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messed up colors & beats audio speakers

i have found problem with this hp dv6 7012tx models that the color while playing movies and videos on screen, colors are like to spread and screen goes white, i don't know what the problem with these new series dv6,
moreover the beats sound is blasting and these are far more bad to hear than altec lansing,

pls help...are you people also same problems pls share and update...

false advertising

Hi saw a grade 3 refurbished laptop for sale on was a HP 635 AMD-E450 and had heavy scratches on the Lid and a touch pad that was pushed in, it was roughly 230 euros.I ordered it thinking I could fix it up and could get a a bargain.
My faith was repaid when they deLivered a Fujitsu Siemens Li 2727, which is a notebook and which you can buy new from 270.
I contacted them and they had no idea of how it happened.I filled out the form that they asked me to fill still no reply.
I still have not heard anything yet but the reason I am making this complaint is to warn people not to gamble with this site, the way times are with money and this is how these people operate.The funny thing about this is the Fujitsu Siemens Li 2727 that was deLivered had heavy scratches on the Lid and a touch pad that was pushed in.What are the odds of that happening, they must look at the damage of a laptop and not the model number, no actually they used false advertising

product care plan deception

On 12th May 2012 we purchsed a HP DV6-6CO3HNX laptop which was on special marked down from $1499 to $749.50. In addition to the laptop we also purchsed (on the advice of the salesperson) the additional cover provided by Harvey Norman's Product Care Plan for $139. On 1st June I had to take the laptop in for a RAM upgrade during which the sliding lock mechanism for the RAM panel and battery compartment failed leaving the RAM panel only partially secure and the battery panel unabel to be opened. The tech advised me that the unit is DOA and could be replaced if i so wished. In order to do this I had to ring HP and get an authorisation number which i did in front of the Tech. He then went to check the stock availability and after about 20mins returned with the manager Ben who told me that that particular model was obsolete and offered me an inferirior ASUS claiming that it was the best he could do. After further discussion I was then told i could replace the unit with any new laptop to the value of $749.50. ?????? I argued that this would mean a laptop with inferior tech specs and that this was not fair. I was told i was welcome to ring the Dept of Fair Trade and that all he (Harvey Norman) was required to do was repair, replace or refund. I reiterrated that HP had declared the item DOA and that it should be replaced with and equivalent unit with the same tech specs. Needless to say he was not budging and adamant that he was right. I stated he may very well be right but under the circumstances that doesn't mean it's fair !!!, , , , When I got home i read the fine print on our Product Care Plan and discover a line which was not disclosed to us at the time of sale that supported the Managers stance. Irrespective of HP's support for the laptop to be declared DOA, Harvey Norman need only replace it with a $750 unit which will be substantially inferior in performance to the HP DV6. In summary I feel "cheated", not only over the legality of HN's position but more for the fact that we were "encouraged" to purchase the Product Care Plan (for an extra $139) on the basis that they would replace the unit no matter how minor the fault for a period of 36months fron date of purchase. Nothing could be further from the truth !!!, , , , we were duped and the extra cover paid is not worth the paper it was written on ... :(((((((

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    Sooky Mar 14, 2013
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    Verified customer

    I am going through exactly the same thing at the moment the product care plan is a total waste of money. What did you end up doing, I am going to ask for a refund, but I bet the refund will not include the product care plan.

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hp - appalling product quality and after sales service singapore

