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I just had my income taxes filed today 1-29-10. The whole experience was bad! I had an appointment @ 8pm. Didn't get seen until 9. Well my husband was getting his done and I was next with the same person who was filing his. It had gotten later and everyone was leaving but us and our prepairer. Its now past 10 o'clock so I decided to get a lady by the name of Edith Davila to go ahead and file mine. We get started and I realized she was flying right though it. I was asking questions about my work uniforms(I'm in the medical field). She says it's not gonna make a difference. I also asked her about a theft from my truck.I have a police report. She says it has to be a self-employed vehicle. Another was my medical expenses and she replied, oh, thats right she ignored it! I told her repeatedly to cancel and it was sent anyways.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 30, 2011 8:12 am EDT

I agree that it sounds as if you had a bad experience. For that I am very sorry. However, I work at Block. I am the lady behind the counter when you come in that asks if you had an appointment, checks you in, offers you coffee and a newspaper while you wait. I see this happen so many times and it makes me sad because there is nothing I can do about it. See, I have not been to tax school and I cannot file your return. I just answer the phones. But if you were scheduled for 8pm and did not get seen until 9 the people who were doing your return were staying just for you because we close at 9pm. If the preparer was an hour late seeing you, it is probably because other appointments ahead of you ran long, the guy who had a simple W2 last year came in this year and had to do a schedule c but didn't tell me when I scheduled his appointment. I wish this did not happen to clients, but the fact is that no system is perfect. We do have a drop off option, and I would have offered you that at about 8:45. It sounds like you yourself drew the low card in preparers, some rush through returns without explaining why this or that would not help you out. But at that time of night, she may have had a kids with a science project waiting up on her to come home but could not bear to see you sit and wait until midnight to file your taxes. I really hope you call your regular preparer, or call a year round office and ask for a senior tax advisor to help you understand your questions.

Mar 21, 2010 1:43 pm EDT

MBA's perspective is partially correct. Generally Married Filing Joint is best unless one spouse is
self-employed and wants to shield the other spouse from potential tax liability related to the

For the original poster: So your appointment was at 8pm and your husband was seen at 9:00pm? Hmm, did your husband have an appointment? Both of you should have made an
appointment or at least advised the person taking the appointment that you had multiple
returns to file. I usually spend an hour and change with each client. I would have scheduled
2.5 hours for both of you. My guess is you had 1 one hour appointment and what probably happened was a few of the appointments ahead of you were late or took up an excessive amount time during their preparation and this led to your preparer falling behind.

The Office Leader/Manager should have informed you of the delay and given you an option to

As for Ms Davila's "flying right though it", she may be very experienced with the system.

On the other hand, when I ask about unreimbursed job expenses, many people tell me what they spent on uniforms and I tell them that their uniforms alone will not make a difference.
Although, I usually go on to explain that those type of expenses will need to exceed 2% of Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) before it will matter.

Regarding the theft from your vehicle: It does not have to be a self-employed vehicle. A theft
from you truck is deductible but the rules have changed this year. In prior years we reduced the loss by $100 per incident and 10% of AGI, this year it is $500 per incident and 10% of AGI. For most people that effectively eliminates the deduction.

Medical expenses are reduced by 7.5% of AGI. If you have chronic medical problems or a surgery you paid for (ie: no insurance) then you may be able to deduct medical. A few of my clients have insurance that is not through their employer on a cafeteria plan and they are able
to deduct due to their high premiums.

And finally, the easiest way to cancel your preparation is don't pay us and don't sign the
paperwork you were presented with at the end of the interview. You are entitled to have all of
your questions answered. If a preparer is unwilling to answer them, I would get my documents and walk right out.

Hope this helps.

Feb 01, 2010 3:42 pm EST

The first mistake was to file seprately. If you are married, why are filing seprately? You are loosing money that way. Unless there is something hanky going ons, like both of you trying to file as head of household. If one of you has an oustanding debt with the federal government, you should still file jointly, but then file an injured spouse form 8379. If you are filing seprately you are loosing money and they should have counseled you on that.

And that's an MBA's perspective!


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