Hardee's Restaurantscinnamon raisin biscuits

A Sep 04, 2018

On 9/4/2018 I visited your restaurant located at 3816 main ave in fargo, ND 58102. Order number #326567
I purchased a 2 pack of cinnamon raisin biscuits. I got back to where I was staying approx. 20 min away. I opened the cardboard box the biscuits were supposed to come in to find trash. It appears to be the empty frosting pouch from the biscuits. This is outrageous! You served your customer a box of trash. It's a good thing I'm from out of state because I would never eat at this particuilar restaurant again. If the employees at this restaurant are this careless, what happens with the food before its served to the customers who spend hard earned money at any Hardees restaurant? Please refund my money for this order. If you ever want my patronage at any Hardees ever again I expect something for my troubles. Adam Cady

cinnamon raisin biscuits
cinnamon raisin biscuits
cinnamon raisin biscuits

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