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bed furniture

I have experienced a bad cusyomer service when deliver the bed to my home becks dont want to dismantle my old bed just only four screw because the Beck bad policy. I was expecting the good customer service until my furniture arrive home but not satisfied their service. I reccomend to the customer to get the written agreement make sure they know fully responsible to the end. Please do not go Becks furniture because tge bad customer service.

queen bed

We have purchased a queen bed on 8/11/19 from Florin road becks furniture total cost $3271.24 after deposited...

couch and loveseat

BUYER BEWARE! The absolute worst experience and place to buy furniture. Bought our furniture over 4 month...

bed furniture

have purchased a bed on 8/11/19 from Florin road becks furniture total cost $3271.24 after deposited...

grocery rebate non-payment


In 11/12/2009 I too purchased over $500 worth of items from Beck's with the promise of $500 in "free" groceries. This was advertised in the weekly advertising we receive here in Citrus Heights, CA.

I was never informed verbally or in writing ("see store for details") of all the extra steps and hurdles I'd have to jump in order to get this $500. I had to:
1. Register online (that was the one thing they did tell me)
2. Mail in a confirmation containing a check for $9.95, (which I was told would be refunded the first month) a copy of my drivers license, and a filled out form.
3. Send in my receipts monthly but a certain date with certain restrictions (like you can't have two receipts from one store on the same day) – original receipts only with the coupons I printed from their website.
4. Spend not just $25 in groceries every month (for 20 months) to be reimbursed $25, but $100 - at least $75 in groceries and the remaining $25 could be "other".
5. Note that if you goof up two times on adhering to all their terms and conditions (and there’s plenty more but I don't want to make this a novel) they'll drop you from the program and you don't get any more rebate checks.

Since I hadn't received any payments after sending in receipts I did some research. The website of the company that ran the rebate program for Beck's is When I went to the website to check on the status, I got the message "Please be advised that My Free Travel will be unable to honor any rebates redeemed on or after December 1, 2009. etc". I tried to call the company and their phone is disconnected at [protected]. If you check them out on BBB, they are out of business and their rating is now an "F" from all the complaints they have been receiving.

So I called Beck's in Folsom where I purchased the furniture from because they made the promise to me, not this third company, they still owe me the groceries they promised. I was told that, yes the company that was handling the rebates for them is out of business and that they will be refunding the $9.95 fee and offering everyone 20% off a future purchase! I told them this wasn’t acceptable and that I wanted to file a complaint and was given the following email address: [protected]

Other websites with complaints that I found:
• - Apparently they were having problems back in March, so why they offered this in November and December when they were already in the news about it before is just plain stupid.

1. Call news 10 to let them know you also are having problems. I already called them and they are interested in running a story on Becks.
2. Complain to the Becks and let them know that their proposed solution is unacceptable: [protected]
3. Leave complaints about Becks so others are aware of their fraudulent practices:;_ylt=AtOLrenf55sWkZndWsYobISHNcIF;_ylv=3?csz=Citrus+Heights%2C+CA+95610 is a good place - it's Yahoo! Local where people usually go to look up businesses.
4. Leave a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at

S. Johnson,
Citrus Heights CA

  • Ba
    Babyzinc Feb 25, 2010

    Thank you. I just went to their webcite and tried to redeem my certificates and they told me to fill out a form and send it in. In 10 to 12 weeks they would send me my certificates. I smelled a rat and went looking and found your page. I am glad I did not waste my time and I will call Becks and do the other suggestions you wrote.
    This company put the scam on all of us including Becks. They sold them this deal for who knows how much money, ask people for $9.00 which did not make sense if it was a rebate program and took all the money and left town. Now they will go somewhere else and start over with the same scam and a different name and we are the ones that are caught holding the bag. I should have seen this coming but with Becks being such a big store, I figured we would be fine. Well tomorrow I will call Becks and if they throw a crappy deal at me then that will be the last they will see of my money. But I must admit, I do love my sofa and bed and was looking forward to buying more stuff. Too bad.
    Well thank you again and good luck.
    J. Beutell
    Meadow Vista, CA

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  • Te
    teresa1234 Feb 25, 2010

    I am too in the same situation as you are. There must be more that we can do. Beck's is responsible for reimbursing us for their advertised promotion. I would have shopped at RC Wiley if it wasn't for the grocery rebate promotion. I wonder if we could all file a class action lawsuit against Becks?

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  • Zi
    Zito Jeanine Mar 08, 2010

    I took Beck's to small claims court today regarding the $500 grocery rebate and guess what...I WON! I would suggest others doing the same or to file a class action suit.

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non payment of free groceries offer

In Feb of 2009 I purchased a Mattress & Box spring from Beck's Furniture in Rancho Cordova, CA while they were running a "Spend over $1000.00 and recieve $500.00 in Free Groceries" promotion. I paid in full at the time of purchase and enrolled in the promotional program, fulfilled all of their Entry Requirements and began sending in my grocery receipts in accordance with the guidelines of the program. Neraly 5 month's went by and I had not recieved a single reimbursement based on what I submitted. When I notified Beck's of this I was told that the company they contracted with had filed for bankruptcy and they were now contracting with another company to fulfill their commited obligation. I once again enrolled with their new contractor, fulfilling all of the Entry Requirements and was told my account was opened (I had to submit 2 times due to their Clerical Error which cost me another $15.00 to send it Registered Mail). I again began to submit my grocery receipts for reimbursement and stillhave yet to recieve any correspondence from either company. When I contacted Beck's to inquire once again I was told I would be contacted by Customer Service but I cannot get anyone to return my calls. I cannot be the only person whom entered into this agreement with this company and frankly their attention to this matter borders on FRAUDULENT.

I would like to file complaints about their complete disregard and fraudulent activity and plan on seeking legal action against them to rectify the situation. William C. Venlos [protected]

  • Be
    Beck's is the Devil Feb 10, 2010

    I had the EXACT same experience with Beck's on Madison Ave. I could also get nothing out of customer service and have filed a complaint with the BBB. I suggest that all the victims from this insulting "special offer" also file.

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  • I purchased 4 twin beds and a queen size bed back in March of 2009 which cost us over $1700. Honestly we only went to Becks because of the free grocery offer. It was a nice incentive, i though. I started submitting my first receipts May of 2009. Did everything I was asked to do and never received anything. I am irate at the fact that Becks had the nerve to send me a letter saying they were going to give me a 20% discount on my next purchase from Becks. What the heck! So now I have to spend another $2500 just to get my $500?? I dont think so. There has to be something that we can do about this. Is there a class action suit being filed? I would love to join in. Any suggestion?

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  • Wg
    W. Grimmett Mar 15, 2010

    Please keep on top of your complaints! If anyone is in touch with a class action lawyer, I am interested! I have been in contact with the BBB, Dept. of consumer affairs and the Federal Trade Commission. I am currently researching who else to call. THEY NEED TO STOP! They are now trying to get me to settle for another grocery coupon company- #3---I don't think so!

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  • Jp
    Jpulos Jun 27, 2010

    Count me in on this class action as well. They always have these scams...going out of business groceries... etc. False marketing and misrepresentation!

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