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Amika / Liars, Frauds!!


I was approached by one of the girls to try out the Amika hair styler and said at any time you decide to return the styler we will refund your money. Well I purchased thr 1.5 inch Cheetah it was cute and I figured I would try it out. The plate got so hot that after one use one of the...

Amika / liars


I bought this product because the rep said I could return it for any reason if I did not like it...well I got it home and it did not work on my hair...I have been using it for about seven months and my hair started breaking off little by little and is now ruined! I am going out to buy a GHD, which is returnable for REAL!

Amika / Fraud and lies


Before christmas time I was at the mall with my mom and sister. A girl selling Amika hair straighteners approached me, and had me sit down to test her product. She went on this long speech about how Amika is such a great company, and you can return your straightener for absolutely ANY...

Amika / Fraud and cheating


So for Christmas I wanted to get my best friend a really nice hair-straightener, so me and my mom were shopping in the mall and we bought two from the Amika stand which totaled about $200. I gave my bestie her gift and she had already bought herself one so I told her I would take it back...