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American Heart Association Complaints & Reviews

American Heart Association / new charge of aha cards

Mar 02, 2018

I am an AHA instructor for Early Childhood teachers. These preschool teachers make very little money in comparison to K-12 teachers and yet you have decided that it is ok to charge $20.00 per card to them. Early childhood teachers make on the average $13.84 per hour while a school age...

American Heart Association / CPR Certification Courses

Jun 16, 2011

The American Heart Association makes a "business" out of selling "CPR Training Certification", but when asked for a simple request, "Would you please put the correct spelling of my name on my 2-year CPR Certificate?", are unable to comply stating "We subcontract all of this to...

American Heart Association / Unethical ,unprofessional and disrespectful solicition of donation


This is a complaint against the American Heart Association and their disgraceful way to solicit donations. My 80 year old father passed away in my arms in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital where I work on March 23, 2008 Easter Sunday. One of my realtives sent a memorial in his name...