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Disgusting Service

I am so disgusted with this service, I have been charged for my prodcut on the 24th of Sept and am still waiting for it to arrive. Everytime I called the UK office I got some or the other story from them, and even after waitng for 28 days as per their policy I have still not received my order. I will never recommend it to anyone and now after calling today I was told that I need to send them proof of my bank statement for them to see that payment has gone out from my bank and I am not telling them lies. This is disgusting, really pathetic. Dont they have financial records which will surely sure them that I have paid and the payment has gone from my credit card. They advertise big things on TV for people to get fooled and buy their products but when actual serivce has to be given to customers, they dont really do anything. It is nearly 35 days and I have been charged and not got my order. I should get a refund and compensation from Guthy Renker for this disgusting service.

  • Ch
    Chuckie Feb 05, 2009

    I too have purchased from them, was told it would arrive within 14 days . yet 25 days later I am still waiting.

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  • He
    HemD34 Nov 04, 2009

    I started wen 2 months ago and thru the trial my hair was better than it had ever been. I like to wear my hair down and before using wen I would get big snarles underneath all my hair and when I tried straightening my hair there would always be a little wave left over.

    Ater using the trial my snarles went away, I had no static, and my hair never looked more straight. My hair was no where near oily. Then my trial was over within 2 1/2 weeks so while I waited for more I used Pantene.

    2 weeks ago I got my 90 day supply and only after two times using wen my hair has never been so oily!!! It's not thru the day I notice it start to get oily, it is when I am blow drying! I want to continue using Wen but I'm not going to be able to unless I find out how to prevent this.

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  • Pr
    ProductReviews Jan 02, 2010

    You can contact Chaz Dean Studio a few ways to ask the real experts questions!

    The Chaz Dean Studio Website:
    Get Satisfaction Forums:

    Meanwhile, you should call Guthy-Renker Main Office at (800) 274-4910 ext# 5001 for Customer Relations, or ext# 5517 for Renee Miller a Corporate Agent.

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  • Co
    Concerned Consumer 100 Feb 05, 2010

    Do not buy from Guthy Renker, this company's goal is to get your money in anyway they can. I bought Chaz Dean's hair product from Guthy Renker, in their website and invoice that I received did not specifically mentioned "Monthly" delivery which means that they will charge your account monthly. When I tried to cancel the next delivery they told me that they can only cancel after 3 months. I can agree for another month of $37.90 but not additional $ 29.95 for the next 2 more months after that. This is a plain "ROBBERY"! This company should be shut down, they are robbing customers against their will.

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  • Ca
    CANDYMANWW Aug 02, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I too had the same issue occur when I started using the Wen products. After using Sweet Almond Mint, I realized I was using the wrong products for my hair type (oily) and switched to the Cucumber Aloe and have never been so happy in my life. I would highly advise trying other formulas, even if you don't get them as a club member or even through GRC... is always an option as well... and they don't auto ship (if that's one of your concerns ;) )

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  • Gb
    Gbst Mar 16, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am trying to cancel a Sheercover auto delivery. On the page where you fill in your info, it asks for a security code. Unfortunately, They Don't Give You a Security Code!!! All you see is a question mark. I will try once more, and then I am contacting my state's attorney general's office, the BBB, and my credit card company.

    Disgraceful business practice!!! Even trying to post this complaint has proved difficult!!! Apparently I don't have enough words to complain. I am truly beyond angry about the amount of time I have had to spend on tryoing to cancel DSheercover!!

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Resolved Unauthorized charges

We ordered Wen online after we saw their infomercial on TV, and **specifically declined the auto-ordering program** Got the product, and didn't care for it. We were shocked to see a second charge for this stuff on our credit card the following month. Then a third - we figured that would be it and we'd chalk it up to a bad decision to buy this lousy product. BUT then after the 3rd month - it started all over again with another 1 of 3 charge.(where they charge you payment #1, payment #2, etc each month) We immediately called and said STOP - and told them we had originally told you we did not want the auto-ordering program.

