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It's really shameful for hdfc that they say we deserve first position bcoz we are giving best services.But what about your fraud which you are doing with your customer?Here voice raised by one doesn't mean that only one who got trapped.But problem is that I have much time that's why I raised this issue at social media.And I will not leave till last of that your employee who waste my time and break trust.Komal thakkar she upgraded my credit card by giving wrong information bcoz she got incentive on my card upgradation.I raised many request than after no resolution yet came.My case no 9715741 still under pending and with no response.I mailed many times but no response I got back.I have many other point which I described in detail and mailed you.
I suggest to all those near and dear who have relation with hdfc, kindly have a recording of their talking as I kept.So that you will be right bcoz they(company employees) earning from us not from company as they shown.
And if you also face than post on all social media so that our other dear will not get trapped.
Many thing I haven't describe bcoz of less time but I will update day by day.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Jun 26, 2019

    Gandhi theory will not apply here.
    First Wrong done by your support means waste of my time and my trust with hdfc.
    Second rutika talking behavior what about that.When I said that your answer to me isn't satisfactory and if there is any senior than escalate to them.She said "What is senior and junior ".
    These all thing doesn't come with sorry and simply say that we will give same service back(as previous card activated back).
    I filed a complaint bcoz i always against wrong thing.I don't know how many other customers faced same issue but they ignore it bcoz of not having time and don't know how to file a complaint.But think about your services.
    First komal did wrong and second rutika was trying to suppress the issue by argument with me.Is it your service?Is it number one bank service? Not acceptable.
    I will try my best as I can but if you deserve number one bank than you have to do something good for your customers.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Jul 02, 2019

    To send a mail isn't resolution of any complain. I raised a complaint(9715741) on 14 Jun 19 but still no resolution I got.They didn't care about there customers after made a fraud.And telling that we deserve number first position bcoz we provide fraud services.It is true.They provide us fraud services rather than good services.Bull*** services still awake I faced and I carry Fwd till I can.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Jul 05, 2019

    Your response was only that we are working and you me to Plz provide your number.I had given all information including my number but wht does it mean?No phone call, no other response I got . Don't manipulate the customer here who is reading this complain.You did fraud and you will have to accept that.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Jul 05, 2019

    Hdfc bank registered new complain(9805879) without resolving earlier.Now you all can see what they are doing and what they can.They are just manipulating the customer original problem and wasting the time as they same did it earlier.So that customer will fed up and give it up as himself.Still they say number one bank bcoz they are giving fraud services.And feeling proud of it, bull*** services.I have some other way but I have to wait for some days bcoz there is some policy which stop me to go ahead.But still have the time, may be they will come with positive result.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Jul 06, 2019

    Today I received a call +[protected] from Raj (Senior of komal thakkar)and discussed abt what happened to me? Call received bcoz today I mailed to managing director of Hdfc bank.We talked around 40 min without any resolution bcoz they asked my expectations rather than what they can.He said I can provide same service mean I can reactivate the same card which you had earlier.But what about they provided wrong information by komal thakkr and than rutika way of talking and same she told about rewards point.System did wrong with customers by breaking trust and waste the time.And now said we only can resume same services as you had earlier.Your team isn't working as we can expect from you and will call number one bank overall.Look this matter seriously so that their way of talking should be humble and real.Other thing is that your customers will remain yours rather than others by providing great services.14 Jun 19 to 06 July 19 how many days passed and responded when I mailed to MD of bank.See the status of your grievance team who feel proud to work for number one bank by sitting work less.I think still the time to take action against the channel who had given wrong information and come with positive result to customer as you can.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Jul 13, 2019

    with out any resolution my case has been closed (9841595).Is it HDFC bank who closed case without respond? I will carry Fwd till I can.I can say that One of the fraud bank "HDFC" as they did with me.

  • Updated by vicky1361, Aug 10, 2019

    No resolution yet...

Jun 25, 2019
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  •   Jun 27, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We observe that we have responded to your e-mail on June 26, 2019, 11:47 PM. For further clarification, we request you to reply to the e-mail received. The reference number for this interaction is [protected].

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