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Resolved ink, printer quality, scanner not working, hp compatible catridges not working

I had an HP all in one printer that served me well for 4 years until I wore the belt out. I thought it was a...

Resolved motherboard failures on new computers

I bought a new HP Pavilion Slimline s3127c desktop PC computer less than a year ago from Hewlett Packard...

Resolved defective warrante repairs

The run-around and the problem I am having with Cosco and Hewlett Packard is not to be believed.
My Inspiron Lap Top (model 9000) is a top of the line that I purchased in 12/06, with a 4 year extended service contract, in August of 2008 my Left Cover hinge broke and I found out that there was a re-call on this fault and to return it, two week later it was returned with the hinge repaired but the top cover latch was broken and the only way to open the cover was with a thin bladed knife and very carefully releasing the two latches, in addition in their zeal that re-formatted my hard drive with 3 years of
detailed tax and accounting data programs erased, it required $300. to re-install the backed up programs. The machine was returned in September to repair the lid cover latch and returned 3 WEEKS later, that lost track of where the unit was. By the way another fault was that there was failed pixels causing a smudge on the screen, this also was repaired. After 3 weeks the computer developed 3 vertical lines on the screen and yes, the answer I receive is to return it. Cosco advertises that it has a so-called concierge service which is absolutly USELESS, what they do is a mystery to me they do not repair the only thing they do is establish a three way call with Hewlett Packard, that is all nothing else do not expect anything more than that from Cosco, I purchased the unit from Cosco for the major fact that they stand behind their products and I thought services but I was sadly disapointed. But the real joke is Hewlett Packard I have spend litterly days on the phone but to no avail it takes a minimum of 2 hours to possibly get a technical person on the phone, the connection is very poor, their ability to clearly speak english is equally poor with no results whatever, chances are I will get disconected requiring another hour and a half to contact a rep. To send in a unit and then have it come back with another problem is very frustrating and by the way remember it is my warranty time they are using up, I thought Dell was bad but Hewlett Packard takes the prize. Just as anote Staples and Staples are authorized HP repair facility but You have to have purchased the unit from them for any warranty service otherwise the most they will do is mail the computer back to HP.

  • Je
    jEYE617 Feb 09, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you bought a computer at cosco... nuff said

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Resolved not getting the free gift

rom HP Redemption Cell...

Resolved has computer for over a month will not return it

I took my laptop in to CCTY and they cannot tell me where it is etc etc/
Called there Assurance company they don't know either. I should have had it back on the 4th of January 2009. Now what> Non one will help me... They should close this place up and take inventory of everything and also the people that the have their products taken they should be given a full refund.
They are crooks and the law is letting them get away with it. SAD SAD This computer was purchased in May 2008. They have my money and I have nothing. SHAME ON CCTY>
The store managers there play stupid also...I hope they don't sleep well at night knowing that they have stolen my laptop. I should have received it by now. People who brought them in after me have received these where is mine??????? This morning they hung up on me. Great service.
Why doesn't the law get involved.. Yhey have been given a license to steal.

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Resolved hp pc computer

In aug of 2007 we bought what was thought to be a brand new Hewlett Packet computer it worked for maybe 8...

Resolved everything... slow, dvd not working,

Hello I can understand your fustration
This is my 4 hp laptop and the only reason I still have a hp they wont let me get anything else when I return them... The one i'm returning just recently is a dv 7-1135 and the laptop is soo slow and dvd player doesn't play dvd's this is the second one i've had that didn't play the dvd's.. Is there any laptop out there that isn't as terrible as this product these are such a waste of money... Never buy one.. Custumer service sucks also...

  • La
    lav Jan 14, 2009

    I agree it wont play DVDs and it at times has a mind of its own...I thought it was me...but your complaint is so much in line with what I have been experiencing

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  • We
    Wendy H. Jun 12, 2010

    My dv7-1135nr is having the same problems as with those that are part of the class action.
    Apparently my model isn't included. I have graphic problems. I can see typing pretty well, but every thing else is a mess. I have only had this laptop for 1 1/2 years...out of warranty. Can;t get anyone to tell me if the graphics card is integrated with the motherboard with out spending money. Of course if it is innegrated then the best option will be a new laptop. Why spend money to tell me its integrated with most laptops are..

