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I will never buy another hp product and will twitter about it

When I bought my HP 1000 netbook it was stated that I could use vga out as HP advertises. I found out I had to buy a proprietary cable to get vga out. Then I find out they do not even make it. I had an entire PowerPoint presentation ready for 60 people when I found this out. The proprietary cable thing is bad enough(greed) but then they don't make it. I have netbooks from 4 other company's and they all use standard vga out. I will never buy another HP product and will twitter about it, put it on Facebook, Myspace, and every other social network I can find. I have found several people that want to pursue a class action lawsuit for this reason.

hp plasma lawsuit

Hp plasma tv pop of death - product design flaw Mr. Hurd I am writing to vehemently complain about the...

a truly poorly made product with no one responsible to stand behind it

A long series of problems resulted from my purchase of an HP laptop. First to go was the battery, almost immediately. This is not unique to my computer. I have several friends with HP laptops and they all last between 1 and 3 minutes running off the battery with the cord unplugged, so rather I guess I have a lightweight desktop, since it is no longer portable. Next problem is that you cannot use the computer for about the first 15 minutes it is on. Not sure why, but if you try to open a program, it WILL just freeze. Also very handy if you accidentally bump out the power cord and don't notice. Then you have to wait about 20 minutes for it to reboot and be ready for use. I have also had many small inconsistent problems. Last time I logged on, the start bar was froze so I couldn't access the web pages I had intentionally left open. There was another 20 minute wait to restart. The speakers cut out, which makes it useless for DVD viewing or listening to music. It gets very hot very quick, resulting in a snail's pace computing process. The computer often restarts without permission, resulting in lost work. I don't know if this is the computer's fault or if they just chose the wrong software. The best part of all of this is that HP DOES NOT GIVE A HOOT. I HAVE TRIED CUSTOMER SERVICE ON SEVERAL PROBLEMS AND RECEIVED NO ASSISTANCE. What I did receive was broken english explaining how to fix this problem on a different kind of computer, in case that may help. It didn't. Don't be fooled, my computer other than the battery and some small glitches, appeared functional for the first few months, but if you recently purchased an HP, I would return it before it shows its true colors. A truly poorly made product with no one responsible to stand behind it.

their service is above and beyond atrocious

I purchased a brand new HP computer Feb 24, 2009. It is now April 28th and I still have not been able to use the computer. The computer came with a defect in the nvdia graphics card fan for which I have spent countless hours of wasted time trying to fix it for 2 months. I am connected always to India for tech support, not one of these people has fixed the problem appropriately. I am told there is no American number period. I must deal with whoever answers the phone. I requested that I please be able to bring the computer to the local authorized dealer, Best Buy, and I was told I would have to pay for that. They ordered me a replacement fan and than sent the wrong part for which I had to take MY personal time to return it. They than sent me another computer and told me the hard drives could be easily switched as I had installed expensive programs on the other one. Than they decided this could not be done and now after 2 months of misery it's OK for me to take it to Best Buy so it can be fixed properly. And they call this going above and beyond for customer service. Are they KIDDING!!! Now I have to take MY personal time again to take the computer into Best Buy, WAIT again for it to be fixed than go back and pick it up. THIS WAS A BRAND NEW COMPUTER. I should NEVER have had to go through any of this and YES you should be compensating me in some way which you ARE NOT. Never, ever buy from HP their service is above and beyond atrocious!!

hp plasma lawsuit

HP 42" Plasma HDTV / HP PL426ON
Model # -- CPTOH-0602


This Complaint From someone who had experience the same thing that I have with HP/HP Support online.

----- First HP contact ----- [protected] HP Tech Support

Was watching TV the other night and heard a loud "pop" sound. Picture went black but could still hear sound and could use the functions and menu's ... even change the channel ... but no picture. Contacted HP that evening to inquire what could be the problem. HP representative said she thought the TV needed to be "reset" she had me disconnect the power supply and then depress the power button while TV was off for 30 seconds. I did just that, then turned the TV back on as instructed ... same problem no picture with sound. She then said it was likely the bulb/lamp in the TV and that she would pullup some specs and see if we could check on that over the phone. When she came back she stated that my product didn't allow for the bulb/lamp to be replaced and then said my TV needed to be looked at by a technician and she would be happy to setup that appointment for me. She informed me that the technician would cost $629.00 + tax ... nearly 700 dollars. She also stated that the technician would only be able to "attempt" to fix the problem by swapping in and out boards in the TV. 3 boards ; YSUS BOARD, CONTROLLER/LOGIC BOARD, XSUS BOARD. As the TV was powering on and off the power board was fine. It was explained to me that if the technician was unable to fix my TV in 3 attempts, that HP would refund half the 629.00 - tax of course because something had to be paid to the technician for their trouble, at my expense. I didn't schedule the appointment that night because it seemed like alot of money to "attempt" to fix a bad board and something seemed fishy about the whole customer service experience I was receiving.