They are doing whatever they want - not sure if 'even legal. They refuse to cancel anything until we return the product - so far they have got $140 out of us for an original $29.95 one time, one product, order (we thought we were making)

BEWARE, don't order ANYTHING from Guthy-Renker, we had the SAME exact problem with them regarding another product ordered from another infomercial - re a rip-off - apparently this is how they do business - YOU'VE been warned.

Resolved Scam

I too ordered the hair product online. I never authorize automatic shipping but received their shipment. Called and cancelled but they won't refund the shipping of $7.95. I'm calling my credit card company and let them deal with it. I'll get my money back one way or another. Lucky for me I still have time to return my initial order and get the $29.95 back. Their product left my hair flat and oily. With short hair it is not the product to use. Of course they show women with long, thick hair on all their commercials. I guess I need different hair. I would never advise anyone to use their products.

  • Valerie Aug 31, 2008

    It dries my skin, rubs off easily and only lasts for 4-5 hours at the most. The powder can be quite messy. The infomercial claims it looks natural and feels weightless, but I found it to be quite the opposite. My skin still looked like I was wearing make-up.

    It also claims it can cover birthmarks etc, but mine were definitely still noticeable even after using this make-up.

    Perhaps Sheer Cover works for other people but I was not impressed with it, after all their promises on the TV! It also took ages to finally arrive.

    I recommend you buy a long-lasting concealer or foundation (such as Revlon's Colourstay), at least it lasts longer.

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  • Sandra Mar 08, 2009

    Continually send product without permission and bill customer for it even after they have been told not to. I have recd products from them and told them I didn't want them. Not to bother me for payment as I wasn't going to pay for it and still insist that I return the merchandise with a prepaid postage they will send to me. I don't believe that a customer should be treated that way. I told them when I get low and or run out I would maybe reorder but they won't listen. So should one have to return the merchandise and be sent out of their way because they refuse to not stop your orders. How can I stop them? This the SheerCover company. They do not have a payonline option without giving your Credit Card Nbr like most places and they do't even show what your amount owed is online. Please put advice on comment

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    ProductReviews Jan 02, 2010

    WEN Hair Care is sold directly by Chaz Dean Studio at his website You can also order at or and type in "WEN Haircare" and either site.

    Here is the Corporate Office information for Guthy Renker:

    41550 ECLECTIC ST STE 200
    PALM DESERT CA 92260
    (760) 773-9022 Ask for Customer Relations
    (800) 274-4910 dial ext# 5001 for Customer Relations

    Open 9-5 weekdays Pacific Time.

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Awful Customer Service

I purchased an exercise chair from Guthy Renker for 6 monthly payments of $50. They charged me the first...

Resolved False instalment plan and order/delivery

After several calls and being put on hold several times for 3 consecutive days, I finally got one person from this company who promised to call me back but failed to do so.

All I wanted was to get the Returns Authorisation Number and post back the item which I did not order for but was sent to me on 14/05 and to cancel the instalment plan which I did not request for but was put on the invoice as well.

I only wanted the initial order on 02/04 which I have since paid for and not anymore.

I will appreciate it if I get a refund and my credit card is credited to that effect and also not charged anymore.

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Cannot get in contact with the company to cancel!

I was told when I ordered Leeza Gibbons product, sheer products that I could cancel at anytime the endle...

Scam and disappointed!

The Guthy Renker vitamins I received through a sheer cover order. Because it was my first order using a card...

i cancelled my order and they continue to take money out of my account and send no product

they continue to overdraw my account by taking money for an account that has been cancelled. no response when...

vita clear dietary supplement

I ordered Proactive Solution online after seeing their informercial. I requested they bill my credit card after each shipment. However, they also send a product called Vita Clear Dietary Supplement which I did not order. Then they charged my credit card for it as well - $33.94. After checking into this, I found I wasn't the only person they have scammed in this way. I have sent e-mails to both and Guthy Renker customer service and have called Proactive customer service to register a complaint and have my services discontinued. I hope they are no longer able to scam other innocent people in the same way they scammed me. They should be made to refund anyone's money they did this too and issue a letter of apology for their deceptive practices.

