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I am a professional who only pays professional/discounted rates and, I always pay upfront. I keep getting past due notices stating that my "renewal" is overdue. They keep getting more and more aggressive and now have become bullying. I have written them back, I have responded to their emails, I went online and "cancelled" subscription as suggested by customer service, and just today, Saturday 12/5 I received another aggressive and bullying email. Again, I sent a response explaining that not only did I not renew, but based on my experience with Veranda I will never renew this magazine again. Veranda is the only Magazine I have ever had this issue with. Both letters will now be turned over to my attorney. I have asked them to stop and they won't. VERANDA Service Alert. Pay now. PAYMENT NOW DUE ! YOUR ACCOUNT REMAINS UNPAID. PLEASE PAY NOW. MAGAZINE VERANDA TERM 1 Year AMOUNT NOW DUE $24.00 PAY MY BILL NOW Secured with SSL encryption GO GREEN! PAY ONLINE. It's the faster, easier, greener choice. Dear SHARON L CASHION, Several months ago your subscription was renewed for VERANDA. Unfortunately, we have NOT received payment for your subscription. As much as we want to keep you as a subscriber, unless we receive a prompt payment from you we will be required to terminate your account. Once we receive your payment, your subscription will be reinstated and your account restored to good standing. PAY MY BILL NOW › HEARST magazines If you prefer not to receive emails regarding the status of your Veranda subscription, click here. If you have questions regarding your VERANDA subscription, please visit our Customer Service Site. Do not reply to this email. VERANDA is a publication of Hearst Magazines Division, Hearst Communications, Inc. ©2015 300 W. 57th St. New York, NY [protected] Privacy Policy B1511DA0G This email was sent by: CDS Global, 1901 Bell Ave. Des Moines, IA 50315 US On behalf of: Hearst, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY, [protected] US I actually also did the "click here" to receive no further emails and, of course, it stated "their is a problem" and offered a Windows email to send my issue to-which I did. I only ever order a magazine through Publisher's Clearinghouse or on my own. Again, I always pay in full, in advance, I NEVER asked to be billed which is what they are doing. I have asked for proof where I renewed and they cannot show me. I also have a bill a received which I don't know how to get onto this email. I DID NOT RENEW VERANDA AND NEVER WILL PURCHASE THIS MAGAZINE again. And, when all of my other Hearst subscriptions run out I will stop them also. Sincerely, Sharon Cashion [protected]


  •   Oct 01, 2017

    Okay I went online and put my name in for a contest that said no perchance needed
    Next thing I know I am getting a bill for a magazine I can not afford on my income and really if want to read a magazine I go to the doctors office
    So I want my account canceled and I returned your magazine with a note saying do not want ...didn't even read the magazine
    No matter what I do I can not seem to reach you to stop this
    I refuse to pay a bill on something I did not want
    End of story here just stop billing me for something didn't want and sent back with a note to cancel on top of that the same day I did the contest I got an email saying sending magazine ...I right away sent a reply back on the email saying this was not what I wanted. I have done everything I can except call but I am deaf so can't do that
    Listen to me ...I do not want the magazines and will not pay when you are not addressing my concerns on not wanting magazines or a bill I can not afford to pay

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