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hp photosmart premium web c309 printer

I've been unable to dependably print wirelessly with this model since I bought it 2 weeks ago. I keep getting a "broken pipe" error. There is no way to set up wired printing after the initial wireless setup. I've uninstalled the software and reinstalled it multiple times without success. HP online support has nothing addressing this. I've called repeatedly to customer support and because I have a Mac get transferred to a number that hangs up on me due to "circumstances out of our control".

failure to work

My name is Rikk,

I have serious issues with my HP Plasma 4260N - First, I had an video board replaced, then black lines across the bottom
of the screen, then an all-out color wash screen. 3 serious problems in 4 years, and HP doesn't care. Their defualt answer is the same as everyone else's - 50% of the cost of the TV to maybe determine the problem. This is the biggest piece of electronic junk I have ever bought.

failure to work

hp junk and they are punks

I bought a hp pavillion dv6324us just a little over a year ago. IT'S JUNK had problems since day one black screen, blue screen, crashes, hard drive replaced and been to circuit city 30 times. Finally was told there was a recall on the mother board sent it to hp and they sent it back say it was ok. It went black again sent it it now its out of warranty they want $450 bucks or just use it as a paper weight. made several calls and they act like ### and throw you from one person to another you are hp robots and say nothing can be done. one guy said what do you want and i said either fix the computer or replace it. In a smart as tone he said thats not going to happen. well what is going to happen is I or anyone I know will never purchase a hp product again and my daughter will advise all incoming freshmen not to buy hp products as thier fisrt education as college. I hope the word will spread to every college not to boycott hp products as I know I will be Speading the word.. Maybe All the idiots in india wont get any my phone calls either.

slow boot

On February 2, 2010 I purchased a HP Pavilion A4316f bundle (included monitor). When I booted it up for the 2nd time, it took 55 minutes to boot. Thereafter it took an average of 20 minutes to boot. After 4 e-mail communications with their support and complying with their requests, I got the boot down to 18 minutes.

I contacted Staples where I purchased the system and they told me to bring the tower (computer) in and they would swap it out. I did so and was very pleased with their attentiveness.

I currently have a new computer and it takes 15-18 minutes to boot. I do not intend to ever purchase another HP product.

printer ink fraud

I am an American living in Europe, and I have an HP Photosmart C4480 printer. On a trip to America last July, I purchased ink cartridges for this printer. I am now at the point of using them. And they do not work! The package says that the ink is for my printer model on the package. I contacted HP and they said that I must buy ink in Europe. But NOWHERE on the ink package does it say this!!! Now they will not refund my money, and I am stuck buying more ink in Europe at a 40% higher price. They will not refund the money I paid in the US.

Hewlett Packard is committing false advertising when they say that a product will work on a certain printer if in fact it does not.

There is no excuse for this BAD business practice. I encourage everyone never to buy from HP again. They will not honor their product.

hp has the worst customer service to date

Without a doubt, HP has the worst customer service to date. Hung up on six times, false promises, and corporate told me the bottom line was that they would not foot the bill (their words) for an ongoing HP laptop connection problem. I was also told that I could waste my money if I wished, then hung up on.

I am going to file a claim against HP.

hp will not admit that there is a serious problem with the laptops

I have been having problems with my Pavilion tx1219us...I checked and there are hundreds having the same problem...I've done everything that they have told me to do...nothing works..everyone who is having trouble said that it would eventually has... HP will not admit that there is a serious problem with the laptops...Just check the web or Google "Wayne Sallee, HP and you will see.

bad product

I have owned this HP tower for exactly 43 days. It does not send data to the monitor so it is nothing more than a $1, 000 paper weight. Things happen so I contacted the Customer Service department for warranty repair. After putting up with their mind numbing and inane questions, (is the power switch turned on, is the monitor switch turned on...) read by monkeys from a script, we finally get to the meat and potatoes of the problem, I still have a blank, black screen. I had to repeat that answer no less than 4 times so I am quite sure they aware of the problem however incapable of comprehending the answer. I was asked what I wanted HP to do about it. Are you kidding me? You really need to ask? It is not blatantly obvious that after only 43 days I expect to have in my possession a working, functional, computer. Is it not painfully clear that what I want is a duly owed warranty repair to fix my defective product? Apparently not, I have to tell the CS monkey that I want my computer tower repaired under warranty. No, this cannot happen yet. I have to be referred to a "supervisor" who after waiting over 30 minutes on hold comes online to tell me that I am going to have to send my tower in for repair. Duh, I did not see that coming. At this point, I am told that they will ship me a box in which to pack my computer. I don't know why, I have the original packaging but they did not ask me about this nor did they seem to care. I will have to wait two to three days for this special box. I can, I am told, spend $50 to expedite the box to my house and shorten my waiting time by one day. I'm still going to have to wait a week to ten days for the actual repair to occur but hey, why not gouge me for $50 while I'm already unhappy with the actual product. But wait, they are not done. I am told that I will also have to pay another $50 for them to back up my hard drive before they reformat it which they will surely have to do. Why, because I am told by the monkey that knows naught about computers that isn't included in his preprinted script that they are going to have to replace my motherboard. Really, wouldn't we want to check the video card first? Maybe check the bio system? No, they want to go straight to the motherboard. Seems to me that when your customer spends $1, 000 on a product that has a lifespan of less than 45 days it would be a small token to extend an offer to at least provide a back up service at no charge. What the heck, I am going to be inconvenienced by the loss of my system, I have to send it to who knows where for who knows how long and get back what? Nothing more than a hope that I have a good working system.

