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Dear Sir/Madam

I have always thought you company was good and that there was many variety of electronics to choose from.But now, my aspect of Harvey Norman is so different.

Im A.k (By the way, I am a student) and have deposited some money for a Headphone from Harvey Norman outlet in Hougang on the 23 Sep around 2 pm .

A few days before, I had went into that outlet (with my friend) to check if the headphone I had wanted was available there as I had brought my computer there before too.To my excitement, THE model of the heaphone was there.Only I din't want that colour.

Thus, like what other customers will do, I went to ask one of the two people at the cashier if other colours of that headphone was available since they were the closest Harvey Norman staff to me.Instead, that staff, turned around, gave me that "Go away I am chatting to my colleague" or "why should I bother about you because you are a student and you probably dont have money to buy anything there. " face. She then replied with a Firm "NO". I then politely ask her if she could please check it again.Again, without doing anything, she gave me another annoyed -like "NO".It was so rude.

Oh please, she did not even ask any of her colleagues and did not even check (using the computer) I felt annoyed and walked out unhappily .

On Sep 23, the day that I had deposited my money, I went to the Harvey Norman Outlet again . Ignoring the bad service. Again, that lady staff was sitting there with her colleague .When she saw me, she, using her index fingers, RUDLY POINTING AT ME, WHISPERING SOMETHING TO HER COLLEAGUE ALL THE WAY FROM THE TIME WHERE SHE HAD SEEN ME TILL I TAKING THE HEADPHONE MODEL OUT.DISGUSTED, but I pretended I did not see it. I took the model, ask another Harvey Norman lady Staff (DEFINITELY not from the cashier).She was very polite and answer all my questions.She convinced me to buy the headphone, although the colour I wanted wasn't sold there (But she did ask her staffs, probably sales people and checked on the computer).

I then pass the money to my friend, asking her to help me pay at the cashier as I did not want to even look at the rude lady.

After I had paid my deposit and left the outlet, I ask my friend if was she STARING at me even though I wasn't even the one at the cashier paying .I thought so as I had caught a gimps of her staring at me.My friend told me she saw that and had wanted to tell me about it.

Such a bad service.Harvey Norman should do something about it.I had never seen such a stereotyping disrespectful rude lady before.I am the customer and not the other way round.Plus, I did not offend her.Why is she treating me like this? I am not some freak and i am there to BUY the product.

Im prefer to remain anonymous, I left you my email and taking this matter to Harvey Norman hoping that I will get an answer and what you going to do about it.This is my last straw . I would prefer not ever want to see or to speak to that staff again.If she is still going to be so high and mighty, and treating customers like that, Harvey Norman reputation will be tarnished sooner or later.

If nothing is to be done about it, this will be my last time entering ANY Harvey Norman Outlet and I would NOT recommend anyone to buy products from Harvey Norman again.



The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Harvey Norman's response · Sep 06, 2015

    Hi, very sorry to hear about your experience in store, but thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    We'd very much like to ensure the franchisees are aware of what happened, so if you can, please send us your feedback here as well

    Our apologies again for the level of service provided.

    Karl - HN Customer Service Team


  • Sa
    sammy5603 Feb 12, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    at 6pm, i was at harvey norman millenia walk recently was looking for the ps4 spiderman game and pikachu nintendo switch games for my son's birthday which is just 1 hr later, i wanted to surprise him and looked at the games section that usually hold them .
    A sales staff approached me asking if i needed help and we chatted over how he also has a ps4 and nintendo switch, i asked him on the two games if there is anywhere else selling, he went to check on the computer and came back telling me that the nearest harvey norman that have the games was at parkway parade, after i told him about the surprise for my son and how i only have 1 hr left, i asked again if there is anywhere selling them, he answered me "sorry i dont know where else sells games" . WHAT [censored] lie is he telling me ??, where does he get his games then? i always thought service in harvey norman has risen above the level of the 'if i cant have this customer then no one can', apparently i was deeply mistaken . NEVER WILL I COME TO SUCH A SHOP AGAIN