  • Su
    Sue Woz Jan 07, 2011

    I got the free vitamins and then cancelled. I was sent another box and charged 2 payments of $32 after I had cancelled. I called and they refunded my money less shipping. They said there were two pages on the agreement and it says shipping never refunded. Will never order either item again!!

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  • Su
    Sue Woz Jan 07, 2011

    They don't see e-mails you have to call 800#

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Terrible product

Proactiv Solution

Guthy Renker

I started using Proactiv in June 2005 to treat my mild acne. Over the next several months of using Proactiv, I suffered severe outbreaks of skin lesions that I had never experienced before using the product. When inquiring about these severe outbreaks, Guthy-Renker's unlicensed medical support representatives "consistently" advised me to continue using Proactiv, "You're just experiencing the 'normal' breakout period. Results vary by person, some see results as little as two weeks, others don't see results until a few months later. So continue to use the product and your skin will get better." In fact, even a Proactiv representative at the Proactiv Kiosk Queen Center Mall in New York, looked at my face and said exactly the same as the phone representatives. When they learned that the product caused further injuries after the third month or the end of the program, a Guthy-Renker representative said, "You have sensitive skin. You are probably allergic to the benzoyl peroxide ingredient. We do have another kit called the Gentle Formula for sensitive skin. I will rush you this product and it will work for you."

With no improvements to my condition, in late November 2005, I stopped using Proactiv Solution. Despite the advice given to me by Proactiv representatives to continue treatment with Proactiv, I sought the professional care of a dermatologist to treat the severe outbreak of skin lesions. After consulting with the dermatologist, I was prescribed a costly and powerful medication, which helped improve my condition. He also had to inject each of the pimples caused by Proactiv, which was quite painful. However, I have been left with permanent pit-scarring and skin discoloration on my face as a result of the irritation caused by my prior use of Proactiv Solution. I will need to have an expensive laser surgery procedure to reduce this skin discoloration with no guarantee that the damage can be reversed.

After watching numerous infomercials where celebrities would endorse a product, I never once questioned if these products were actually used by them. Yet, after I watched the infomercials for Proactiv Solution, it seemed like the celebrities not only used the product, they praised its ability to clear the skin of blemishes. When I was experiencing mild acne, I had high hopes for Proactiv, and the claims that the celebrities, and the company made. As you have read, the results were not favorable; not only was Proactiv ineffective, but it also caused permanent scarring, short term anguish and depression. This could have been avoided by knowledgeable representatives advising me to stop using the product and consult with a professional dermatologist. The issue is NOT whether Proactiv works or not, but what matters is the lack of accountability taken by the manufacturer and its affiliates; and also the advice given to me by the Proactiv reps to continue using the product despite the outbreaks that I reported. I urge anyone considering the use of this product to carefully re-evaluate their decision, and perhaps prevent a lifetime of pain and embarrassment as the result of using "The Answer for Acne."

I am hoping to make it to the news media on a national level. If anyone can help in anyway, please let me know.

See before and after pictures on my personal website:

Watch the video version at:

  • Le
    lee johnson Oct 23, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel bad for this lady but it is at ones own risk to try any product. All products are not for everyone. It is the risk you take. I use proactive as well as my sister and it works great for us both. It is not a bad product, it just did not work for her. There is no guarantee that the product will work for all people. As for the customer service, it is not all their fault either. She should have taken responsibility to stop the use of the product if she knew it was damaging her skin. It is not a national story problem She should take the blame also. Its your face, you knew you were continuing to damage it.

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  • Li
    linda fountain Nov 12, 2018

    I 'am customer #1414356. Just received order#5946850, and the unexpected bill. Guess I once more got screwed through the fine print. DO NOT send me any more of your product!!! And shame on all of you. Cancel this account.

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