I am writing from Singapore to you as I am totally disappointed with your product quality and especially the after sales service in Singapore.I purchased a HP Envy Beat edition notebook last year and started using only in June 2011. Within about half a year, the notebook failed twice. The 2nd time was in Jan 2012, the motherboard failed. As it was the 2nd time, I am quite sure there's some kind of fault with the notebook and demanded for a one to one exchange since at that time its still under warranty and expiring on Feb 2012. My request was rejected and the engineer by the name Tan, assured us that after changing to a brand new motherboard, it should be fine and and assured us that we can look up for him if encounter any problem within a year. We therefore took his word for it hesitantly. Never did we expected the notebook to fail again within 4-5 months, in May 2012. And it was the motherboard again! We expected that HP Singapore will be more responsible to change it for us free. We made a complaint and one of the case manager, by the named of Uma.. who simply pissed us off. (By the way, the engineer Tan, we were told that he was no longer with the company and what he told us, was not recorded by HP.)We then wrote in to HP USA, and not surprisingly, it bounced back to HP Singapore and another representative by the name of Provi.., contacted us.It's a long story to go into detail what had went thru with the conversation with these 2 representative of HP Singapore.The main points that I wish to highlight is the insensitivity towards customer's feeling from the service staffs.Based on the number of times that the notebook was brought down to the service center within a short period of times, it enough evidence to show that it is a faulty one.And I don't think our request is so unreasonable. In fact, end of the day, we had compromised to paying 50% of the charges but requested to have a free extension of the motherboard that we gonna pay to 6 months instead of 4 months that HP Singapore had offered. However, again, we are rejected. Worst, we received an email by another party by the name of Chua.. from HP Singapore, that we are given 14 days to accept the quotation, otherwise we will be charged even though we intend not to service it. We have never encountered a notebook that breakdown so frequently within a short period in the past and you guys couldn't even able to assured us of your product quality by simply complied with a 6 months warranty, Is this to show that your product quality is so poor to this extend??When asked about the caused of the failure, yours guys told me "Don't Know!" "Its Electronics!" It's simply appalling to heard such words from a global branded company! Then my question is why should consumer choose HP than other brands? Why should consumer like me choose HP Envy Beat Edition rather than other HP lower range notebook?? Your Case Managers repeated mentioned they tried their best to "help" me by giving the discount which pissed me off. I am not seeking for your "Help!". It is not the matter of money but principal. Even with the 50% discount, my wife and I don't feel good accepting it as we felt cheated. I am totally disappointed with HP, the trust in your product and not to say the horrible after sales service. And to highlight to you, both case managers spoke English with different accent, which I believe are foreigners, which I had a hard time figuring out what they trying to say most of the times.First it came the unsatisfactory service, then now came the threat that I had to made up my mind within 14 days whether to accept such offer. I wrote in to US, and bounced back to Singapore. I really don't know what the hell is going on with you people.
My notebook is still hanging at the service center Singapore and it seemed I have no choice to accept the bullish offer.
I think you can forget about your company's philosophy under "Customer Loyalty" which is to "TO provide the highest quality of equipments and Service".To savage the last piece of trust from me and other consumers, I hope that there's a certain reply especially from the CEO cos this letter suppose to direct to you. Hope you won't disappoint again.

complete failure

In December of 2009, I bought a computer from HP for 700 dollars. A year later, just outside of it's warranty, the computer's motherboard up and died. After complaining to HP corporate, I received a reduced repair for roughly 170 dollars, and I was promised that the motherboard would be taken care of if it failed again.

Just recently, the motherboard failed again. In just under three years, my HP Pavilion desk top has eaten TWO motherboards. Two! Their customer relations then had the gall to tell me that there was no note that the motherboard would be taken care of, and they would only offer me a reduced cost repair for 200 dollars. In under three years, my HP Pavilion computer has required 370 dollars in repairs! Over half it's cost! I have never had the displeasure of such an unreliable product in all my life. Never buy HP, unless you love products with a penchant for failure.

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3rd shift supervisor employer

My name is Stephanie King, I was formerly employed through a staffing company called ESP beginning 01/05/2012...

faulty motherboard

Dear HP,

You can keep the $100, 000+ of Hewlett Packard equipment I (and the companies I have purchased for) have spent with you over the last fifteen years. Though we’ve been together a long time, it has come time to part ways. I feel like I am ending a long romantic relationship. We’ve been through a lot together but I still have a lot of good buying years left.

You see, you’re just not the person I met fifteen years ago. Back then you were attentive and accommodating. When I had a problem you’d work with me, as a team, and we’d both be happy at the end. Now, however, it has really become all about you and I feel like as the years have progressed you have just taken one liberty after another with me and now this relationship has become all about what I can give; and what you can take from me.

There are a lot of youngsters out there who have expressed an interest in trying to make something meaningful together and truth be known, I’ve really started to listen to what they’re saying while my faith in you has just continued to dwindle. I find myself in a sad place as I know that tomorrow you will just go out and find someone else to fill the void while I will be trying hard not just to find somebody to take your place but someone who’s truly worth everything I have to give; something that will last a lifetime. Though it comes at some great personal pain to end this relationship to which I have become so accustomed, the promise of a new, happier life is with someone special is just too great an opportunity to pass up.

