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I have been a regular customer at Hardee's in SHeridan, AR but about a year ago i started noticing a woman working night shift and she's awful! She makes the rudest comments (loud enough for customers to hear) and the many times that we've had dinner there, we have had to sit and watch her and young teenagers act a fool! When i asked another worker her name, they said Joyce Hugins and that she was a shift leader or manager on night shift. A few of the disturbing things that we've witnessed her let go on in Hardee's at night are: letting teenagers take pictures behind counter (some of which they are kissing, grabing each other and other inappropriate gestures); cussing allowed; texting or just messing with her phone while preparing food and/or taking orders; letting the teenagers film eachother while working... and there's many more. After 4 years of going to Hardee's 5days out of the week, We are to the point that we are going to find somewhere else to dine in if somthing isn't done soon. This has all gotten way out of hand!!!


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    micki4545 Dec 20, 2008

    i go to hardees on poinsette in greenville sc on a daily basis sometimes i go twice a day at 7:34:48 pm12/20 2008 i went to hardees a young lady in the drive thru was very short with me her greeting was unclear and she was rude at the window she actually shut the window while i was still talking when she opened the window back to give me my food i ask for ketchup which i did not get the food is great but the service is terrible unfriendly, it makes you feel like your an inconvience instead of what actually keeps you guys open i will defintly reconsider mcdonalds or burger king ect before visiting a restuarant that hires people who could care less if i am satisfied with my service this complaint goes out to hardees store #1501746 greenville10 drive thru#2134 phone#[protected]! iwill not be back!

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    sharon Jan 05, 2009

    amen i go to mcd they now service sorry hardees but u suck

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    JONATHANZZ Jan 30, 2009

    Your 4 dollars wont hurt the hardees franchise soz!!
    Not all hardees are like that by the way.
    Just certain employees.

    Would you be friendly with all the drunk rednecks cursing at you when you tell them how
    much there food is and it's 20 cents more then what the listing price is.

    Called taxes.. I suggest you go to the hardees in Easley, Sc
    Hardees number 2 Great service!

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    pete913 Oct 09, 2009

    Hardees sucks. Nobody in their right mind is gonna wait 20 minutes for a fast food burger, and that's been my experience at every Hardees I've set foot in over the last 2 yrs or more. There could be 30 people lined up at the till, and they might have 4 tills, but only one is ever used. Oh yeah, and the dull eyed mouth breather taking your order needs to shut up and listen, then maybe they'd get it right for once, after you waited 20 minutes for it. You can get served cheaper and better food, and get it faster at any sit down restaurant.

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    tulls9 Aug 23, 2010
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    Hardee's in georgetown sc has the worst management i have ever seen in my life. Tammy and Janie are both extreamly rude and very predigious to employees and customers. They steal from the store daily, no wonder they drive navigators. Rude people who should not be managing a pigs farm nevermind a restaraunt.

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    jenorsean123 May 30, 2011

    I was in hardees in georgetown Sc today alittle after 4pm The manager was very rude to say the least. I cant remember his name but he was a short foreign man who's name began with an "S" Very slow and didnt even say "can i help you" just stared and waited for us to order. He seemed very angry and not customer friendly at all. As we were waiting he was yelling at a young girl who seemed to just be trying to work. I felt very uncomfortable and Im sure this poor girl did also. I have worked in management for 15 yrs and I would never treat a customer in that manner nor would I yell at an employee in front of 5 ppl waiting for food!! I will never return there!! !! Discusted!!

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    shelleydawndavenport May 09, 2012

    If there are any employees that worked at the Hardees on Broad street in Murfreesboro Tennessee and has complaints on sexual harassment please contact me at on my facebook message at Shelley Davenport. From what I understand this store has a bad rep. for not following the laws in accordance with the sexual harassment policy. I too was such a victim and am going to file a class action law suit. I need your help in doing so because class action suits has to be multiple complaints and from reading this board you are out there. Shelley Davenport on facebook and send message if not a friend.

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    anwarqur Jun 13, 2012

    my name is anwar
    i'm from saudi arabia
    my number is [protected]
    very bad service

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    anwarqur Jun 13, 2012

    very bad delivery service

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