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  • No
    noreally Jan 12, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work at a Club & was wanting prizes for an upcoming raffle so I went onto the Harvey Norman website & found the store at Liverpool had 3 x BBQ's in stock so I could compare & purchase. On Saturday 13th January 2018 I entered the Liverpool store & found it to be fairly busy, without success of finding someone to help me I walked into the electrical department as there were many staff members in that area. I walked up to three staff members that were all together & enquired about the BBQ's, they said they couldn't help me to go & find someone in furniture department. I went back into that area & finally found a young man who seemed completely un-interested, bored, he wasn't helpful at all, he did go onto the computer to tell me what I already knew about stock & I had to tell him about the one that was on display, he walked off (I thought to get the BBQ’s) but a woman returned to ask if I needed help as the young man sent her down to me, I explained a third time why I was there, she too went onto the computer & confirmed the 3 different BBQ's in stock again I then followed her again to where the BBQ's were displayed to be told again there was only one on display, after some prompting she suggested the items would be in the which I replied ok…her response I'll have to get someone to go & get them, I asked how long that would take, she replied 10 minutes I said ok as I had come to this store specially to purchase so I would wait. She went to the computer again & was on the phone, she then walked away & returned with another young man who jumped on the computer & proceeded again to tell me there was only one on display & again I agreed. I commenced asking questions about the BBQ on display such as wattage, accessories, they couldn't answer except to inform me that one of the BBQ's they thought was in stock wasn't (error in the system) but the other one they did have in stock was smaller than the one on display, so from sheer frustration & wasted time I asked can I just have the brand that was on display. After looking on the computer again I was met with oh no we only have the display one we don't actually have them in stock. Almost in tears & shaking from frustration I turned & walked away, before leaving the shop I found two gentleman (I use that term very loosely) & a woman I asked if they were Managers they acknowledged the question, so I began with my explanation of what had just transpired, they all looked at me intently & once I had finished one of the men started to laugh whilst the other man asked "Do you want to buy a bed" I left the store mortiphied these people were in customer service.

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  • El
    Elvenpath2 Dec 03, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was expecting my fridge ro arrive on the stated date. Then since it was taking forever our foods outside need to be put into new one soon i called to check. The staff replies warehouse have issues, wun be able to send anything today. What the heck! U don't even inform customer early that u have a problem?? Or at least produce something n come!! I wanted the unit to be taken faster, then hoarder dad wun tamper with it!! Screw delivery cause us internal problems too. Whats the use having expo but cant even perform??

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  • Ca
    Candeh Dec 14, 2015

    I patronize Harvey Norman photo centre since secondary school & was receiving a very neutral service since then. Last year this month I signed up for their membership & the staff told me that i can print photo (any size) within $26, and th membership cost me $19.90.
    Because I love to print photos & Harvey Norman is th only one that give such cheap price, I decided to opt for the membership.
    So the problem come now, this month i have been trying to print my photos because I know the membership is ending in December. I tried customized jigsaw puzzles (as a gift) but the staff say that the $26 is not available for gifts. Initially I thought it's th staff fault, but when we confronted each other, it's was a misunderstanding.
    Today I tried to print 4R photos, & I was told to pay about $20. Obviously when my $26 credits is still available, why would I want to pay the $20 right?
    The lady from the photo centre was VERY RUDE & the way she talked to me & my Boyf was as if I'm a little girl, as if I DO NOT NEED ANY RESPECT as a customer.
    Was very very unpleasant with their service because Its not the first time such misunderstanding occur.
    So she called her manager & th manager told me that "there is nth I can do for you."
    Is this how a manger should handle such situation? Telling me there is nth they can do for me when it's their staff's problem. They even tell me to go down to Harvey Norman the next day to talk to the staff who asked me to signed up for this membership. Note please, it's their fault & I have to waste another day to go down & talk to their super unfriendly staff & expect NOTHING in return. Because they say that my membership is ending in few days so they could not refund me. The conversation between the manager & the lady make me feels like the lady is th manager & the manager is the staff. Because it's the lady who tell the manager that they (Harvey Norman photo centre) do not provide such informations (apparently because they say they work for a very long time) & they also can't help me with anything.
    Felt so unfair when EVERYTIME I go to Harvey Norman & print photo & they could not do anything to help me. Is this how they treat their customers?
    Even if it's a misunderstanding between me & the lady who asked me signed up for member, the lady that was serving me this few times was really very rude, the way she talked to me was very arrogant.
    There was also another customer who have a expired membership approaching her if she (the lady) can do anything to th value inside, & her answer was "You renew, renew then can help"
    So many other customer service out there who always helped up w their customers w expired points/membership, yet Harvey Norman is very UNWILLING to help.
    The previous time I come & asked if the staff could help me w transferring my photos into the computer, her reply was "No, cannot work one"
    Can you imagine me receiving SUCH service from th same person over & over again?
    I even checked up the Internet for their service & apparently not only their photo centre staff got such problem, their other staff from other department are also the same!!!
    I'm sorry if any of you receive a good service from the staff but apparently I do not have such service from them & this review on them is really how I feel deep down.