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  • Mi
    mimi32 Jul 15, 2010

    I have an hp Pavilion dv7. I bought it in August, and it was great. . . for one week. Then it became very, very slow. To open Word takes at least a full minute. I have run Norton 360 on it since I bought it and had not gone to any sketchy websites. The DVD player also doesn't work - if I put in a disk, eject it, repeat about 50 times, it might work once. Very frustrating. I don't know how this company can sell this junk.

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Resolved slow clock

I bought an hp pavillion dv6000 about a year and a half ago. Few months later I noticed that the clock is running very slow. After getting sick and tired of adjusting the date and time every time I open the laptop (I rarely use it actually), and being and electrical engineer, I researched the problem on the net and tried several proposed fixes: BIOS, software update etc. Unfortunately nothing seems to work. So I finally decided to go through the hassle of contacting hp service to find a solution. Because the one year warranty has already expired by the time I made my call I was told I have to purchase and additional one year warranty for about $100 (or alternatively a "14 days" for $49) for them to start troubleshooting the problem. I know it's my mistake to wait long until the warranty has expired especially that I detected the problem within a couple of months but I think I should not penalized by $100 plus whatever needed to fix the problem for faulty/poor product. So I decided to live with this problem for now until I'm tired, then go get an other one but NEVER an hp product.

  • Si
    siz nas Apr 01, 2009

    I totally agree with you.
    I have an hp dv6000 as well, and I've been having nothing but troubles with it..
    Wireless adapter not working anymore, battery not lasting more than 3 minutes without AC and my power bar just decided not to work anymore forcing me to buy another one..

    Never to buy an hp notebook again.

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Resolved total stupidity and lack of response from total care & less & support

I purchased a new HP Pavillion desktop on 9/27/08 and it was working perfectly for teh first 2 months. Then the graphics card started making loud noises and eventually went out. I called the support hotline since it was still under warranty. They agree to setup an exchange swap at no cost for a new graphics card. I just had to provide them my credit card to guarantee that I returned the defective part. This is when I should have known soemthing was wrong.

They shipped me a replacement card near the end of November. I replaced the card and placed the defective card into their own return box and then dropped it off with FEDEX. I received an email early this month that HP still had not received it. I tracked down the package and it was found in the lost and found at FEDEX and they shipped it next day to HP. I called and confirmed they received it and they acknowledged on the phone it was received and they stated that I was not going to be charged for the replacement since they had received the product as agreed.

But 2 weeks later, I get charged for $350 to pay for the card. This is where their "total care" becomes "TOTAL CARE-LESS". When I called tech support to ask for a refund on this incorrect charge, After 30 minutes of transfers and on-hold music, I was finally given a phone number to call, it was a wrong number. Then I called back and waited another 30 minutes to be given a number to their online ordering system, which was again a dead end. I then called a third time and again waited another 30 minutes to get to a very polite outsourced foreign speaking customer service rep. I explained my problem for the third time, giving them all the exact same information as the last.

Getting a refund on this "bogus" charge was my objective, but their goals seemed to be, to repeat over and over my problem. Escalating the problem each time to a different supervisor and me repeating the same process over again of giving them my name, S/N and explaining the problem again. This was the 5th time on the same hour long call, to a person that speaks very little English and certainly has no concern about getting me a refund. Finally after a total of 3 hours on the phone, I get to talk to an English speaking case supervisor, who immediately was able to get a refund and said he didn't know why it was billed because it was obviously received weeks ago.

The refund took 1 week to show up in my bank account. Should've bought the DELL computer is my only solution to this complaint. I will not ever recommend this company ever again.

poor customer care and quaility

Okay, I bought this hp compaq 6720s last december, Since then I

have had

2 replacement hard drives, both because the originals corrupted.

1 replacement motherboard, because the machine decided it wanted

a power on password after being shut down for 3 hours.

1 replacement battery pack, because the orginal one stopped charging

2x engineer visits I am still waiting on a third visit to replace

the motherboard...again, this was because hp sent out an

incorrect motherboard... which happened when the motherboard was

first replaced

1 new cd rom drive because the original one has failed.

I have had to downgrade the operating system from Vista business

to Xp Pro service pack 3 because the graphics card overheats and


The display now flickers randomly and the graphics card crashes

at regular intervals, I have hade the blue screen of death on

numerous occasions due to the graphics chip crashing.

The usb connections are to say the least tempremental.

I spoke to Mr Oliver Dyson at your head office in London, and not

to put too fine a point on it, That gentleman needs to spend a

little more time familiarising himself with the forums on this

website, because people in general are NOT happy with HP or the

customer service they provide.