So this is farewell. I am looking forward to a life without data loss, cheap and faulty components, and your deaf ear and cold shoulder to cry on. I really do wish you the best in life and will always look back fondly on the good times we had early on in our relationship. All I hope is that at some point you will see that in the end…

It’s not me…it’s you.

Yours truly,

[support case information removed for privacy] (backround below)

The past twelve months of my professional life have been characterized by continuous hardward failures, inadeduate support, and sub-standard products. It all began with a faulty RAID controller on a proliant server but in the end it is a $700 pavillion desktop that has me saying goodbye forever to Hewlett Packard.

In 15 years of being an IT buyer and a SERIOUS brand advocate for HP, I hve NEVER had this many problems with HP's products, support, and customer service. In twelve months I have experienced two major failures in my proliant servers, a bad hard drive in one laptop, the same issue in a netbook, and now a faulty SATA controller in a pavillion desktop. With each failure came the loss of priceless data and countless man hours worth of work.

For the first time in many years I had to call HP support today and I am appauled at what HP considers to be customer service these days. The inbound call center was located inIndiaand the support and escalation process with deplorable.

Now...I outsource to India as well and completely understand the economic benefit of $3/hr labor, however, are we really still learning that India and other countries are NOT the best place to centralize customer service operations?

My phone call began with Jeff (his assigned name I am sure) in regards to a disfunctional SATA controller installed on the Pegatron M2N78-LA montherboard. I was informed by Jeff that in order to disgnose (yes you read that right, DIAGNOSE!) the problem, I would have to pay $100 via credit card. I was less than enthusiastic about paying $100 to diagnose a what is obviously a hardware failure in the integrated SATA controller on the motherboard of this unit. Jeff informed me that my desktop computer was "Out of Warranty" and that he was unable to help without collecting th $100. I informed Jeff that I would not be forking over $100 so that he could tell me my SATA controller was bad. Jeff then basically told me I was SOL and without paying the fee, I wasn't going to make any progress with him. Jeff and I continued to go back and forth on the matter whilst he consistently reminded me "There is nothing free in this world" to which my response was "The computer wasnt free". After about 40 minutes of our back and forth banter about what I expect customer service to be and what HP is willing to provide "by policy", I asked to be escalated up in the process. Jeff informed me that his supervisor "Refused to speak to me" as it is against policy to do so under HP rules and guidelines. I fought Jeff for another twenty minutes about letting me speak to this Supervisor; who he named as "John" when Jeff figuratively threw up his hands and simply stopped responding to me. That's right, didn't hang up (because apparently that too is against HP policy) but instead, just let me talk to myself for ten minutes. At the end of those ten minutes Jeff's voice appears again and his only words are…

“Sir, I am transferring you to a supervisor now”.

I am placed on hold for just a moment and a new voice (self identified as Deeta) appears on the line. Deeta reiterates that because my computer is a few months out of warranty, I will have to provide the $100 necessary to diagnose my computer. I ask Deeta point blank…

“This computer is just over a year old and the on board SATA controller has gone bad. Is HP going to be willing to replace this component or am I going to be expected to pay for it?”.

Deeta’s response was this…

“If the on board SATA controller is bad, you will need to purchase a new motherboard at your own expense.”

So…For this $700 computer I need to pay $100 additional to have HP “Diagnose” the problem then another $300 for a new motherboard?

I don’t think so.

most crappy laptops-hp pavilion

I am writing regarding my hp pavilion that I purchased now 5 months ago.

This computer is now been sitting with service centre for the last 15 days and before that it was sitting with the centre for 10 days.

The first time my husband burnt his fingers as the computer had become very hot. Please note that I have 11 month old boy, and this is a serious safety issue. The repair center did something to it and returned it in 11 days

The problem was not resolved and now my computer also kept crashing. This time around the computer has been in the repair centre for the 15days.
I have spoken to you consumer relationship section and I have asked for a refund/replacement, I have not heard anything at all about it.
My husband has burnt his fingers and I have a photo which I will get legal advice on.
I also was without a computer for a month which is still under warranty as it is only five months old.
I was not contacted at all by hp call centre. The service centre did call me once, but has not contacted me since. I called them on 24/04/04 and was told that the centre was waiting for parts etc. Again please note that I have hardly ever used the computer and it is just five months old.
I also have photos of the crash that keeps happening
Hp does not have a complaints area!!!
Please see & ldquo;how to use your rights when a product or service isn't right”-link below for more information on consumer rights.
Chrome://ietab2/content/reloaded. Html?Url=http://www.Accc.Gov. Au/content/index. Phtml/itemid/1023612

If the resolution does not come through, I am going to seek assistance from australian competition and consumer commission and

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    dgefh Apr 23, 2012

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waranty & poor service

HP – Warranties Woes & Hard Drive Headaches.