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  • Re
    Reviewer46153 Sep 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Harvey Norman Osborne Park store 3 weeks ago to purchase a Temur mattress and a lounge suit and fridge.
    No one bothered to ask if I needed any help and the woman in bedding was quite rude, I had to go ask for help in the end! Needless to say they didn't have the mattress I required.
    Didn't get any help in the furniture dept no one even approached me at all.
    So off I went to look at fridges where there were at least 8 or so people also looking, after 15 mins of no service I left only to discover 2 salespeople standing at the desk chatting to each other.
    Anyway I really wanted the Tempur mattress so off I went to Joondalup store only to once again have no service so I sat on the bed till someone finally noticed me! I ended up purchasing the mattress and asked if the delivery men could take a way the packaging, they if wrote it in the notes.
    Well they didn't take it away ( and yes I told them that the sales guy assured me it would be removed) so I was left with this huge packaging despite the fact that I live in a 1 bedroom apartment!
    I bought the lounge and also a bed set from FANTASTIC FURNITURE and they were so helpful and yes they took away the packaging. I will never ever shop at Harvey Norman again. I'm not even in sales but I would run rings around the people you employ as I know what ' customer service means'

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  • Se
    Serve well Sep 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The customer service is very poor - complaints are not dealt with. You will need to go beyond the store.

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  • He
    henrey Nov 21, 2010

    Hi there man i feel for you i live in Palmerston North New Zealand now i could tell you countless horror stories of dealing with the idiots in Harvey Norman i thought it was just a palmey small town thing but it seems to be sestemic across nearly all harvey normans the thing you gotta remember is to do that sort of crappy job you have to be that sort of crappy person they look for people they can bully intimidate or speak like [censor] to because their lives must be so [censor] as to just be so ugly ive had totally inappropiate comments made to me in the bedding department outright [censor] comes out of their mouths never mind the electrical department there is this black greasy died haired chick named jessica who i thought was ok ive purchased all sorts from that place in the past anyway im talking to some guy about an appliance and shes talking [censor] and laughing at me with two other staff members to the side of me they can see that i have seen them and they carry on right in front of my face! thay have no shame the thing to remember is how sad and boorrring must their lives be if thats all they have got to to is take the piss outta a customer for no reason other than they have no class im over havey norman in future i will go to Dick Smith were you can at least ask a question the reason they dont want you to ask questions is cause they are full of [censor] and just want you to to buy whatever and piss off fine ive pissed off ;-] harvey norman imploys incompadent substanded people with a out to get you gang mentality who rise to senior levels and dont even know what their talking about which ruines it for the ones that aint that bad shame on you harvey norman get your [censor] togeather!

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  • Jw
    j.wainohu Jun 06, 2010

    myself and my wife have purchased over $15, ooo worth of products from domayne in auburn and always been satisfied with the customer service,
    i am a very skeptical person when i shop so i dont like to be invaded by salepeople, unless i need help. for some reason we were in the combined harvey norman/domayne store in alexandria, sydney over the weekend shopping for a new lap top, an Ipad and a new t.v which we would have spent around $6, 000 easily. but instead i was bombarded by two salesmen in the computer section who came up to us before we had a chance to browse, said can i help you, i politely answered we were looking, they basically shadowed our every move as we were deciding to purchase. as i was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with there presence, one sale person walked up and asked what kind of computer do we have in our home, my wife replied, a mac laptop but it isnt windows. and the sales person relied to me, why dont you buy your wife a windows computer?, i guess i was abit surprised with his tone of voice, and replied i dont know?, he then continued to speak to my wife about purchasing, while the other saleperson walked closer to her. i stood for a moment as they spoke, and realised they were targeting her as the buyer. i walked away from the conversation to look at another laptop, and my soon joined me. the two salepersons then stood at either end of the aisle while we browsed. for 15-20 mins before i said to my wife i dont feel comfortable looking at laptops, and we left. we could hear them laughing as we left, and we both felt alittle bewildered about the whole experience.
    has customer service come to this?. sales people are only nice if show them the money? what happens after, they dont want to now you?, what happened to friendlyness and concideration, there none of that here?, i guess harvey norman lost 2 customers for life. well happily go back to domayne in Auburn.

