under warranty and one not. No, I have one laptop. The he tried to inform me that it's not their "policy" to have a technician call in an hour. That it takes 24-48 hours to set up appointments. I responded back that I didn't care what the policy was, that the supervisor I talked to said a tech would be calling within an hour and again I asked to speak to another supervisor. Supervisor #2 told me Supervisor #1 didn't escalate it properly that he just sent it to dispatch. After an hour on the phone explaining the entire thing AGAIN and waiting for a case manager, he finally told me that a case manager would be calling the next day (April 28th), and that a technician would be coming to install the HD and recovery discs (on the 28th), making sure that the computer was in running order before he left. Supervisor #2 asked what 2-3 hour time frame would I be available. Guess what? No one called. No one showed up either. Another call to HP Total Crap. He put me on hold while he read the notes on my account (because I told him to... I refused to repeat the story again). After about 5 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. I called back again. CSR #2 said he saw in the system that I called a few minutes prior and that a request was put in to talk to a case manager. This CSR told me that case managers don't work on the weekend (remember earlier, Supervisor #2 told me one would be calling on Sunday?), that he didn't care what was said, they only go by what's in the system and somewhere along the line they had put in a request for my hard drive to be replaced on May 4th! Since the case was "escalated", this CSR refused to give me to another supervisor because the issue was being "addressed" and that was the end of it.

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hp sell package systems that is not compatible!

I just bought and returned a brand new desktop hp computer at my local best buy store. the hp printer...

phone tech support fee!

Hi, i have a HP complaint!

I have the following:

**hp pavilion a605x
**serial number: mxk4300vow
**windows xp home

issues date: 2/17/07
ref. Number: #gqd681-01
case number: #[protected]

I have always used bought and used h/p products in the past. After my experience today, i will reconsider this in the future! This is what happened!!!!

**my kid's did something to my computer that left me no choice but to phone h/p for help.

**yes......i was fully aware of the fact that my warranty has expired. But for the (little) tech support that i needed to get my system running again, i was still charged $49.99, which i feel was ("highway robbery") to say the least! All i had to do, from the advice from a hp tech support agent type in (one word)! That's it! Just one word! The word was... (administrator)! And i was still charged this $49.99.
**this seems lie a "rip-off" to me!

**i could understand if i had to be on the phone with a h/p tech support agent for a (long time). And were this agent had to go through (severl steps, etc., etc.) in order to resolve my issue/issues! But for him to only give my a (1) word to spell out, in order to resolve my issue! Cut me a break!

**it was a microsoft box were i had to type in a correct (username). I did not know what to type in. So after having $49.99 charged to my credit card, i was told that i "only had to type in the word....administrator"!

**again........this does not seem far for the little help that i received to get my system going again!
Please help me her and tell me if you agree that this seems a (little much) to be charged this $49.99 for (just one word)?
Thanks for your understanding!

Please get back to me on this. And please tell me if there is a way that i could have this $49.00 fee (waived) this one time. Or if i could at least have this amount (reduced) for the little help that i actually needed from this hp rep.

  • Al
    albert Sep 12, 2007

    you're a stupid ###. you should have researched for the answer of the problem first before you agreed to pay for the support. ur were just too lazy in finding the solution doesnt matter whether the solution was easy or hard.the fact that your warranty has expired reserves HP the right to have you pay for the phone support.###***e!

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  • Br
    brenda mayhew Nov 02, 2008

    I am having a problem getting my computer to accept my plug and play printer. When I first hooked it up it worked fine now it does not recognize my printer. I have a compaq presario and my printer is a hp 1315v all in one plug and play devise My computer is about 1 1/2 yrs old and the printer is about 2 yrs old. I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get.

    Thank you

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  • Br
    brenda mayhew Nov 02, 2008

    for any one who answers my question my address is as written above, I did not type it in correctly before


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os and other problems

One year warranty of computer has completed on 09/12/2006. During this period,we have format our computer six times but still same hanging problem happening with this computer. It takes more times to boot system like six to seven minutes. System takes more times to open any program or file. We have no other options to install any operating systems because of HP web site has only selected drivers.There is no sonic writer software driver (only updates), no shortcut key's driver of multimedia keyboard & also if we install any other operating system (win xp professional) then starts hanging & stop program again & again. We complaint to hp they tell we don't provide any software solutions. Then still we have only one option that we can install only that OS given by HP rather then any other.

2nd problem is that' I complain to HP for Monitor Then HP engineer has changed one of the component then after few weeks still same problem started again. We again complaints to HP on dated 15/12/06 they told us your warranty has completed.