I have attempted several times to obtain customer support for

this model...IT IS NOT SUPPORTED IN THE UK so I am automatically

passsed to the usa who cannot help because I am in the uk.

The graphics drivers for this machine have not been updated for

two years...

I have had nothing but trouble with this notebook since I bought

it. I am fed up being passed from pillar to post and I am of the

opinion that I am overdue a replacement machine.

  • Ad
    adk551122 Mar 31, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    March 2015
    I also have had several issues with n HP Laptop and dealt with Oliver Dyson and wish to describe my Consumer experience in here. I found Oliver Dyson arrogant and very unprofessional - simply put he did not really care about the issues I have had with the machine, the time I wasted trying to fix it with the assistance of HP Tech Support, who I found them to being very good by the way, and even more he came across totally as not caring. I do not know why HP does not train this individual but he is extremely arrogant and it is a pity because it gives HP Customer Service a very bad experience. Shame.

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  • Ru
    Rue Hilton Apr 29, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a very similar problem to this with 2 X Z Book 15 G2 laptops and have just received a call from an Oliver Dyson (manager of HP customer relations UK)... He is by far the most arogant person I've spoekn to for a long time. He couldn't care less about the issues I've had or the loss of business/time I've spent trying to fix the laptop with their customer support. Then told me I had a bad attitude. Stay away from HP if possible. There are plenty of better makes out there.

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Resolved shipping handling did not match policy

On Dec. 9, I ordered a monitor. The website stated 3 days for order and 3 to 7 days for shipping. Plenty of time for Christmas I thought --Wrong!

I finally inqured on Dec. 19 about where the package was. I received this reply:

Dear Customer,

This is to inform you that your order has been processed and is ready to be shipped on or before 12/21/08. You will be receiving an automatic email with the tracking number once the item has shipped out from the warehouse.

Thank you.

Customer Service

I sent an email back saying it wasn't acceptable...never heard back.

Never got a tracking email.

Called on 12/ won't even be SHIPPED until the 29th. I'm leary of cancelling...but sad that there will be nothing under the tree...

I get that things happen. However, when you call, the FIRST thing they talk about is great customer service. This is the WORST customer service I've gotten in a long time.

Beware when doing business with this company.

  • Valerie Nov 05, 2007

    I purchased an HP computer in August, 2006. In October of this year the monitor began to blur and become wavy. At time it was not usable. I tried all trouble shooting suggestions that came with the computer. As a last resort I called tech support only to be told "sorry, it is 1 month out of warranty, can't do anything; guess you will have to buy a new one". It is almost impossible to reach anyone higher up. If they do not build better products than this, they should not be on the market at the prices they charge.

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  • Re
    RedHotWithHP Aug 28, 2009

    I most assuredly agree, I just wrote the BBB, I have a desktop and a laptop. Both break down all the time and I am fed up with it. My BBB letter is being forwarded to the President's office at HP.

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Resolved 3 times returned to shop for service still not working and in shop again.

Bought a new HP P.C for navigation use only on a tugboat first one had to go back to Circuit city after 3 days, it kept shutting down. It turned out that it was a re-pack, taken off the back shelf they gave us another that also turned out to be a re-pack. This unit wasn't right either but worked half way usable, and we needed it now for our navigation on Chesapeake Bay. then it's power supply ( Blew out ) actual sparks coming from the back ! We took it back and and they put a new power supply in, it was in the shop from 09/25/08 to 10/09/08. On Nov. 12th we took it back for service, it wouldn't even power up ? they told us it had to be sent to service center in Dallas Texas, were it still is today, we were just informed it would take at least 2 more weeks ! This P.C. had a charmed life used only briefly and was powered through a APC power scrubber to protect it, give it the purist cleanest constant power possible. If you lost count it's now been in the service shop since Nov.12th till now Dec 22nd, 2008.

Resolved hp laptops don't work

Im having the same problem that the people on this site are having. Hp just wants your money. There were...

Resolved customer service

Having purchased a desktop PC (Pavilion dv9365UK) from HP in September, I am still waiting for a working...

Resolved horrible customer service + computer

purchased the HP Pavillion dv9408ca from futureshop on nov15th, 2007

nov 18th, 2008 in the middle of my school semester (college) my screen broke, another person in my class with the exact same model of my laptop had the EXACT same problem literall 1-2 weeks after warranty!

HP said too bad basically and said I would have to pay $400.00+Shipping for a new one.

would you not be extremely angry?