Dear Internet Community (I.C)
I need your help.
I would like to know if I’m being unreasonable in my expectations or is Hewlett Packard (HP) not living up to its both moral & legal obligations as a good corporate citizen & what it alleges to be – a Customer Focused Global Computer Services company.
Apologies if this is a little long winded but in the interests of fairness I need to put as many HP comments in as possible – to give you a clear picture.
So bear with me, you will not be disappointed & there are a couple of questions you might like to answer & feedback to the appropriate parties.
Keep in mind at all times we are talking about approximately a $200 (NZD) fix – less than the lost profit on one lost sale for an HP PC ( you might think twice about HP products after reading this).
There are two parts to this problem :

Part 1 :
I purchased an HP Touch Smart a few years ago, I registered the product & warranty with them & over the years have received have received numerous emails stating “buy this, upgrade now”.
But I don’t recall ever receiving an “WARNING – Critical Failure Issue (CFI) apply attached patch immediately” email while under warranty. Why is this relevant?
 Seagate makes Hard Drives – in this case a Barracuda 7200.11
 HP buys said HD’s from Seagate
 Seagate finds a problem with firmware in HD’s & advises HP & supplies a fix
 HP knows which Customers have these HD’s, because you know what goes into your machines – right ? - see below
 HP FAILS to send email to Customers with the fix (a simple email with attachment would solve problem) or issue recall.
 HP even offers previously to fix problem FOC & puts fix on its Website - but only if the Customer knows somehow of the problem.
 Should the Customer intuitively& telepathically know of problems in HP Products in advance before it fails, because of course HP is not telling their Customers.

Problem or Outcome: My HD has bricked itself & will not operate as I never received notice of the firmware fix at any time either in or out of warranty.

Paul Boshoff - G M -Personal Systems Group- HP NZ (PB- GMPSG) says

“It would be very difficult, if not impossible, for any computer vendor to proactively notify it’s customers of component-level updates”
“Failures of the kind you’ve experienced are usually related to a specific batch of serial numbers and often those component serial numbers aren’t available when the user is registering that particular computer.”
Now let me know if you think I’m wrong, but it sounds like HP does not know what goes into its machines or at the very minimum does not keep track of this.
HP, a Global Computer Services company cannot possibly be expected to track what goes into its machines. HP apparently does not record or match the serial number of the HD with the machine it goes into.
If Ford & Toyota can track & record what tyres go on which make & model of their cars which are in the millions each year & can recall cars dating back 8-10 years just case of a manufacturers component malfunction why can’t HP link & record the HD details.
I can just hear it now “I’m sorry we don’t know which engine we put in your car”.
And let’s be real clear here – we are not talking about some small screw at the back of a PC – Along with the CPU & the RAM, the Hard Drive is pretty much up there in the top 3 of important components of any computer.

I.C – Do you feel
 That fills you with confidence in HP products & services ?
 Should HP be required to tell its customer of CFI’s with its products – particularly while under warranty?
 Has HP tried to limit their liability & cost by directly NOT telling Customers of CFI’s while under warranty?

