Hertz UK / car rental damage claim

We arrived to pick up the vehicle in Inverness Scotland, the Hertz representative instructed us to review the vehicle's exterior for defects such as dents and scratches; there were no exterior defects identified upon our initial inspection. During the initial hour of use, the driverside sunvisor fell from the interior headliner when attempting to unfold; it was clear that the sunvisor was not secured properly to the interior headliner. Upon returning the vehicle, we notified the Hertz representative of the situation in which he stated we would be liable for the damage. IN contacting Hertz customer service (proactively), I have attached the Damage Appraisal Report referencing his assessment.

Upon reviewing the Honda installation manual for this vehicle, the instructions specify that a tool would be required to remove a sunvisor, which leads us to believe the vehicle was damaged prior to us taking possession and the sunvisor was incorrectly re-installed.

Having previously used Hertz, it was surprising how a company representative would make such an assessment of liability given the following:
1. We were directed by a Hertz representative to evaluate the exterior portion of the vehicle. Even if she had asked to evaluate the interior portion, would Hertz expect their customers to test every mechanical or functional item? This seems unrealistic.
2. The Honda installation manual states that a tool is required to remove a sunvisor from their vehicles.

Prior to this incident, we were content using Hertz for our car rentals, at least in the US; however, based on this experience, we WILL NEVER use Hertz for future rentals anywhere they rent vehicles. We wrote a letter to their damage collections department to discuss their GBP 177.26 charge and was surprised by their response: they would not rescind.

Never again.

Jun 18, 2019

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