I bought a Toshiba Satellite to replace that piece of crap and this one is much nicer and better quality / built

  • Ma
    Matt Mar 26, 2009

    Had you called HP service is Markham, they would have repaired your laptop free of charge. How do I know this? The same thing happened to me. Apparently there was a batch of bad capacitors which affected many laptop motherboards, HP included. I have a dead MOBO on an Asus desktop as well. You can see the caps all bulged on the tops, instead of flat. All that Futureshop and Best Buy are half the time is, salespeople. I think that's why I went to Apple Mac. I deal with Apple people not some other reseller. My two cents for what it's worth.

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poor quality

I got my HP Pavillion DV9930 on October 18, 2008. Opened it only a week after I got it from canada post. Purchased it online thru bestbuy. But the laptop came directly from HP warehouse, as it's noted on the box. It was working fine for a week, but all of a sudden, the screen went black for no reason. I Turned it off and on, same thing. I called HP and I shipped it to them for repair. On November 28, 2008 I got it back. The screen was working except that the screen was dirty. So I said, Its ok, I wiped it and turned it on. When I started to use it, guess what? the keyboard was loose. It seemed they're adding more problems. So I called HP again and was told to ship it back. I havent even got the box yet now my touchpad is getting hot. I only even used it for an hour and half just watching a movie. I called HP again to report it. It seems there's no end of me sending it back and forth to HP until the warranty runs off. They can only tell me it will be checked and repaired. Take note This was just bought Oct. 18, 2008. I WON'T EVER RECOMMEND HP TO ANYONE. VERY POOR QUALITY.

  • Te
    Techie-cool Dec 15, 2008

    I am also sufferer of HP Notebook..HP Product Name: HP Pavilion Notebook DV9429, which I bought in US Dec '07 and Came back to India same month.

    Due to some technical, my notebook is not working no display. So I went to HP local service centre(chennai) on 15th Nov '08. Initially they said :

    * They wont take out of country purchase notebook for service.
    After talking to US HP customer care then they agreed to take after few days.

    * When decided to take it service, they started saying ur notebook has warranty expired. I said how come its brand new laptop and not even one year old. Then I showed only purchase copy. Thier representative said we wont deal with Notebook which are bought online. I really got shocked then where can I get service for online purchase. He didnt answer anything. Finally somehow they managed to accept my notebook for service.

    * I was asked to take back up of data's as a procedure, so i took my laptop and promised them to handover for service same say evening, Mean while few hours later I got call saying that you dont have serial no sticker at the back side of the notebook.

    Its really made me annoy. Then could nt even know how find the serial no in laptop if its not there at the back of the notebook. I showed in the bias. They agreed. Thank god finally war got over !!

    HP customer service manger (chennai) and regional manager apologised me for inconvience. They promised your notebook will ready within 3 days if parts are available in india or 10 days if its from overseas.

    I said ok.

    Now its been 30 days but no proper response. Everytime I call them they send SMS after that saying we awaiting part arrival confirmation date HP GSO.

    Whats this .. IS this the way to treat customer.

    After spending lots of lots money in this machine if no service means, They shd be ashamed of themselves.

    This is really disgusting. now I am planning to file a case against HP In cunsumer court.

    Please people who are suffereing from HP join with me. Dont Buy HP notebooks please ...

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new hp deskjet f 4288 aio printer not working & not getting replaced

i have buied a new HP DESKJET F4288 AIO PRINTER from b.algo nagpur.
it is not working.i call there engg. for the installation of printer .it was not installed by him.i asked for the replacement, but the company is not giving the replacement.

  • To
    tonyjacob Feb 25, 2009

    I too had a very bad experience buying a HP4288 Printer/Scanner/Copier.

    The Scanner would never give the proper colour output in the scanned images. When this was brought to the notice of the company, they took the machine for service. Even after a month I did not get back the scanner replaced or my complaint rectified. After repeated requests they say that this is the technology they are using and there is nothing much that can be done about it. Can you ever think of your sparkling white shirt showing a pink hue or your sky blue saree being shown in an odd green colour in the scanned image?

    This is HP all about. So friends when you go for an HP Product, think twice and double cross check with you vendor. I had to come to this decision after such a harrowing experience with HP.

    This is a notice to all prospective HP product buyers...

