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Lee high rd, United Kingdom

Be aware of minkosmacs on lee high rd. I went 2 weeks ago to fix my iphone6, as my phone had dropped and because of the shock my screen was damaged and the screen had ink lines in it. It cost £60. Paid, then 2 weeks iater, can't see anything on my screen. So I went back with my receipt asking if they could fix it as obviously they didn't fix it that well.. They said ok if it wasn't another damage they would. So when I went back to pick it up they told me that it must have been dropped again. I told them I didn't drop it, but that they must have put a very cheap screen instead, that's why it worked for 2 weeks only. They said no I must have dropped it.. I realised that was they "get out plan" just blame the customer as obviously I can't prove I haven't dropped it.. So if you want to deal with a company which just blames you when you go back to them.. Then think twice. Also they fill their shop with lots of apple products to make you feel that it's their specialty but they just fix thing with very cheap parts. Also they don't fix it themselves but they bring it to "they guy in the corner" as they say which I guess I should have done myself and only waste £20 instead of £60! So don't bother they are a cheap skate company which will blame you anyway if anything goes wrong.

Feb 20, 2019

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