Part 2 :
When your HD bricks itself – apparently all is not lost – some very clever person has found a solution so you can get the HD going long enough to apply the firmware fix & then your HD is a good as new – Here is the link that spells it out with pics
You’ll see the relevance of this shortly.
After much messing about I received the following email from PB- GMPSG : “I have escalated your issue and have just received the go-ahead to repair your unit at our cost. We will be utilizing our own, authorized service provider to re-install the original hard-drive and to run the software fix on that unit.” (This guy most likely earns a six figure salary & isn’t able to sign off $200 fix).
NOTE : it does not limit or restrict what type of fixes will be used & also at this time HP was aware of both the Seagate fix & above fix.
I delivered the PC & bricked HD into the HP Authorised Repair Centre (ARC) as requested –their ticket instructions read “do firmware update…HP to incur costs. NO COST to customer”.
Obviously it’s not rocket science but you need the HD going before you can apply any firmware fix including this one – HP knew that to get the HD going they would need a special fix to enable them to apply the Seagate fix.
After all this is not an isolated case & I did point out to HP that they would need the fix I supplied (or something similar HP approved or designed if that made them more comfortable) prior to their offer of fixing the HD.
HP said their ARC’s had all the right software for fixing their machines. In addition I have been told on several occasions, the ARC’s are the bee’s knees, the cat pajamas, the whiz kids of the PC service world “The first port of call for the repair centre agent is to download all the latest service advisory notices and updates. This is a very fundamental part of the repair process and one that we spend a great deal of time emphasizing with our authorised repair centres” Keep this in mind.
A week later I received a call from Peter Gasporaratos, HP CS Melbourne (poor guy – caught in the middle) & stated “there is nothing else we can do for you”. When I asked if they had applied the fix he said “its not our responsibility.. its not part of our guidelines.. the ARC does not practice unauthorised methods..& this ARC will not go down this path”
Ironically the day before, Barry from the ARC said “we can attempt it, but we will charge you too”. So HP’s own ARC will do it, but there will be a cost – but hang on a minute, didn’t PB- GMPSG say “to repair your unit at our cost. We will be utilizing our own, authorized service provider to re-install the original hard-drive and to run the software fix on that unit” & HP CS put on the instructions “HP to incur costs. NO COST to customer”.

I.C – Do you feel
 HP have said they will fix it at NO COST to me, regardless of what the fix entails ?
 Should HP honour this commitment ?
 Would you do business with a company that says one thing & does another & does not honour its commitment ?
 That given the bricking fault did not need to happen if HP had been proactive in letting their customers know of the firmware issue & this is not an isolated case– shouldn’t they then be responsible in finding or developing a fix for getting the HD going long enough to apply the firmware fix if they are not going to use other recognised fixes.

So that’s it – what do you think I.C. ?
Would you want HP computers & servers controlling the Traffic Lights, Air Traffic Control, Patient records & Medications at Hospitals knowing that HP will not tell these organisations that there is CFI with their products & they could suddenly lose everything. All dead while they try to find a back up computer with all the data – god forbid if President Obama’s “football” is powered by an HP – Nuclear War before we know it.
But seriously – I would love your feedback – Am I being unreasonable in asking them to honour their commitment for a $200 fix ?
And of course HP being a Customer Focused Global Computer Services company, would welcome your feedback.
Here are a couple of the players contact details who would love to hear from you :

 Keith Watson – CEO –HP NZ -I initially contacted him & he thanked me for bringing it to his attention, then nothing.
Email : keith.[protected]
 Paul Boshoff - G M -Personal Systems Group- HP NZ – well of course you now know who he is now – he would love feedback.
Email : paul.[protected]
 Jessica Rangi – She’s the Spokes person/PR/Marketing for HP NZ & has just help launch HP new PC range in NZ – She would love your feedback as it might impact on her marketing & she is quoted as having helped out in warranty situations before & has worked at HP head office.
Email : jessica.[protected]
 Meg Whitman - President and Chief Executive Officer of HP Global
Email : meg.[protected]

They would all like to hear from you J

 Thanks for being patience & reading through to the end – now it’s up to you
 buy HP Products & Services or not.
 Do HP deserve your hard earned money if you now believe they aren’t going tell you about problems with their Product & Services.

Be kind to one another & take care.


P.S - I sent this blog to HP for fact & quote checking prior to uploading (I gave them over a week to reply) – the silence was deafening from HP.

