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E Sep 01, 2018 Review updated:

About 3 months ago a friend of mine purchased a 28 digree nail gun. Well I see u guys were bringing in a new line in. I believe the store should of mentioned to me I won't be able to purchase the nails anymore. I spoke to the store manager about it and I got treated totally wrong it was like he didn't care of my complaint. I spend a lot of money in the Daytona Beach FL. Store from pressure washer to nail guns I'm even a yr customer member where I pay 20 something a yr. I was very upset when the manager didn't care. I like ur store but after this it showed me the customer service don't care.


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    Yupppp Sep 14, 2018

    The store doesn't get forewarning of lines being discontinued. Products just go to clearance and sometimes they come back from that price point and some times they do not. Even if they did have the knowledge, it's a business. They're trying to sell things. Plus you can get 28° nails at most hardware stores, they're not specific to Harbor Freight.

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