they have lost a customer for life

We bought a HP TV 52 inch about 3 years ago. The bulb has blown at least 3 times. They were initially good about fixing the problem and the last thing they did was actually replace the TV with a refurbished one. It worked about 5 months and the bulb blew again! Obviously this is a defect in the TV's. This time CS said they wouldn't do anything and I should be happy with all the free service I had received. First off, I shouldn't have had to have service. I bought a TV for $1000- it should work. But second, he said that TV's are only expected to last 3 years. What a buch of crap. HP should stick to computers- but I won't be buying any of those either. They have lost a customer for life.

faulty laptop

Ok. what do I say now. suffering since the day I bought this hp pavilion laptop & ldquo;special edition” (hp pavilion dv2700, s/n: 2ce8081ldg, p/n: kp131pa#acj, service tag: dv2762tx). and now finally it has become just a box made of plastic. as all hp pavilion special edition laptops, my laptop too has got a broken hinge, loose speaker wires, and damaged motherboard which makes the screen display in six parts.
The worst part is that the company has gotten so pathetic that the customer support people don’t even tell if I can avail the & ldquo;one time service enhancement warranty. & rdquo;
The worst company I have ever come across. and after the worst and so expensive service I received in the initial stages, I am fully ready to initiate a pr plan against hp. I am very much in a mood to pull the image of hp down as much as possible through whatever ways possible. I have been in public relation so I don’t think I need to tell you what pr tools I am aware of.
And I will make sure that I defame this company in every way possible - blogs, answers, communities, etc. , so that people could stay aware of a fraud company like this which produces faulty devices.
Piyush (piyush. [protected]

  • Se
    selvaraju Jul 26, 2010

    the labtop is not good to user.. it will be heat very soon and happen fault in motherboard soon...

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  • Mo
    mohit123345 Nov 18, 2010

    i am also having the same laptop and the same problems.feel quite helpless after buying such an expensive much for i can sale it now..

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don't buy their laptops

I purchased my laptop and within the first 6months had problems with internet connection...went thru the HP customer service(what a joke)...after supposedly running tests, they said it was the connection, so...i go back to my provider and guess what? it was the computer! had to get it fix independantly, HP said there was nothing wrong...then 3months ago i had problems with dvds and cds, contacted HP again, and they couldnt help me of course...ive not had the laptop a year yet!! it wont play dvds or cds and HP's solution was to send me a new driver but wanted me to erase my entire hard drive...and still couldnt explain why, except for some BS policy...then if i wanted the new part, they said i had to give them my credit card info...i would have 15days to receive the part and return the old one to them in the same time or id be charged...I'D BE CHARGED?!?!?! and they couldnt or wouldnt promise me that it would get here in that time...and to top it all off, the so-called 'rep' disconnected me...WTF?!?!?! i will never buy another HP product ever, and i will tell everyone i know and even people i dont, NOT to buy anything from these people btw...i have a laptop for sale if anyones interested.

customer service department is incompetent

Never rely on customer service for HP products in Ireland! The amount of misinformation I have ben given is off the charts! I only wanted to repair my laptop under warranty, however I have not received it yet after 6 weeks and I have been waiting numerous times at home for the courier as advised by the staff with no result! I don't know when i will get it and there is only so much patience I can have! Also the complaints department failed in offering a quick solution!

  • Am
    Ameer Youssef Apr 27, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    totally agree
    100% this is by far the worst customer service I ever experienced in my entire life
    misleading, awful communication, time wasting service
    awful awful awful

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hp pavilion dv9000

Youtube example - Website example -...

irresponsibility by engineers sent by service center

i have launch my complain regarding my hp pavilion desktop on 18th of this month my display was not coming.they assured me and they told that workers will come up to saturday from kota to your house they came .but motherboard which was advised by thein hp engineer going to be come along with them.they took that motherboard but its seal was broken by them, as it was written on the box that seal should not be broken but it was fully opened.i told him that you have changed this equipment but he assured.that it is original one only.but i was not setisfied .when i open my cpu box i saw that pins was broken, and also nut bolt which support motherboard was also lost by them.and also it seems to be old (motherboard).i am not setisfied by them so i want fully assurance from hp complaint was launched at jaipur service complaint no was; as early as contact no is [protected], [protected], [protected].

new gas connection


I am working in MSETCL, KARAD i m parmantent resident in Pune so i want a new hp gas connection but gas deler said u submit the ration card and take a new connection. Actually i produce the my
joining order & residing proof & photo & identy proof gas dealer. But he can not give me a gas connection. so please solve my problem and give me a gas connection.

please reply on my email id ([protected]