  • Ok
    okmollybrown May 03, 2012

    Hi Smithie -Thank you so much for posting this. I have an HP Touchsmart computer that had it's first hard drive fail at 10 months of use - it was the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11. HP replaced it with another Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 that began to fail just before the 90 day warranty on it was up. They pushed me past my warranty end with troubleshooting, promising that they would repair the computer if it failed - saying that my warranty would not expire because I had called back within the warranty period with the identical issue. When the drive completely failed a few weeks later HP refused to repair the computer saying that I was out of warranty. HP has been aware that there are problems with these hard drives since 2009, yet they continue to use them in their computers. I can not believe that they replaced my first hard drive with the same piece of junk! I called the HP customer service rep that I has been dealing with my case and asked him what type of hard drive I had in my computer and what type HP had replaced it with - he said that there was no way that he could get me that information. I asked him if he knew about the problems that HP has had with the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 hard drives and he said he had no knowledge of any hard drive problems. All lies, anytime you ask for any information that will help you they say that it's not possible to get you the information. Luckily for me in all of the troubleshooting steps that HP put me through they made me take out the hard drive so I saw that it was the Seagate hard drive. HP knows that these computers are failing because of the cheap hard drives, they are making good profits off of all of the repairs and replacements coming their way when the hard drives fail - they even tried to get me to pay them $50 to expedite my "free" repair - so why would they do anything about it?? Anything for a buck! I was told that the second repair to replace the hard drive will cost me $300-$400, this seems I have lost all faith in HP products and their customer service.

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computer not getting power on. blank screen

On 24 Jan 2012 my all in one desk top did not power on .A complaint made to hp. Rep of hp saw it, recommended replace mother board. Computer taken for repair but handed back without any repair after two months. No response forthcoming from Hp.

bad customer service

Before I purchase a laptop, I asked the people around me for their feedback on the best brand of laptop to purchase. Most of them told me that HP is the best. Believing them, I purchased a HP laptop (HP Pavilion dv4-3019tx Entertainment Notebook PC).
However, in about 6 months later, some problems start to arise. The speed of my laptop becomes slower and freezes a lot when playing videos and typing in Microsoft Word. I then contacted the HP support staff. When I called in, the support staff promised to return back a call the next day to ask about my laptop’s condition. To my disappointment, no calls were returned the next day. Thinking that the support staff might be busy, I called back but with a different staff attending me—and the cycle repeats itself 3 times.
Now, there are more problems arising—my laptop cannot start up.
I then called the HP support hotline and they said that they’ve assigned someone to attend to my laptop issue and I’ve to call the person-in-charge to confirm the timing he is suppose to come. However, the phone number of the person-in-charge was always unavailable and not answering. I’ve called at least 10 times.
This service is really very disappointing and I hope that HP Singapore would have better training for customer service in the future.

hp cheats customers

I ordered a brand new hp dm1 laptop from hp online store, they sent me a used one from China. When I recieved it, the computer's name had been filled out, some files were still on the desktop. when I contacted them to get a replacement, what they offered me was to sent it back then wait for another one, which may take me for 4 weeks, When I asked for a pre-built one, they said that I had to pay for the $50 difference. I believe they have been selling the used one as new to the customers, and I was lucky to find out. I left some message to warn people and complain, but apparently they filtered out my message. What a disappointment for HP. I will never buy their procuct again. And I am warning all the customers, wneh you get the "new" computer, you'd better do some test to see if they use old parts to cheat.

refurbished junk fixed with junk

I bought a refurbished HP Pavilion dv6-6135dx from in November and it has been nothing but...

computer is freezing

I purchased this HP Pavilion Slimline two years ago from HP on line. I thought I was dealing with a reputable company. My computer has started freezing up on me whether I am in Inbox and doing whatever at the moment. I was referred to the HP US TCO Escalations Team. The response I got was that I would have to pay (since my warranty has expired) to ship my computer out across the country to God knows where for this team to check it. I am not willing to pay 299.00 ( she then offered 40% discount and then 50% discount for this supposedly service). I am the only person who uses my computer. It is a home desk top and I certainly do not abuse my computer. Under these circumstances, I should be give either a replacement computer or some kind of rebate to purchase a new one. I should not have to pay, when I was told that HP is aware of the "freezing" problems with their HP computers. Therefore, if I don't receive better customer service, I will no longer be a HP customer nor will I recommend HP products, as I have in the pass.

problem in attendance

I bought an hp pc in rio de janeiro - brazil

I bought one on 3/12/11 pc hp brand, model omni 200-5320br (S / n brg1350044) showing defect after 30 days of use.
On 03/01/12 I contacted hp support requesting the address of the service, which was denied me. The answer stated that it would have to be exhausted all the stages of testing, before having the authorization to send the pc technical support. All this bureaucracy has led to delay in care for 15 days.
Because of this, the pc was received technical assistance (Multiplus) on 23/01/12 and is so far undefined.
The multiplus that more than 35 days without completing much less to give a deadline for completion of the incident. What totally disregards the cdc (State consumer protection code).
Not to mention that since i'm 60 going to do without a computer.
Working in the business of technology and because of this need to earn the same money.

