Hertzrental car service

S Aug 17, 2018

Have never been so irritated, angry or outraged as I was trying to rent a car at Detroit Airport Hertz. Arrived by bus at reservation counter to be # 25 in line. Only two Agents, slower than slow. Having now after 25 minute I am #3 in line when I was pulled out use the interactive phone reservation action. A gentleman I am staring out starts asking me all the questions I submitted with my Reservation. Then the fun started with the camera. "Show me yoir DL, wait, little up, little down, little left, right, back." Same roitine with Credit Card. I have now been in the Hertz Office an hour. Now the up selling, Satellite radio, GPS, Insurance, all of which I had declined when I made the rerervation. NOW we reserved an SUV. Your guy nw try's to rent me. Firs I own a Jaguar and second why who'll I get a standard SUV waist ing more of my time trying to rent me A Jag? Now I am now fuming, all I wanted was my fuc—ing car. Finally, get to car. It is dirty, Seats soiled. Having now gotten our dirty car we try to leave and are about 25 cars back. from the gate. Another 25 minutes. Bottom line, sr ice terrible, procedure Disgraceful and to spen an hour and 30 mi utes to rent a prepaid pre reserved car, I am so done with HERTZ. And BTW. No Walk around. If car as scratched, dinged, how would you take it to an renter? Stupid? An absolute disgrace. Lots of other choices. Never ever again.

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