    Tony Jacob,

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  • Sh
    shivke May 06, 2009

    Going by the complaint, it looks like these MNCs are dumping rejected stuff in other countries like US/UK into indian market. We are the bakraas as indian consumer not backed by 'Replacement guarantee' here. Beware of such products

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  • Ne
    new May 11, 2009

    that is bad bad bad, i just talked to a few vendors, about buying this printer, but now i will have to look for other choices.

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  • Mj
    M.Jayapal Jun 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have a very bad experience with HP printer come scanner I was using a HP Deskjet F4185 since February 2008 and it worked well for me and the 21 & 22 cartridges was refillable and printing cost was very less. when I thought of buying another printer I did not think twice and was looking for the same model but I come to understand that the model is no longer in production and the developed model of the same available is F4288 unfortunately without studding more about this model and my trust with the company I purchased HP F4288, but the 818 cartridge are impossible to refilling and new cartridge cost Rs: 720/- and only one hundred sheets can be printed with a cartridge which cost Rs: 720/- and I can only charge Rs: 1/- per sheet from the customer. When I contacted their customer care they replied that HP do not recommend refill cartridge. Now I must say goodbye to HP and move to Cannon or some other manufacturer.

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  • Ns
    N. S. Vakil Jul 16, 2009

    I bought a new HP4288 printer 4 days ago. The paper was getting jammed from the day I installed it - a complaint which was also there with my earlier HP printer. I called up their tech service who were supposed to send their "Technician" the next day. For the last 3 days the technicain calls up to cancel coming. I can't figure out how (1) a reputed company like HP has such sub standard products and (2) what kind of people they use or outsource for service without acertaining the damage they can do to the company.

    This is the last time I'm going to use ANY HP product. This company is blacklisted as far as I'm concerned and I'd recommend that buyers beware before buying any HP product.

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  • By
    BYE BYE HP... Aug 31, 2009

    Iam also having same problems with 4288 model.poor scan quality highly expencive print cost and use and throw catridges. Yes they are dumping US/UK rejected products in INDIA.

    I prefer canan printers to my costomers from today on words..bye bye HP.


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  • Ha
    Hari2009 Nov 18, 2009

    I too have problem with HP Deskjet F4288 model. If refill the cartridge once, can't work properly. I feel very bad

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printer not working

I have purchased a Hp Printer from Lulu Hypermarket Doha Qatar on1SEP2008. I went to India with this packet and opened from there only for install. The Printer is not working. It has some problem. Now I gave this printer to one computer shop to rectify the error from an HP dealer Kochin. But I have to pay the money for repair. Why I did not get free service from there. Please look in to the matter and do the needful to get me the repair charge back.


an unsatisfied customers from Turkey Istanbul

these are unsatisfied custemor's website that share their complain about HP .it is a record in turkey
htt//, 12046.0.html


I am compleatly disgusted with hp canada and how they dealt with my claim, i would like pass my story on to you so you can make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else! My name is Michael Ward my address is 7 manor cres pointe claire quebec, H9R 4T1 and my telephone number is [protected], or [protected]. You can use this information to look at my file. i'll briefly explain my story to you because i've explained it about 10 times to derek and dave who are managers in the customer complaint deparment at a 1877 number at extension 81. They made me send my hp pavillion dv 6000 back to be repaired 3 times, i have been travelling between the us and canada finishing up school in montreal as my fiancee lives in nyc. So they couldn't repair it and kept sending it back to me over and over again with the problem unfixed. I was becoming very agitated because Derek began to tell me tha tmy laptop was out of warrenty and the problem with the dv 6000, that had a class action suit against it . wasn't an issue in canada . he asked me for proof of purchase, i didn't have it so he began hassleing me and treating me like a liar after my third time of sending it back for repair...this has been going on at this time for 4 months, dealing with these complete ###s. So my laptop became to be in my truck 24 hours a day because i didn't know what i was going to do with it as it wasn't working and the hp guy derek wouldn't send me a new computer. This computer was a lemon and hadn't worked since i got it. So my car got broken into last week because my laptop was in the back seat and i was so happy because i finally got rid of this laptop, i did submit a police report but i didn't claim it on insurance because i would rather the criminal deal with the problems of that laptop. i put about 800 dollar into it before realizing it was overheating and would continuously fried my hard drive and then proceeded to ruin my mother board...i am going to start shopping for a new laptop and i will never buy an HP again in my life. I felt mistreated like a slave sending the laptop back, tracking it, and realizing when i get it back it wasn't working.

Good Day Sir

Michael Ward