And the first time I purchase an hp product and never thought I could be so iguinorado by a company. And a total disregard for the customer.

Based on article 18 of the cdc, where the legislature exception cases for the exchange of parts or repair the product may lead to the deterioration in the value-added product or product it is a commodity. These cases, the consumer can do it immediately one of three options (Replacement, reduction of the price and refund the amount spent, updated for inflation) , without waiting for the expiry of 30 days for the company to fix the problem.
I bought a new machine!
I continue to have a new appliance factory!

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    SandersChris Mar 02, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    a classmate's sister-in-law makes $80/hour on the computer. She has been fired from work for ten months but last month her payment was $17049 just working on the computer for a few hours...

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screen and power issues

My HP G60-458DX has had black screen issues intermittently since i purchased it, but almost constantly now. When opening screen from sleep mode the screen was almost always black with LED's lit and sounds, but no display. Restarting multiple times would usually alleviate that problem. BUT NOW, the computer just shut off during use and will not turn back on. The power cord works on other computer and my charging light comes on at the adapter connection, but absolutely no sound, lights or anything happens when POWER button is pressed. HP says, "Sorry, your product is out of warranty, " and they won't even talk to me about troubleshooting unless I purchase an additional service plan. This is my 3rd HP notebook computer purchase in the past 5 years, and it will also be my LAST!! Customer service still sells me on most products I buy- so my experience with HP service people has taught me to stay far, far away from HP in the future.

shipment delayed by 3 weeks

On March 31 2011, I ordered HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition custom Notebook PC from HP website at the time of order the shipment date was April 15 2011. On April 18 i call HP customer service to inquire about my order status and i was informed that my order is delayed by 2-3 weeks. To my disappotment I was not compensated for this delay nor my order shipment was changed from 5-7 business days to 2 day delivery. Also I was informed that there is part shortage hence the build is delayed . So i am sure this is a back order but on march 31 when i placed my order as a consumer i was not informed that this is a back order and was charged for the entire amount upfront which i believe is againist the law to change full amount on back order. Also I wanted to gift this laptop to my wife on May -8 and due to HP goof up i will not be able to gift her on time. Which has cause me imense pain to me and my family.


Clock slows down a few minutes a day, Have sent back to HP 3 times and still doing the same thing.
HP7-1054. Only changes I've made are add a second hdd and changed ram from 6 g to 16 g..Neither change should affect time

defective motherboard

My HP desktop is 23 months old and the motherboard went. I have a P6310y pavilion. When I bought it I spent a little more than I wanted to get the best. 6GB RAM 1TB hard drive good graphics card, dual-core processor. etc. I was just told that my motherboard is bad and needs to be replaced cost starting at 350 and up. No recourse from HP product is out of warranty. Will not pay to have the motherboard replaced because after searching the net I see this is a common problem with this particular motherboard. I will never purchase another HP Computer. When I called the support # they told me that it was my fault for not buying the extended warranty. So I guess they know there stuff is crap. Is it wrong to assume that when you spend $1000 dollars on something that you expect a minimum level of product quality? Failure of the motherboard in 23months is unacceptable to me.

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    juslikeheaven11 May 11, 2011

    I paid almost $800 for an HP Pavilion desktop. It went on the fritz a few weeks before the one year mark. It was crashing and having a burning plastic smell. I sent it in to be repaired under warranty. They sent it back, having replaced the motherboard. It still didn't work right. Gave error messages. Wouldn't run my antivirus software, among other things. Brought it to Best Buy, where the Geek Squad tested it. They said the hard drive was bad. I called HP and they said, "Sorry, it's 2 days out of warranty." I said, "Don't you have a 90 day service warranty?" They said they do but it's a "separate issue" if it's the hard drive that's bad and not the motherboard. I will never buy HP ever again. Terrible service. Terrible product. I ordered a Mac.

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making noise

My printer is vibrating when we are starting the printer and vibrating