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  • Ni
    Nigmat Asat Jun 03, 2010

    We received very poor customer service when purchsing goods at Harvey Norman Gepps Cross by retail assistant Jelena Sviricic, she was rude and appeared very bored and pissed off with her job, I think she may have been high on drugs and off her face and she looked like a slag. We wanted to throw the goods back inher face as she she was so rude even though we were paying customers, I will think twice before shopping at Harvey Norman the staff do not give good customer service infact she was rude and should be fired or leave her job since it is apparent she doesnt like her job. We are in retail as well and we would never be rude to cusomers like she was to us and we didnt provoke her anyhting all we were doing was paying for a product, she deserved a good slap in the face.

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  • Da
    Daddycool Apr 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with poor customer service from some Harvey Norman staff. Last weekend I went to get some digital photos printed. After getting my docket I then asked the attendant how long it would take and was told to come back in 3 hours - ok. So in 3 hours I returned only to be informed that I had not paid for the prints and therefore they had not been printed and "there is a notice on all of the machines" - shame you did not tell me this when I asked how long it would be. I then checked the notice on all of the machines and yes it was there on all but one machine (I had missed this on the one I used). So I when back to the attendant and informed him that it was not on all of the machines and without even turning around to acknowledge me he said - "I will get it fixed sir" - as if... This was just a job to him and he had NO empathy to the customer - get another job. Also having to pay in full before getting (or even printing) the photos is what I would have considered an unfair trade practice and therefore illegal... Harvey Norman you have lost my future trade and I will certainly be influencing those around me..

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  • Mo
    M.O'Connell. Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Harvey Norman will not give refunds - even goods, still in UNopened box and with receipt.
    I feel this is totally unfair and I thought consumers had rights too.
    The goods I bought as a gift, were unsuitable and now I am stuck with them.
    Can anybody help me to get a refund ???

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Harvey Norman CS,
    This is real real frustration, during the IT show in Singapore on 30th August 08, I paid in full for Samsung 5 series LCD 40 " TV which had promotion bundle of Home Theater System, SG$ 200 Robinsom Voucher and 5Years extended warranty, the sales person was Mr.Kumar.
    Till date I am yet to receive SG$ 200 Robinson Voucher which was suppose to have been given after 1st October 2008 nor did I receive the extended warranty till date. can some one in Harvey Norman Singapore explain why the delay, if the vendor has not supplied the voucher does that mean the customer will never get it till it is supplied by the vendor, well I paid Harvey Norman Singapore in full based on the offer and the price so I expect the commitment has to be met with, irrespective Harvey Nornam receives it or not, pl respond .

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  • Mi
    michelle Aug 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a GPS Navigator that I was told was out of stock but will be ordered from another store and will arrive in 2 weeks. I was told I would be notified when it arrived and could go and pick it up from the store.
    2 weeks came and went without a phone call so I called them. The salesman that sold me thr unit said he was sure it had come in but would locate it and call me back before I drove all the way there to pick it up. 3 hours later I recived the phone call telling me that he had indeed found it and I could go and get it.
    I drove all the way there only to find that he was serving someone else so he made me wait 15 mins while he finished serving them and went to get my unit. Before I left he informed me that the security sticker was peeled off because he wanted to make sure everything was in the box.
    When I got home I unpacked the GPS Unit only to find a reciept for a refund for that unit in the bottom of the box. It was obvious that this unit was second-hand and I had paid full price. the reciept was also from the store I had orginally bought it from so I waited 2 weeks to get a second hand unit that was already at the store.
    I called the salesman and was able to take it back but when I drove over there instead of being apologetic he made me wait 30 mins before he served me and then he told me that this unit was discontinued and I had to pay $115.00 to get the next model up.
    Then I discover that there is no complaints deparment so there is no way he can be held accountable for stuffing me around, wasting my time and making me pay more money than I wanted to. Harvey Norman has lost my custom forever because of their crap customer service.

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