Hertzvan rental

E Jun 21, 2019

Reservation Number - J06528635F8
Dawn Kelley

First we reserved the van on your website for a specific amount and when we arrived we were given a different price. This was the insurance that was quoted at $24.99 and yet when we arrived it was $29.99. Then we ask to have the name on the reservation changed because I was going to drive the van not my wife. She set up the reservation under her name but was not worried about that because changing the name would be super easy right. Nope!! We are then told that to have the name changed we would have to cancel this reservation and make another reservation and we would not get the same rate. I fell that the reason you guys do this is because if someone decides to have the other person drive you get to charge us a $13.50 fee to add another driver. In my opinion this is a scam and it makes you dishonest. on top of that you would not allow the credit card that was initially used to pay the online amount an American Express Because the card presented was under my name not my wifes. Even though she also has the same american express card but did not bring it because why would she you accepted the card the first time she paid. So since you would not accept the card that was accepted when the van was booked we had to use our debit card which means you pull a credit report on anyone who pays for a rental with a debit card. Again scams. Have you gotten so big you fell that you can do what ever you want and to hell with everyone ?

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