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We were interested in purchasing a matress advertised in our letterbox delivered Harvey Norman catalogue. As the store is 50 kms away, I rang to see if they had any in stock. No, they didn't, and weren't getting any in. Fair enough. On reading the fine print, (on the last page right at the bottom!), I found this: "Goods described in the catalogue will not be on show or available at any Havey Norman franchised store apart from Harvey Norman franchised stores within the Harvey Norman Marion Complex. Prices may vary between Harvey Norman franchised stores...as determined by that relevant Harvey Norman fanchisee. Prices of goods described in this catalogue and offered for sale by Harvey Norman franchisees located out of the Metropolitan area will be higher than prices in this catalogue."

This is deliberately misleading, and I'm glad we didn't drive 50 kms with the trailer to be disappointed. Shame on you harvey Norman.
The metropolitan area is a 4 hour drive away for us. Hello, what is the point of giving us their catalogues, when we wont even get the product for the advertised price because our store isn't in the metropolitan area, specifically the Marion Complex?

To make it even more misleading, right above the small print, our store location is listed.


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    Jason Mar 07, 2009

    As an ex Harvey Norman franchisee I can assure you that this is a normal occurance - as a store in many cases you are allocated a certain quantity of advertised specials, according to your percentage of sales - so if there are limited quantities available - which is very common with "good deals" - then all the smaller stores get very little - I stood up in a franchisee conference and questioned this practice - I asked why I was allocated 1 or 2 of an advertised product when there were quite often 4 or 5 people asking for it on day one of catalogue, while larger stores were getting 20, 30, 40 or more of a product- I stated that HN could quite easily give the smaller stores at least a reasonable qty and the larger stores would still have lots - of course nothing changed. Harvey Norman would like everyone to believe they are in regional centres for the benefit of locals - what a load of crap - they are there to take your money - if they were concernd about your interests they are quite capable of rectifying this situation - so it's easy to work out whose interests they are looking after! The average Australians are the ones who enabled certain HN people to become very wealthy - and the hard working Australian people who give HN their money should let their feet do the talking - go somewhere else because HN are motivated entirely by one thing - profit! HN make a big deal about opening HN, Domayne or Joyce Mayne stores in regional communties (servicing the locals, employing locals etc.) but has Gerry Harvey interrupted his "Go Harvey" crap commercials to apologise to the people left in the cold when he closed stores because they were not profitable? It's quite interesting that HN can take tens of millions of dollars from hard-working Australians, lose millions of dollars in Ireland, and then dump on the people who gave them the money, which are of course those same hard-working Australians. I wonder how the Australians that have lost jobs here feel about the millions of dollars HN have taken out of the country to support people in Ireland? What a nice Aussie company they are! Your concern for your fellow Australians is overwhelming Gerry - maybe you should move to Ireland - and take your whole stinking company with you - so the Australian public can spend there money with companies that will support them.

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    Savloy Jun 30, 2009

    Someone lost his Job as a Franchisee...obviously every company has to make money and in working in a small Harvey Norman store in a local town you will come to realize that its actually a community centre for everyone to come in and get there goods and have a bargaining session for the best price they can. They remember the staff and they remember the service so what Gerry does (keeps hundreds employed accross Australia) isnt that relevant. Why cant HN try to expand into other countries? Arnt we having more and more taken over by them. All our old icons going. I can tell you one thing about Harvey Norman. IT WILL REMAIN AUSTRALIAN! And the you can always stock transfer Jason so I wouldnt worry what you were allocated as much.

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